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Ask to Join JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Midnight Rebirth; Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by DevVoid, Jun 25, 2019.


How should the character limit be changed?

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  1. Four Characters; Two Good, Two Bad.

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  2. Four Characters in general.

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  3. Leave it as is.

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  1. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hello and welcome to my RP. This one's based all around JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a shonen-jump anime currently revolving about people with special powers fighting for the better, against those abusing the power of their stands for evil or self-benefit. Stands are a manifestation of the user's soul, being able to materialize into humanoid or non-humanoid ghosts which cannot be seen by non-stand users. Stands can also turn into objects and buildings, most of which will be visible even to non-stand users, if not directly. Under special circumstances, the humanoid/non-humanoid ghosts will have sentience, be visible to non-stand users and have other anomalous properties, such as being a one-time useable stand or a remote-controlled stand, or even an automatic one. Most of the time it will be a ghost floating behind the user or around them, taking all kinds of shapes and sizes, obeying all of their users' commands.

    The story takes place in a big metropolis in russia named 'Ледяная Смерть' which roughly translates to 'Frozen Death'. The namesake of the metropolis has been acquired by the constant anomalous heavy snowstorms and hails that have gone on for the past century throughout the area. Rumour has it that some believe the meteors that had struck down in the area before the metropolis was built to be the cause of this horrible weather. The Speedwagon Foundation sent out its best personnel and trained stand users to discover the true reason behind this anomaly aswell as to find and neutralize any hostile opponents that abuse any stands acquired by the meteor on their discovery.

    The Rules are as follows:
    • Pokecharms Rules are to be followed as normal. I shouldn't have to tell you that.
    • Four characters per user, as voted per a poll. It's up to you to what side they're aligned.
    • The City isn't so cold that you'd die from even being somewhat thinly dressed. Citizens walk around with simple fur jackets. The Snow Storms happen less frequently, with the total number happening in a year being the true anomaly.
    • If there is ever a snow/hail storm present, it's gonna be affecting everyone who isn't inside a building. Keep in mind of that.
    • Be creative when creating your stands. Things like Timestops or Blood Manipulation aren't very welcome amongst roleplays.
    • Swearing and Gore is allowed, within acceptable and understandable reason.
    • This should go without saying, but only one JoJo can exist here. That one JoJo now belongs to @Clite of Dragonbow who took the role first. No more JoJo's from here on out.
    • The abilities can be semi-op, but not too much. We all want to have fun here, right?
    • No controlling other people's characters or canon characters without asking for permission. Things like Speedwagon Personnel or Citizens/Foes not belonging to someone are allowed to be NPC'd.
    • Stand names are based on musicians/albums/songs. Keep that in mind when creating a Bio.
    • This takes place after Pucci was successfully stopped, near 2100. Technology is advanced, but not by that much.
    • The starting point is by a large five-star hotel in the city. Service, rooms and food paid for by the Speedwagon foundation for the personnel and stand users sent out by them.
    • Stands may have up to two powers, the second one being a hidden one. Third powers are only allowed when the User has pierced themselves with a Requiem Arrow.


    Stand Name:
    Stand Namesake:
    Stand Appearance:
    Stand Type:
    Stand Stats;

    Hidden/Second Ability (Optional):

    Name: Andrew Armstrong

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Andrew is the quiet, collected type who always seems to just be calm in every situation possible. He likes to be sarcastic, give snarky and mocking remarks and comments, and shows respect only to those who he believes to deserve it. He will never show respect to those disrespecting him, no matter how many times he loses to them and often shows no fear around things that most people would run away from, showing more of a dark curious interest. He may seem like a bit of a shady piece of crap sometimes, but can and will be fierce and tough when he has to be. The reason for him to dress so warm is because he always feels cold no matter where, but when it comes to actual, proper cold places, he thrives, and feels little need to actually dress that warm. He enjoys to annoy others, speak openly about enjoying death and gore and laughs at his own pretty dark humour, much to the disgust of others which just makes him all the more happy. He also likes to joke around by pretending to reveal his willingess to do horrible things that most people wouldn't even dare to think of, upon which most people respond with wide eyes and a gaze of shock and disbelief. When he's on his own, he sometimes talks with inanimate objects, animals, his stand or even himself and 'the voices'. The foundation would lock him away if it weren't for the fact that his power is so great that prison wouldn't be able to hold him down forever.

