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Ask to Join Jjinka High School

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, May 1, 2016.

  1. In this Rp you are a Pokemon Human. (A Human with Pokemon like Characteristics.)

    You have to be the 2nd or Final Evolution of a Pokemon since it's a High School
    2.You have the Moves of a Pokemon but cant use it in School. Abillitys are Fine.
    3. You can only control 1 Person. If you prefer 2 than tell me about it.
    4. Everyone is in the Same class and there are only 10 RP Members.
    5.Were all in the same class.

    Rp Members:
    Lucky walked into the School with a Paper in his Paw. The Lucario like Being read the Paper. It stated his Dorm and Class along with the order of Events.

    Dorm: 24
    Class: 12

    Physical Education
    End of Day

    Behind him was his Friend. He walked toward hia Friend and took a peek at the schedule. "Cool" The Umbreon Like Human said. "Meh. I dont really like this Scedule. Can we get a new one?" Lucky asked. All Midnight did was give a Blank stare. Lucky sighed and they both walked to thier dorms.
  2. (I'm gonna be using two characters if it's fine)

    Tatl stared irritably at the schedule, her best friend, Tael, standing beside her.

    Dorm: 26
    Class: 12

    Physical Education
    End of Day

    "Hey, at least we're a wall apart!" The Shiny Ninetales Jjinka stated happily. "Tael, that might be true, but urg, why maths??? WHY!!!!" Tatl shouted into oblivion. The Ninetales Jjinka turned to her Shiny version "Ok, let's get going" She nodded at the two set off for their dorms
  3. The two walked to thier dorm 24 and 25. They walked in to see a bed a bathroom a mini library and lots of other things. Lucky walked in and face planted onto the bed. Midnight looked at a clock. "We still have 30 min till the day starts." Midnight said. Lucky was playing on his Phone. "Ugh." Midnight responded and walked to his dorm.
  4. "Alright then, I'll see you in half an hour, I guess" Tael said and ran to his dorm room, 27. "Ok then, bye!" Tatl waved at the Shiny Ninetales before running into her room. Tatl opened up WhatsApp and began texting Tael. After a minute or so, they both put on earphones and started dancing to some music, even singing along here and there.
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  5. Midnight looked around to see a Window by his Bed. He looked down to see a Courtyard with a Massive Cherry Tree. "Hmm." Midnight thought. Midnight walked down the steps and to tge Courtyard and looked at the Cherry Tree. There were Pink Blossoms and Little cherry. "Cool." He replyed.
  6. Dorm: 27
    Class: 12

    Physical Education
    End of Day

    "Yeah whatever..." Slade muttered disinterestedly, crumbling the schedule as he entered his dorm and started to unpack. Among his belongings were some of his personal weights to pass the time. When he finished, the shiny Zangoose jjinka jumped on his bed and planted his face in his soft pillow, holding his breath for as long as he could before he had to tilt to the side for air. Slade soon rolled off the bed and looked out the window, transfixed on the imposing courtyard cherry tree. He was itching to climb that thing.
  7. Dorm: 23
    Class: 12

    Physical Education
    End of Day

    Felix made his way to the bed within his dorm room, still clutching his schedule tightly in his hands. The Honchkrow jjinka muttered to himself, not exactly looking forward to the Physical Education class, but being fine with the other classes. After a solid minute of mumbling in distaste, Felix fixed his piercing glare on a cherry tree in the courtyard. "Soothing. Maybe that will act as a good spot to read in the future." Felix said to himself. Grabbing his favorite fedora, he got off of his bed and went to examine this cherry tree that peaked his interest just moments ago.
  8. Suddenly a surging sensation came over Slade, his hair standing on end, and he instinctively jerked his head to the doorway which in a matter of seconds let in an all too familiar face: the sinister smile of a Seviper.

    "Hey yellow," the Seviper greeted, delighting in Slade's discomfort. "Getting settled in, are we?"

    "Vile..." the Zangoose growled irritably at the derogatory nickname, snatching his black jacket from the edge of his bed. "What scum pond did you slither from?" He scowled at the smug Seviper as he fit into his favorite apparel.

    Vile leaned against the doorway, no change in his mischievous demeanor. "As expected from someone like you. There's a reason your family will always be second to mine: you lack an ounce of class."

    "I do huh? I don't remember you asking permission before coming in here."

    "That's because I didn't. I'm technically in the doorway," Vile chuckled, knowing exactly how to push Slade's buttons.

