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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Secad MS, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Well, some of us have them, some don't. If you don't, what do you want to do? IF you do, what are you doing?

    Currently, for a summer job, I have a job scooping cat boxes and otherwise taking care of the cats at a shelter near me. I plan to be a rodentologist in the future, however. I luffles my rodents. :p
  2. Well, I've been looking for a job almost everyday since I moved up to Wyoming here. Today I found out that...I have TWO job interviews on Friday. One for McDonald's and one for Wendy's.

    I'm going to be talking with the manager of Burger King tomorrow, I think it's kind of a pre-interview kind of like what I had with the Wendy's manager today. So, if I do good tomoorw morning, that might lead to a job right then, or another interview. Too be honest, I want the Burger King job most, since that's my second favorite fast food place (my first is Taco John's) but when it comes to getting a job, I can't be picky.
  3. I'm currently unemployed. My last job was working as a TA for a biology lab, which was actually pretty cool. The supervising prof was soooooo annoying though. She was one of the major contributors to me quitting grad school. -.-

    I've only had one retail job, which was working at Zellers (the canadian equivalent to Target) one summer. I wanted to kill myself. Never again.
  4. Nim


    I dont have a job and I have to say I dont really want one until I finish school because It's just to much with school, study and sport. When I leave school I plan on maybe doing something in forensics or some sort of Chemistry related career. Maybe even something in porgramming, I'll have to see what I do best in during my 2 years left of school.
  5. I'm currently employed at my neighbor's lawncare/landscaping service, but I plan on either going into animation, or (get this) get a degree in physics or chemistry.
  6. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'm a Team Leader (CoughSlave!Cough) at Tesco. I basically control the masses while the mangers go up stairs and sit drinking tea. They say they're working on the computers, but we all know it's lies. Basically I run the front end of the store, which is the checkouts, Kiosk and Self Scans. I plan the day, such as who's going on what, when their breaks are and such and I'm basically there for if anyone has a problem. I also have to deal with any refunds and such over £10 and if customers have a problem I have to deal with them (so basically I get yelled at by strangers for something I haven't done). Behind the scenes I train my team, offer any personal support my team requires, like if they have any problems with work or home life. I'm in charge of a lot of money in the Cash Office, I have to transfer money from the safe to the tills downstairs and I close everything down at night if I'm there - aka I take all the money we've made and sort it into pods for notes and bags for coins. And finally, if money goes missing I have to track people. Fun stuff, eh?

    I suppose it's nice to know that they think I'm manager material, but once I've been a Team Leader for a year I may think about jumping ship and looking elsewhere. I've rather had it with customers and their silly problems. Yesterday one of our Self Service tills (Self Scans) was broken. I put a big sign over the screen saying 'This Self Scan is out of order.' I also removed all the bags and put a basket on top of the scanner upside down. Later in the day a man came along, looked at the sign for a moment... and then started to try and scan his stuff! I just stood and watched him because I couldn't believe it. IT IS BROKEN! CAN'T YOU READ?! Because I'm so horrible, I just couldn't bring myself to say anything to him. Eventually the security guard went and told him and the guy was like "Oh really? It's broken?" No, it's not broken. You've just been stood there for five minutes trying to scan one item and failing miserably... without a screen <<;

    90% of the time I enjoy my job. 10% of the time I just want to scream. They keep asking me to put myself forward to be a manager (aka go on 'Options' and get trained up to to be one) but the guy already on options is ALWAYS there now, it's like he's chained to the store. I don't want that XD
  7. Nim


    :o Woah you sound really busy Magpie, and how can someone try and scam something and check the price when the screen is covered with an out of order sign? Lol. I wouldn't be able to stop myself laughing if I was there.
  8. Nya, I'm taking a summer job at my dad's organ office this summer. Pays quite well for a fourteen-year old.

    I want to become a astronomist or biologist, not quite sure yet.

    What's a rodentologist? Like, a pest verminator?
  9. D:

    No, nothing like that! I want to study rodents, not kill them.
  10. Right now, I'm working night shift at the local university doing things that should never be spoken written. It's actually pretty fun, and pays pretty good. However, the job I want is that of an actor, and I daresay I have a shot(I'm getting into the said university on a drama scholarship, and this is like, a university that has branches in several countries, mostly in Europe =D).

    Acting= Shocari~
  11. Well, I'm not working just now (xD), and haven't really worked too much. :p Sometimes I go into my mum's work and help out there, and she pays me for it so eh. Good enough for me~

    I'm really stuck for what I want to do in the future. For a while I wanted to be an Astrophysicist (spelling peh) and it still seems quite interesting. 've been amazed with space for a while now, teehee. But for now I'm keeping to art - but the thing is; I don't know what sort of art I want to do. xD There's designing, painting, digital work, comics/anime/cartoons/etc., and way more that I can't be bothered listing. D: I'm sort of edging towards design and/or being a Mangaka. :x Confusing stuff.

