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Ask to Join JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Midnight Rebirth; RP Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by DevVoid, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Join here if you want to participate!
    Andrew had been walking down the street, completely hidden within his cultist robes. Four armed Speedwagon Guards had been following him, doing the job of both protecting him from others and vice versa. All five of them sighed in relief upon seeing a large neon sign sticking out of the wall of a building, the guards recognizing the russian letters on the sign to be the name of the Hotel the Stand Users and Staff were going to stay at. They began taking faster steps, scurrying over to the entrance of the hotel. Having entered it, the guards had left Andrew on his own, walking over to the reception to explain themselves and their purpose in the russian they had been trained to speak and understand fluently. Andrew looked around, his fragile body shaking from being too warm in this establishment. ' Boy... how many heaters did they activate in here... it's like I just stepped into a volcano.. I can't remove my robe until I'm inside my room, however.. ah, I think I'll be able to tough it out.. I should be, atleast.. '
    He had thought to himself before walking over to a corner of the hotel and sat down upon one of the two couches in the corner that were placed by a pool table. Two male individuals were already at it, playing to win. One of them had noticed Andrew and examined him, much to Andrew's invisible displeasure. One nudged the other and pointed at Andrew, upon which the other looked too before both laughed up. Andrew would've been confused, had it not been for his paranoia thanks to being insane. ' They're laughing at me, aren't they...? ' He had thought before standing up. He walked over to another seat by a window, but not before secretly hooking onto their minds with Shivers which he had not called out to not raise any suspicion. Quietly as he sat down he activated the being's powers and the two men soon fell to the ground, limp and twitching as if shot through the head, but there were no visible wounds attached to them. One hit his head on the corner of the pool table and got knocked unconscious, the other one had his eyes rolled upwards and was laying completely still, as if pretending to be dead. Andrew put on a crooked smile at the sight of the two falling down, but soon his smile went away and he unhooked from their minds, sitting quietly again.
  2. Out on the streets, not too far away, a car was racing down the streets. Usually, the snow kept people off the streets. And for good reason. Snow and ice made for hazardous conditions, and made the road much more slippery. Falcon didn't care. The driver let out a smirk as he drifted around another corner, using the snow to his advantage for easier drifts. Turning again, the young man found what he was looking for. The hotel that the Speedwagon Foundation had instructed him, as well as other st and users, to stay at. Falcon floored the gas, and right when it seemed like he was about to pass the hotel he yanked up on the parking break and quickly turned the wheel. The car drifted into a nearby parking lot, settling perfectly into a parking spot.

    Grinning like a madman, Falcon quickly exited the car and grabbed his bags. The intense cold seemed to have little affect on the young man, with his blood still pumping fast from his joyride around the city. Still, the cold outdoors was no place to linger. Falcon quickly made his way into the hotel, stomping the snow off his feet. Looking around the lobby, he noticed two men lying on the ground near a pool table, twitching. Falcon couldn't help but to raise an eyebrow at that. The closest person to them was a very suspicious man in some intense, cultlike robes. Hmmm... Falcon set down his bags, looking around the room before drawing a few hot wheels cars from his pockets and letting them subtly slide down his leg to the floor.
    "Greetings, comrade!" Falcon said, approaching Andrew. Falcon had been sent here by the Speedwagon Foundation to help with investigating the weird weather... But had also been instructed to be on the lookout for suspicious people. And this guy sure fit the bill. Could he be a stand user? Falcon didn't want to summon his stand just yet...
    "What happened to our friends here? Having a bit too much vodka to drink?" Falcon said.
  3. In one of the rooms on the upper floor of the hotel, Berthold calmly relaxed in a comfortable leather chair with a cup of tea in one hand and a newspaper in the other. The room he was in had a nice view of the town and hotel entrance ahead as well as the fine luxury you would expect in a four to five star hotel, he was still surprised that the Speedwagon Foundation made him have to stand by in an expensive and luxurious place... not that he was complaining. He looked out his window to see a car race toward the hotel with no signs of obeying the laws of driving, this made him scoff lightly as he sipped his tea. He put his newspaper down and reached into one of the inner pockets of his coat to get out what appeared to be a photo, he simply stared at it and almost zoned out "I will find whoever did this to you..." He thought before he came to his senses and put it back in case zoning out made him miss his next objective.

