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Private/Closed Journey in Alola: Part One: Yellow Beginnings(RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Cloudswift, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. This thread is private, but you're welcome to read along! Here's the discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/journey-in-alola-yellow-beginnings.18762/

    @The Protato @PeachyPie @_obsequious

    Blair yawned, then yelped as she literally rolled out of bed, landing on her hardwood floor. She got up and laughed it off. What a way to start the day. Blair quickly changed out of her PJs and into her clothes, then headed upstairs. Blair had a...strange room. It was the whole basement. This was due to the fact that her brothers already shared a room on the main floor, and her parents also had the only other bedroom. So, they had flipped a coin--heads, Blair got the room upstairs, tails, her brothers did. It was tails, so she got what she got. Not that she could complain, it was cooler down there, which was a blessing in Alola's balmy weather.

    When Blair made her way into the kitchen to get herself something to eat, she was tackle-hugged by her oldest brother. Since he was a seventeen year old, she was knocked down. "Today's the day!" he said, getting off of her and helping her up. Blair had completely forgotten what the event was.

    "The day for what?" she asked, then realization crept into her expression. "Oohhhh, right!" she laughed. It was the day that she would become a Pokemon Trainer. Not exactly her birthday, since there were some complications there(apparently, a lot of kids were born on July fifth), but a month afterwards. Blair was incredibly upset at first, but she was now ecstatic. Grabbing a breakfast bar, she headed out the door, waving goodbye to her brother and snatching her bag as well.
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  2. Naomi hadn’t slept all night.
    She’d been too excited! She’d sat in her bed, wiggling around, desperately excited.
    She wasn’t necessarily starting as a trainer today- she already had a few Pokémon- but she could finally go out and actually explore now.
    Naomi always did have strict parents, and they didn’t want her starting her journey until they felt her and her Pokémon had a strong enough bond and would be able to take care of themselves.
    The night before, they’d revealed that the next morning, she could leave for her Pokémon journey.
    Absolutely delighted, Naomi had sat at her window, waiting for the sun to rise. Patiently waiting for the faintest streak of pink in the black sky, signifying a new morning.
    Almost as soon as she saw it, she darted up. It was six in the morning, leaving her about an hour to prepare.
    She changed, showered, packed her bag chock full of Pokeballs, potions..
    Oh.. crap.
    Pokédex. That was.. probably important. She’d have to stop by the Professor’s to get one..
    “Mum! Dad! I’m leaving! I’ll visit! Loveyoubye!” She shouted quickly, making her way outside. Almost immediately, she released her Pokémon; Dartrix, Salandit, and Gible.
    “Today’s the day! We’re finally starting our adventure today!” She announced to the group, who collectively squawked, hissed, and snorted gruffly in delight.
    Naomi didn’t like the idea of Pokeballs. At all. So, naturally, she let her Pokémon out as much as possible. Gible nestled himself in her bag, which was open for him to look around. Salandit rounded her way around Naomi’s neck, like a scarf, and Dartrix flew beside her.
    And with that, Naomi made her way to the Professor’s.
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  3. Zach had leapt out of bed a 4 in the morning, far too excited to sleep when so much was to be done for his big day; the day he would set out on Alola's trials. He grasped his father's gift to him, the Rhyhorn that Zach had oh so carefully taken care of, and smiled. He adjusted his glasses and messed around with Rye's pokeball (Rye was the nickname given to his Rhyhorn). He watched the clock like a hawk, and the moment his alarm went off, he snatched it up and shut it off. With one fluid motion, he glided out of bed and down the stairs to the kitchen/dining room, which rested at the bottom. He snatched the plate of eggs and toast his mother had left out for him before her trip to Ula'Ula Island.