    "In that case, will you please get the hell out of here before I kick your ass!" Slade yelled at his archenemy, claws out as if ready for a fight.

    The Seviper waved his arms disinterestedly. "Your so predictable, yellow. But unlike you, I don't feel like being expelled at the moment." He casually walked into the hallway, saying simply "Another time, yellow" before leaving.

    Slade was feeling rather tense from that encounter, so he proceeded to kick over a wooden desk chair, which toppled over with a loud thud. But he still wasn't satiated, so he then rushed over to his window, opened it, and quickly climbed out, hanging from it from the outside. He was looking for a release, and he didn't look any further than the cherry tree from before. Slade wall-jumped down a full story, landing on a patch of grass near some square hedges. He readjusted his jacket and dusted himself off. The Zangoose moved nearer and nearer the central attraction, not paying any mind to the students and faculty nearby, those greatly startled by his appearance as well as those taking shade under the tree's lush, pink foliage.
  9. Felix had reached the cherry tree, and upon doing so noticed a Zangoose who looked rather annoyed by something. Deciding not to engage, Felix continued to the tree and sat down for a moment. Letting his fedora slide down over his eyes, he started to doze off. "How strange, this area gives off a very calming atmosphere," Felix thought to himself. "It almost makes you want to fall asleep... almost." he bitterly muttered under his breath before holding his hands over his mouth in shock. Felix continued to sit silently under the tree, hoping nobody heard him speak. He fixed his gaze onto the clouds above, and silently relaxed.
  10. Slade found it difficult to find a spot at the base of the tree to start climbing that wasn't already taken by someone. In the end, he settled for a position right next to a relaxing Honchcrow, leaping and digging his claws into the trunk of the cherry blossom. He ascended several feet, taking a short break atop a sturdy branch that could take his weight. Slade broke off a small twig and held it in his mouth as he reclined, resting his head against his hands. "(Sigh) Now that's more like it." he said, feeling proud of himself.
  11. "Havin' fun up there?" Felix looked up at the Zangoose who had made his way up the tree. He was tempted to go up there as well, but decided it was best to stay down where he was. Deciding to actually start a conversation with someone rather than being a complete loner, Felix stood up and introduced himself. "I'm Felix, a Honchkrow. And you are?" he said, tilting his fedora towards the tree-climbing Zangoose for the last sentence.
  12. "Eh?" Slade peered downward at him. "Heh, sorry for getting in the way of yer daydreaming, bub. The name's Slade. Just up here taking a load off. How's the weather down there?" he jested, not planning on but not objecting to company.
  13. "Hopefully the same as up there!" Felix jokingly responded. "My name's Felix." He tipped his fedora a bit as a gesture of greetings. At this point, Felix had been around Slade too long not to ask. His curiosity getting the better of him, he asked. "So, what exactly happened previously to make you so angry, if you don't mind me asking." A part of his mind was screaming at Felix not to ask, but the feeling of curiosity outweighed his common sense. He awaited a response, or lack there of, outwardly calm, but inwardly anxious.
  14. The Zangoose paused for a moment, closing his eyes and sighing in a more guttural way. He didn't break from his reclined position, but did take the twig out of his mouth, fiddling about with it with his right hand, calmly at first. "Nothing new," he responded, choosing to stare at a nearby patch of leaves ahead of him rather than Felix. "Just got reminded that the world's a hell of a lot smaller than it should be."
  15. Felix took a breath of relief. A fight was not what he wanted out of this place. "Yeah, ain't that the truth." Felix responded, regaining his composure mentally. "Well, it was great meeting you Slade. Have a good one." Once again tilting his fedora, Felix got up and went back inside, starting to wonder when the classes actually start. Calling back to Slade one final time, Felix spoke: "Maybe we'll be lucky enough to have at least one class together!" With that, he walked inside and made his way to his room once more.
  16. [OOC: Now I can only guess how this goes, whether enough of us should be present for a "classroom scene", no such scene should take place unless spearheaded by the thread creator, or the responsibility falls on whoever remaining is so interested and inclined. (If there was some prerequisite reading I missed, then I apologize) Currently, I will not presumptuously take the lead as far as classes are concerned. There's a chance I may not be around should we all be in class, so it could just be implied that Slade is there (please do not take direct control of him). After a certain period of inactivity, I might do another scene to explain what Slade is doing until class starts, but there is no hurry. As always, if anyone has a suggestion, don't hesitate to tell me.]
  17. [OOC: Okay then, good to note :3 If the situation arises and you are not present, rest assured, I will not puppeteer your characters. Don't worry. As for the actual classroom scene, yeah, that would probably require more than just us two, so that scene can wait until Blu Ace determines it time to be in class. And what goes for your character should go for mine. If this situation arises and I am not there, then I can trust nobody will take control of Felix, and we can just imply that he is actually there. Kewl. :3]

