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Private/Closed Journey in Galar! (Roleplay)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Cryronn the Mudkip, Nov 28, 2019.

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    The early morning air filled the city of Wedgehurst. The small town would see a bit of an influx in arrivals at this very moment. The morning train screeched to a halt, and the Motostoke Train opened its doors. Hailing from that very city, a young boy would step out, stretching his back. He had headphones in his Rotom Phone, and was humming “Brand New World,” Which has been popular lately. He stepped into the train station.

    “Guess I’m the first one. Heh. Neicu.” He chuckled to himself, and checked his ID card. He wouldn’t need it for long. It was just so Professor Sonia knew who he was. The card read- “Ryder- Pokémon Trainer-To-Be.” He smiled, and rubbed his two Pokéballs. One contained Wobble, and the other, Whimsun. His two first Pokémon on his road to the champion cup...
  2. The train to a stop in a small town in the Galar region. This is Seth's first time in this region. He has travelled in Alola before, and that is where he met Frost. Who was his first pokemon, the Alolan Ninetails shown a remarkable grace to her.

    Out in the crisp air of Galar, Seth spotted a trainer who looked to be listening to music. Not knowing where to go, Seth walked over to ask the guy. "Hello. Um I am sorry to bother you, but I am a bit lost as to where to go. Do happen to know where the lab is?"

    Seth had Frost in his arms as the ice type did not like to be on the ground in new areas. She was also a bit warry of new people. The ice type did not like to be in her pokeball as it restricted her seeing the world as she would like to.
  3. As the Motostoke train finally arrived at Wedgehurst, Hector smiled as he took his earbuds out and put them in his belt bag and looked at his phone before he put it in his pocket and went out of the train. "Here we go." He whispered to himself within a small exhale as he left the station and began to make his way over to the Professor's lab, as much as Hector wanted to be endorsed and start his Gym challenge, he also wanted to take in the scenery of his home region outside of Wyndon.

    As he looked around whilst he walked, one of his Poke balls opened up and a black and white Zigzagoon appeared from within it, Hector was half surprised as this wasn't the first time it happened. "Hey there mate, fancied a bit of fresh air, did ya?" He asked as Zigzagoon simply nodded and walked after his trainer in his usual zigzag manner until Hector decided to pick him up.

    "Let's let Rookidee out as well, wouldn't be fair on the little bloke." He said as he got out a second Poke ball to let out a small blue bird Pokemon that immediately rested on Hector's shoulder. "Ready to get endorsed for our adventure?" Hector asked his two Pokemon who cried out with clear excitement.
  4. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Alex sprinted all the way to Wedgehurst, and nearly missed the train. Blaze the Scorbunny was running behind her, while Rose the Bounsweet was resting in her bag. As soon as she bolted through the doors, she immediately sat down and panted for a bit. "That was too close..." She said, letting the Bounsweet out of her bag, happily waddling on the table, while Blaze looked outside the window, bored.

    After arriving in the small town of Wedgehurst, she took in the sights. Seeing Stow-on-side was one thing, but seeing more of Galar made her even happier. Blaze was running around, excited for the journey ahead, as Rose hopped onto her trainer's shoulder. "The Professor's Lab should be here somewhere..." Alex said, wandering around, checking her new Rotom Phone.
  5. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    The train finally came to a halt and the doors opened to Wedgehurst. Takoda stepped out of the train and looked around. There had been a lot more people in the train station than he expected. He walked outside the station and started to head for the Professor’s lab. It started to look like the trainer was talking to himself, “Tarte aux Pommes, I’m guessing this is your first time in Wedgehurst? How are ya liking it so far?” He spoke to his hood as it started to rustle. A small Applin popped its head out as it chirped with happiness.

    Takoda spoke again, “I knew you’ll like this place. I took Caesar and the others here before I caught ya, and they loved it. And to make it more special, we’re payin a visit to the Professor. It’s the others’ first time too.” He noticed some other trainers on their way to the Professor’s house too. There was one trainer that caught the corner of Takoda’s eye. It was a trainer that had a Zigzagoon and a Rookidee. He chuckled to himself. “Obstagoon and Corviknight are pretty solid Pokémon to use. For the gym challenge. If I battle him in the future, I can tell it’s gonna be fun.”
  6. A Sizzlipede was scuttling near the train station, raising its head once it spotted the influx of trainers stepping outside of the train that had just arrived. The tiny bug Pokémon chirped, not before retreating back and decided to retreat up a shoulder to a human. Since the person did not mind, it is assumed that the Sizzlipede belonged to them.