    He dashed out the door, only to stop himself, grab his keys, lock the door, then proceed running towards Kukui's lab - slamming into another trainer in the process.
  4. Being halfway tackled, halfway trampled onto the ground wasn’t necessarily what Naomi expected on her way to the Professor’s, but hey. That’s life.
    She fell to the ground, her Pokémon dashing out of the way as she went crashing.
    Dazed, she hoisted herself up by her elbow, her other hand gingerly clutching her head, which had adopted a dull ache.
    She blinked a few times, Dartrix having landed beside her, cooing anxiously. Salandit had slithered forward, and even Gabite looked vaguely worried.
    “Augh- what the- h- hey! Are- are you okay?” She yelped, finally realizing the boy next to her, also on the ground, and she scrambled to her feet, apologizing profusely. “Oh-! Sorry, sorry-! I didn’t- hear, let me-“ she panicked, outstretching her hand, a gesture that kindly read, let me help you up oh Arceus im so sorry.
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  5. Terribly shaken, Dasken grabbed the girl's hand shyly, and stood without much use of her help. He brushed off his clothes, then double-checked to ensure the safari ball was still on his belt. "S-s-sorry..." He muttered, quickly walking towards Kukui's lab.
  6. Naomi opened her mouth to speak when the boy just.. started walking away, seemingly in the direction of the Professor’s lab.
    “H-.. hey, wait-!” She called, scooping Gible and Salandit up in her hands, jogging to catch up. She didn’t want to seem like a creep and follow him to the lab, so naturally she ought introduce herself or something. Right?
    Dartrix hovered over her, glaring suspiciously at the boy.
    “Are- are you a trainer? I’m- well I- I’m on my way to Kukui’s, and- well it looked like you were heading there, and- and I didn’t want it to seem like I was following you,” she rambled breathlessly. Already she felt flushed- Naomi had a terrible habit of ranting.
  7. Blair was walking to the lab, then realized that she didn't have any Potions or anything. Probably should have grabbed some or something, she thought, facepalming. Blair saw two other people--Trainers, perhaps?--and thought she overheard one of them mention the Professor. Blair decided to walk over and ask about it. "Hey," she called, waving, "Excuse me, but do either of you know the way to Professor Kukui's lab?"
  8. Naomi blinked as another girl called out to her and the boy, a vaguely confused look crossing her face, but quickly dissipating.
    “Oh-! Yeah, it’s-“ she pointed in the direction she was walking. “It’s just up here, I’m actually heading there now..” she hesitated for a moment, before adding, “We.. we could maybe go together? I’m just starting all my Trials.”
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  9. Blair smiled. "Alright. I'm supposed to pick up a Pokedex and Starter Pokemon, since I'm just starting out on this whole thing too." She looked at the Dartrix. "That's a cool Pokemon!" she remarked, then asked, "What kind is it?"
  10. “Oh! This is my Dartrix- Rowlet’s evolution.” She replied cheerfully, smiling with a trace of pride in her eyes. “He’s a brat.”
    At this, the grass type squawked indignantly, swatting Naomi with its wing. The girl laughed, swiping at the air to stop the Pokémon. “Then.. this is Salandit, and-...” she stopped for a moment, picking Gible up from his spot in her back.
    “This is Gible. He’s- ...also a brat.” She commented, to which the little Pokémon huffed.
  11. "Another headache..." Carol got out her messy bed, she reached for her Ralt's pokeball on the nightstand, in the process she saw the time, '7 in the morning' "Thank Arceus I didn't oversleep..." She scratched her head and looked around her room, she grabbed her Pokeball Belt, her sling bag and her Ralt's pokeball and put them on the side of her bed "Phew, I stink" talking to no one in particular she made her way downstairs carrying all her cherished possesions "Carol! You're finally awake! I made breakfast, Your favorite Cereal!" Her mom, who was in the kitchen beside the glass table with a bowl of cereal called out to the stairs "Thanks Mom, need to take a bath first... I smell like a Skunktank" Carol replied laughing "Oh don't exaggerate dear" Her mom took a deep breath "Oh maybe you should take a shower..." She covered her nose as Carol laughed and went to the bathroom and closed the door

    "Our little girl finally grown up huh?" Carol's Dad yelled in the living sitting on the couch, reading a newspaper "Dad I don't know what your talking about..." Carol called out from the bathroom "You don't remember? It's the day you start your Pokemon Journey!" Her dad said excitedly flipping the pages of the newspaper

    Sharp silence fell across the room... The bathroom door smashed open with Carol in her casual clothes, running to the kitchen and just taking a piece of bread she kissed her Mom "Love you Mom, I'll miss your cooking! You too Dad!" Carol packed her things in record time and dashed outside her house "...I don't get a kiss...?" Her Dad complained after Carol left the house