    But eh. I have plenty of time to wait and think~
  12. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm on summer vacation right now. ^^

    Before my job ended for the summer, tho, I was working at our local college as an ESL/EAL instructor. Worked as the computer lab instructor and saw over 120+ different students every two days. It was a nice gig, and I've been working it for about a year and a half. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get the same job back next September due to management changes (and the fact that we're temp. workers and always will be), but I'm crossing my fingers.
  13. 52Crossroads

    52Crossroads Formerly Gya

    im a carpenter/handyman/landscaper/pack-mule. if it involves back breaking work out in the heat, i have probably done it at one point or another. but, eh. im good at what i do and the pay is decent. the only problem i have is that i never know when my next job will be.
  14. Don't have a legit job yet. The closest I have is maybe cleaning out a lady's apartment (she's a single mom with an ADHD kid) every week for ten bucks every week. It'll be a pretty good gig if I get it. But first I need to go take the driving test to get a driver's license to get a real job...

    But last night I got $30 babysiting from 6-11 PM. Man did I feel good having cold hard cash in my hand.
  15. I had an interview with McDonald's today. And guess what? I have orientation on Tuesday. Finally, I have a job. After three years of searching and interviews where I wound up not getting the job, I have a job!
  16. I currently work at a waterpark down here called Sunsplash...Mystic Suicune shold know what that is lol After that gets over with at labor day I am going to work at bank of america where they pay like 11 something an hour and help pay with college so yaaay

    When I grow up I want to be an Architect or Interior Designer. I will be designing my dream house ♥
  17. I've just graduated, so I'm currently looking for a job. It's slow going, but that's because teaching jobs here don't really start the interview process until July anyway.

    All goes well, I'll be gainfully employed by August.
  18. Yeah, Midnight. I know what it is. I live in Wyoming now, where there aren't any water parks.

    I forgot to post what I wanted to do for a career. I'm going to be a Journalist. I'm either going with reviews or photography.
  19. Grats, Suicune! I'm sure we're all happy for you!

    I applied for Meijer, Target, and WalMart a while ago.. but never got called back. Other than that, I've never had an 'official' job or anything. My dream job would be do be paid to do nothing, ha ha; of course, in reality, I'd love to be a video game tester/creater/etc., and I think it would be extremely fun to make money as a drag queen/performer.
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  20. Thanks, Andrew.

    My first day was yesterday, and it went great. Woulda been better if I hadn't hit my head on the handle of the ice cream machine :p
  21. I, at 11 years old, am selling E-Force bracelets. That sounds retarded, but if you were here, I'd show you how they REALLY work, after using the ones I have for three weeks now. They help me with flexibility, increase Core Strength, Stamina and mainly Balance. They're amazing, and I sell them for 20 bucks each. I'm making GOOD money ;)
  22. Being 13, I have no job. Although, I run a soda business in the summer, and make a few good bucks. I get an allowance of 20 bucks a week for housework, but that may not count. But, soon I will publish one of my stories to Create Space and make some more money.
  23. I currently have a Summer job teaching young children how to swim. It's entertaining and it pays well, and it's my first job and I'm doing something I enjoy, so I'm pretty excited about it. I have high dreams to work for Nintendo as a game designer someday. Highly unlikely, but at least it's something to shoot for.
  24. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    This may come as a major WTF - but I never actually had a job, unless if you count the three years of obligatory military service everyone in this silly country goes through.

    Currently I'm a full-time student and will most likely be in this state until I graduate. ^^;
  25. OMG! *high fives* That is TOTALLY my dream! Before I got the idea of author, chef and actor, that is.

    I spent long hours drawing the most hideous pokemon ever, thinking of new things to input in POKEMON games...Er, that was my dream...

    Ah, alas, I've given that up because you have to go to Design School AND be an artist and I can't do that =_-
  26. Meh, the closest thing I've had for a job was being a farm hand. When my Grandmother died I took over feeding and watering for a little bit, but my grades started slipping and my father wouldn't have it. He claimed my Nana wouldn't want me to grow up doing her work, so he burried my head in books until May.

    THough as far as what I want to do one day, there's two options:

    1. Doctor. I mainly want to be that so my future will be secure, I mean, I plan on having a family one day, and I want my child to have a flying car one day. But I couldn't really see myself enjoying it, I mean sure the pay's good for hobbies and junk, but what about enjoying what you do?