    “There a benefits to livin’ in this area. Such as the one to see outsiders arrive first.. and knowin’ the ways of this area to reach the lab first. Hm.” She mused, stroking the Sizzlipede with one of her fingers. The fire bug chirped happily, accepting the gesture. A Sobble soon joined their trainer’s other shoulder once they crawled out of one of the jacket pockets.

    “Let’s advance and receive our endorsement! Are you ready, my fine beasts?” She spoke, holding out her arms so her smaller friends can retreat to the palm of her hands. The Sobble and Sizzlipede did so, giving excited chirps towards their trainer.

    “A good answer! As expected.” She smiled, letting her Sobble return to peeking out of the jacket pocket and Sizzlipede back to her shoulder. The trainer in the distance eyed the group before she turned her back and walked away.
  7. Ryder spun around to see Seth. “Oh, hello there. I’m Ryder, how do ya do?” He smiled and pointed out the door. “Laboratory’s Just down the street. Don’t turn right or you’ll end up in Potswick.” He smiled, and looked at all the other people walking out of the train.

    “All right, come on out you two.” He tossed out his two pokemon- Wobble The Sobble And Whimsun the Galarian Farfetch’d. Wobble immediately ran outside, and Ryder shrugged, knowing They’d come back. Whimsun stayed close by, eying the kid with the Applin in his hood.

    Wobble, running outside, bumped into another trainer. He looked up at her, blinking a few times. They looked up at the fire bug and the fellow Sobble.
  8. The trainer stopped strolling to the lab when she felt something bump into her leg. Her Sizzlipede quickly turned, glaring at the other water lizard while scuttling to its trainer’s head. As the trainer turned, her Sobble that was resting in the jacket pocket leaped out. It curiously chirped as it crawled towards the fellow Sobble.

    “Who dares-“ The trainer began, then realizing that what bumped into her was just a tiny water lizard.. just like hers. She crouched, meeting eye-to-eye with the other Sobble. The Sizzlipede on her head turned around to face what was in front of it.

    “Oh, it was just a little Sobble, quite like mine. Now who is the owner of this mighty lizard, or do you roam freely?”
  9. "Thank you. I just came from Alola, so I do not know my way around here. If you need any help let me know. I am sure we will see each other again." Seth had a smile on his face as he walked to the lab. He took his time as he wanted to take in all of the sights the city had to offer. It was amazing on how different Kanto and Alola are to Galar.

    Seth knew he would find his way eventually, and it shown when he came across the lab that he was told about. It looked so different the labs that he had been before. Where as in Kanto the lab looked more medical then anything, the lab in Galar seemed to be much more homey and comfortable to be in.
  10. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Noah woke up later than he wanted to but knew he was probably still going to get to the Laboratory on time as he lived pretty close by to it. He took his time to prepare himself for the day and after eating breakfast he said his goodbyes to his parents, promising them he'd call them daily with his Rotom Phone. He left with his two Pokémon in tow and headed straight towards the lab, figuring the outsiders coming by train would head to the Laboratory as well so he'd meet them anyways. He noticed someone else had reached the lab already and sat down waiting for the others.
  11. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    It wasn’t long until Applin noticed the Farfetch’d. It alerted Takoda about the Pokémon, which made him turn around to look at it. He looked at Applin, and back at the Farfetch’d, “Tarte aux Pommes, I understand that it’s prolly tryna act menacing to me, but.... do you think it wants to scrap?” As a joke, Takoda started to give the bird a menacing look to “assert dominance”, trying to hold in his laughter while doing so.
  12. Whimsun saw Takoda’s mockery and his eye twitched. He spun around and raised his large leek, glaring. “Fetch’d! Farfetch’d!” It squawked angrily. Ryder, after waving off the other guy, turned. “Is my guy Whimsun here tryna cause a ruckus? Don’t worry, he’s rubbish at intimidation.” He said, laughing a bit.