    Appearance: Andrew's face consists of a pair of light-grey, beady eyes, almost like a corpse's, with eyebags underneath. His hair is bleached white/grey colour with long, silky but messy properties, finishing up his corpse-like head and facial features. It reaches down to his shoulder, with one strain covering his right eye along with the claw mark that's running straight vertically down the eye. He wears a long, big cult robe with the hood usually worn over. The robe itself is of tar-black silk with golden lining, strange incomprehensible runes strewn across the lining. When he has the hood and robe on fully, the only thing that would be visible of him is the bottom half of his face, all other parts being covered by the robe. Underneath the robe he wears a black tattered cotton sweater, along with a dark-purple long-sleeved shirt underneath, both sleeves matching the length of eachother. He wears black silk gloves on his hands, leather slacks and boots of the same colour to match his overall theme. His clothing is tattered and ripped here and there, asides the robe, which is oddly enough so smooth and clean it's like it was just bought a few days ago. Underneath all his clothing is a 6'2ft tall body with pale skin resembling that of a corpse, even being so skinny to the point where it looks starved. All over his body are scars and claw marks, though those are hidden most of the time by his clothing. On the inner surface of his hands and his back are ancient eldritch sigils resembling a disheveled pentagram with a dragon-like eye in the middle. While he barely tells this anyone, those scars are self-cut into his wound via a blood ritual to contain and control the being that became his stand.

    Stand Name: Shivers

    Stand Namesake: Ronnie James Dio's Album 'Master of the Moon'

    Stand Appearance: While noone except Andrew knows this, Shivers is actually a demon from the depths of the eldritch realm who attempted to take over Andrew, but had been sealed within by the elder pentagrams on his hands and back. Thanks to Andrew's seemingly turning soulless, insane, and generally mentally worse and lack of a stand, 'Shivers' was turned to his stand, having to follow his every will until Andrew looses his cool, in which Shivers can and will take over his body. (See attached file for Stand Appearance. Made by hungie on Fiverr and how I ordered it with hungie's approval, aswell as the completed order with the original image.)

    Stand Type: Remote - Sentient

    Stand Stats:

    Power: B
    Speed: A
    Range: S
    Durability: C
    Precision: A
    Potential: B

    Ability: Shivers' Ability is to 'chain' itself onto the conscience of a victim and use its hosts and victims memories, creativity and imagination to create illusions that can either deceive or attack the victim. It can hook up to ten victims, but its range limits on how many people it has hooked, one victim being the longest range, and ten being the shortest. When out of its reach, all illusions will vanish. With the illusions, any damage inflicted on the victim by said illusions will result in them imagining the wounds appearing on them out of nowhere (Eg; Get attacked by a mugger illusion, feel and see being stabbed in the illusion, but only feel phantom effects of being stabbed real-time). Note that these illusions will only affect the victims, and anyone outside the effect will witness the victims attacking and seeing things that arent there, and Andrew will most likely remain in one spot, having to focus on actually creating and maintaining the illusions, as he cannot do both maintain and move at the same time.

    Hidden Ability: The hidden ability is only usable whenever Shivers is currently hooked onto only 1 target period. Andrew can at will transport his own mind over to the victim's sub-conscience, at which point his physical body will fall lifeless onto the ground and he becomes a disembodied voice in the victim's head. He can use this ability to hide and read memories at the cost of losing and potentially never coming back to his own body.

