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Private/Closed Johto Adventures

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by PokemonTrainerDArrius, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Rules:
    1. No Mega Evolution
    2. We will function in past tense. (as per the site's rules)
    3. Please please please no one-liners
    4. Put "dialogue" in quotations, put internal thoughts in italics, and no OOC chatter. any outside questions or remarks either put here or in the discord chat.
    5. Four sentence minimum in all posts.

    Introduce your Trainer!
    Region of Origin (include a city)
    Pokemon on hand (If any)

    Example (and my Trainer for this RP)
    Name: Zach
    Age: 16
    Appearance: 5 ft 10, Dusty brown hair, wears a black hoodie with blue jeans and a pair of black and white tennis shoes
    Ambition/Motivation: To beat the Johto League
    Region of Origin: Cherrygrove City, Johto
    Pokemon on hand: Rainer (Squirtle)

    The starting location is New Bark Town.

    "Well Rainer, I guess today is the day huh?"
    "Squirtle Squirt!" the excited little turtle replies as he and his Trainer follow the path to New Bark Town.
    "I'm finally getting a Pokedex so I can start my Johto Journey." he muses aloud as he walks into town towards Professor Elm's Lab.
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  2. Name: Jackson
    Age: 16
    Appearance: An average boy with big dreams. He has messy brown hair, that he calls his mop. He has electric blue eyes and broad shoulders. He wears a pair of navy blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Over the t-shirt, he wears a red plaid button up (Opened). Red converse sneakers. On his head is a white baseball cap that is well worn. he has a string of freckles across his nose and a light green backpack.
    Ambition/Motivation: To be the very best trainer. Win the Johto leauge.
    Region of Origin (include a city): New Bark Town
    Pokemon on hand (If any): N/A
    Personality: He's loves to have fun. Somewhat of a jokester and very rarely takes things seriously. His mind often does wander, but when he needs to he will focus.


    Jackson snored in his bed. Downstairs his mother checked the clock. "That boy is going to be late," she mumbled. She turned to face her Aipom. "Please wake Jackson up."

    Aipom climbed the stairs and entered Jackson's room. He climbed up and jumped on Jackson, succeeding in waking him up. "Agh!" Shouted Jackson as he rolled out of bed. "Could you wake me up a little nicer next time!" Jackson shouted waving his fist at the monkey. Aipom snickered and ran off. Jackson looked at the clock. "Oh crud, i'll be late." He mumbled rushing into the bathroom to get changed.

    Soon he was changed and rushing down the stairs. He grabbed his bag off the kitchen table and rushed out the door. "Bye Mom," he shouted as he left. He half walked casually half sprinted towards Professor Elm's lab. When he entered inside, he found out, that he wasn't late. He walked over after greeting Professor Elm to the table of starters. "I've already decided, i wan this guy," Jackson said. he tried to point at Chikorita, but the Totodile jumped up and bit th hand he was beginning to point with.

    "Yowch!" He shouted jumping back, the Totodile still biting his arm.

    "It looks like the Totodile chose you," Professor Elm said laughing, handing Jackson Totodile's Pokeball.
  3. Zach walked into the lab.
    "Professor Elm? It's Zach, you called for me?" he called.
    "Of course! Come here, and allow me to give you the Pokedex." The Professor replied as the young trainer walked in and saw the other trainer with the Totodile latched onto his arm.
    "Hey, if you massage it under the jaw, it'll unlatch." He said to the other trainer.
  4. Jackson did what this new boy said and Totodile unlatched iself from Jackson's arm and stood beside him. "What a strong bite, I'll call you Jaw." Jaw nodded, accepting his new name with pride.

    "Totodile!" Jaw happily shouted latching himself onto Jackson's head. "I guess i can live like this, it isn't that bad." Jaw looked at Jackson and let go. He slid and landed on Jackson's shoulder.