    After a few minutes of silence, he simply closed his eyes and began to hear a fly buzz around in his room, surely a five star hotel would do it's best to keep any pest anywhere near the establishment... but this fly didn't look like any known fly at all; it's appearance was more... humanoid. Berthold simply nodded at the fly and it quickly flew out the keyhole of the door and make it's way toward the lobby, a few people who passed by didn't seem to notice the strange fly as if it didn't even exist, and it's buzz was almost noticeable as it began to fly around the lobby.
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  4. Harvey looked from the distance at the hotel "So, speedwagon company want to stop my Little friend and ally work. It isn't that I care much, but It would be great to give other stand users perfect suffering... Well, I probably schould go now. It will be fun, I will let him know, that we have guests" He whispered to himself and take his leave after a 3 minutes, He noticed his Snowmobile and he left the area.

    Ignacio was driving on the passager seat, behind the driver in a Jeep. He still didn't know, Why he accepted to help. He had school and stuff, but he heard that he may meet more that 'Stand' users. He has his Stand, Resistentia for like a 2 weeks and he thought that he becomes crazy at first. After that Speedwagon Fundation people said that he seems to be strong 'Stand' user and that they need his help. Well, Now he was on his way to some russian hotel.

    After a few hours, He reached his destination. He left the Jeep and when driver was parking his car, He went inside to the Hotel. There was two people that were different from the rest "They may be... Other stand users... Man, everyone are adults here. I'm the only teenager, okay, It's nothing wrong. Maybe, let's... Umm...Say 'hi'" Ignacio thought and he came closer to Falcon and Andrew "Ummm... Hello there... Are you a stand users too?" He asked, a bit worried, as he didn't know how to act now.
  5. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Andrew stood up from the chair to get on eye level with the two. He put his legs together and his feet were rotated to face the opposite direction away from eachother. " Heh.. you could say that.. " Responding to Falcon. His head turned to Ignacio and he put his hands on his hips, leaning back slightly while his legs remained straight. " Stand users.. you don't ask strangers that openly... just think if enemies are listening in on us.. we could reveal our secrets to them.. " He explained, turning his head a couple times slightly to see if anything or anyone was looking at them. Just in this moment, the four guards that accompanied Andrew got back to him, waving at the newcomers. " Ah, Falcon and Ignacio. You've arrived just in time. Things have been cleared up with the staff of the Hotel and the rooms had been rented. Here's your keys, as agreed to. " One of the guards said before holding his hand out with two keys on it. One seemed more old-fashioned and thicker than the other. The thicker one had the number '302' displayed on it while the smaller one had '305'. " Falcon, your room is 302. That would be this key. Ignacio, yours is 305. " The guard said before another turned to Andrew. " Andrew.. here is.. your key. We won't assign a guard to your room for the sake of privacy so we hope you won't.. trash the room too bad. " The guard explained to him, to which Andrew just shrugged and took the key from him. " Oh, don't worry about it.. I have little regard as to ruin someone else's property.. unless they're my enemy. ' He explained to the guards, then turned back to Falcon and Ignacio. " Falcon and Ignacio, huh.. I'm Andrew. Andrew Armstrong. and I have this odd feeling about you two.. let's meet back together in the third floor hallway, where your rooms are located once we're all settled in, yes? I have a feeling we have... alot to discuss. " Andrew said before walking off to the elevator, key gripped tightly in his hand to hide his room number incase of an enemy.
  6. Ignacio was mad at himself, becouse He got scolded by someone and he didn't know him even. When guards came and give him keys to his room, he thanked them and then He turned to Andrew "Nice to meet you, mr. Andrew. Yes, I really would like to talk with each other" Ignacio said to Andrew as he left them. After that He heard buzzing fly, and he looked in that way. He noticed a bug, but it looked like a humanoid creature. As he never saw such a fly, He started to think that it is quite suspicious. He came closer to lobby and tried to not look weird and when He was close enough to don't reveal his whole stand, Resistentia hand grabbed one of Fly's wings as fast as it can, but Ignacio couldn't grab it well and he released it. "Mr. Falcon, this fly seems weird to me" He yelled to the adult.
  7. The wind was blowing hard against the window, as William check the time. “Almost there” He mutter to himself as, he looked at the taxi driver who was focus on the the road. The car came to a stop, before it stood a large building where William would be staying at. William grabbed his suitcase and pulled out his wallet before handing the driver his pay. He closed the door behind him as, he watched the taxi drive off into the night.