    @Captain Cardboard
    @Red Gallade
    @Berserker Soul

    Attached Files:

    #1 DevVoid, Jun 25, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
  2. May I join this ones (Thinks about character right now)
  3. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Sure. Just post a bio and let me see if its acceptable.
  4. Name: Bertholdt "Bebe" Riley
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Berthold is a very kind and friendly person, never afraid to step in and help someone whenever they need it. He can show signs of being flirty as he tends to refer to people as things such as "Sweetie" or "Honey." However, when the situation gets too serious, his personality can change to an eerily calm and cruel persona with morbid threats and a slasher smile. Lastly, he is a man of his word and rarely goes back on it regardless if the person is friend or foe.
    Appearance: Stands at 5'11 with several signs of a fairly muscular build, extremely Pale skin and short, lightly spiked dark Gray hair and dark Green eyes. He wears a Fuchsia jacket that reaches his knees with only the top two buttons done up, Beige fur linings across all edges, small triangular like shoulders and his sleeves are relatively thin which tends to give away how muscular his arms are, jet Black trousers and Dark brown leather boots. Often at times, he tends to wear a Fuchsia pointed fedora.
    Other: For unknown reasons, he earned the nickname, Bebe. (Beebee). His backstory will be revealed later in the RP.

    Stand Name: B.B. King
    Stand Namesake: The Musician "B.B. King"
    Stand Appearance: The stand itself is the exact same size (Maybe slightly taller) than its user. It adopts a near human like appearance with several insect appendages, its skin is a full jet Black with shiny dark Green plates that cover most of its body, long triangular shoulder pads, a large Beige fur mane around its neck and large Beige transparent fly wings on its back. Its eyes are shapes like sunglasses lenses and are completely White with faint net like marks and two needle like antennas on its forehead. It only has four fingers on each hand alongside two Orange glass like serrated blades coming out of the wrists which can extend to be twice as long as its fists. Its feet appear to look like boots completely made of Beige fur with an orange spike on the back of the heels, same color as the wrist blades. Its facial expression always appears to seem bored, although whenever the user gets cruel, its facial expression slowly changes into a terrifyingly wide, toothy smile.
    Stand Type: Close-Mid Range Stand/Long Ranged (Depends on the form it takes.)
    Stand Stats:
    Power: B
    Speed: A
    Range: A
    Durability: C
    Precision: B
    Potential: C

    Ability: B.B. King can change into one of two forms and can track living beings through heat. Its first form is it's normal form (As seen in the Appearance section) where it can deliver powerful punches and use its wrist blades to tear its opponents apart if need be. It can also shoot its blades at opponents and due to its serrated appearance, makes it difficult to remove, the upside is the blade could serve as a tracking beacon due to it being extremely warm (Not hot, just warm), the downside is that if shot, it will take a while (estimated to be slightly over an hour) until the blade can 'grow back.'
    Second Ability: Its second form (Known simply as Swarm) allows it to split its body (if not parts of it) into many tiny versions of itself that allows B.B. king to avoid most unavoidable attacks if not swarm its target. While in this form, the opponent can still 'kill' the tiny stands, but they would only sting the user and just keep 'respawning.' Swarm form's weakness is that just as a beehive needs a queen, Swarm form as a 'Queen' of its own; Where there are thousands of tiny B.B. Kings, there is one B.B. King that stands out with its Black and Green colors being switched and four times bigger than the other tiny B.B. Kings (Which are the same size as a fly). When the 'Queen' is hit, the user takes damage the same way as the 'Queen' would. It can also remove tiny parts of itself to let a tiny B.B. King drone around to look for anything important that can help in battle. The range on how far the drones can go appears to be up to 20-25 meters.
  5. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    @Red Gallade Accepted. Now to wait for the other two and some other characters and we can get this show on the road.
  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    A reminder that in accordance with our rules, any art used in the RP forum must be either the poster's original work or something specifically drawn for the poster through request or commission - and this needs to be verifiable, and credit to the original artist must also be provided (Preferably with a link to a place where the artist's works can be found and the artist can be contacted, just in case we need to verify this). We don't just take "Oh don't worry I commissioned this" without any details as for who was the artist as valid anymore, especially after some person has already claimed to have commissioned a piece and, as spun some pretty elaborate yet horribly flimsy lies about it when, in all actuality it was stolen from dA.