    Professor Elm handed Jackson his pokedex and his pokeballs. "Thanks for the advice, what's your name? I'm Jackson." Jackson said facing the kid who had walked in.
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  5. The young boy laughed.
    "My name is Zach." he said to Jackson.
    "Jackson huh? Wanna travel with me? My goal is to be the Johto League Champion, and I was hoping to get a few people to travel around with me."
  6. "I'll travel with ya, but i won't let you become champ. That' our job!" Jackson said. Jaw jumped up into the air when he said this. "Totodile!" He happily cried.
    "Well if we are gonna be champs, we need practice." jackson said. "How about a battle?" Jackson asked. Jaw shouted and jumped again, but this time landing on Jackson's head.
  7. "Yeah, totally. Let's just take it outside so we don't mess up the Professor's Lab." Zach said with a laugh.
    Once outside, Zach took a Pokeball from his bet.
    "Ready to meet my friend?" he asked, then tossed the ball into the air.
    "Squirtle Squirt!" Rainer cried, once the light from the ball faded away.
    "This here is Rainer, my Squirtle. My pops went all the way to Kanto to get him for me." Zach said, beaming all the while.
  8. "Okay Jaw you ready?" Jackson asked. The Totodile nodded and jumped onto the field, ready to go. "Okay, so his Squirtle is a Water type so water gun won't be very effective," Jackson thought to himself. "Okay, Zach, you get the first move." Jackson said smiling.
  9. "Alrighty then. Rainer, use tackle!" Zach commanded.
    "Squirtle!" Rainer charged forward, lowering it's head to collide with Jaw.
  10. "Use Bite!" Shouted Jackson. Jaw opened his mouth to catch the oncoming Squirtle. "Now!" Shouted Jackson, when the Squirtle was in range. Jaw chomped downward on Rainer.
  11. Name: Zander
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Short brown hair, green eyes. Black jacket with red trim. Blue jeans. Black shoes with white trim. Red (Rambo style) headband.
    Ambition/Motivation: Travel eround and train to become a powerful gym leader.
    Region of Origin (include a city): New Bark Town, Johto
    Pokemon on hand (If any): Gunter (Cyndaquil)


    Zander woke up earlier than he intended due to excitement. "Finally.....I can start my training!" he said to himself with a smile before getting out of bed and putting on his usual clothes.

    He ran downstairs and said goodbye to his dad before heading towards the lab. When he got to the lab he saw Jackson and another boy standing outside ready to battle. "Better not interrupt them..." Zander said to himself before quietly entering the lab. "Hey professor, here for my pokemon. I've decided on this one," he said walking over to Cyndaqil.

    After receiving Cyndaquil, newly named Vulcan, he walked over to the battle he saw earlier. "Might as well watch, looks like Jackson chose Totodile" he said to himself as the battle continued.
  12. Name: Marco Luxford
    Age: 15
    Appearance: 5' 8". Medium build. Black jeans. White leather jacket and white leather gloves with no fingers (Underneath jacket varies - will state in rp if needed). Black boots. Poke Ball belt. Purple hair with perpetual bedhead. Black backpack with the Pokemon Gym logo.
    Ambition/Motivation: To redeem the Luxford name (The family used to be a big supporter of Team Rocket; Proton is Marco's Grandfather)
    Region of Origin: Violet City, Johto
    Pokemon on Hand: None...yet.