    William entered the hotel as he made his way to the receptionist and checked in. “Room 304 got it, thanks” He said with smile while he grabbed his key and made his way to the elevator. William pushed the button as the elevator door opened up and he took a step in. “Floor 3, up we go” He said to himself while he pushed the number 3 button. He soon found himself on his floor as, he stepped off the elevator and made his way down the hall. William found his room as he unlocked the door and entered, “pretty nice” He said with a smile. He closed the door behind him, before he sat down on his bed “the adventure begins now” He mutter to himself.
  8. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Andrew had stepped into the elevator when someone else entered it along with him. He didn't say anything however since the person seemed to be heading to the same floor he was. He exited the elevator when the door opened to the third floor and went down the hallway, sliding the key out of his slightly, still covering the room number with his hand. He went down the hall to a room labelled '310' and used the key to unlock it, then pressed the doorhandle down and entered the room, pulling the key back out of the hole. He proceeded to lock the door, block out the sun from the windows using the curtains and did pretty much anything to lock out any view on him. Making sure noone could see him, he sighed and turned on the light in his room before walking back to the middle of the room and removing his robe. He threw the robe to the clothes rack and fell down on his bed, eyes burning from being unable to sleep. He tried to close his eyes a few times to sleep, but to no avail. He sighed and got back up, just sitting on his bed, contemplating.
  9. Falcon relaxed when it was revealed that both the kid and the young cloaked man were both from the Speedwagon Foundation. And judging from the way the men from the Speedwagon Foundation talked to Andrew and Ignacio, Falcon was pretty sure that both of them were stand users. That would also explain the two unconscious men. Andrew's stand? Most likely. Falcon leaned over and picked up the hot wheel cars he dropped, sliding them back into his pocket.

    He was about to head go his room when Icgnacio spoke up. Falcon, to be honest, wasn't a big fan of the kid. He was really young, and had straight-up asked if they were stand users. Didn't the kid know that their mission required to be a bit more... Subtle? But what the kid said made Falcon turn.
    "A weird fly?" Falcon asked. Looking closer, Falcon could see an odd-looking insect flying around. An enemy stand? Falcon watched as the fly flew around the room. Should he reveal his stand to try to stop it? The fly didn't seem to be doing anything. Yet, at least. It could just be a normal bug... Or it could be a spy of some sort. Falcon simply shrugged.
    "I don't see anything, man." Falcon said to Ignacio. He turned and began to head towards the elevator, then casually turned the corner down a hall. Out of sight from the lobby, Falcon pressed himself against the wall. He didn't want to just leave that fly or stand or whatever it was flying around in there.... He could have to be careful about this.

    Drawing a hot wheels toy care from his pocket, Falcon summoned Gas Gas Gas.
    "Alright, buddy. Let's do this." Falcon whispered to G3. The stand nodded, giving Falcon a thumbs up and vanished into the toy car. Falcon set the toy car on the ground, and subtly zipped back into the lobby. It was taking great lengths to stay unnoticed.
    Now, only to get close to that fly without it noticing... My small loud-mouthed friend might be helpful for this... Falcon thought.
  10. William sighed as he started to unpack, “that guy in the cultists attire was a little weird” he thought to himself. “Maybe he works at a Hunted House are something” He said as, he opened up his closet and placed his clothes in. William checked his phone as, he closed the closet door “ time for a quick snack” he said as he opened his room door. William closed the door behind him before he locked it, he then started to walk down the hall while whistling his favor tune to himself. As he got close to the elevator he thought to himself “I wonder who the other stand users are”. William shrugged it off as, he pushed the button and the elevator doors opened soon after “next stop lobby” he whispered.
  11. Berthold simply sat in his chair within his hotel room, thanks to the long range of his Stand, he was able to see what happened from where he sat. He felt an arm grab one of his Stand's wings and hold it where it was, Berthold didn't show any sign of worry regardless, but instead smiled and made his had simply give an a ok hand sign and didn't even show any signs of struggle, not even when it looked down to see a toy car drive on it's own like a real one.