    Wobble tilted his head. “Kyuwu..?” It squeaked. It seemed to look back toward the Train Station, implying it had a trainer. He looked at the other Sobble with a bit of curiosity.
  13. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Eventually, Alex found the lab and walked in and took a seat near a boy her age. "Hi, are you starting your adventure as well?" She asked Noah. Blaze stayed outside and ran around until accidentally running into Takoda and fell over, before swiftly getting back up and running to his heart's content. Meanwhile, Rose stayed with Alex and leaped onto Noah. "Sorry about that!" she apologised before taking Rose off of his head.
  14. Hector looked around to see several trainers nearby already interact with one another. "Heh, bet they're doin' the gym challenge as well. I wonder who I'll be mates with... maybe I'll be lucky and find my other half within this journey." He thought to himself before he felt his shoulder become lighter and realize his Rookidee was gone, Hector quickly looked around to see where is little bird Pokemon flew off to only to see him fly close to the other trainers out of simple curiosity and stare at their Pokemon as if to analyze them.

    Hector was only slightly vexed as he knew of Rookidee's curious and cautious personality, he always went to check out any potential opponents even if they never battled. Hector simply whistled trough his teeth to call Rookidee back and the bird immediately returned to his trainer's shoulder without hesitation. "You gotta stop goin' 'round starin' at other's Pokemon, wait until we actually battle 'em before you learn about 'em." Hector said in a nonchalant tone of voice.
  15. “Ah, it is best to run along now.” She spoke, standing back up. Her Sobble retreated to rest in the jacket pocket, still looking at the other water lizard with curiosity. “Or are you perhaps lost?”

    The Sizzlipede looked behind and saw the lab right there. She seemed to be growing a little impatient, mostly from her own excitement. When a Rookidee flew around, the fire bug’s tiny legs dug into her trainer’s hair and glared at the bird flapping around and back.
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  16. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Takoda found the trainer of Farfetch’d, in which he decided to release his laughter with him. “Nah. I don’t think he’s doin anything wrong. I kinda just glared at him the same way it did to me and my little Tarte aux Pommes. That’s what made it go bonkers. Right, Tarte? .......... Tarte?” Takoda didn’t get a reply from Applin, which made him get a little bit worried. He slowly took off his jacket and looked inside the hood.

    The apple dragon looked really scared from the Farfetch’d freakout, that it tried to hide from it. Takoda gently picked up the small Pokémon and stroked its back, mumbling to it. “It’s okay. You’re not gonna get hurt by it. I get it, it’s bigger than you and it’s tryna act tough. Just wait till ya evolve. Then you’ll show it whose tougher.” That gave the Applin most of its confidence back, so it decided to try and act tough like what the Farfetch’d tried to do. Takoda put his jacket back on and reached behind him to put the apple back in the hood. He looked back at the trainer, “Tarte aux Pommes is a pretty small chap with a pretty small moveset. But once it evolves into Flapple or Appletun, it has the possibility to gigantimax.”

    There was a small Scorbunny that ran into Takoda and ran off after that, so he didn’t pay that much attention to it.
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  17. Wobble tilted his head again and squeaked, smiling. It looked back a ton the Train Station expectantly.

    Whimsun grimaced, and turned way. He tapped his own Pokéball on Ryder’s back and returned himself. “Well, I suppose I’ll see you on the Gym Challenge then!” He said, smiling, and strolling out the station.

    Ryder stepped outside and smelled the fresh country air. It was great to finally be out of Motostoke. He looked down the street and saw Wobble interacting with some girl. He stepped forward. “Ello’ there mate! My name is Ryder, pleasure to meet ya’!” He said with a smile, Wobble delightedly climbing onto his head. “What might your name be?” He asked, grinning widely.
  18. Alistar woke up in the hotel he had stayed at. He’d arrived at Wedgehurst the night prior to head to the Pokèmon Lab and see the professor to hopefully get a Gym Challenge endorsement. He got out of bed fast and got himself some breakfast downstairs, then he checked out of the hotel and stepped through the front door. The boys Oshawott, resting on his shoulder, cried out in excitement. “Ready for an adventure, buddy? Well then we better make our way to the lab.”

