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Open Johto Journeys

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Cloudswift, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Okay, so this is my first RP that I created myself! There are some rules, which I'm just about to get to:
    NO SWEARING! This means of any kind, except for saying something like "I swear, I'm going to get him back!" Don't drop F bombs or any other swears, people.
    KEEP IT CLEAN! No gore, little or no blood(like from a cut at worst), and don't be getting pregnant or whatever.
    ROMANCE IS ALLOWED! As mentioned before, no "Suggestive" things can be going on, but you can have crushes and whatnot. Some of us like NOT having our computers confiscated.
    HAVE FUN! Do I even have to explain this one?
    That'll about do it. I'll ask the moderators if we can have legendaries. This doesn't follow the plot of Gold/Silver/Crystal or HeartGold/SoulSilver, but it does take place in the Johto region. Oh, form! I forgot!
    Personality Traits:
    Are you from Johto or not:

    Name: Aspen
    Personality Traits: Loyal, fierce, can be shy or over bubbly, sometimes varys.
    Are you from Johto or not: Lived in Johto her whole life!
    Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes, black tee shirt, blue jeans, blue jacket, backpack that has almost anything and everything, black sneakers.

    Name: Jax
    Personality Traits: Cocky, rude, not afraid to flaunt his strength.
    Are you from Johto or not: Yes, he's Silver's nephew! He doesn't realize it, though.
    Appearance: Looks a lot like Silver, dark crimson hair a little shorter, red eyes to match his hair, black leather jacket, black boots, grayish jeans.​
    Aspen walked outside on the crisp autumn morning. She was about to get her Pokemon from Professor Elm! Aspen ran to the entrance of the lab, kicking up leaves in her wake and startling passersby as she ran by. She noticed a boy staring into the lab and walked up to him. "Who are you?" She asked. The boy, a kid about her age with dark red hair and red eyes wearing a black leather jacket, black boots, and grayish jeans, looked at her.
    "What's it to ya?" He said, and shoved Aspen to the ground. She landed with a thud and scraped her elbow.
    "Ow! Jeesh, some people," She said under her breath and walked into the lab. Immediately when she walked in, a small Pokemon that was green and tan and had four red dots on its back went up to her and nuzzled against her leg.
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  2. Name: zoe
    Personality traits: guarded about her past but generaly freindly to other people.
    Are you from johto or not: no but resently moved her from family problems.
    Appearance: small woman for hIer age. usualy weres a hoddie and jeans. Has yellow eyes and long brown hair.
    Zoe started to walk to the lab and in her arms lay an egg. She had found it yesterday on the floor and had spent the entire day trying to find to pokemon who layed the eye but came up empty. Zoe sighed as she whent inside the lab. their was already 2 people in the lab but she didnt mind as she went up to the professer to ask about the egg.
  3. Name: Ana
    Personality Traits: Gentle, soft-spoken, likes to baby her Pokémon.
    Are you from Johto or not: She is from Johto, as it is her home region. (She had gotten back after a vacation from Kalos, as she does have prior experience as a Pokémon trainer.)
    Appearance: She wears a black cloak over her clothes, she also wears a pale yellow turtleneck shirt and a grayish skirt. She also carries around a pouch full of medicinal supplies on the side of her skirt that her cloak covers over.

    Ana went to the lab a little later, as an egg was carefully cradled in her arms. She had found the egg near her house last night, as she had tried to find out which Pokémon was in the egg, but couldn't do it on her own. She thought to herself as she was footsteps away from the door, "Well, I suppose now I can go to the Professor to see what is in this egg."