    Felix made his way into his room and stared at his schedule once more. Still despising gym, he threw the schedule to the side. He sat down and eventually laid down on his bed, fedora over his face, thinking about the new acquaintance he had met under the cherry tree, and how in the future, maybe the two would be good friends. After a few seconds, Felix got bored and decided to pick up a random book from his backpack and read it. Not bothering to look at the title, he began to read.
  18. [You don't have to worry about me on that end. I'd just as soon make up a temporary character to interact with, than control another's character. (Hopefully that's allowed) Like I said, I'll post something later on. But mostly, I'll be crossing my fingers that Blu Ace will continue this thread. Here's hoping. :'|]
  19. Dorm: 21
    Class: 12

    Physical Education
    End of Day

    Winter gazed upon the sheet of paper she held within her paws (wasn't sure if should use "paws" or "hands"). She headed up to the floor her room was on, and as she passed by, she noticed a Honchkrow sitting on his bed, reading a book. She thought about introducing herself to him, but she figured there would be time to do that later, and that now was the time to put up her things in her room. Aside from that, she was also slightly shy.

    When the Glaceon Jjinka reached the end of the hall, she wondered where her room was. Then, she realized that her room was at the other end of the hall; the way she just came from. She felt dumbfounded, and face-palmed at the fact that she had completely walked right past her room. As she walked past the Honchkrow again, she had the same thought as last time, but once again hesitated. She continued to her room, unlocked the door, walked inside and set her stuff down by her bed.
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  20. After he finished reading the book, which was apparently about some girl who lived in a jungle of sorts, Felix placed the book next to his bag. He thought he saw someone walk by a couple of times while reading, someone blue. When he got up to see where they went, the only thing he was greeted with was an empty hallway. Slightly confused, Felix wandered the halls a bit. He noticed one of the doors was open, and lo an behold, a Glaceon girl was standing within the room.
    "Hello? Did you walk by my door just a few minutes ago," Felix asked, trying to make sure it really was her and not somebody else, "or was that another person? I apologize if it wasn't, I was just curious."
    He instinctively tilted his fedora a bit, which was his way of shaking hands without using his.
  21. Winter was about to sit on her bed, when an unexpected noise came from her door. She jumped slightly at the noise. When she turned around, she saw the Honchkrow that she had walked by twice. "Oh, hi. Yeah, I was trying to find my room. I guess I didn't bother to actually look at the dorm numbers at the beginning, so I ended up going all the way down the hall, and back when I found out that my room was right here." She said, shyly and slightly quick. "I thought about introducing myself then, but I had stuff to do, but I suppose now would be a good time." She walked up to him, and held out her hand (again, not sure which one to use) for him to shake. "I'm Winter. Nice to meet you."
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  22. "The name's Felix. Nice to meet you too."
    Felix tilted his fedora back up and shook Winter's hand. Normally, he was against shaking hands, but he made the exception here. After all, it wasn't every day that Felix got to talk to and make friends with not one, but two people. He didn't want to come off as rude. Smiling at Winter, Felix decided to keep the conversation going for a little.
    "Ya know, you seem like a nice person. If it doesn't bother you, may I come in?" Felix asked politely, as he was tired of standing in the doorway.
  23. "Thanks. I don't know, I guess I'm naturally nice to people, but that leaves me vulnerable to bullying..." She said, getting lost in thought for a while, before snapping back to reality. "Anyway, yeah sure. Come on in." She said, inviting him inside.
  24. "Thank you."
    Felix found himself inspecting the room - for no reason. It was basically the same as his room. "All dorms rooms must be the same," he thought to himself.
    "So, Winter," Felix said while sitting on a chair in the room, "tell me a little bit about yourself. Again, if you don't want to answer, you don't have to. I can go first. I am a Honchkrow, my ability is, unfortunately, Insomnia. What about you?" Felix again reached for his fedora and turned it a bit.
  25. "Aw, I'm so sorry..." Winter said as the Honchkrow told her his ability. "Well, I'm a Glaceon, and I am not a fan of warm weather, so you might find that my room is slightly chillier than others. My ability is Snow Cloak, which makes it easier for me to evade others' attacks in any cold weather, like hail or a blizzard." She said, starting to take out a few posters from her bags. One of the posters was of a Lucario in a cool action pose.
  26. "Wow. That's a really cool ability. And that's also a really cool poster. Does that person in particular have a name?" Felix asked, referring to the Lucario within the poster. He turned his focus now to the previously mentioned poster, almost admiring the Lucario's pose. His position emanated an aura of strength, awe, and power, and it intrigued Felix.
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  27. "Oh, thanks!" Winter smiled as he complemented her on her ability. Then, he asked about the poster, and she looked back at it. "Hm? Oh thanks, I got that as a gift from my mom. His name is Shawn. I've had a crush on him since I first saw him. I don't know, he just looks so...so...I don't know!" She said, starting to get all excited. "But if I were to see him here, I just...I don't know what I'd do. I'd bend over backwards to try to get him to like me..." She said, starting to daydream, and stare into space.
  28. "Yo dude, little help?!" a Quilava called out to Slade, who opened his eyes to a vibrantly decorated frisbie caught on a pink leafy patch near his feet. This was the seventh item he's retrieved in the span of ten minutes and he was unwilling to "play fetch",as he considered it, any longer.