    Marco slowly walked through Route 31, huffing and puffing all the way. All you have to do is bring a package to the Cherrygrove Poke Mart, his mom had told him. She hadn't warned him about the myriad of Pokemon that would constantly be attacking him, whether it was over defending their territory or over food. After shooing away a particularly aggressive Pidgey, Marco finally made it to Cherrygrove. "At last," Marco breathed as he stepped foot on Cherrygrove's road. He walked for a minute or two before he found the Poke Mart with it's gleaming blue roof. He walked in and dropped the package off with the clerk. "Are you Mrs. Luxford's son?" The man asked him. Marco nodded. How does this guy know who I am? "Professor Elm called," The clerk continued, "And he would like for you to come to his lab." Marco thanked the clerk, then stepped outside. He pulled out his phone to see a text from his mom confirming the Professor's wish to see him. Alright, then. Marco once again stepped out from the safety of town to enter the wilderness, excited by the prospect of the Pokemon Professor wanting to see him.
  13. Name: Kyle
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Average teenager height, Honey Blond Hair, Gray hoodie, Blue jeans, Red sneakers, Green Backpack
    Ambition/Motivation: To win a Pokemon League competition, Any League!
    Region of Origin: Kanto (Saffron City)
    Pokemon on hand: Eevee (Swift:Female)


    "Man New Bark Town is far from Goldenrod," Kyle exclaimed wearily. Kyle continued walking down a path he had been following for a while, until he could see something over the horizon. Kyle began sprinting to the top of the hill, Kyle felt the beautiful breeze against his face as he saw a small town ahead.

    "There it is New Bark Town," Kyle said calmly and he continued walking to New Bark Town.

    "Man what a cool town!" Kyle exclaimed as he marveled the town, "I can't forget though I need to get to Professor Elm's Lab." Kyle continued walking through the town, until something caught his eye, it was Professor Elm's Lab.

    "Hello?" Kyle called as he walked into the lab.

    "Hello there Kyle, I've been waiting for you," Professor Elm exclaimed as he walked over, "Professor Oak told me everything, he told me you came here to register for the Johto League."

    "That's right," Kyle replied as he pulled out his Pokedex. Professor Elm took the Pokedex and inserted it into a machine and began typing things into it.

    "Alright you're registered for the Johto League," Elm said as he handed to the Pokedex back to Kyle.

    "Thank you," Kyle replied as he took back his Pokedex. When Kyle left the lab he saw two trainers battling and decided to go and watch.
  14. Jackson noticed Zander walking out. "Hey Zander," he said waving. Jaw, without knowing it stopped to wave at Zander. His Bite attack was cancelled, causing Jaw to be hit with the tackle attack and was sent flying towards a tree. Jaw fainted. Jackson hung his head. Jaw walked over, somewhat dizzy. "Totodile," he said grinning.

    "i guess you won," Jackson said smiling. Jaw climbed up on Jackson's shoulder, and Jackson walked over to Zander. "So you picked Cyndaquil huh?" he asked.
  15. Zander shook his head as Jaw was thrown against the tree. "Hey Jackson, remember you need to pay attention." he said it like he'd said it a thousand times before. Cyndaquil chirped up while laying on top of Zanders head. "Yeah, meet Vulcan. With this little guy I think we can make it far." he said with a smile. He turned to the trainer who beat Jackson. "Hey, Im Zander, congratulations on the win" he said holding a fist out.
  16. "Nice to meetcha Vulcan," Jackson said waving. "This is Jaw," he added. Jaw gave a slight wave. Then an idea popped into his head. "Hey you should come travel the Johto leauge with us." Jackson shouted. Jaw waved his arms around in exicitment, to increase the happiness of the situation. Then Jaw bit the top of Jackson's head. "Ouch!" Jackson yelped.
  17. As he entered New Bark Town, Marco saw a few boys talking but paid them no mind. He rushed to the Pokemon Lab, eager to meet the Professor and find out why he wanted to meet him. The automatic doors slid open just in time for Marco to run past without hitting them, though he wasn't so fortunate once inside. Marco slipped on a rather large puddle that covered the floor, sending him tumbling to the ground and getting his jacket all wet. "Ugh," Marco grimaced, standing up. He looked forward to see Professor Elm and a group of Pokemon quietly chuckling. "Hey!" Marco said, "What's so funny?" Professor Elm composed himself and silenced the Pokemon as well, who stopped laughing at the motion of his hand. "Hello, Marco," Elm said. "Would you like a Pokemon partner?" Marco was taken aback by the proposal. A Pokemon of my very own?