    While she went inside the lab, she noticed the egg had a rather unique pattern. The upper half was yellow, while the lower half was black, as a triangular zigzag line seperated them. She went up to the Professor, knowing that she wasn't the only one inside the lab, as she looked at a girl that also had an egg.
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  4. Zoe noted the newcomer as she begain to talk. "Well i found this egg out in the woods yesterday and tryed to find the parent but couldnt find only anywere so i went home and then came here." She said as zoe set the egg in an incubator nearby.
  5. Aspen was excited. "Hi!" She said. The Pokemon kept nuzzling her leg. She picked it up. "Are you the professor's pokemon?" The Pokemon jumped out of her hands and ran around a bookshelf. There was a shout, and a man with brown-blond hair walked out. He had glasses and was wearing a lab coat over a turquoise shirt. He adjusted his glasses.
    "Oh, I wasn't expecting anyone yet. My bad," He said.
  6. Zoe tured around from talking to one of the assistants to see the professer walking in. There was a small pokemon circling him as he begain talking to a girl. 'A new trainer probably' She thought as she turned on the incubator holding her egg.
  7. The professor turned to the girl that was standing by the incubator. "You had a question about an egg?" He asked. Aspen was bouncing out of excitement. I can wait, I can wait, I can wait, she told herself. The Pokemon from before ran up to her, accompanied by a green Pokemon with spiky plant looking things jutting out from around its neck and a blue Pokemon with red ridges along its back and tail.
  8. Zoe look at the professer. "Yea" she said. "I was walking yester day with my arcanine, minnie, and we both found the egg on the ground with no nest. we looked around for the rest of the day for a pokemon belonging to the egg but none showed up so now we are here."
  9. Name: Gabriel Thorne
    From Johto or Not: Yes, he is.
    Personality: Gabriel is pretty laid back. Always easygoing and calm. He's usually the mediator in arguments. He's only serious if he needs to, and is always friendly.
    Appearance: He looks similar to Red, with dark blue jeans and red and white shoes. He has a black sleeveless shirt, under an open red jacket, and black fingerless gloves. He has Ice blue eyes with raven-black hair. He has a red and white hat, which is usually backwards.

    Gabriel walked from his house and headed to the Professor's lab. He had his Eevee sitting on his shoulder, and a greenish-blue and cream colored egg in an incubator in his arms. "Maybe we can see what you are if we ask the Professor." Gabriel would say to himself, looking at the Egg.
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  10. Professor Elm looked thoughtful. "There wasn't a nest? That's strange," He said.
    "Well, why don't you just take care of it?" Aspen piped up. The professor nodded.
    "Leave it in the incubator until it hatches, that way it's warm enough," He told the girl. Then he turned to Aspen. She had been watching, the Pokemon climbing on her like a jungle gym. By the time Professor Elm had finished talking to the girl with the egg, the Pokemon was sitting on her head. He laughed. "It looks like Cyndaquil's taken a shine to you!"
  11. Zoe nod and looked over to the young girl getting her first pokemon. She laughed at the pokemon on her head. "I think so too." She said looking at the two.
  12. Ana sat with her egg on a chair, as she held the egg while she felt some vibrations that came from the shell. The egg shook in slight motions, as she quickly stood up and went to Professor Elm and said, "Uhh... well I think that I should tell you that this egg is kinda strange, it's shaking on me!"

    She was a little anxious at first, as it had been a while for her taking care of an egg, as she carefully held it in her arms. She made sure that her grip was tight, so the egg couldn't move out, while making sure it wasn't too tight, to where it would break.
  13. Professor Elm looked at the egg. "I think it's hatching!" He exclaimed. Aspen got excited. "Cool!" She said. The small green and yellow Pokemon jumped off of her head. Aspen thought it was going to fall on its face, but it landed on its feet.
  14. Name: Cerise Séquoia
    From Johto or Not: No, Native to Kalos.
    Personality: Obedient and quick minded, Cerise is a smart girl with ambition on her mind. She is kind and dreams of being a professor and battle judge
    [​IMG] Appearance: http://i63.tinypic.com/2q20bas.png" Cerise wears an magenta hat with sunglasses. She has dark chestnut hair that reaches her shoulders under her hair and caramel eyes to match. Her most notable feature is her millions of freckles on her tan skin. She wears a watermelon pink tank top with a pink rouge sweatshirt around her shoulders. She has brown shorts and dark pink sneakers with a rouge bag to carry all her things.

