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Open Johto League Tournament (Reboot) Companion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Jagson, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Six months after the events of the Kanto League tournament. After having completed the Johto league gyms you have a chance to take on the Elite four and lance if your able to win the league tournament. But beware there is danger on the Horizon.
    Since a couple of years ago Team Rocket resurged under the name of Team Neo Rocket under the control of the cunning strategist Emile Cortez. While they seek control of the world an Ancient Evil emerges getting ready to make their grand reappearance as they secretively start to take control of every thing

    1. fallow the rules of Pokecharms.
    2. Be respectful
    3. Have fun.
    4. You are allowed to have one pokemon with the battle bond ability. just put a bb by which one it is
  2. Dude I'm interested but don't you have your own bio lay out or do we make our own
  3. Damn Jagson you're fast. I'm just going to copy my winning team from the original one. XD
  4. I had to go somewhere so I couldn't put it in
    Character bio

    Name: Drew Leuric
    Age: 16
    sex: Male
    Apperance: Long blonde hair with green eyes. wears a white T shirt and a green Jacket. He wears black slacks.
    Pokémon Poliwrath (BB) Gengar Ampharos, Dragonite, Maganieum, Ninetails
  5. Ok and thanks for putting it in

    Name: Leon Flame
    appearance A rather tall man who wears a green trenchcoat, Blue jeans and red hiking boots. He has gray eyes and black hair
    Pokémon skarmory, Ariados, hitmonlee (BB), Jolteon, Kingdra , Donphan
  6. @Tlord22 Didn't you sign up for Kanto as well?
  7. Didn't get a reply for it
  8. Maybe Jagson missed it. I'm pretty sure you signed up before he changed it too private though. You should ask him or maybe he'll see this.
  9. Yeah you can join. I was probably at work when you posted and I have a tendency skim things when I get back.
  10. Name: Riley
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Brown hair and eyes. Wears a black leather jacket with a green hoodie attached too it. Wears a black t-shirt underneath. Black jeans and red and white shoes.


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  11. @Tsu @Cloudswift
    It won't be up for a while but I figured I should let you both know.
  12. Sweet, thanks! I'm rebooting my old character!

    Name: Aspen Sparks
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Aspen's shoulder-length hair is in a ponytail most of the time, and her blue eyes are framed by black-rimmed glasses. She wears a blue hoodie over an orange tank top, and jeans that go over black sneakers. Aspen also carries a purple backpack.
    Pokemon: Ashley(Typhlosion), Aras(Lapras), Gen(Gengar), Evon(Shiny Eevee), CJ(Crobat), Egg(Egg, duh!)
    I'm going to fill out the Pokemon after I ask a question. Can we use Pokemon from regions after Johto(I wanted to use Blade, from the Sinnoh League Tournament)?
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  13. No only gen one and two. though you can have Blade as a ralts appear in this and just have him evolve into a Gallade in Sinnoh. That's what I did/ am going to do with Tess.
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  14. Since Ralts is technically Gen 3, I used an egg. :\=|:
  15. Name: Ace Flames
    Gender: male
    Appearance: Ace has short spikey hair but only spikey in the front. He wears a black T-shirt and jeans with some tennis shoes that are black and red. He also wears a dark blue backpack.
    Pokemon: Zingo( Growlithe) , (Steam) Charzard,( Zara) Mareep, (Yuri) eevee, ( Moon) chincho and my favorite Pichu( Sparky)
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  16. accepted
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  17. Name: Sazandora Ibuki (Aka Danny)
    Age: 19 (I can't remember how old he is)
    Sex: Male
    appearance: Sazan wears a Black trench coat and has black hair and blue eyes. He has white dress shirt and a blue tie.
    Pokémon Feraligatr, Porygon2, Charizard, Gengar, Scizor, Slowbro
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  18. Is it too late to join this roleplay? I understand if it is
  19. No this RP hasn't started yet. You can join if you want to.
  20. Thanks! Here's a character I have never used in a rp but have been meaning to use~