    "Alright!" He enthusiastically replied. "Just pick one from the table-," Professor Elm instructed, "-I'll get your license sorted out." Elm walked over to his computer, while Marco stood transfixed with the Pokemon sitting on the table. There was a Bulbasaur, who was dozing off, a Chikorita, who was nibbling on it's own leaf, and a Charmander who was standing in a very regal way, obviously wanting to be chosen. Marco made a big show of looking over each Pokemon. The Bulbasaur continued to sleep even after Marco poked it on the forehead, and the Bayleef pushed away his hand so that it could nibble it's leaf in peace. That left the Charmander, who was obviously growing quite impatient. Marco tentatively reached out a hand for the Charmander, who gladly took it and jumped up into his arms. "I guess I'll choose you, then." Marco remarked. He turned to the Professor, who handed him a Trainer ID and a Pokedex. Marco slipped the items into his pocket, and the Professor handed him a Poke Ball. "This is her Ball," he told Marco. Marco accepted the Poke Ball and thanked the Professor.

    Marco set the Charmander down and asked her, "What would you like to be called?" She looked into his eyes, and after a moment Marco murmured, "Flare." The Charmander cheered, and Marco said, "Okay! Flare it is!" Flare hopped into his arms, and together the two of them walked out of the Lab, and that first step they took on the grass just outside of the Lab's door wast he first step of their journey.
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  18. Name: Aaron Crim (No relations to Kanto)
    Age: 15
    Appearance: 5'11' Black shirt, burgundy sweater, black and red sneakers, dark blue skinny jeans, a black satchel with 6 slots for Pokeball's and Pitch black messy hair
    Ambition/Motivation: To gain as many friends as possible while training for the Johto league
    Region of Origin (include a city): Viridian City, Kanto
    Pokemon on hand (If any): Yami (Eevee - Male)


    "That was a long walk hunh Yami!" Aaron said to his Eevee "There it is, New Bark town, a place of new beginnings!" Aaron exclaimed "Veeeeee!" Yami responded. Aaron started running down the hill he was on towards the Lab when he got a call on his poke gear and tripped, falling down the hill and landing face down, he scrambled to grab the pokegear but missed the call "Damnit, why am I so clumsy!" Aaron yelled out, only to get a laugh from Yami "Oh you shut up" Aaron mumbled. He got up and started walking towards the Pokemon lab while brushing dirt and grass off himself. When he got to the lab he noticed some people talking outside but being the awkward person he is he just snuck past and walked into the lab "Hey professor, I came to get a Pokedex, I already have a partner so I'm good on that front but some Pokeball's and a dex would be great!" Aaron rambled. "Sure Aaron" the Professor responded handing a dex and 8 Pokeball's over to Aaron on a tray "I tried to call you a couple minutes ago but you ever answered" He added. "Oh, yeah. I tripped and fell down a hill and missed your call, sorry about that" Aaron apologized "Oh its okay, there are some other new trainers out front why don't you introduce yourself!" the professor suggested. "Um sure, why not" Aaron responded not wanting to sound like a wimp., Aaron walked out front and stood awkwardly hoping someone would introduce themselves first
  19. "Hey man," Jackson said, facing the new arrival. "What's up, I'm Jackson." Jackson gave a slight wave and Jaw loosened his grip on Jackson's head. Jackason rubbed his head. "It's beginning to hurt less." He said smiling. jaw saw this and happliy cried, 'Totodile!" Then he lacked himself onto jackson's head again. "Ouch! It still hurts!" He yelped. Jaw let go and made a sad face. "Fine, just calm down." Jackson said to his Totodile. Jaw smiled and squirted Jackson in the face with a weak Water Gun attack, soaking Jackson.
  20. Name: Westley
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Short wild blonde hair, Black zip up with yellow stars(wears half zipped), Yellow t-shirt, Black jeans, Yellow and Black sneakers, Yellow Backpack
    Ambition/Motivation: To be the strongest trainer in the world
    Region of Origin (include a city): New Bark Town
    Pokemon on hand (If any): None


    "This is the day I start my journey, mom I'm off to the lab!" yelled Westley to his mom as he ran out the door. "Hold on honey don't forget your.... that boy," said Westley's mother as she watches her son race off toward Elm's lab. "Be careful" Westley's mother softly said out loud.