    The duo made it to the lab, after getting lost a few times of course, and saw a group of other trainers standing outside the doors. “Must be others looking to get into the Gym Challenge, like us. We could end up facing any one of them at the league.” Alistar and his Oshawott then sat down on a bench inside to wait.
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  19. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    “Yep! I’ll see ya later!” Takoda waved at the trainer and walked off. After a bit, he and Tarte aux Pommes managed to get to the Professor’s house. He sat down on the grass and put Applin on the ground. “I can tell this challenge is gonna be fun, my little apple friend. These people look like they have tough Pokémon. But I’m sure we can beat them. You’re my second Pokémon I caught. Years after I caught the Testudo gang. And I know you have potential to be good.” He pet the dragon on the head and looked up into the sky as a couple of bird Pokémon flew by.
  20. The girl watched the Sobble look back towards the train station and making its way back to the approaching trainer in the distance. So much for heading to the lab first, but perhaps a small conversation wouldn’t hurt.

    “Hm.. are you the one who owns this Sobble? Do they not trust you if run away from you, or do they simply like to explore?” She questioned. The Sizzlipede on her head eased herself and then turned around to eye the other person in front of them.

    “My name is Sierra, remember it well. For it is the name that I earn my stripes and succeed in the gym challenge! I suppose you are on the same path?” The trainer responded, crossing her arms. Her Sobble’s eyes trailed the trainer and the other water lizard, giving them a greeting chirp.
  21. He smiled at Sierra. “Yeah, this is my Sobble... nice to meet you! My name is Ryder! Did I say that? I may have already said that, crap.” He blushed a bit and recomposed himself. “And yeah, I guess you could say we’re rivals! Let’s try not to get TOO competitive though.” He winked playfully.

    He stretched his back a little. “Suppose I’ll see you later then, we gotta meet Professor Sonia. I promise our paths will cross again, trust me, I don’t make promised lightly.” He said with a thumbs up, turning and tripping slightly as he walked to the lab, and embarrassedly uprighted himself, stepping inside.

    “Okay then, let’s wait around.” He sat down in one of the lounge chairs, rubbing Wobble’s Head. “You know, she was nice. Shame I had to muck it up with that exit.” He laughed dryly.
  22. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    After a long waste of time of staring into the sky with only his thoughts, Takoda decided it was time to head inside the building so he can meet Professor Sonia. “I think it’s time to meet the Professor. Don’t you think so too, Tarte?” He asked the Applin, in which it replied with a small chirp of excitement. He stood up and put Tarte aux Pommes back into his hood and walked inside. There were a couple of other trainers already inside the building, but one specific trainer caught his attention.
    It was that same trainer that had the “intimidating” Farfetch’d from before. And apparently he also has a Sobble too. Nice!
    Takoda approached the trainer with a nice smile, “Hey! It’s me again! I don’t think we’ve fully introduced ourselves to each other yet. I’m Takoda. Pleasure to meet ya. Is this seat next to you taken already?”
  23. As Hector and his Pokemon finally made it to the lab, he simply looked around while is Pokemon playfully ran around to admire the front yard, Hector decided to lean against the wall and catch a little break from the train ride and walk all the way down. Zigzagoon and Rookidee decided to run around and say hello to the other present Pokemon around, Rookidee gave a greeting chirp to the two Sobbles while Zigzagoon decided to simply run back to Hector.
  24. Anderson Hjelmstad stepped off of the train and onto the platform at Wedgehurst Station. The weary-eyed hulk stretched and patted down a few flyaway blond hairs. Public transportation did not particularly cater to tall passengers, especially those as gangly as Anders was.

    Wedgehurst was more temperate than Anders had expected and he immediately regretted dressing for Circhester weather. His thick clothing had served him well during his trip through the mountains to the Hammerlocke Train Station, but now the ensemble seemed a bit foolish. He tugged on the zipper of his Wooloo's wool sweater and unzipped it to provide ventilation to his body, exposing the gray tee shirt underneath.

    Saru sauntered off of the train after his Trainer. The Darumaka was still growing accustomed to no longer being a wild Pokémon, though he certainly did not mind all of the free treats and care that came with having a Trainer. The sleepy Ice-type surveyed his surroundings.

    "We need to make a left and go east," Anders said simply, scanning the map on the screen of his Rotom Phone.

    Anders held out a Rawst Berry towards Saru, signaling him to follow him. Since Saru was newly caught, he still needed to be bribed to obey orders. The two exited the Wedgehurst Train Station.