    Not saying that this is the case here, but please credit the artist.
  7. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Oh, got it. I've included a link to the artist's request page and the process of making the order as proof it is indeed mine.
    #7 DevVoid, Jun 26, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
  8. Name: IgnaCIO JOhnson (JoJo char.)
    Age: 16,5
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Determined, young man, nice to others and calm. He always try to talk first, fight later. As he has stand for like about short amount of time, He didn't know a lot about him and can't put a good use in it. But he has quite a potencial.
    Appearance: He is 6'2 high and quite well-builed. He has Crow-black, Medium-long hair with dyed red tips and silver eyes. He wears a white jacket, black hoodie and white shirt. He wears also blue trousers and black, leather boots.

    Stand Name: Resistentia
    Stand Namesake: Song of Skillet 'The resistance'
    Stand Appearance: Resistentia is has a human like Appearance . Stand has short Ruby hair and Silver eyes, between his eyes it has black ruby sign. It is as tall as his user, looks like a muscular man with white skin. He has Red rubins on his entire body and sign Black of Delta on his chest.
    Stand Type: Close-Range Stand
    Stand Stats;
    Power: A
    Speed: S
    Range: C
    Durability: C
    Precision: A
    Potential: A
    Ability: Resistentia can deal many fast, deadly blows from his fists. Sometimes Delta on his Chest change colour to Red. Resistentia is able after that become incorporeal and don't receive a demage from opponent attack for a sec. Still his user can take a demage himself.
    Hidden/Second Ability (Optional): Unknown, Ignacio don't know many things about his stand, He even isn't sure about how his stand first ability works in truth.

    (I may also post another char. I just don't have many time now)
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  9. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    @Clite of Dragonbow Accepted. I'll be tagging you to the front post so others know that the JoJo place had been taken.
    Clite of Dragonbow likes this.
  10. I've been having a bit of thought about my char's stand. Will it be able to evolve like Koichi's Reverb Act 2/3? I understand that the Stand can change as someone matures if not through other means, but I was oping that sometime later in the story, Bebe's B.B. King would be able to change and gain a potential new ability.
  11. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    A new ability through evolution sadly isn't possible. Koichi's Echoes didn't evolve new abilities when staging up either. It was more of an upgrade to the already existing ability (Example; First Generation could create a sound based on what it wrote. Second Generation creates effects based on the sound-text; A gust of air when touching a 'Whoosh' sound effect. Third Generation intensifies that effect in exchange for range. ). Overall, it wouldn't really fit within the canon of JoJo that an evolving stand could gain new abilities without the use of an arrow. But considering that the rp does take place in a city where there used to be the meteorites of which the arrows are made of, there are definetly increased chances of finding a Requiem Arrow, nevermind a regular Stand Arrow. Requiem Stands will be allowed if someone asks me for permission, but will have to be nerfed due to how broken they can be. (See: GER) However, through evolution, a stand may switch up it's stats. Such if your stand evolves, it trades speed for range, or power for speed, etc. But if anything, the chances of the rp starting in the first place are already decreasing since we only have two characters now and the thread isn't getting much attention, so Requiem Arrows are out of the picture for now.
  12. That's completely understandable, should I ever get the chance, I'll try and be as careful as possible.
  13. Uhhg, my character's stand is really going to suck in this setting XD. Unfortunately, its the only stand I can think of that's slightly original. So here goes...

    Name: Falcon O'Malley
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Outgoing, confident, and a little arrogant, Falcon is what you might call an adrenaline junkie. Whether it be street racing or getting in a fight, he enjoys the rush it gives him. Even so, he knows that when it's a job from the Speedwagon Foundation things are pretty serious. So if it's a matter of business, or people are in danger, he'll try to stay focused and not let himself get carried away.
    Appearance: Coming in at 6'2" and 182 lbs, Falcon wears jeans and a blue jacket with the word "Speed" on the back. But now that he's going out to Russia, he's wearing a large fur jacket and a toboggan hat. He also wears racing gloves and tennis shoes that can turn into heelies. Falcon has light brown hair which he keeps in a crew cut, and has light blue eyes. On his right arm is a tattoo of a speedometer pointing at 120 mph and a tachometer in red. Falcon also carries a small pack with some supplies for Gas Gas Gas's ability.