    As Westley was running he bumbs into a guy and his Charmander. "Sorry about that I'm in a hurry sorry again," Westley said to the guy as he continues making his way to the lab, now at the lab the automatic doors slide open. "Hello professor are you here" said Westley out loud inside lab He spots a man with two pokemon. "Yes, I am here Westley I have you all your paper work sorted out only thing left is for you pick your pokemon" said Professor Elm.

    Westley looks at the two remaining pokemon a sleeping Bualbsaur and a Chrikorita that is staring at him. "I guess I'll choose this cute little gal" said Westley as he picks up the Chrikorita that has been staring at him.
  21. "H-H-Hey I'm Aaron and this is Yami" Aaron introduced himself. "Eeveeeee!" Yami said Hi as well. "I was hoping to make some friends on my journey, any chance you could be the first" Aaron asked awkwardly, fidgeting. Yami bit his leg trying to get him to focus "Ow" Aaron yelped I wonder what these people are like Aaron thought to himself as he played around with the Pokeball on his belt. Hopefully, they'll like me, I hope I'm not too awkward
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  22. "Well this is Jaw," Jackson said. Jaw gave a slight wave. "Totodile!" cried Jaw walking over. Jaw fired a Water Gun right above their heads. "Chill," Jackson said walking over petting Jaw. "Well you made some friends now," he said smiling. "Are you gonna take the gym challenge?"
  23. "Yah, I was hoping to fight the first gym pretty soon actually" Holy crap I actually made a friend Aaron freaked out internally "how bout' you?" He asked, he was still fidgeting with the Pokeball nervously I wonder what kinda Pokemon these guys all have he wondered
  24. "I'm gonna be the Pokemon Champ!" Jackson said raising a fist. Jaw happily jumped on Jackson's head and bit down. "Yowch!" Jackson shouted. Jaw let go and slid to the ground. "i'm gonna go catch some Pokemon!" he shouted running off towards the woods. "Come on, if we are gonna even beat the first gym, we need to catch some more pokemon!" H shouted over his shoulder. Jaw followed close behind him.
  25. Zach, still slightly bewildered as to what just happened, shook the other trainer's hand.
    "Name's Zach." he said. "Pleasure to meet you Zander." He looked around at all the other trainers who had seemed to gather around him.
    "I suppose we all ought to go off after Jackson." he said with a smile. A group of this size was going to be lots of fun
  26. Zander glanced over his shoulder at the others and contemplated for a moment. "Yeah let's head in Jackson's direction. We probably dont need to look for him though." Zander walked off with his hands in his pockets and Cyndaquil approaching close behind. "Knowing Jackson he'll pop up running from a swarm of Beedrill or something like that...." he mumbled to himself.