    Wedgehurst's hillside location afforded its residents a breathtaking view of the Galarian countryside. Anders took a deep breath and felt calm, though his expression showed no change. The high drama and excitement of the morning had admittedly made him anxious, but something about the green scenery that starkly contrasted the whites and grays of Circhester relaxed him.

    Anders began to follow the group of other Trainers, presumably fellow Gym Challengers, who were headed towards Professor Sonia's Research Lab. He elected not to speak to anyone, but followed quietly behind them, knowing they would show him the way to his destination.
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  25. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Trent stepped out of the local clothing shop, fixing the gloves he just bought with a smile. "Alright, got some style, now to make my way to the lab..." the trainer pulled out his phone, smiling at the encouraging texts from his parents. After responding to them, he quickly opened up the map.

    "Labs just a short walk from here." He said, glancing down at his two Pokéballs. "Guess you two could use some fresh air." He said with a soft chuckle, quickly tapping the Pokéballs to release his two partners. Grookey let out a pleased little squeak and crawled up his trainer's leg, arm, eventually rest on his shoulder, while Yamask seemed to just let out a relaxed sound. He floated up around Trent's head. "Alright, lets go guys. Looks like there are some others my age heading that way as well...Might as well follow." Adjusting his shoulder to let Grookey sit comfortably, Trent made his way down the path towards the lab.
  26. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Noah gave a small smile to Alex and didn't seem to mind when Rose jumped onto him.

    "Oh don't worry, it's fine. I'm used to having contact with Pokémon like that," he said, remembering a time when Lana used to ram into him when she got mad. Noah petted his Wooloo at this memory, knowing he trained her to not do that anymore.

    "Yes, I'm also starting my journey. It seems there's gonna be quite a lot of people starting the Gym Challenge from an endorsement from Professor Sonia. Oh, my name's Noah by the way. What's yours?"
  27. IciclePyx

    IciclePyx Guest

    "Swaying Boats, Train... and now a hill." Cosmo grumbled and rubbed his temples, lightly slapping himself awake. He got plenty of sleep on the boat from the Orre Region arriving in Hulburry early, the people were nice enough to get him to the train station in time. Great timing he could see the lab and some people entering the doors. He could see some wild Pokémon there was a cute yet tough looking blue bird with a yellow belly, and a bushy tail that probably belonged to a new fox species maybe a badger? They all seemed so different but those fluffy Wooloo sheep stood out the most. This was going to be a great adventure, but he needed some experience. People, socialism, battling experience much more ect~

    Cosmo did a quick stretch and attempted a quick power-walk scuffing his blue sneakers. First impressions were important being the last one would cause to much attention he had to avoid that but he couldn't be to quick. He stopped himself for a quick groom patting down any standing hairs that kept defying gravity. He stopped in place at a new sound, adjusting one of his hearing aids to pick it up, a snarl, he looked to a berry tree and noticed a yellow Corgi. They seemed eager to meet him with a weak intimidation, something that cute can't look terrifying. He could barely keep his snicker behind his lips. The soon to be named Yamper didn't take to that to well and small sparks circled them looking ready to attack. One of his the pokeballs on his belt shook and a chipper happy yet noisy Totodile emerged jumping in place full of energy from sleeping the whole time ready to play and eat. "Bad timing Fang.. sorry buddy" Cosmo said returning the Totodile to the pokeball, he knew types well. The wild Yamper had its chance to run but was still ready?

    The young lad decided to send out Ponyta, might as well try to use this premiere ball, seemed like a special event. Upon the release into battle Ponyta landed with a stomp and looked around down at the Corgi, they seemed to look at them funny. "Ponyta ready to befriend them? Might need some persuasion, Ember!" Cosmo commanded. The scorch of the ember sent the yellow corgi in a rotating circle yipping in fear at the small flame on the tip of the tail. He blinked dumbfounded by the reaction, how weak were they? Ponyta snorted a bit with some smoke to remind him it was a chance. With a swift quick toss of one premiere ball they snagged his first galar catch. "Great job Pon-" He began to praise and blinked the flaming horse was elsewhere. Prancing around behind him and chasing any other wild pokemon they saw even scaring a poor little Blipbug. He probably should be the one jumping around at the new catch but it was a silly sight. Now the hard part calming them down and trying to get them back into the pokeball. "Ponyta you did well we caught them.. Ponyta!" He gave out a yell frantically trying to keep up with them getting a good workout chasing them around. Talk about not being noticed huh?
  28. Ashley walked outside and started cooking some food. Sliver ( A shiny eevee ) Was playing with Kris ( A tailow ).