    2. I've always wanted to work for a game company designing characters or levels. I also wanted to learn Japanese so i could have a better chance of acheiving this dream as either a character designer or a game designer.
  27. I just underwent two days of lifeguard training, and today is actually my first day...! It's only a four hour shift, but I'm not complaining ^^
    Hopefully everything will be easy enough to understand and remember....
    I assume I'm getting paid minimum wage...nobody has said otherwise. But seven bucks an hour to sit in a chair and look around is pretty good :D I just hope nobody drowns or anything...especially a baby...I don't want to do CPR on a baby D:

    If anybody drowns I will not be happy.
  28. 52Crossroads

    52Crossroads Formerly Gya

    (note to self: drown on codys beach)
    i just got a job selling crappy cds to people that cant afford ipods. and apparently, im the only one that can work the shifts assigned to me.
  29. Heh, sounds like you've been haggled :p

    And it seems as if my occupation isn't going as well as I thought...*sell 40 bracelets...get 200 dollars, Hibiki...just sell 40 bracelets...* T___T
  30. Gee thanks, Gya :p but I'm a pool lifeguard...so...go ahead, drown on that guys beach ^^

    Having lifeguard'd a few days, I've decided that it is a WOMBAT. (Waste Of Money Brains And Time)
  31. Said the guy that thought that seven dollars for every hour spent sitting in a chair doing nothing was a sweet deal.

    But seriously, you have nothing to do up there? Your job is to catch people doing dangerous things before they become tragic accidents, are you sure nobody's running on the pool deck, or diving in the shallow end, or even climbing on top of each other? If not, look harder. If still nothing, then someone has been replacing your local population with perfection clones.

    P.S. Two days? I thought that training lasted weeks.
  32. I'm too young to have a job. I assist my neighbor with her classroom, and I get paid a little for that. (I don't really want to get paid, though. It's just the right thing to do.)

    I have four things that I really want to do. These are in order of how much I want to do them.
    1. An emergency physician. On top of it being very well-paying, I think I'd actually enjoy it quite a bit. You see everything in the ER. Stomachaches to strokes, and beyond that.

    2. An Emergency Surgeon (General Surgery.) It's amazing knowing that you've saved people's lives.

    3. I want to specialize in Forensics, too. There's nothing more unfair than having a loved one die, and not know how.

    4. A Neurosurgeon. I fully realize what I'd be getting myself into here. Twenty years of training, extreme stress, and a huge burden. One wrong move, and you could kill someone easily.

    Have you noticed I want to go into the medical field? It's not for the pay. It's because I genuinely want to be a doctor. However the chances of me being a doctor are very, very low. I'll probably wind up working an office job.
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  33. I recently got a job at the local Apple Store. Overpriced electronics = Big paycheck.
  34. That kinda sums up how lawn care has been for me xP. I'm going through with it for a while, I mean, it pays for my essentials (Dr. Pepper, school books, and my car fund), but all I do is fertilize after the others are done mowing, and trim the occaisional hedge, so you can say it's a pretty WOMBAT job.
  35. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Updating on this situation.

    I did get my original job back for the year, so I'll once again be working as an ESL computer lab instructor from September to June 2011. After that I'll need to wait for another new contract to see what I'll be up to next. Good times of being a temp. worker. :p

    This year my working hours increased slightly and my pay went up, so I'm making a good $300-400 more per month than I did. However, instead of just working with 120 some students, we now have over 300 - and I'm expected to know them all. Yay! 8D Kidding. I love the students and I've got a good set of co-workers here, so work's fun. The higher ups can be pricks, and the politics around here can get ridiculous, but what work place isn't like that? XD
  36. i work at a boy scout summer camp down in Rockville RI in the summer called Camp yawgoog
  37. Right now I have graduated High School, got through most of college, took a step aside for a bit to get some grounds on the what, where, why, and hows... I've finally figured out exactly what I'm going to do, how to do it, where to go, etc. so it's all planned out, give me two years and I'm transferring on over to Full Sail Universite for bachelors in Film Directing.

    I'll be the next Stephen Spielberg! :O
  38. Thought I'd throw this in here:
    For the remainder of the weekends this month, I'm working at a haunted corn maze. Full face make-up, posing, screaming, etc. Lots of fun. :D

    Though I don't think it's legally a job. We're making less than minimum wage. But really, to stand around and scare the pants offa people, I'm not complaining :)
  39. Wow cody your job (kinda) is really cool! I'd love to be in your shoes! I work as a children's entertainer. My job takes me around the world since I work in hotels and the best bit is free food and hotel rooms! I find my job quite tiring since I have to do odd jobs around the hotel in the day and do kids shows and adults entertainment late at night so I only get around 4 hours sleep! So far I have been to Spain, France, Egypt and Greece and I am planning to go back to Greece next year and then America. There is only one real disadvantage, I hate going on planes!

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