    After walking into the woods Zander had already secured his first few wins against lower level pokemon. "This would be a good place to train for the first gym..." he said to himself while walking. Man....where did he go? Why am I always the one searching for him..... he thought before being interrupted by Fury Swipes shooting by his face barely missing him. Whoa!" he yelled while stumbling back. "Okay whose got the nerve!?" he turned to see a small bear like pokemon standing there. "Lets check it out.." he said taking out the pokedex.
    Teddiursa- If it finds honey, its crescent mark glows. It always licks its paws because they’re soaked with honey.
    "A Teddiusra huh....you up for a battle Gunter?" he asked looking down at his partner. "Quiil!" it replied as the flames on its back burned bright.
  27. "A Teddiursa? That's cool. You don't find those often around here as far as I'm concerned." Zach said.
    Suddenly, a wad of sand came flying into his face. "Ahh!" he shouted, then bumped his Pokeball, which allowed Rainer, his Squirtle, to come out.
    "Squirtle!" it said, spraying water into it's trainer's eyes, to help get the sand out. Zach turned to see a Pidgey cackling from a tree.
    "You think that's funny huh? I'll show you. Rainer, use Water Gun!" he shouted. The little turtle fired a jet of water into the unsuspecting bird's face, knocking it out of the tree.
    "Just for that, I'm gonna capture you!" Zach shouted as he whipped a Pokeball at the barely conscious pidgey. After several seconds of wiggling, the ball clicked, indicating the capture was successful. Zach picked up the Pokeball and smirked.
    "Silly bird." he said as he clipped the ball to his belt then recalled the Squirtle.
  28. Jackson looked around int the forrest. Jaw stuck close to his side. "There might be a rare pokemon. He, maybe even a Mew!" Exclaimed Jackson. He looked around, and saw a dark shadow in the treetops. It burst out and Jackson screamed, "Ahh, it's a Mew, it's gonna get me!" Jackson jumped behind a bush. he peeked out to see it was a sleeping Hoothoot. "Oh," he said sheepishly. Jaw laughed and pointed at him. Jackson tossed a Pokeball at the sleeping Pokemon and it as caught effortlessly. "I guess it didn't really care," he said picking up the pokeball.

    Jaw contued to laugh at him. "You know what, if it was a Mew, you would be beaten. Instead of a response, Jaw bit Jackson's head. "Not again!" He wailed.
  29. Zander glanced over his shoulder at the event that took place. "Congrats, you got the first capture of the group." Zander said with a grin before turning back to Teddiursa. "And im gonna get the next one...okay Gunter, use Smokescreen!" Gunter shot out a cloud of thick smoke completely blocking off Teddiursa's vision. "Now use Ember!" As he said this small burning embers were launched into the Smokescreen causing a loud crashing sound when it hit. "Did it work?!" Zander said to himself waiting for Smokescreen to clear.

    As the thick smoke cleared out Teddiursa shakily got to its feet, an angry expression on its face before stumbling and falling back into a seated position. It looked up at Gunter and Zander with big shining eyes. "Tedi...." Zander stood there staring at it. "Thats so cute..." he said to himself before realizing Gunter was being effected by it. "Huh....Baby-Doll Eyes!?!" he yelled recognizing it as a pokemon move.

