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Johto University

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Cody, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. ((Well, let's hope I get it right this time. This time, it's for me to tell a story, not to flatter people. Don't expect cameos :p. Hope you all like first person stories....Also, if anyone wants to edit this *coughPheocough* that'd be nifty ^^. Enjoy. Nice comments are always great, but tips and criticism are better ^^))

    The University of Johto At Violet City

    (( Massive, MASSIVE thanks and creds to Magpie for the awesome crest ♥ ))​

    The view in this dorm was so much better than the one I had last year. That’s the first thing I always noticed about anywhere, the view. I’m not sure why, really. People say I spend a lot of time looking out windows…and I guess that’s true, I ended up looking out the single window in the dorm for something like ten minutes before I even unpacked. But if you saw it, you wouldn’t blame me. My door, 316, was on the sixth floor of the dorm building, and my room faced south. That’s the best part of it, when you consider that Johto University is north of Violet City. I mean, I can’t watch the sun rise or set, like I could last year, but, past the lake and behind the trees, you could see Sprout Tower, stretching above the rest of the Violet City skyline. I really loved it, to be honest. Everything just kind of…flowed. The lake on campus kind of met with the ground, which led to the trees. And the trees got higher and higher, and then there was Sprout Tower. Maybe half of it was blocked by the trees, but that was part of the beauty of it. It kind of looked like a giant tree stump. Maybe that legend of it being a Bellsprout was true…I wouldn’t doubt it, actually…

    After a few more minutes gazing out the window, I decided I had better start unpacking. My mom had already made my bed (she refused to leave until I let her do at least that. Not gonna complain though. She’s a nice woman, my mom. Could love ya to death.), and my suitcase was still resting on top of it. I had at least managed to unpack my laptop, which was now sitting on the desk, right in line with the window. That was the great part about getting to the dorm first – you got first picks on everything.

    I unzipped my suitcase and started unloading the clothes. I figured I’d have a bit of method to the stuffing them into the drawers under the bed, but nothing to fancy. Shirts in one drawer, pants in another, socks and underwear in the third. It only took a few minutes, and then I moved on to getting my deodorant, soap, razor and whatnot into a little bag for the bathroom.

    I live such a thrilling life.

    The last thing I unpacked was my messenger bag, which I just tossed next to the desk. Of course, I had forgotten that both my Poke Balls were still in there. The two of them rolled out, side by side. Neither one opened, thankfully. I walked over and picked them up, placed one of them on the wooden coffee table provided by the University, and enlarged the other one. I opened the Poke Ball, shrunk it back down, and placed it on the coffee table, next to the other.

    Standing next to the table was Walter, the Wartortle I had begun my journey with. He was a funny little guy, to be honest. He kind of did this thing that sounded like humming. I had never heard a Pokemon do that before I met Walter.

    He was humming something that sounded like a song I had heard before, but I couldn’t even come close to placing it. His tail was rocking back and forth with the song, like a metronome. Walter began walking around the room, checking everything out, getting a feel for his new home.

    I walked over to my desk and grabbed my bag. There were two notebooks, one green one brown, inside, and blue-colored pocket folder. I pulled the folder out and sat down on my bed. The sheets were a normal kind of tan color, nothing fancy. I think it was my aunt who bought them for me, as a “going off to university” gift. It was a kind gesture, and sure, I appreciated it, but it was nothing really special, y’know?

    Walter had hopped up on my desk, nearly crushing the laptop in the process, to look out the window. He seemed to be just as impressed by the view as I was. He pressed both his paws up against the window, and his nose was nearly touching it as well. He wasn’t blinking as his eyes moved in all different directions, taking in the entire vista. Every few minutes he’d reposition himself for a different view of it. To me, it looked like he wanted to go swimming in the lake.