    Cerise looked in awe as she looked around the town. "So rustic.." she said as she stepped inside of the lab. Then her view changed, the beautiful lab was shining with metal and well, lab things. Cerise walked up to the professor and the other people who were gathering around, she knew to keep quiet when other people were talking, but she didn't want to seem omnimous.
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  15. Gabriel opened the door to Professor Elm's lab. "Yo, Professor, I found somethi-" Gabriel stopped as he walked through the door, seeing the scene before him. He'd be suprised to see several others in the lab, some with eggs, even. Then he noticed someone else. Something about her just screamed "foreign." Maybe the way she dressed. He walks up to the group and asked, "What's going on over here, then?"
  16. Zoe looked back at her egg and saw it safe in the incubator. She turned back to the hatching egg. "I wonder what it will be!" Zoe said juat as 2 more people walked in. "Hello" She called to them.
  17. Gabriel looked at the hatching egg as his Eevee hopped off his shoulder to approach it. He then looked down at his own egg. He then gave Zoe a friendly nod. "Seems everyone found some sort of egg." He said, eyeing his Eevee investigating the hatching egg. "Mirage, step back." The Eevee looked up at the call of his nickname. "Vee!" The Eevee said, as it walked back to his Trainer, and lept onto Gabriel's shoulder.
  18. Cerise got out her phone to take a picture. "
    Professeur Sycamore must see this." She said with a clear Kalos accent. She was excited to know what Pokémon was inside the egg. Probably something that wasn't native to her home region, so that would help her pokedex.
  19. Ana felt the egg wobbling so much, as she held it while she saw the egg crack! She said to the Professor, "Oh my... seems like you're right, the egg is hatching, but who is in there?" The egg continued to crack, as she sat on a chair and held it in a tighter grip to keep it from moving so much.

    She saw a Pokémon that came out of the egg, as she said to it while she smiled, "Oh my... he looks so cute, even the pyramids would be jealous of the baby. So, uhh... I suppose I'll have to find out who you are, but until then, I'm Ana, and I suppose I'll be taking care of you."

    The baby Pokémon got out of his egg, as he looked rather cold and nervous. He had some pretty big ears, as his body appeared to be yellowish with some black markings on some spots, as his cheeks were also pinkish and quietly sparking. She picked him up and held him lovingly in her arms, as she said to the Professor, "Okay well uhh... I suppose this little guy hatched, I wonder who he is though." She continued to sit on the chair, as she pondered around for a brief moment, trying to figure out who the baby Pokémon was, while she continued to cradle him in her arms.
  20. Cerise took a picture of the baby Pokémon. Now that she knew that girl's name, she should talk to her. " Ana, your new Pokémon is so cute! What do you think the species is?" Cerise said, adjusting her hat and putting away her phone.
  21. Gabriel would look at the new Pokemon. "I think it's a Pichu, an electric type." He thought for a moment. *Yeah, too small to be a Pikachu, but bears resemblance to a mouse. It's definitely an electric type.* "You know, it's said that the first person a Pokemon sees, they consider them their parent." Mirage chimed in agreement, calling his name. "Have you thought about a nickname?" Gabriel asked.
  22. Ana looked over at Gabriel and replied to him as she saw him looking over at the newly hatched Pichu, "Well, that's interesting... so you're telling me I'm like the mom now. I suppose I'll have to nurture him and such, he doesn't look too happy though... he feels rather cold."

    The Pichu curled up in her arms, as he let out a tiny sneeze while Ana said to him, "Oh my, I suppose you're cold here. Here, let me get you warmer, just relax little one." She grabbed her cloak and covered him up to his shoulders to warm him, as he smiled and felt secure from the cloth that went on him. He looked up at her, as he waved at her while trying to speak, as not a single sound came from his mouth.
  23. "Ils sont peu des indigènes à Kalos..." Cerise mumbled under her breath, getting out her phone to take notes on her sighting. " Hello, hope you didn't mind the picture of your new pokemon." She said, looking up at Ana.
  24. (OOC: I have never seen any character talk in a foreign language in an RP, but I do understand French. "They are not native to Kalos.")


