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Join Us On Sunday For The Finale of Let's Play Pokémon White!

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
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    It's been three whole months since we first ventured into Unova and started Let's Play Pokémon White, but we've finally made it – we're standing on the precipice of the Elite Four, and... we've been there a long time. (It's been a while since we streamed!)

    Finally, we'll be back this Sunday to defeat the forces of evil and become the People's Champ. Warm up your ominous choirs and buckle in, because we'll be taking on Ghetsis and attempting to finish the game – and while we're there, we'll be discussing the latest Pokémon news and more, including impressions of our hands-on time with Pokémon Let's Go!

    Join Teapot and friends on Twitch this Sunday, 23rd September at the earlier time of 9pm BST (UTC+1) – don't miss it! (Be sure to follow us if you're not already doing so to get notified whenever we go live!)
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