    After a few minutes of watching Walter, I opened up the folder, and took a look at my class schedule. I had Pr. Richardson again, this year, for some Coordinating stuff, and that was okay with me. Some people thought she was a bit uptight, but I didn’t see it. She really knows her stuff, too. I was thrilled to have Dr. O’Hara for one of my history courses this year, “The History of Johto; Myths, Gangs, and Legends” the man was a genius, the Department Head for History of Johto University. And not just the Violet City campus, but the ones at Olivine and Blackthorne, as well. Safe to say I was excited for his class.

    But the class I was really looking forward to was the one with Dr. Maxwell Julliard. Last year I didn’t have a class with him, because of some registration mistake. But what happened last year didn’t upset me at all this year, not when I saw his name on my class schedule. He had won the Grand Festival in Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. Pr. Richardson was a good coordinator and all, but this guy was incredible. My first class was tomorrow, and it was with Dr. Julliard. I was incredibly excited.

    After a few minutes mentally planning my day tomorrow, based on what my classes were, I looked up. My roommate was standing in the doorway. He looked taller than me, but other than that, nothing too significant. The clothes he was wearing could be considered “sporty”, and I’m not normally one to stereotype, but he was probably a battler. He didn’t really have a suitcase, just this big duffle bag.

    “You uh…” he looked down at a piece of paper, “Theodore Duggan?”

    “Uhm, yeah, but nobody actually calls me Theo-” I began, only to be cut off.

    “Cool. Well, I’m gonna unpack. Try not to get in my way too much.” It wasn’t so much what he said as it was the way he said it that irritated me. It was really condescending. I wasn’t going to let it bother me, though. No use getting worked up over something small like that, and getting off on the wrong foot with the guy I was going to be living with for the next few months.

    And besides, tomorrow was a new day.
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  2. Well, this certainly looks like a fine story. I don't see anything wrong with your grammar, spelling, ect... I like the storyline, like Johto is more modernized. I would very much like to see ore of this story. And, pardon my asking, but where did that crest come from? It's very cool.
  3. Its nice to see this back and revamped, Cody. I can already see the improvement and I can't wait to see more :)

    And Kerauno, he did say where the crest came from in his post *facepalm*
  4. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    There is a serious lack of Lugia in that emblem Cody! D:

    That aside, the story is great. I noticed that rather than being told from the professors' perspectives like last time, you switched to that of a student. It sounds like Teddy is in for an interesting semester so I'll definitely be watching. I have a feeling that jerkass roommate will be a jerkass.
  5. I really liked it! You used good grammar and the story was excellent!! Just one thing you have to do to make it better: Make another story to go after this!! :D You rule!
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  6. ((Hurr there's some naughty language in this chapter. Also it's kind of awkward at the end >>))


    What a joke. This guy had a Wartortle. A Wartortle. How pathetic. Might as well try and act like it doesn’t bug me. I have to live with this guy for the next year… “You uh…” I looked down at the piece of paper, “Theodore Duggan?”

    Then he started to say something. It was nothing important. “I’m gonna start unpacking. Try not to get in my way too much,” I told him.

    I hoisted my duffle bag onto the bed (that bastard had already taken the good one next to the window…) and let it drop. I unzipped it quickly, and threw all my clothes into the drawers beneath the bed. That Theodore kid was propped up on his bed, reading some magazine. I didn’t know what the hell it was, but it didn’t look like anything interesting (all the girls were fully clothed! And it didn’t look like battling…). I pushed it out of my head. No use getting worked up over what he’s reading, anyway. I’ve got my own magazines.

    I went back out into the hall. It was empty, except for the cart I had pushed in, with the cardboard box on top. I pushed it pretty easily, I mean, it wasn’t light or anything, but I’ve moved heavier things before. It rolled pretty easily into the room, and I stopped it right in front of the coffee table. The box opened easily, and the TV inside looked ready to go. Setting up the mount was a bit of a pain, and I think technically the University doesn’t allow it, but really, who cares? I lifted the TV out of the box with both arms, and secured it onto the mount. That was that. The University provided cable, and the DVD player would take seconds to install. Theodore poked his head up from behind the magazine,

    “How’d you afford that?” He asked.