    "Two other Stand users besides myself? The more the merrier as they say." Berthold thought to himself as he simply took another sip from his cup of tea.
  12. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Andrew had stood up and went outside his room, putting his robe back on to hide his true self. He unlocked the door to his room to step outside and lock the door again, then stored the key in the left pocket of his pants before heading back to the elevator and saw the other person again. He stopped in the hallway and let them move into the elevator first, just so he doesnt seem suspicious. He was standing out of their view as he went to lean against the wall, standing casually. A dark-purple aura had manifested on Andrew's body, outlining his robe. Since he was looking down, his hood covered his entire head, yet one large pupilless yellow eye seemingly glew out from the shadows, only visible from the front as the sideviews were blocked by the hood. He started scanning the area, hooking onto different people to search for stand users via reading their memories. Usually, he only used his Stand to inflict illusions onto things by reading their own memory and using it against them, but now was not the time for causing a mass panic, he thought. Silently as he read minds, he stumbled across a few particular stand users. The first was the person closest to him, who was heading towards the Elevator. The second and third were the two he had already met below. Strangely enough, the third one, Falcon, seemed to have their thought focused on some sort of strange insect. Andrew concluded that this situation may be worth checking out for himself. He had used Shivers to create an illusion in Falcon's mind, which he had currently hooked, to check out the situation. The illusion took form of a pitch-black humanoid emitting shadow mist that blocked out any view on any more details of the entity. The entity walked into the lobby and looked around, stopping to stare at the small strange bug. Within the eyes of Falcon, the pitch-black creature had simply stood idle, watching the same bug he was trying to get close to. In the eyes of anyone else, however, the shadow humanoid was unable to be seen or heard. In their eyes, the shadow humanoid didn't even exist.
  13. William looked at the guy in the cultists attire as, he pushed the first floor button. “Man that guy is weird but I seen weirder things trust me” he said to himself as the doors elevator doors closed. He checked the time again on his watch as, the elevator started going down “Might need some protection” He thought. William smiled as he placed his arm out and summoned Robot Rock. The Stand stood over him as it’s head reached the top of the elevator. “RR let’s get you some juice, Buddy” He said as the Stand placed it’s hand on the control panel.
  14. Falcon watched through Gas Gas Gas as the small insect appeared to give the okay symbol. What... What the heck did that mean? That it wasn't an enemy? But isn't that what an enemy would do? Then again, the two people from the Speedwagon Foundation that Falcon had met already were stand users. Maybe that fly belonged to another stand user from the Foundation. Good lord, how many stand users did the Foundation think they needed out here? Weren't they just supposed to be investigating?

    Falcon's thoughts were interrupted when something new appeared. A figure shrouded in mist had appeared in the middle of the lobby. And unlike the strange fly, Falcon was way less sure about this one. Another stand?! With Andrew, the kid, himself, and whoever the fly guy was, that would make five people! But the more he watched that figure, the more he felt that something wasn't quite right. Even though the figure was in the middle of the room, the kid wasn't noticing it all. What was going on? Falcon clenched his teeth angrily. Quickly, he had Gas Gas Gas drive back to him, and Falcon picked up the toy car. He didn't want to stay here and watch the stand, or figure, or whatever it was. But he didn't want to let an enemy get the drop on him either.