    "All right, fun's over!" Slade loudly growled, grasping the plastic disk with his left hand, before tipping his whole body counterclockwise, his muscles bracing as he latched onto the branch with his right hand, momentum propelling him under the branch and in front of the Quilava where he landed somewhat crouched on his feet and right hand. He stood up, with a big scowl on his face, glaring at the student as he was in the middle of calling out again.

    On any other day, Slade would have loved to at least purposely scare the Quilava. However, his pleasant and brief encounter with that Honchcrow somehow discouraged him from starting the school year on the wrong note. So however aggressive his dismount appeared to be, Slade simply held up the disk for the student to take, which he did, timidly. "Hey, try and watch where ya throwing. Next time, you're fetching it," he said as friendly as he could, patting the intimidated Quilava on the shoulder. That went well, he thought to himself genuinely. "No class" my ass.

    Slade decided to do the polite thing, and go to his dorm the normal way, instead of scaling the building to his window. Along the way, he considered folding his hands behind his head. But he concluded that that would look really stupid and no one who intended to even look relaxed would ever do something like that, so he just holstered his hands in his pockets, still pivoting the twig in his mouth. The young, shiny Zangoose walked by dorm 21, where he overheard a familiar voice mention a poster. He kept walking, not one to drop by unannounced and currently eager to get to his room on the other side of the hallway.
  29. "Shawn, eh?" Felix said, not recognizing the name, but hoping still to someday meet him. "He looks... confident. I really hope you get to at least meet him... huh?" Felix noticed how Winter was staring off into space, probably daydreaming about this Shawn character. Not wanting to bug her while daydreaming, Felix took this as an invitation to leave. "It was nice to meet you! Maybe we could be friends. That would be nice. See ya!" With that, Felix crept around the still daydreaming Winter, walked out of the room, and slowly closed the door as to not make too much noise.

    The thought of meeting not just one, but two different students in one day, not to mention being friends, or at the very least acquaintances with them, made him smile. He was originally worried that his piercingly dark gaze would inhibit any friend making, as well as his tendency to not know what to say during a conversation, but that didn't seem to affect anyone here. In fact, he managed to hold decent, albeit short, conversations with both people.

    Feeling very confident, he walked into his room, and after making sure nobody was watching, but not bothering to close the door, posed just like Shawn, the Lucario from the poster. Felix kept trying out different poses, and laughed at almost every single one.
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  30. As she was daydreaming, Winter could have sworn she heard the Honchkrow say his goodbye, and she snapped out of it. "Oh, it was nice talking to-" That was all that came out when she realized that he was already gone. Then, she realized something: She forgot his name. She didn't like it when she met someone new, but forgot their name. She decided to walk through the hallway until she found his room. Sure enough, she did.

    "Hey, I forgot your na-" She stopped herself when she saw the Honchkrow posing like the Lucario on the poster. Her eyes shrank as if she were a character in an awkward situation in a comic (take Two Kinds for example). She just kinda stood there for a while, feeling really awkward. "Umm...I'm just gonna go now..." She said, slowly walking back to her room, blushing intensively. Once she got to her room, she closed the door, and sat up against it, looking at her Lucario poster, and remembering the scene that just played through.
  31. "Umm... I'm just gonna go now..."
    Felix shrank into his bed with embarrassment after realizing that Winter, in an attempt to learn his name, noticed him posing like the Lucario from the poster she had. Putting the pillow from the bed over his face, he yelled, though it's volume was definitely muffled by a lot. He was debating what to do about the current embarrassing situation. "My options... either look like an idiot trying to explain what the heck just happened, or look like an idiot by avoiding the subject altogether..." He thought to himself, before giving up. "It's a lose-lose situation!!" Felix yet again screamed into the pillow, though again it was muffled.

