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Private/Closed Johto Travels

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Cloudswift, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. If you're reading this and you're not a RPer, I'm sorry, but this thread is closed. Feel free to read it, though!


    Cobalt exited the Pokemon Center, excitement fizzling through his veins. He was in Cherrygrove City, and had just gotten word of a Pokemon Showcase that would be happening not to far from now, and it was his class. Goldenrod City, he thought, That's where I'm heading. Sitting on a bench, he took out Tad's Pokeball and grinned. "This is our shot, let's take it," he said, and thought he felt a small shake.
  2. Olivia wordlessly handed over her showcase pass, before taking it back, and proceeding into the dressing rooms cautiously. Amiche, her cherrim, followed her closely, not bothering to engage with any other pokemon. They were such beauteous little things; eeveelutions, of all kinds, jigglypuffs, pikachus, gardevoirs...All of them cute, pretty pokemon, owned by cute, pretty performers.

    Olivia snapped the door of the dressing room shut, grimly parting her long fringe, as she examined her face. Her skin was covered in raised pink welts, arranged haphazardly about her face. Her left eye, milky white, and blind, had leaked somewhat. She paid no attention, and simply mopped it up, before changing into her showcase outfit. Olivia had wanted to be a performer since forever, but due to her scars, people had told her that she could never be a performer. Only pretty girls, with pretty pokemon, could be performers. And today, this was where she proved them all wrong.

    She took a last look in the mirror. A white, phantom-of-the-opera-style mask. A greyish cloak. Long black trousers. A white shirt, and a waistcoat, adorned with a rose in the pocket.

    "This is it, Amiche," she remarked to her Cherrim partner, "Showtime."

    Amiche chirruped affirmatively, following Olivia out to the lift. The presenter, Lady Momona, was already welcoming the audience.

    "Welcome, dear audience, to the beginning of another exciting showcase season!"
  3. Jaelyn smiled hugely, excited for her sister's performance. Alyx was perched on her shoulder, and Devan sat in the seat next to hers. "Kill 'em," she said softly. Alyx gave a happy little sound.
  4. The shoes hurt his feet. His slacks felt weird to wear. His black overcoat left him with a feeling of uneasyness. Everything about the things on Terrance Willows’ body felt off. He wasn’t cut out to look fancy. But his hair was slicked back and resting on his head was a black fedora, and he was hoping to win. He didn’t know what he would be good at, so might as well try this showcase. His mother had been ecstatic with the idea of her son being a Performer and bought him a Showcase Pass.

    Darv leaned on Terrance’s shoulder, waving his tail to the crowd as him and the other Performers lined the stage. The Aipom seemed to be enjoying the attention, but his trainer was already begging to sweat. He was extremely nervous he would mess up. This was his first time, so that could be a high possibility.
  5. The first round was to be pokemon styling, which Olivia was fairly confident that she'd do well in. Amiche was only a small cherrim, but she'd be fine in the styling round, Olivia knew it.

    She disappeared behind her curtain, waiting for the timer to begin, as she scanned the rows of accessories. There were lots of ribbons, fascinators, and little beads and pins, all meant for mammalian pokemon. She was left with little options for Amiche.
  6. The buzzer went off with a sudden buzz and the round began. However Terrance was quick to realize, that he had no idea of what he was doing. The first thing he did was grab a comb and began to comb Darv’s short fur. He didn’t really know how to style his Pokemon, so as he combed the Aipom’s fur his eyes scanned the table of accessories lined up.