    Finally, Falcon had enough waiting. It might be reckless, but he was starting to get pissed off with all the bizarre things happening.
    "G3, get this guy!" Falcon said, summoning Gas Gas Gas out of the toy car. The robot humanoid nodded, then flew at the obscured figure and threw a punch at it's head.
  15. William watched as, RR drained the elevator of its electricity. “Maybe I didn’t think this all the way through Buddy” He thought to himself as the lights cuts off above him. Williams stood in the dark as his Stand disappear within him. “I gotta get out of here, but I don’t wanna lose any juice” He said to himself as he sat down on the floor. He took out his phone and checked the time “A few minutes have past” He thought to himself.
  16. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    The figure had been standing idle when it heard a sound from behind it. It turned around to notice something punching it in the face. It had no reaction whatsoever, as the fist phased through it like it was a ghost. The creature proceeded to calmly walk through G3 and towards Falcon. It paid no attention to him, however, and walked right on through the wall, only a trace of faded shadow haze being left behind. With this disappearance, Andrew unhooked from Falcon and went to move back to the Elevator. To his suprise, the button didn't seem to work. 'Must be out of power..' Andrew had thought to himself. ' Suppose I'll be standing here and wait for the power to come back on.. ' Andrew thought as he leaned against the wall, sliding down as he sat onto the ground. Shivers would fade in infront of him, looking around for anyone before looking back at him. " Well, pal. Looks like we're stuck here for now. " He said to the creature, which just gave an annoyed-sounding rumbling gargle from itself as it looked to its host before proceeding to scout the area again.
  17. William stood up as he walked back to control panel “guess I gotta give the power back” He said to himself as he summoned Robot Rock again. “RR give the power back” He ordered as, the stand nodded to him it placed its right hand on the panel before the lights came back on. The stand disappeared as he pushed the first floor button again “Hope I make it in time” He said to himself. William step off the elevator as he saw a stand across from him punching at the air. William quickly summoned his stand as he took cover behind a couch. “There’s another stand user...and I wasn’t informed on it” He thought as he peek out from behind the couch.
  18. Falcon watched, shocked, as G3's punch phased right through the fog person. But before Falcon could worry about a counterattack, the creature walked through G3 and disappeared into the wall. It seemed like it hadn't even noticed Falcon or G3. Great. Just great. Probably another one of the stand users here, just pulling his leg. Falcon noticed William watching him, his stand summoned, from behind a couch.
    "What are you looking at, dumbass?" Falcon asked angrily, G3 slowly fading away. Seeing as William was the only one sitting there, and he was watching him, Falcon made the assumption that the mysterious creature he had seen was soemrbing that William or his stand had done. "Was that your idea of a joke or something?!"
  19. William stood up from behind the couch as he started to walk over to Falcon. “Dumbass uh, at least I wasn’t punching the air like idiot” He answered back as he stopped a foot away from Falcon. William had RR stand fast while he looked around “in case you didn’t notice there’s no one else around, so tell me how what you mean?” He angerly asked. He clinched his fist as electricity appear on RR fist surging around his hand “So you better give me a good answer or else your die” He coldly said.
  20. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hearing the rumbling of the elevator door moving, Andrew stood up and hid Shivers, moving over to the elevator. Just as it stopped on the third floor due to him pressing the button before, he entered and pressed the button to the lobby and took the elevator. As the doors opened up, Andrew stepped out of the elevator and looked at William and Falcon, watching them fight. He approached them, standing out in the open. " What are you two fighting about? Did someone do something? " He asked both, looking around after.
  21. Ignacio remained silent, as he watched Falcon attacking the air and when he was arguing with William "Can you all calm down for a while.. There is no point in fighting against each other" then he noticed that elevator came and opened the door, showing Andrew inside. "Andrew, Can you help me calm down this two... Before something happends"
  22. "Oh, shut up." Falcon said to Ignacio, before turning back to William. Even though William clear had just threatened his life, Falcon didn't bother to summon G3. As much as he didn't like the crap this guy was giving him, the Speedwagon Foundation wanted him to work with these people. So getting into a stand battle with these guys was probably not the best idea. That wasn't going to stop Falcon from giving this guy a piece of his mind.