    Stand Name:
    Gas Gas Gas (G3)
    Stand Namesake: "Gas Gas Gas" by Manuel
    Stand Appearance: G3 has a more android-robotic appearance, with shoulders and knees that look more like vehicle tires. It has golden eyes and no mouth, and is wearing what looks to be some sort of blue and gold futuristic armor. It communicates from speakers in it's chest.
    Stand Type: Long-Ranged
    Stand Stats:
    Power: C
    Speed: B
    Range: A
    Durability: B
    Precision: A
    Potential: C

    Ability: G3 has the ability to enter anything with wheels and allows it's user to control said object, even if that object would normally have no means of propulsion. No matter the size of the object.
  14. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    I can imagine G3 coming in useful in some ways, it just depends on what the situation is. @Captain Cardboard Accepted. Now we wait for atleast 2-4 more people to post their bio's and then we can start.
  15. Name: William Adams
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Kind, Funny, Smart, and Strong. William holds no bounds to how far he would go to help anyone in need. While working for the Speedwagon Foundation, he has found a new passion for helping lift the burden of killing for the sake of mankind. Whenever there’s a tense mood, He will find a way to help everyone keep calm and ease the tension.
    Appearance: Stand at 5”4 and weighing 178 lbs, William is well fit for his age with a light build. Williams usual attire consists of a gray long sleeve sweater, baby blue pants with a fanny pack around his waist, and brown shoes with long white socks. He wears black gloves on his hands with a smart watch on his left wrist. His tan skin matches with his light brown eyes. Willam keeps his hair in dreadlocks with one side blonde and the other side black.

    Stand Name: Robot Rock (RR)
    Stand Namesake: “Robot Rock” by Daft Punk
    Stand Appearance: Robot Rock has a robotic feel to it as it stands a foot over Willam. While the majority of its body is black, it’s head resembles a white skull. Robot Rock has a long pair of arms and legs which helps it tower over its opponents. On its right fist it as a plus sign and on it’s left fist it as a minus sign.
    Stand Type: Close-Range
    Stand Stats:
    Power: A
    Speed: A
    Range: C
    Durability: B
    Precision: B
    Potential: C

    Ability: RR’s ability allows it, to store and transfer electricity through it’s hands.
    #15 Berserker Soul, Jun 28, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2019
  16. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    @Berserker Soul Accepted.

    I'd like to note that things like Stand Rushes (Punching, kicking, etc.) don't have to necessarily count towards your abilities unless your stand's special powers are connected with the attacks. (Burning Fists, Slash-wave kicking, etc.) since most stands are able to do that normally. For example, take Heaven's door. It's main ability is reading into people's memories by turning them into books and writing in commands for them to do. Regardless of this ability, it can still perform a Punching Rush, as seen when Bites the Dust activates for the first time with Rohan reading Hayato and Heaven's door tries to attack the tiny killer queen.

    Also, we can wait for one more person to join or I could start the rp now, though we wouldn't have that many people posting. What do you think?
  17. If everyone’s okay with it, I think we should just start the RP.
  18. One thing I should ask is who's the main antagonist and what do they have to do with this frozen hell incident?
  19. Maybe the antagonist is someone like Weather Report, But was a more powerful ability.
  20. Name: Harvey Kessho
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Mean guy, who consider himself as a 'god of Suffer', becouse of his Stand ability. Full of pride, still clever and powerfull opponent.
    Appearance: He is 6'6 tall, muscular. He has Red hair and golden eyes. He wears black shirt, blue winter jacket and black trousers with black leather boots.

