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Ask to Join JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: Crystal Treasure

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. (Sign ups and Discussion goes here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/jojos-bizarre-adventures-crystal-treasure-discussion.17825/)

    In a small town in Canada, a young man stepped out of an apartment building. The sun was shining high in the sky without too many clouds that could block it light. The young man looked up and sighed. "Looks like its going to be another normal day here, I wish something exciting would happen." He said to himself as he began walking.
  2. Algy was currently bolting from a suited man chasing him, Canadian dollars floating from a fat wallet in his hand. A black wisp of smoke emerged from behind him, and slammed its now materialized fist onto a stop sign. The man stopped to rest on it, eventually passing out in a matter of 20 seconds. “He didn’t put up much of a fight...not many fat pockets around here do, actually.” A Canadian dollar flew over and hit you in the face as you saw Algy run past you, on his way to a bank.
  3. As Josaku walked up to the train station, he remembered to check his watch. “Ah, Great,” he thought to himself. “25 minutes early. It’s kind of a pain, but I guess it gives me a chance to recollect my thoughts.” He tilted his head slightly to the left, and then to the right, cracking his neck. He dusted off his pants and sat down on a nearby bench, all the while looking out for shady looking characters.
  4. Checking the wallet, he found mostly identifications and...pictures of the person’s children? “This won’t do...” He ran over to a nearby train station. It was always crowded, so there would be a lot of chances there. Algy looked up, and spotted something in Josaku’s pocket. “Hm...” He pretended to be spacing out, and purposefully walked into a pole, he then landed nearby Josaku’s lap.
  5. Josaku watched the young man’s actions, from as son as he got near the train station. As he fell down, Josaku took a step back. “He are you alright, kid?” He leaned down to help him up. “You should really start seeing with your eyes more, train stations can get dangerous.”
  6. He slowly got up, but suddenly, a black and red flash shot up and shoved you backwards, as Algy was fully standing and scrolling through your wallet.
    “I’ll check this later. See you, pal.”
    You saw him running back in the direction of the bank by the time you got up.
  7. Josaku stared at the young man for a quarter of a second, and started chasing after him. “You know, I really wouldn’t recommend that.” He calmly stated as his body started to glow silver, and a large, man like snake appeared behind him as he ran. “You’ve made a mistake, kid. I’m not going to miss this train for anything right now.”
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  8. “Oh. Okay then.” You began feeling like you would vomit, and something grabbed at your leg. You suddenly got a bout of vertigo, as you looked down and saw Minor Aversion clutching at your shin.
  9. “Holier than thou!” He shouted as the snake man slashed at the small figure, throwing his claws in the small beats direction. “Ushyaaa!” His stand called out, as it and it’s user jumped backward. “Let’s rush the user now!” They ran towards Algy, ready to strike.
  10. He ran back near a stop sign as Minor Aversion once again phased through the ground and took the stand rush for him. Now prompted to use it’s ability, the cloaked figure tears the metal bar out of the ground and it began to give off a faint glow before Algy used it to slam you in the head. You began hyperventilating and quickly felt dizzy. Perhaps it has something to do with the shining objects?
    “You were saying?”
  11. “I was saying,” Josaku guarded with his stands ability “That you made a grave mistake.” He began trudging toward Algy, blocking any incoming hits.
  12. Even when you blocked, the contact that was made did exceptional damage. Algy was already halfway to the bank as Minor Aversion was attacking you with the glowing pole.
    “I at least didn’t expect the sucker to have a ghost....” Algy, obviously unaware of the concept of stands, kept on his way to the bank.
  13. Joey walked down the streets when he saw Algy and Josaku running on the other side of the street. "Wonder what they are up to." He asked himself. He was about to continue his walk when he noticed their Stands. "Are those, Stands? I didn't know there were other people with Stands in this town." He said to himself as he changed his trajectory and stated to walk towards Algy and Josaku.
  14. (My stand has perfect blocking, that’s its whole ability.)

    “A ghost? No, this is a stand! A stand that is going to take your life!” Josaku vaulted into the air, and landed in front of his opponent. “Die!” He slashed at his shins, expecting his stand to take the blow for him. “Hm.” He smirked, looking Algy in the eyes.
  15. The stand once again phased through the ground, with a lit match. The intangible flames glowed the same as then stop sign. It sent a burning pain throughout
    Holier Than Thou’s body.