    "Don't act like you're stupid or something." Falcon said to William. "That was your stand, right? You probably got some illusion ability? I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty damn tired of people using their stands to mess around. The Speedwagon Foundation sent us here on a mission to investigate. And the fact that so many of us are stand users tells me that whatever we're trying to figure out, it's going to involve stands. Probably enemies, with stands. So the last thing we need is a bunch of idiots running around showing off their stands for enemies to see, or pulling dumb pranks on the people they're supposed to be working with!"
  23. Berthold could see the potential and pointless dispute about to happen through the vision of his Stand, whilst everyone else was distracted, he sighed and got up whilst his humanoid bug Stand began to fly away toward the stairs until it was on the third floor, it flew through the keyhole of room 304 and seemingly flew into Berthold's chest before it vanished. Berthold got up and decided to head out of his room to meet everyone in person and hopefully break up the argument that would likely cause a scene for the additional customers that resided at the hotel along with himself and his contacts.
  24. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Yeah, I think I can help somewhat. " He said to Ignacio before looking back to Falcon. " I don't know about that guy " Andrew had pointed at William, then looked back at Falcon. " But I know that the shadow entity you saw belonged to me. I used it to watch the current situation with that bug flying around here. " He explained himself, looking around again, then rose an eyebrow. " Speaking of that insect, where even is it right now? I can't see it anywhere around here anymore. " Andrew asked before walking around the lobby, looking for it.
  25. "When this insect was here, he was making a loud buzz...before he left I heard it weaker, buzzing-" Ignacio started, then he turned to the stairs "somewhere there. He headed to the next floor" Ignacio said. He looked at Falcon "You know now everything, right... Then maybe you may stop picking the fight with the rest of the group, please"
  26. William turned around as he scoffed “well that settles that” He said. He summoned RR away as he took a seat on the couch and pulled out his phone. “Let’s see here, it’s still gonna be cold outside for the rest of the day” He thought to himself as he checked the weather. William looked up from his phone before he introduced himself “The names William by the way.
  27. Falcon listened to the explanation Andrew provided, looking even more pissed off then before.
    "Whatever." Falcon said in a short voice, grabbing his bag and heading towards the elevator. "Odds are it was probably just another stand user that the Speedwagon Foundation hired, someone too lazy to come down here and talk to people in person."
    That last comment was slightly directed at Andrew, and Falcon got on the elevator.
    "I'll see you all later." Falcon said as the doors closed.
  28. Pietro was in his room and was exploring the room eventually he settled on sitting on a chair near the window "ahhh I love the speedwagon foundation" he thought. As he walked around his room "Im thirsty." He muttered to himself Pietro took a milkshake glass out and chuckled. "Attack Dammed!" Pietro shouted as his stand formed around him and punched the air turning it into a liquid. Thomas stuck a straw inside the newly filled glass and drank out of it. "Ahhh I love this." Pietro sighed and drank more from his drink He stopped smiling when he looked at how bleak the town appeared. "Hopefully this trip is exciting I'm bored out of mind." Pietro muttered staring out his window looking at how cold it was.
  29. Ignacio walked to his room and after a while, He found it and opened the door. The room seemed nice and was better than Ignacio expected at first. He left his 2 bags on the floor, closed the door and fell at the bed. He was thinking if such a loser like him can help everyone.
  30. “Oh no you don’t” William called out as, he ran towards the elevator and summoned RR. He grinned as he commanded his stand to suck out the electricity from the elevator panel. RR nodded as it placed it’s hand on the panel and drain the elevator electricity. William smiled as, he turned around and preceded to walk back to the couch before taking a seat. “Well that was fun” He said to himself as RR disappeared within him.
  31. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Andrew looked around to the events that followed, increasingly getting confused. People were either leaving or fighting eachother. Admittedly, the latter as partly his fault. But how else was he supposed to inspect the area for an enemy stand? Andrew looked toward William, who for a reason unbeknownst to Andrew, seemingly went to cut the power to the elevator, as Andrew couldn't listen it moving anymore. ' Now our teammate is trapped in the elevator, with the guy who had done so just walking away.. this team is great. ' Andrew thought as he rolled his eyes and went away, heading towards the Cafeteria to get himself a snack.
  32. William turned, as he watched Andrew walk into the Cafeteria. “That guy...what...what can stand does he has?” William asked himself as he took a seat on a chair. He pulled out his phone, as he opened a app “I got to keep tabs on his guy” He told himself. William wrote down everyone he knew about Andrew while he checked the elevator “I’ll let him out later” he said. He stood up as, he place his phone away before he ran after Andrew.

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