    Other performers where already seeming to do quite well making their Pokemon look beautiful. However Terrance was having less luck than they were. So his first instinct was to grab a large hat and stick it on Darv’s head. It was a straw hat, and looked a bit big for the Aipom. Terrance bit his lip, as he looked for anything else he could use as a decent costume for Darv.
  7. Jaelyn watched the performers eagerly, and noticed that one in particular was struggling. He'll pull through. At least Olivia's doing alright, she thought. This was Olivia's dream, just like becoming the Johto Champion was hers, and Jaelyn would cheer her on from the audience--performing wasn't exactly her thing.
  8. Adrian pulled at the collar of his oversized dress shirt, startled for a moment as the loud buzzer went off. Kindle fidgeted in front of him as she looked over the various accessories, but Adrian quickly regained his bearings and gave her a reassuring scratch behind the ears. Looking back at the available accessories, he played with the idea of using some of the ribbon, but decided against it. After considering several more options, he finally unfolded an orange-colored sweater that looked like it might fit Kindle.

    After Adrian showed it to her, the Vulpix inspected it briefly, before standing on her hind legs as he quickly fitted the sweater over her head and stepped back to analyze their work. It was a bit tight; maybe closer to Purrloin-sized or so, but it fit close to the body and didn't seem to impede Kindle's movement very much. "Not too tight?" He asked with a smile. Kindle barked at him in response, but looked fairly pleased, so he took this as a negative. He tapped his fingers against his jaw in thought, looking over the other accessories, and plucked a gold-colored scarf from a hook. He wrapped the scarf around Kindle's neck, careful to make sure it didn't dangle too low so as to get tangled in her legs, and knotted it at the throat. What else could they use? It was almost overwhelming, being surrounded by so many colors, fabrics, and materials and asked to put together an outfit.
  9. Olivia, meanwhile, went for a much more simple outfit, for Amiche.

    She took the spotlight, and shone it right at the cherrim, forcing her into her sunshine form. She cut a length of white ribbon, to match the mask she had on, and tied it around her neck, puffing up the sides of the bow. Next, she chose a rose shaped pin, much like the one that she had in her pocket, and attached it to the centre.

    The last step was the big finish. Olivia chose a pearlescent powder, and covered the cherrim's face with as much of it as possible, before she heard the countdown to zero, and she put the spotlight back in place. Amiche went back into her overcast form, making it appear that Olivia hadn't done anything.

    "And now, here's our first duo, Olivia and Amiche!"

    Olivia and Amiche wordlessly strolled out onto the catwalk, taking careful, light steps. The audience, as well as Lady Momona, were shocked by the sight.

    "Oh, no! It appears that our first performer wasn't aware that this was a styling round!" Lady Momona began, "That cherrim doesn't have anything on!"

    Olivia ignored the comment, until she got right to the end of the catwalk. Now, it was showtime.

    "Amiche, sunny day!"

    The cherrim launched a brilliant yellow ray into the air, and with that, she assumed her sunshine form. The powder, combined with the light, made her petals radiate a soft glow. The ribbon, and the rose, glinted under the rays.

    "Just as I planned," Olivia remarked.
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  10. GackGack27

    GackGack27 Previously JC499

    Jack walked out of his house in Cherrygrove city to go pick up his starter Pokemon from Professor Elm! On his way there he saw something cream colored laying limp in the grass. Jack walked closer and took a better look at it. It was a hurt Meowth! Jack decided not to see Professor Elm now and ran the hurt Meowth to the nearest Pokemon Center
  11. Olivia, satisfied with her performance for this round, turned to go back to the main stage, to wait for the other contestants to go up. She could only hope that today, she was going to be the one who got to go to the freestyle round. Her weeks of preparing a dazzling debut with Amiche were not to be wasted.