    Ashley then heard Cosmo's scream `` Who the..? `` She then just continued cooking after a bit she ate and went off to see where that yell was coming from.
  29. Sierra watched Ryder stutter and trip away much to her slight confusion. “I suppose we are. Anyone who challenges me and the might of my beasts is considered a rival.” She spoke, her Sizzlipede and Sobble crawling up to her shoulders. “However, I must question that sort of exit. Maybe they couldn’t handle the might of my beasts.” She muttered.

    Sierra crossed the path and there she was, in the lab. The Sobble in her jacket pocket leaped out and chirped at the Rookidee that flew near him. Sizzlipede remained on her trainer’s shoulder, judging the nearby Pokemon with squinted yellow eyes.
  30. Seth looked around the gathering of trainers. With a thought he pulled out his Eevee phone. It was one of the newest models designed to look like pokemon. He was a silver color, and looked to be very new as it had not came out in stores yet. Checking his pokedex, he was glad to see that there was a button to update to with regional pokemon. All he had to do was select Galar to update it. Pushing off the wall, he decided to head to the first route out of town. He knew that he would not be competing in the gym challenge as he would rather just learn about the pokemon in Galar.

    Before he could make it far out of town, he stumbled upon a shop that sold clothing. It would be nice to have some clothes that were made in Galar, so going inside Seth started to browse the racks and shelves around the store. It seemed most of the clothing was made from the fur of the native sheep pokemon.

    Picking up a light pastel blue jacket, Seth headed to the changing room to he how it looked on him. Taking off his sweater, he dawned the jacket and took a look in the mirror. It was a nice jacket, and it showed off the vneck that he had underneath very well. Taking it off, he replaced his sweater as it was not that cold out, and folded the jacket to pay for it.

    Frost was on the floor of the shop. She had found a display that showcased different ribbons. They reminded her of the ones that her trainer had won in Sinnoh and Alola. Being a proud winner of those herself, she puffed out her chest and her fur seemed to sparkle as the light hit off of her white fur.

    After paying for the jacket, Seth and Frost walked out of the store. Taking out his violin, Seth began to play a soft melodey that seemed to attract the nearby pokemon. One such pokemon was a small pink pokemon that had a ball on the end of her tail. She danced and ran around the two as the music was played. The skitty was an excided that there was someone who knew how to play such beautiful music.
  31. Michael was still a bit jet lagged. He had arrived in Galar by plane the day before and hadn’t been there for even two hours before he had to jump on a train to a town called Wedgehurst. As he plodded off the locomotive he strained to hear over the protestation of train engines being forced into quiescence or spurred into motion. It was fairly warm here, much warmer than home, but that was alright. His partners, Clubsy and Basher followed him off, and the three of them marvelled at the idyllic countryside of the rural Galar region. He was among the last trainers to get off the train, the majority of them being younger ones very keen to meet with the professor and acquire an endorsement to compete in the gym challenge.

    “Let’s follow the crowd, we’ll see if we can’t get an endorsement of our own, buddies.” Michael addressed the two Pokemon at his side, after using his Pokedex to confirm that the younger trainers were indeed headed in the right direction. When the mingling group split and some stayed outside, Michael chose to follow the group inside.

    Upon entering the building, Michael was struck by the sheer variety of books and machines about the lab. He didn’t know the first thing about academic sorts of machines, but he still had an objective: Find the professor, and find out how to get an endorsement. Michael approached the nearest lab assistant and politely asked “Hi I’m new to Galar and I was told I needed some sort of endorsement to face off against gym leaders, and I heard a lot of people were coming here to get one. I would also like to get one and would like to know if I’m supposed to get one here or if anyone could tell me where I could get one?”
  32. IciclePyx

    IciclePyx Guest

    Cosmo jumped a couple times trying to mock Ponyta, it was his way to show a mocking motive which oddly worked. His Ponyta gave a gentle neigh and galloped to him looking around as they stood in front of him. "A new place to explore is pretty fascinating, urk-" Cosmos words irked all of a sudden spotting one of the eager trainers near. He had not much to say shyly pulling his hood over his head and nudged Ponyta with their pokeball for a quick return. He was beyond embarrassed running inside would be the worst choice right now. He wriggled his fingers gesturing a hello with a meek smile.
  33. Ashley then found a berry `` Oh, a berry! What kind..? `` Sliver would sniff the Berry then jump back away from it. `` Huh..? `` Ashley looked at Sliver in confusion. Then a nickit appeared. `` KRIS, Double team! `` She yelled. The nickit used tackle but it missed because the double team. Ashley grab a pokeball and threw it at the Nickit, Catching it.