    Ana looked at Cerise who had her phone out, as she replied to her, "I won't really mind, but I'm not sure about the Pichu, I suppose you could if it's alright with him." The Pichu stared at Cerise, as his attention was focused on the phone. He felt Ana patting his back, as his tail shook, while he continued to look at the phone.
  25. Cerise giggled quietly. " You like my phone?" she said, looking down at the Pichu. Cerise had always enjoyed being with pokemon, and this newborn was no exception, it was so focused on the new object. She turned her phone the picture she took and showed it to the baby pokemon. " Look, its you!" Cerise said smiling.
  26. Gabriel looked at the baby Pokemon, smiling. He then looked over to the Professor. "Professor Elm, on the subject of eggs, I found this one when I was out. Wasn't even in a nest. I left and checked on it different times over a week, never anything new. I figured I'd show you it, see what you think."
  27. Professor Elm looked at the egg. "Hmm... Well, put your egg in the incubator, and we'll see what it hatches into," He told the boy. He then turned to Aspen, who had been waiting. "And you're here to get a Pokemon and a Pokedex, right?" He asked her. Aspen nodded.
    "Yep! I think I'm going to pick Cyndaquil," She told Professor Elm. He smiled.
    "Alright! And here," He dug through one of the pockets of his lab coat, "Is your Pokedex!" He said, pulling out a red rectangular device. He held it out to Aspen, who took it and jammed it into her pocket.
    "Awesome!" She said. The professor also gave her Cyndaquil's Pokeball. "Thanks!" Aspen thanked him.
  28. Zoe crouched down and looked at the pichu. "Its so cute" She said as zoe pulled out a pokeball. "I have a Richu." She explained as she let out spark, her Richu.
  29. Cerise walked up to Professor Elm. " Greetings sir! I am one of Professor Sycamore's assistants, Cerise Séquoia." she said, smiling. "May I have a Jhoto Pokedex?" she asked, pulling out her own Kalos pokedex and assistant card.
  30. "Sure thing," The professor told Cerise. He pulled out another Pokedex and handed it to her. Aspen smiled.
    "Well, I guess I'm off," She said and started walking towards the door.
  31. " Thank you." Cerise said, putting away her things before walking up to Aspen. " Hello, if you don't mind, could I travel with you? You seem very nice and I'm going to get lost around here.." she said.
  32. Aspen stopped. "Sure, but I don't know the region all that well either. I guess there's strength in numbers, right?" She said, grinning. Cyndaquil went up to Cerise and looked up at her. It looked like it was thinking, but then rubbed its head against her sneakers.
  33. "The name is Cerise Séquoia, born and raised in Kalos" Cerise said and smiled down at the Cyndaquill. "Oh! I guess it would be rude to not introduce our pokemon." she said, grabbing three pokeballs out of her bag.
  34. Aspen sighed. "Sorry, but I don't have any more Pokemon... yet." She ended her sentence with a grin. "But I'm going to catch more, you can count on that!" Cyndaquil jumped up onto Aspen's shoulder, then her head. "I'm Aspen, by the way."
  35. " Lovely name." Cerise said and smiled as she put her Pokémon back into her bag. " Do you have any Pokémon you dream of having? Since I'm in Johto, I want a Corsla." She asked
  36. Aspen shrugged. "I don't really know, but I'll probably figure it out as I go along," She said casually. That was just kind of how she did a lot of things, just making it up as she went. Aspen was curious about Kalos. "What's it like in Kalos?" She asked.
  37. " Well, I grew up in Lumiose City, basically one big tourist attraction. Flashing lights, a lot of cafés...If you are lucky, you might see the Champion." Cerise said, remembering home.
  38. Gabriel followed Elm's instructions and put the egg into an incubator, then turned, seeing the other two trainers. "Mind if I tag along? I've been planning to leave today anyway." He asked as he walked towards them, Mirage finding a spot on Gabriel's head.
  39. Aspen looked over to Cerise. "I'm fine with it, how about you?" She asked. Suddenly, the boy from before barged in.
    "I want a Pokemon," He told the professor.
    Professor Elm was surprised. "Okay, take your pick," He said after a few seconds. The blue Pokemon began to nip at the boy's hand. He waved his hand to tell it to stop. The Pokemon kept trying though, determined to be noticed. The boy kept brushing it away. Eventually, the Pokemon got fed up and bit his hand.
    "OUCH!" The boy shouted, and pulled back his hand. Then he grinned. "You're strong." He turned to the professor. "I'm going to pick this one," He said.
    "Totodile? Sure," The Professor Elm said. Jax picked up the blue Pokemon. Then he turned to Aspen.
    "Let's battle," He said. Aspen lifted her eyebrows.
    "Not before you tell me your name," She said.
    "Jax," He said impatiently. "Now can we just battle already?"
    Aspen sighed. "Fine," She sighed. "Cyndaquil, let's do this." Cyndaquil jumped off of her head, landing in front of the Pokemon.
  40. Name: Nike Hirichiko
    Personality Traits: Shy. Wise and polite.
    Are you from Johto or not: Yes
    Appearance: A 13-year old blue-haired girl in a red polo with sleeves up to her elbow, black skirt, two loose belts, black socks and red boots that is up to her knees.

    Nike walked into the laboratory. Sure, she was waiting for her two friends, but they said they'll catch up later, so Nike had to go on herself. She looked around, seeing three people: Professor Elm, and two trainers who were starting to battle. She shyly peeked at them. "I'm not sure on what to do right now..." she said in a whisper.

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