    She scanned the crowd, knowing that Jaelyn was somewhere in it. That's at least one vote I can count on getting...
  12. “Well, this is an interesting costume to say the least.” Lady Momona said, as the duo of Terrance and Darv stepped forward. The Aipom was wearing a straw hat, and was holding a wooden pole with his tail. And then was the overusage of glitter, which seemed to cover Darv in spots, amazing him look like a broken disco ball. There was silence as Terrance took the stage, and he felt, somewhat dumb just being on stage. This might have been a mistake on his part. Everyone simply started at him, with their eyes wide open. However Darv had a massive smile. After a few awkward seconds, Terrance returned back to his spot. “Well, this round was a flop.” He thought to himself, feeling disappointed.
  13. Jaelyn applauded loudly and cheered for her sister when she performed, and politely clapped for the other acts, wincing a little bit on the inside when Terrence performed. Ouch... she thought, some people have to try, I guess.
  14. Adrian and Kindle received a somewhat lukewarm reception as their turn was up, but the boy didn't mind at all. Kindle definitely looked nervous as she walked front-and-center, on the other hand, which certainly could've affected her appeal. "My," Momona's voice appeared through the speaker, startling the little Fire-type once more. "That sure looks like one cozy Vulpix!" Adrian smiled gratefully at the neutral answer and the pair turned back to the stage. Kindle looked much more relaxed as they returned to their place, now that her turn was over, even gaining a bit of bounce in her step.
  15. With all of the performances over, for this round, the three performers were called back on stage. Olivia stood proudly with Amiche, a red key hanging from her waist, to indicate the colour of the pokelume needed to send her to the next round.

    Lady Momona was quick to announce the rules. "As you know, dear audience, only one of our three darling performers can move onto the freestyle performance round," she began, "So, take out your pokelumes, and decide which performer that's going to be!"
  16. Jaelyn held out hers, glowing a luminous red color--her sister got her vote, of course. Various other colors shone out as well, and she couldn't help feeling a lurch of nervousness that Olivia and Amiche wouldn't make it to the next round; her fears were unfounded, as a key-shaped meter above Olivia's head filled up more than the rest, followed closely by the performer with a Vulpix. The Aipom performer got next to no votes, however.
  17. After the humming of the Pokelumes quieted, Lady Momona's voice came over the loudspeaker once more. "Oh, looks like we have a winner for our first round!" She announced. Adrian grinned and applauded with the audience; true, it wasn't himself and Kindle, but the masked girl and her Cherrim had had an impressive performance. It was inspiring, and it renewed his desire to participate in these shows.

    "Don't go away," Momona said with excitement. "After a short break to allow our contestants to prepare, we'll be right back with our Freestyle Round!" Adrian let out a breath and ducked behind the curtain.
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  18. Olivia was numb, for five seconds. And then Amiche jumped on her shoulder, and she heard the applause of the audience strike up. She'd actually done it. It was her very first showcase, and she'd actually made it to the second round.

    As it died down, she darted back down to the lift, squeezing Amiche so hard, that the little cherrim felt like she was being crushed.

    "We actually did it, Amiche," she said happily, "We're actually going to have a chance to win this!"

    She headed back into the lounge, to wait her turn, as the other successful performers were called up.
  19. Jaelyn literally jumped out of her seat, cheering for Olivia. "YEAH!!" she shouted, "KICK THEIR BUTTS!" She was a little bit over excited, but wouldn't you be if you were in the same situation? Devan barked excitedly, but Alyx went flying backwards off of the seat.
  20. Eventually, Olivia's turn came. She adjusted her mask, before going up. She was to be the final performer of the night.

    "And now, last but not least, Olivia and Amiche!"

    Olivia came to the very front of the stage, along with her cherrim, before beginning. She undid her cape, throwing it to the ground, to reveal her outfit. Her mask was staying on, for now, at least. And for a very, very long time after that.

    "Amiche, use grasswhistle!"

    Amiche did as she was told, humming a peaceful melody, as golden treble clefs began to float around the stage. Olivia grabbed her, launching her high into the air, before giving her next command.

    "Now, dazzling gleam!"

    A dazzling pink aura swept the clefs away, and they whirled around like cherry blossoms caught in the wind, before bursting. Now, it was time for the finisher...

    "Amiche, sunny day!"

    The performance ended with Amiche assuming her sunshine form, as radiant rays shone down on her. Satisfied, Amelia left the stage.

    A little later, all of the performers were gathered on stage again. Olivia was stood with Amiche, still with her red key. Here, her fate was decided...

    (I'll let you guys decide whether or not Olivia wins XD)

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