    `` Yes! `` She said in joy. She fixed her hair thinking about what to name the Nickit. `` Hmm, Oh! Maybe.. `` She brings out Nickit. `` I'll name you... Kit! `` She smiled an hugged Kit. She then got up and returned her pokemon and finally found Cosmo. `` Uhm. Hello..? ``
  34. Ryder eyed Sierra entering the lab out of the corner of his eye and made a small smile, before turning to the oddball Takoda. “Oi, nice to formally meet ya. Name’s Ryda’, and Sure, I got two empty spots, take whatever suits your fancy.” He said, spilling out more of the garbage that was a Motostoke Accent (You UK fellas confuse me).

    Wobble was still on his head, and spit out a small droplet of water which landed on the Applin in Takoda’s hood. It squeaked as if to giggle.
  35. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    As Trent walked down the path, he noticed a number of trainers making their way into the lab. "Guess theres no reason to wait, ey guys." Grookey just responded by letting out excited squeaks, and pointing his stick towards the lab in a motion like a warrior would do before charging into battle. Yamask on the other hand, just made a more reserved sound, still happy to start their adventure.

    Trent chuckled and nodded in agreement to his partners' wordless answers, and made his way to the large building. Pushing open the door, he saw the same trainers from earlier and walked towards the group, just sort of...standing there, not wanting to interupt them if they were having a conversation.
  36. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    "I'm Alex, nice to meet you!" She said whilst smiling at Noah. Rose waddled on the floor near her trainer while Alex could hear something hitting the door repeatedly. When she glanced at the door as someone came in, Blaze sprinted in and attempted to climb up to near where she was sitting to rest. Alex gave a chuckle before returning him to his pokeball and decided to ask Noah a question. "So, how does this endorsement work? I moved here from Alola, so I don't know much about Galar," Alex asked.
  37. Ashley kinda realized Cosmo didn't wanna talk `` Oh. Sorry sir i'll go.. `` She ran to the lab without looking where she was going - and then knocked into Ryder.

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  38. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    “Alright! I’ve been walking for a while and my legs were gettin tired.” Takoda smiled as he sat down in one of the seats nest to Ryder. He felt a little bit of the water go down his neck when Applin got hit with a playful drop of water on its head, in which it shook it off and looked at the Sobble with a face of happiness. The apple dragon hopped out of Takoda’s hood and onto his head, trying to copy the blue lizard.

    Takoda took a small glance at Applin and back at Ryder, “Y’know, mate, Tarte aux Pommes ain’t the only ‘mon I got. Tarte was my second Pokémon I caught. My first ‘mon...” He put his hand in a secret pocket in his jacket and pulled out a Pokéball, “... is in this one. The thing is, they’re pretty aggressive when meeting new people, so usually I take them out of their ball whenever I’m in a battle or alone with them, Tarte, and anyone they know. I could introduce them to ya if ya want.”
  39. Ryder chuckled at Wobble and Tarte, who seemed to be getting along well enough. He smiled. “Well, if it might be dangerous to being it out here I wouldn’t recommend.” He said, shrugging.

    Someone, who had just entered the lab, bumped into Ryder while he was sitting down. “Oi- What was that for..?” He asked her, raising an eyebrow.
  40. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    “Yeah... you got a point there, mate. Wouldn’t end well. They’ll prolly end up destroying this place, piece by piece.” Takoda replied to Ryder as he was looking at the ball in his hand, putting it back in the same hidden pocket. Applin was enjoying his time with Sobble, until it got scared when someone suddenly bumped into the other trainer unexpectedly. Takoda saw this happening, answering with “Woah. You better be careful there, lass. Could’ve gotten yaself hurt there.”

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