    Teddiursa jumped at the chance and used Furry Swipes on Gunter while Zander was distracted. "Quil!" Gunter shouted as it was hit dead on being knocked back. "You okay to continue buddy?" Zander said as Gunter stood up. "Quil!" it yelled in confirmation. "Okay, use Tackle!" as he shouted this Teddiursa charged with Scratch ready. The two small pokemon clashed with Gunter being able to overpower Teddiursa slightly, knocking it back. Zander quickly threw a pokeball at the fallen pokemon. "C'mon!" he shouted as it shook lightly before clicking. "Haha! Thats our first catch buddy!" he exclaimed as Gunter jumped into his arms.
  30. "Hey, congrats Zander. Teddiursa evolves into Ursaring, which is a very strong Pokemon. You've got a good start to training a good bunch of Pokemon." Zach said excitedly. It's clear he spent a lot of his time studying Pokemon extensively. He took the Pokeball of his belt, and allowed the Pidgey to come out.
    "No more pranks, okay? Let's be friends!" he said with a smile and put his hand out. The little bird skipped over to him and shook his hand with it's wing.
    "Awesome! I think I'll call you... Scorpion." he said with a smile.
  31. 'Thanks....oh yeah a nickname is a good idea isnt it!?" he said to himself sending Teddiursa back out and kneeling down in front of it. "Hey, im Zander, nice to meet you.' he said with a smile. "Now i wanna train and grow alongside you, so I think naming you is a good idea,"
    Teddiursa looked up Zander and contemplated for a moment before resting its paw on top of his head a smiling at him. "Tedi!" it replied. Acting far different from when it was caught.
    "Great, now what names should I go with. Zander stood there and thought for a moment. Starts out small and cute, then transforms into something strong and intimidating, I need a name that can fit both... after tossing around a lot of ideas he brightened up. "I got it....how about Kuma?"
    Teddiursa thought for a moment before jumping up and down. "Tedi!" he exclaimed with happiness at his new nickname.
  32. Jackson walked towards his friends with Jaw still bitting his head. He pulled off Jaw and said, "So we've all got a new Pokemon?" he asked. Jaw climbed off and walked around. "Totodile!" He shouted running in circles. Then without noticing Jaw ran straight into a tree. Jackson looked at Jaw and sighed. "Wow," Jackson said watching him, "He's one of a kind."
  33. Zach couldn't help but laugh when Jaw ran into a tree.
    "I agree, he certainly is one of a kind." he said with a smile.
    "First Gym is in Violet City, so we got a ways to go before we get there." he added.
  34. Zander started walking through the woods again as they talked. "I believe we have to go through Cherrygrove first, its not far from here." With that he started heading towards Cherrygrove, Gunter on his left shoulder and Kuma on his left. "When we get to the center you guys need to be healed." After walking for awhile Zander began to hear leaves rustling and small clicks in the trees. "You guys hear that?" he asked before jumping back as a flash of colors shot passed him. "What was that?!" he slowly walked forward to see a giant spider-web branching from tree to tree. "What made this...?"
  35. "If I had to wager a guess, Spinarak and Ariados." Zach said matter-of-factually.
    "As long as we don't disturb the web, we should be alright." he added, and began to walk past it.
    "I don't see Spinarak and Ariados spinning webs this early in the day. That's rather odd." Zach thought to himself as he wove his wat through the web, careful not to touch anything.
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  36. "So just dont touch anything eh?" Zander said calmly as he began shifting through the area carefully. He looked back nervously at Jackson. Please just make it through without trying anything..... he thought to himself, worried about his clumsy friend. "Well at least the Ariados seem to be staying in the trees." he finally made it past the Ariados web and stood there waiting for his other friends to make it through. "Ive never seen such densely packed webs before, looks like its been here for a long time...better hurry up guys."
  37. Zach seemed to weave his way through without much of an issue.
    "Phew. That was a bit more difficult than i thought it would be." he said with a sigh. He turned back to watch the others weave their way though the web.
    "I wonder how they'll handle it." he thinks to himself.
  38. "Don't worry about it," Marco replied as the boy rushed past him to get into the lab. Flare chirped in protest, squirming in Marco's arms so that he had to put her down. "Don't run off," Marco warned. Flare then promptly began to run. "Hey!" Marco gasped as he ran chased after her. She ducked and weaved through the legs of unsuspecting people, while Marco had to stumble through crowds while muttering a few sorry's. Flare looked behind her with a mischievous glint in her eye, before bumping into a boy who was sitting on a bench. Marco scooped up Flare, who was giggling uncontrollably, and offered an apology to the boy. "I'm Marco," he said, "What's your name?"
  39. Jackson looked at the web. He returned Jaw to his pokeball, cause this way he wouldn't do any damage. He carefully weaved his way throught the webs. "See, this ain't so bad." Jackson called out. He took another step and a pokeball burst open, and a Hoothoot, apeared on jackson's head, while he was in mid-step. "Woah," he said as he lost his balance and struggled to regain it. Soon he stopped shaking and stood on one leg. "I'm fine." He said. Then another burst of light and Jaw apeared. He bit Jackson's free leg and Jackson toppled over. "We might want to run." he said standing up.

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