    "TODAY'S THE DAY" Clutching her sling bag, Carol dashed through Blair and Naomi headed to the Professor's lab
  12. Naomi staggered backwards as a girl darted through her and Blair, nearly stepping on Salandit. She huffed, somewhat overwhelmed, bending down and scooping the dazed Pokémon into her hands.
    “H-hey-! You almost- mmph.” Her voice trailed off to but a mutter, her shoulders falling in defeat. The girl was as good as gone. A bit flustered, Naomi turned back to Blair and Zach.
    “Well- if we’re all heading there, maybe we could go- together?” She offered, a little awkwardly. “But- oh, wait, I- I don’t think I got your names.”
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  13. Carol heard a voice call her "Hmm?" She turned around to see the Girl with a seemingly kerfuffled Salandit "Im so sorry!" She came to a full stop and ran towards the girl "Did I hurt her? I am so sorry, I really am! I just got excited and ran outside towards the lab I even got a few potions in my bag if you need them!" Carol spoke in quick succession as she reached in her bag apologizing to the girl and salandit
  14. The girl blinked as the girl who nearly trampled her Salandit came sprinting back to her, apologizing profusely. Seeming rather taken aback, Naomi waved her hands around, a small gesture to try and calm her, saying that it was okay.
    “It’s- it’s fine, really- just scared me a little- I- no, I don’t need any potions, it’s okay-“ she managed, a little flustered at how apologetic she was. “You said you were headed to Kukui’s lab?”
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  15. "Dont seem staggered! I'm nice I swear!" Carol smiled in an attempt to make Naomi more comfortable, her bag back on her back "Oh right I was supposed to meet the professor there! Wanna come along? Errr what was your name again?" She asked tilting her head "Im Carol by the way!" She held out her hand for a handshake with a closed-eye grin
  16. “Naomi,” the girl introduced herself, shaking her hand. “And- yeah, I was headed to the Professor’s, but I didn’t know if they wanted to join me..” she murmured, gesturing to the two other people around her- Blair and Zach. Admittedly, she would really enjoy heading there with a new group of friends, although she couldn’t blame them if they declined.. they were all strangers, after all.
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  17. "Naomi? That's a cool name!" Carol released her hand, smiling as always "Well we can go together!" She bounced up and down with excitement in her veins "I mean if you dont mind that is..." She quickly calmed herself down and started scratching her head "I'm sorry again for almost squishing your salandit, But I'd like it if you would come with me... Because truth is I'm nervous of meeting the professor..." She admitted continuing to scratch her head looking down onto the ground
  18. "I'm Blair, and it'd be great to travel with other people," Blair piped up. She was a bit worried that they would think her strange for not having a Pokemon with her, but she decided to say that she didn't anyway. "I'm actually getting a Starter Pokemon and a Pokedex today."

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  19. "Your getting a starter pokemon? Cool!" She remarked with another close eyed grin "And uhh Good luck cuz it's pretty fricking hard" Carol chuckled lifting a leg off the ground "Have you thought about it much? Weird question I know" Carol asked Blair "Wanna come with us?"
  20. Blair scratched the back of her head, laughing a little awkwardly. "Actually, I really haven't thought too much on it," she replied. "I want to see how they act. Y'know...their personalities. And sure, I'll travel with you guys. It'd be fun!"
  21. "Hell yeah it's a group!" Carol hugged both Blair and Naomi with each with one arm "We're gonna have so much fun together!" She released both of them bouncing with excitement "What are we waiting for?!?!" She yelled "To the lab!" She continued her sprint to the lab beaming with joy
  22. Zach sprinted after the group, finally making up his mind. "W-wait! I'll come with, too!" He called out, bolting after the rest of the crew.
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  23. Pretty soon, the group reached the lab. Blair entered. The first thing she saw was a gigantic aquarium, then she was shocked to hear a Rockruff barking at her and pawing at her leg, looking up at her with a, "Hi, human! Wanna play?" look. Blair laughed and bent over to pet it. She was startled by a voice.

    "Oh yeah, Rockruff has a tendency to jump on visitors," he said, stepping out from behind the aquarium that Blair had noticed before. He matched what Blair had been told to look for exactly. It was the professor!
  24. "Woah cool Aquarium" She gazed upon the gigantic glass container, pressing her face against the glass she waved 'Hi' to the fishes. Stepping back for a moment she also waved to the Rockruff and saw the professor "Hi Professor!" Carol waved her entire arm at him,

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