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Private/Closed Journey in Alola: Yellow Beginnings

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Cloudswift, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. RP Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/journey-in-alola-part-one-yellow-beginnings-rp.18767/

    Welcome to my RP! This will be an Alolan journey RP, in case you couldn't tell from the title. I'm hoping that it'll be long and enjoyable, but this will just be the Melemele Island part of the RP. There are some rules I'd like to post, and as always, a form.

    • This RP follows the general trial structure of the games and the island sequence(the order in which we're jumping from island to island), nothing more. Think of it as what the Sun and Moon anime would have been like if it had gone with a more traditional Pokemon anime approach. And minus the random filler Trainers.
    • NO LEGENDARIES. I have already asked for moderator approval before creating this RP, and it was denied.
    • Pokemon locations are not necessarily canon to the games, but don't find an Alolan Vulpix in the Verdant Cavern or something. Please.
    • This one shouldn't have to be said, but PLEASE abide by the PRP rules.
    • I'll be accepting three people for this portion of the RP. More will be allowed as we go onto different islands, but three is good enough for now. Say cheese nuggets somewhere in your form if you read the rules.
    • G R A M M A R is VERY important to me. It's one of my pet peeves. Please use proper grammar.
    • Swearing and romance is allowed, but please keep it down. We can't be swearing like sailors, here. Romance will be kept down to kissing or cuddling levels.
    • As of right now, please don't have more than three Pokemon for your party.
    • Nobody is going to be RPing as a Pokemon, just for simplicity reasons.

    Aaaand here's the bios!

    Team(as of the end of this section):

    Slot 1: @The Protato
    Slot 2: @_obsequious
    Slot 3: @PeachyPie

    Name: Blair Sielo
    Age: 14
    Gender: F
    Appearance: Since I'm using my character from Pokemon Ultra Sun for this(team not included), here is a list of her apparel and hair and stuff:
    • Brown shoulder-length hair
    • Hazel eyes
    • Black Horn-Rimmed Glasses
    • Thunderbolt Street Cap
    • Orange Striped Halter Top
    • White Sporty Bag
    • Blue Frayed Denim Shorts
    • White Sporty Knee Socks
    • Multi Orange Sporty Sneakers
    Team: Torracat, Pikachu, Rockruff
    Goal(s): To beat all of Alola's trials and(when the League is revealed) become the Champion.
    Misc.: Not much else for me to put down here.
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  2. Name: Zach Kubesh
    Age(12-14): 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (Ik it doesn't have to be in list form, but my ARCEUS does it look good :D)
    • Slender and tall (5' 10")
    • Bright, shoulder-length cyan hair
    • scarlet-striped black vest
    • solid dark teal T-shirt
    • light grey sweatpants
    • dark tan jungle mocs
    • copper-rimmed glasses
    Team(as of the end of this section): Rhyhorn, Electrike, Spearow
    Goal(s): Become the ultimate trial-goer and become Champion (upon reveal), or at least a Trial Captain
    Misc.: He's fairly insecure, except when battling where he gives it all he's got. Same as with helping his friends. Initially from Kanto, his father sent him a young Rhyhorn as a gift for his first starter in Alola, his new home.
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  3. Accepted! Welcome to the RP!

    @ZachThePokemonTrainer!11 I'll reserve a spot for you until I get home tomorrow or until someone else gives a form, whichever is last. I want to give you necessary time, but at the same time I don't want to delay the RP.
  4. Yes, there will be. Only one or two per Island, though.
  5. One or two what per island..?
  6. One or two Pokemon Contests per Island. I was replying to ZachThePokemonTrainer's question.
  7. Ah. I didn't see his question :p
  8. I guess he must have been banned or something. There's no record of his account when I searched his username.
  9. I got.. way too excited to be invited to this RP, so first off, thanks for the invitation! Secondly here’s.. the important part.
    Name: Naomi Rodriguez
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    (Also gonna follow in the list aesthetic):
    • Short, slim build (5’2”)
    • Dark brown, shoulder length wavy hair (side swept bang ;>>
    • Icy, dull green eyes
    • Black V-Neck Tee
    • White Pleated Shorts
    • Black Over-the-Knee Socks
    • Multigrey Sporty Sneakers
    • Casual Cap (y’know. the signature red beanie with the flower thingy.)
    • Vacation Bag
    Team: Dartrix, Salandit, Gible
    Goal(s): To complete the Alola Challenge (Or become one of the Elite Four. And eat cheese nuggets.)
    Misc: I might’ve taken a liTTLE too long doing research on clothes for Naomi’s appearance.
    just maybe.
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  10. Planning on getting back to RPs so might as well start with something simple ^^ sorry If I'm a little rusty

    Name: Carol S. Jackson
    Age(12-14): 14
    Gender: Female
    (List aesthetic..? why the heckle not..?)
    • Hourglass Figure, A tad bit bigger for girls her age(5'5")
    • Short black hair(doesn't bother to style it, she has her pillow to do that for her)
    • Mint Green eyes
    • Thin, black, slightly arched eyebrows
    • A purple round necked short sleeve with the words "Beast Mode" written on it in Black thick font
    • A beige drawstring hoodie with an Omastar aesthetic and the words "Praise Helix!" on the front pockets
    • Grey jogging pants that are bit too big for her
    • Black headphones she rarely puts on
    • Yellow and white sneakers
    • A black sling bag, contents vary, but the only thing that is constant is her grappling rope and hook
    • A belt with sockets for her pokeballs
    Team(as of the end of this section): Kirlia, Zorua
    Goal(s): The girl prefers an air of mystery around her... She's very secretive
    Misc.: She's known to like cheese nuggets :3
  11. Accepted! Let me update the list, then I'll make the thread! :)
  12. So- this is irrelevant, but..
    I’m on my phone, and-
    It tried to autocorrect ‘Dartrix’
    Fart rod.
    FART. ROD.

    w h y
  13. Oh. That's...weird. I've actually had the same thing happen to me before. I don't remember the word, though. XD
  14. Hey....is it too late for me to join? I understand if it is. I just haven't been on a PRP for quite a time, and thought it might be fun.
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  15. Sorry, it kind of is. I'll be accepting more people in the next part, would you like me to let you know when that gets up?
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  16. So is this dead already? XP
  17. Yeah well no one's replying so...
  18. OH OOF
    i’ll write a reply right now oof sorry
  19. Can someone reply..? Cuz I cant because my character ran off to the lab


    Well..I got home from le school, and decided to watch Youtube(Protato's channel--go check him out! Lordpotatollama Gaming is the name) instead of doing anything productive...long story short, I wound up SOMEHOW fighting a short bout of the stomach flu. I'm better now XD Then I spent the entirety of yesterday on an unplanned(I think) day with my aunt, and today I had to head downstate for hockey. I'll reply to the RP once I get caught up with my other conversations and stuff.
  21. Aww~
    *le hug*
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  22. So... Dead...?
  23. So... Dead...?

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