    “Dad’s VP of the company that makes ‘em.” That part might not have been true, he was more like the assistant manager of one of the chains, but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

    “Oh. Cool.” He paused, “but I thought Johto was bigger on radio than television?”

    Oh God. What a prick, thinking he knows everything about Johto. “Well, guess you thought wrong, then?” Although he was right. But I wasn’t going to let him know that. I just really liked movies.

    “Whatever, man.” He said, and went back to his magazine. His stupid Wartortle had curled up on the foot of his bed. I couldn’t help but think how much more badass it would be as a Blastoise.

    I didn’t much like the idea of talking to this guy, but I couldn’t help but ask, “Why haven’t you evolved your Wartortle yet?”

    He turned the page in his magazine before answering, “Because Walter doesn’t want to evolve. That’s why.”

    “What do you mean it doesn’t want to evolve? That’s your choice, not the Wartortle’s.”

    “No, that’s Walter’s choice. He doesn’t want to evolve yet. Besides, a Blastoise just wouldn’t be able to perform as well.”

    “What the hell do you mean perform? They’re called battles.” He was still propped up in his bed, his legs crossing at the ankles. He hadn’t even looked away from his magazine. Thing is, we didn’t look too different. His hair was longer, and lighter than mine, but that was really the only difference. And I had more muscle. I could tell.

    He sighed, “Mason, I’m not a Trainer. I’m here for the Coordinating Program,” he said flatly.

    Great. I was roomed with a Coordinator. They’re almost always pretentious pricks. I had a feeling this guy was, too. “So, what? You still battle during Contests, right? A Blastoise could kick way more ass than a Wartortle could.”

    “Hey. I get that. Believe me. But a Wartortle can move much easier, and maneuverability is important. Besides, Walter doesn’t want to evolve.”

    “I don’t get why you keep saying that. You’re the Coordinator, not him.”

    Theodore didn’t say anything. I guess that was his way of ending the conversation. I didn’t care. I pushed the cart into the hall (not my problem anymore) and went back into the room. Theodore had moved to his desk and was doing something on his laptop. I didn’t give much attention to it. I sat down on my bed (which my mom had made the week before, when it was my younger brother’s orientation. She expected me to watch out for him. Yeah. Right.) and turned on the TV with the remote. I flipped for a few minutes, before finally hitting something good. I mean, I guess it wasn’t good but it was a movie, and it’s all I could really find.

    I was watching for a few minutes, when I heard this weird humming kind of noise. “Do you have to do that?” I asked him

    “Do what?” he turned to face me, taking his face away from the screen of his laptop.

    “That…that humming thing. I’m trying to watch.” He was lucky it was a commercial.

    “That’s not me.” He was right. The humming was still happening as he spoke.

    “Then who the hell is it?” I sat up, looking right at him.

    “Walter.” He deadpanned.

    “Wait, your Wartortle hums?”


    I looked over at the turtle, and it had it’s mouth closed, lips tight together, and it’s tail was moving back in forth to the beat. It was humming. What the hell. Pokemon don’t hum.

    “Well can you make him shut up?”

    “Probably not. Walter hums when he wants to hum.” By this point, he had already turned back to the laptop.

    “Whatever.” I turned the volume on the movie up. I had seen it about three times before, but I didn’t want to miss anything. Theodore pulled out a pair of white headphones and plugged them into the computer.


    About two hours later, the credits started to roll, so I turned the TV off. Roomie had gone back to his bed, but was still typing away on his laptop. I put on a pair of shoes.

    “You going out tonight?” I asked him. I was really hoping he wasn’t. But if he was, I was gonna try to avoid him.

    “What?” he asked, pulling a headphone out and clicking something on the laptop.

    “Are you going out tonight? Y’know, to a pub or something?”