    (Minor Aversion’s ability can cause pain from a range up to 6 meters)
  16. In the distance, a man in a typical school uniform watched all of this happen before his eyes.
    "So these are "Stand Users", and here I thought I was the only one" he said, quietly observing their Stands.
    "That ghost stand user seems the most dangerous, better confront him first." He said, before walking towards Algy in a casual manner, bumping into him on purpose and attempting to snatch his wallet without him noticing.
  17. Algy turned around, backhanding the guy in the school uniform. Meanwhile, Minor Aversion kept the match in Josaku and HTT’s face, with it sapping your energy by the seconds. However, the pain became more and more bearable, with Minor Aversion’s grip becoming less tight.
    “Of all the times I’ve stolen a wallet... who new somebody would make a pitiful attempt to take it right back. Keyword pitiful.”
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  18. "O-oh! I-I'm really s-sorry..." said Jaunabelle, nervously, "I just bumped into you and may have accidentally grabbed your wallet. I uh.. will return it to you now." He said, giving him back his wallet.
    However, when Algy tried to pick up the wallet, it felt like it weight a ton, and he collapsed trying to pick up his wallet, which left a small crater on the pavement as the man walked away faster than expected.
  19. Minor Aversion grabbed a Canadian Dollar from Algy’s pocket, and flung it at Jaunabelle after setting it ablaze with the match. The flame also began glowing, and the burning feeling made you collapse. Algy began limping away as Minor Aversion stood above you.
    “Another guy with a ghost? Surprising.” Josaku was also released from his stand’s grip, leaving him to either chase Algy or help Jaunabelle. “I...don’t think I take them both...” Saint mumbles.
  20. Suddenly, a yellow X appeared on Minor Aversion as Jaunabelle stood up and picked up the bill, touching the flames that wasn't even hurting him.
    "Thanks for the bill, I needed to buy a soda anyways." Said Jaunabelle, "here, a token of gratitude."
    He said, pulling out a bouncy ball and throwing it a him. It missed Algy by a hair, leaving a golf ball sized hole in the wall behind him. The edges were scorched, showing how powerful that ball is and what it would have done if it hit him.
  21. “Ugh. You win, then.” Minor Aversion appeared in front of you, and it attempted to punch you, a wisp of smoke only and inch away from your face. “Never mind...” it disappeared. Algy didn’t even notice this, but a singular odorless and tasteless bit of the smoke was sucked into your nose as you lightly inhaled. Before it could do anything Minor Aversion became exhausted as Algy limps away.
    Before Josaku went back on his way, Algy was almost at the bank, still with his wallet.
  22. "Haha! That sure was fun!" Cheered Jaunabelle, "I can't wait to report this to the doc." Said Jaunabelle, as he pulled out of his pocket a really weak and slow turtle.
    "Now Stallion, take me back to home base." He said.
    Suddenly, an X mark appeared on the turtle's shell as its body bulged with muscles, carrying Jaunabelle's entire body away faster than a race car.
  23. Josaku kneeled on the ground, clutching at his mouth. “Dammit, this is getting far too out of hand.” He stood up, and reached into his pocket. He grabbed a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the substantial amount of blood from his nose and mouth. “And of all days, the one day I needed to look presentable.”
  24. Suddenly, the bank's alarms went off. A hollow circle appeared on the side of the bank where a man wearing a white shirt and brown pants with short brown hair jumped out. "Robbing the bank was so easy now that I have a stand, well better get my loot back to the doctor." He said as he started running towards a car.
  25. Still pretty agitated about his recent loss, Algy watched in annoyance as the robber walked towards his car. “He seems like a nice punching bag...”
    Algy takes out a water bottle and walks over to the man. “Sir, if you could hand me that bag, it would be very appreciated. I’m here with a charity of mine, and we’re here to cure a sickness that you have seemed to have contracted. It’s called ‘Being a Dick-itus.’”
  26. Josaku stumbled forward to the robber, clearly much more serious than Algy. He furrowed his brow into a sneer and brought out HTT. “You’re just gonna walk away from that, like nothing happened? Get serious here, kid!” He had his stand assume defensive position, and walked towards the robber. “Now I can make you hurt a lot, or I can kill you. Your choice.”
  27. The robber looked at Saint with an annoyed face. "Do you wan to die kid? Now go away." He said. He then heard Josaku running in. "Is that a Stand?" He said quietly before jumping back. "Listen, if you don't want to get killed I suggest you back off." He said menacingly.