    Name: Athena Wilson
    Appearance:Athena's hair is long, wavy, and is pale, almost white blonde hair. She generally wears her hair in a loose ponytail. Her eyes are a sparkling brown with a few hints of a golden, honey color in them. Her outfit consists of a white sleeveless button up shirt with a blue bow on the top of it. Underneath she wears dark blue jeans that stop at her knees. Her shoes are simple black flats that are a bit worn from use. Her accessories are a sky blue headband with a blue bow on the right side of it. She also wears a silver watch on her right wrist
    Pokémon (Warning I am not a good nicknamer)
    Bloom the Meganium
    Anubis the Houndoom
    Zen the Espeon
    Lunar the Lanturn (Seriously, a Underrated Pokemon)
    Exo the Scizor
    Gaia the Golem

  21. Ok here we go. I'll add nicknames later. Hope I can still join :p

    Name: Zack Hunter
    Age: 17
    Sex: Make
    Appearance: Dark red eyes, tanned skin from going to the beach so much, a crimson shirt with bright orange highlights, white sports glasses, and orange shorts
    Pokémon: Typhlosion (Firestorm), Tyranitar (Way Big), Ampharos (Buzzkill), Kingdra (Kraken), Umbreon (Darktide), Steelix (Vibranium)
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  22. So, if the Masqueraders are coming back, has anyone taken Fairy yet?
  23. Nope, no one has chosen any yet. Well since we're choosing masks, I'll take the ghost type.
  24. I'll reserve Fairy while I dive into the depths of the old RP discussions to find Isabel and the others.
  25. Here's the Mask of Fairies!
    Name: Isabel Maey
    age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Waist-length blond hair, pink contacts. Pink hoodie, blue scarf, pink and blue beanie, really light blue jeans, brown fluffy boots.
    Wigglytuff, Female, Ability: Cute Charm, Moves: Disable, Counter, Mimic, Skull Bash
    Clefable, Male, Ability: Magic Guard, Moves: Moonlight, Blizzard, Counter, Dynamic Punch
    Togetic, Female, Ability: Serene Grace, Moves: Wish, Aerial Ace, Fire Blast, Zen Headbutt
  26. What the fuck are the masks?
  27. Name: Sazandora Ibuki
    Age:I honestly can't remember
    Sex: Male
    appearance Black trench coat, blue dress clothes, black hair, blue eyes
    Pokémon: Feraligatr, Charizard, Porygon2, Tyranitar, Scizor, Slowbro

    I'll take water and dark masks, if that's okay
  28. @AstralDarkai you already made a trainer signup and Im kinda new here obviously but I'm judging and idk if your aloud 2 type of masks unless your making two charaters I just idk and if we're aloud two masks I'm taking normal and pshycic
  29. It's two spilt up characters. A character for Water, and a character for Dark.
  30. McNiel is normal. Cade is fighting

    Bassically the masks are ancient weapons giving who ever wears them control of that type of pokemon's moves. there's also more to it but I'm not going to treck threw a lot of stuff to get the awnsers.
  31. I deleted my charater on accident when I tried to edit it. Name:Nion, Age:17,Sex:Male,Appearence:Green hair looks like trainer red without hat 6ft 4. red shoes,. Pokemon: Tyranitar,Snorlax,Lapras,Charizard, Smeargle,Alakazam
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  32. @Roanawesomeguy897 Just adding information for Jag, the Masqueraders are this big organization that's out for world domination(? Is that right? That's the vibe I was getting, Idk about you guys. XD) and will literally kill to get it. If you want more information, I highly suggest you read the other threads. If you don't want more information, I still suggest you read them. XD
  33. Character bio
    Name: Jax Thorne
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: Jax is tall, standing at 6'5". He has chocolate-brown skin and black hair. His eyes are different colors, with his left being an emerald green and his right a sapphire blue. He wears a white, sleeveless shirt under a black jacket with a green trim. He wears baggy, dark grey jeans and white sneakers. He also has a black cap with a green pokeball on it, with the addition of black, fingerless gloves.
    Panzer - Rhydon, Male
    Calico - Persian, Male
    Water Hazard - Feraligatr, Male
    Luna - Umbreon, Female
    Solis - Espeon, Female
    Osiris - Arcanine, Male
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  34. Too all of you guys waiting here, we're almost done with Kanto. We're actually at the semi finals, so we should be finishing in a few days, hopefully.
  35. Coolio. A quick question, though. Would I be correct in assuming there's only one character per RPer?
  36. No. you can have as many characters as you can maintain.

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