    Stand Name: Syndrome
    Stand Namesake: Song 'God Syndrome', Madame Macabre ft. Ashe
    Stand Appearance: humanoid, wearing a black cloak. A bit bigger than his user, it is a Ruby humanoid with black eyes. In one hand he has black chains, on second hand he has a giant scythe.
    Stand Type: Averange-Range
    Stand Stats;
    Power: A—>S
    Speed: A—>S
    Range: B
    Durability: C
    Precision: B
    Potential: B

    Ability: Syndrome catches other stands and their users to his chains, giving them slow pain and draining their live energy. His target cannot escape on his own, if target is once catched. Only others can help him escape.
    Hidden/Second Ability (Optional): Syndrome can drop his chains and raise his speed and Power.
    (He is that second character, that I wanted to make)
  21. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Alright @Clite of Dragonbow accepted. And I've been thinking, the antagonist/s could be a group of rebellious, evil stand users, sort of like Diavolo's Mafia, except y'know, russian. Considering a group of stand users is already dangerous, I can imagine there being bounties set for them, each having done different kinds of crime. From the incident, I could connect that the boss of the group has the certain power that connects itself to the snow storms and heavy chances of hail. But we'll probably need to advance a bit in the rp anyway until anyone gets to know of the boss so there's that. I'll get to work on creating the rp thread now.
  22. Shall I just have Bebe relax in one of the hotel rooms or can he be doing is own thing somewhere? (Does he have to be aligned with Speedwagon?)
  23. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Well, unless you plan on Bebe being a bad guy, he can be either aligned with them, work as a mercenary/good samaritan or just do it because it's a just cause. And yes, you can start in one of the hotel rooms. Whether you are arriving, already checked in or just standing outside, it has to be in or around the premises of the hotel.
  24. Alright, just saying my char might have something in common with Polnareff, I won't say how and I'll just have him with Speedwagon. He'll be in his hotel room on standby so to speak.
  25. Sorry for not being here for a while. Gonna post now.
  26. Just thought I'd have Bebe's B.B. King do a bit of surveillance in case the other Stand users were enemies.
  27. Uh, sorry.
    It is just, you wrote yourself that the buzz was noticeable... I can change my post if you want...
  28. Nah it's fine, I just didn't expect that direct of a response. Then again most JoJo characters are rather perceptive.
  29. Question to you, people
    Schould I keep Ignacio be kinfa dump and change later... Or maybe change now to be more serious.
  30. I don't really mind, the first option might not be too bad as sometimes good stories come from slowly growing characters if you know what I mean. I also have an idea for an enemy Stand user, idk about their alignment with the enemy until I have more knowledge.
  31. What would they’re stand ability be?
  32. Idk yet, still thinking on that, wit all the bizarre Stand abilities there are, I'm trying to think of a good one that won't be OP.
  33. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    @Red Gallade being on the topic of stands, we kinda have two people reacting to yours already. I feel like a response is needed. Not to rush you or anything, just thought it'd be worth noting.
  34. Oh I know, but I’m really busy and trying to think of a good response without too much of a potential misunderstanding.
  35. @DevVoid man, Andrew's stand is really strong. I mean, is there any way to dodge from being 'hooked'?

    Also, let me make sure I know what's happening. Andrew is using his staff's ability to make Falcon think that a humanoid being has appeared in the lobby and is filling it with smoke, thus obscuring the lobby from view. Correct?
  36. I really don’t understand stand what’s happening. But Andrew’s stand does seem a little OP.
  37. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    @Captain Cardboard To be fair, Shivers is really just a less lethal version of Death 13 but with illusions instead. It can also be dodged the same way, in that if you're unconscious, illusions cant affect you. Being blind/deaf also plays in advantages, as either one disables the vision/hearing of illusions. And yes, Shivers is currently hooked onto Falcon's mind. In his vision, the shadow entity is standing there. And it's less smoke but rather a haze that acts to hide details of the entity itself.
  38. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    @Clite of Dragonbow Andrew is currently still on the third floor of the building, apart from the others and Ignacio who are in the lobby since @Berserker Soul cut the power of the elevator with RR. It would be unlogical for Ignacio to be able to talk to him face-to-face.
  39. Oh my Car, gonna change it (Or delate)

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