  28. Josaku looked the robber in the eyes, and his haze pierced like a sword into his soul. “You fool! I don’t care if I am injured, I’m gonna kill you like a cat would a baby mouse! Hey kid!” He turned to saint “I suggest you either fight or run away, because it’s gonna get messy in a few seconds!”
  29. “Well, how I basically beat you a few seconds ago, I think you should call me sir instead of kid- -“
    Minor Aversion appears and grabs the water bottle, crushing it while holding it with a punch to the robbers chest. The water spews all over the robber’s clothing. “Cmon, Cmon, show me this stand of yours!”
  30. “Hurry it up already! I want to get done kicking your ass as soon as possible so I can get on my train!” Josaku leaned forward at a steep angle, kicking his leg forward so he was nearly sideways on the ground. He had one arm up in the air, clenched into a fist. “What’s wrong? You couldn’t even hit me like this!”
  31. The robber grumbled when Saint splashed water on his shirt. "Fine! If you people want to die that badly then I'll show you!" He shouted. "Behold the power of my Stand! Come out Chainsmoke!" He shouted as a chain materialized around him.
  32. The second Chainsmoke emerged, the water began bubbling, eventually feeling like it came to a boil. It left a feeling of excruciating burning as Minor Aversion winded up it’s fist, ready to punch the robber to kingdom come.
    “Does your ghost’s ability happen to be the power to suck? It’s really seeming like it.”
  33. “Some call these ‘ghosts’ stands, seeing how they stand beside their user, but I do think his isn’t that. If I had to guess... he’s going to try and envelop is with those chains.” Josaku slipped over to the robbers side, sucker punching him in the ribs.
  34. The Robber felt the water stains on his shirt starting to burn. "Ow ow ow." He said out loud as he saw Minor Aversion and Josaku about to attack him from two sides. "Chainsmoke!" He shouted as Chainsmoke formed two circles with each of its ends and put the ring in front of each punch. The punches would then pass through the rings and disappear on the other side. "Hah how do you like that!" He shouted cockily as he jumped back. The arms reappeared when the chain rings were pulled back. "Now Attack Chainsmoke!" The robber shouted as the Chain wiped at Josaku and Saint.
  35. “Now!” HTT crosses its arms over its chest, and Josaku took the blow as if it was nothing, which it was to him. “Two defensive stands...which is better? Your chainsmoke...or my holier than thou...” Josaku dropkicked the robber, expecting to phase completely through him. “Let’s figure out how this works...” Josaku thought to himself.
  36. "Chainsmoke!" The robber shouted as the chain formed a ring in front of Josaku. If Josaku fell in, the robber would then make Chainsmoke spin around causing Josaku to also spin inside Chainsmoke's hollow cylinder. He wold the raise Chainsmoke higher up and tilt vertically, making Josaku slide out and hit the ground.
  37. “According to what I’ve seen so far...” Josaku said as he dove through the robber “these holes will let anything pass through you, or let you pass through other things. So if we were to over whelm you...” Josaku beckoned Algy towards him “you wouldn’t be able to defend all our blows at once!” He took HTT out of defensive mode, as both he and his stand started attacking in symmetrical unison on his left and right sides, leaving his middle open for minor aversion and Algy.
  38. Minor Aversion phased through the ground, sending a single bone-cracking punch and a few jabs before disappearing. Then, his wounds from every single punch thrown from the duo began to adopt a burning feeling, his torso feeling as if it was set ablaze.
    “If that doesn’t send you to the hospital for one-thirds of your skeletal system being broken, I have no idea what will.”
  39. “Let’s switch off! I want to get a turn in at slashing this bastards organs!” Josaku called, swerving to be right in front of the robber. “Now...if you don’t mind... I’m gonna cut you to pieces!” Josaku waited for Algy and his stand to get to the robbers sides before he started his attack.
  40. The Robber Jumped Backward. "ChainSmoke! Full Circle!" He shouted. Chainsmoke then formed a giant ring in front of The Robber with its entire 10 meter length. The attack aimed at the Robber would then disappear into the ring as the Rober jumped through the ring from the other side and ran behind Algy and Josaku and undid the ring, this would cause them to fall off balance. "Now Attack!" Chainsmoke swung its two ends at each of the duo at great speed.

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