    “Oh. No, not tonight. You?”

    I sort of grunted yes in response.

    “Have fun…” he said. I could hear the sarcasm in his voice.

    I stood up, slid my wallet and keys into my pocket, grabbed my Poke Gear, and walked out of the dorm. The hallway was still pretty much empty, but I could hear other guys in their dorms, doing who knows what. I didn’t really care what they were doing, to be honest, as long as they didn’t get in my way. I got to the elevator and hit the “down” arrow, and it lit up that cheesy orange color they always do. There was a ding, and the doors parted down the middle, showing the elevator inside. I had ridden up in it, so I had already seen the bland striped wallpaper and green carpet. I hit the “L” button, for the lobby, which glowed that same orange color. The doors shut again, and I was moving down. It stopped on the third floor. I was pissed. I needed to get downtown already.

    But the doors opened, and suddenly, I wasn’t so pissed anymore. The girl who walked in was hot. Her hair was a gorgeous dark brown color, and it went down to her lower back. She had blonde streaks in the front that were a bit shorter, and went down to the middle of her chest. Her eyes looked like a bottle of aloe—they were green.

    She was wearing a purple vest of a very low cut white cami, and jean short shorts that hugged her rear perfectly.

    And God, the curves. The curves on this chick, they were perfect. Her body kind of just flowed from one curve to the next, from her face to her neck to her shoulders to her breasts to her stomachs, hips and waist to her butt, right down to her legs.

    A shiny Jumpluff was floating behind her.

    She smiled as she walked into the elevator. The perfume she was wearing reminded me of something, I couldn’t remember what, but it was good.
    “You’re Mason.” She said as the doors closed, “And I’m Karen…we had a training class together last year.”

    That’s why I remembered the smell of her perfume. And she was a Trainer. This Karen chick was perfect. “Oh yeah, that’s right…” I paused, “where you headed?” Her Jumpluff had landed on her shoulder.

    “Well…I was going to go meet some friends, but I can change my plans…” she pulled out a Poke Ball and recalled the Jumpluff, and her phone, and quickly sent a text.

    “You uh….you wanna head downtown with me, then, yeah?” I asked, but I already knew the answer, really.

    She giggled, “Sure.” I’m almost positive that she pushed her cami down a little bit, but it could have been an accident. But I really don’t think it was. I’m almost sure she was coming on to me. Yeah. She had to have been.

    This was gonna be a good night.
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  7. Wow. This is an awesome Story so far, and there's only been two chapters. Also jerk roommate is a jerk. I would still do the battling program, and the crest is awesome, though as P_M said there is a lack of Lugia. Still, it's awesome. All I have to say for now, goodbye.
  8. I think an excellent point was brought up between the two students. Pokemon seem to have at least near-human sentience. Because of this, they should be given at least some influence on what happens to them. They aren't unintelligent animals or pets, but more like companions in the way these RPs and stories portray them.
  9. LOL! This is really good. I like how youve given the pokemon some rule over the trainers. If Walter does not want to evolve, he wont evolve. Not many fics do that.
  10. This story is pretty good, and I'd like to see where it goes from here. Still, if there's anything I would like to point out, it's that Mason's antipathy toward Theodore just feels a bit forced, like he's actively looking for reasons to dislike him, but maybe that's just the kind of guy he is.

    Other than that, however, I like this story (and yes, I like the 1st person point of view), and actually, I feel inspired to get back to my own story. Keep up the awesome work!
  11. Oh this is good! And by good I mean great. And by great I mean brilliant and by brilliant I mean... well you get the picture. I love the differences in personalities between the two boys - it's really obvious how they think, what they value etc etc etc. I forsee these two being jerks to each other in the near future... Oh and remember asking Magpie why Lugia wasn't in the emblem and I think it was because they decided not to count Lugia as a part of Johto due to it being found in the Whirl Islands or something like that. It was a while ago, and I can't really remember.

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