    Gathering up what was left of his shattered confidence, Felix fixed his outfit, put his fallen fedora back on his head, tilted it out of habit, and walked to Winter's door. He stood there for a while, not wanting to knock, but wanting to at the same time. Finally, he made up his mind. He knocked once, and stood, hoping nobody else was within earshot of the conversation that might unfold.
  32. After feeling embarrassed for a while, she heard a single knock on her door. She got up, and felt her blood rushing to her face again. She tried to calm down, and keep her cool (puns). Once she did so, she opened the door, and to no surprise, she saw the Honchkrow whose name she forgot. He was most likely here to try to explain what in the wide world of heck just happened.
  33. As the door opened, Felix felt himself going a bit pale, despite him being pale already. "U-uh, I was just g-gonna explain what happened... I was just... ya know, I was... and... uh..." Felix had an entire dialogue planned in his head, but here he was stumbling and stuttering like an idiot. Eventually, he finally got his thoughts together and spoke in mostly full sentences. "I was happy that I got to make a friend, and I remembered the cool-posing Lucario poster guy, and I was in a good mood, so... yeah. There's my explanation. I'm sorry you had to... witness... that." At this point, if his body wasn't completely white, it was even more pale than when he had gotten to the door. Dizziness hit him like a truck, but he refused to fall. He stood, and awaited a response from the obviously confused Winter.
  34. After hearing the explanation from the embarrassed Honchkrow guy, she started smiling, almost laughing, but she tried to suppress it, for this was not a laughing matter...or, at least that's how she saw it. "It's okay, I almost half-expected it from you, seeing that you pointed it out. That happens almost every time someone, mainly a guy, walks in, and sees the poster. The only difference is I knew them. I just met you, and I didn't think you would..." She stopped, blushing again at the scene. "A-Anyway, I think we both need to rest for a while, and think over what just happened, and how we can avoid it...next time..." She said, sitting on her bed. "Anyway, it was nice to meet you, uh...sir."
  35. "Felix. My name is Felix. And I'm glad we could clear this up. Let's... uh... not speak of this again. It was really my fault, and I'll try not to do that again." Felix said. He noticed that Winter started smiling, and he debated mentally whether or not she was going to laugh. Tilting his fedora, he made his way to his room for what felt like the thousandth time, and closed the door. Flopping onto the bed with a sigh of relief, his picked up a different book, and actually read the title this time. "How to Avoid Embarrassment"

    "Are you serious?" Felix muttered with distaste. He sighed, then begrudgingly opened the book and started to read the book.
  36. Solomon peered down at the fragment of paper in his hands as he entered the hallway where his dorm room was located. "Man oh man" sighed Sol as he slowly proceeded down the slightly crowded hallway looking at each dorm room number trying to find the right one. Being that he already got lost just trying to find his dorm building, he was one of the last people to arrive. Everywhere he looked he saw people making friendships, acquaintances, and potential future "enemies". He could almost feel the excitement in the air. Solomon shrugged his broad muscular shoulders as he adjusted the weight of the two substantial black duffel bags on either of his shoulders. With no visible effort, despite the weight of his bags, Solomon reached in to the pocket of his blue athletic shorts and pulled out a piece of paper to find out the exact number of his dorm. Dorm 25, he thought to himself. Solomon glanced at the top of the door of the closest dorm he could see and spied the number 16. Thank God I'm almost there. Hopefully the is the finally the right hallway. I really need to get a better sense of direction. Thought Sol as he chuckled to himself a bit and continued down the hallway

    "21, 22, 23..." Solomon mumble to himself as he continued down the loud hallway while glancing up at the top of each doorway trying to find the right number so he could put down his large cargo. Just as he was continuing past dorm 23 a bit of movement caught his eye and he peered in as he was making his way. Solomon spied a Honchkrow in a fedora striking exaggerated poses and laughing to himself. That is one strange funny dude. thought Solomon to himself. He hurried past to make sure he wasn't seen as he giggle to himself like a idiot. Solomon stopped dead in his tracks as he saw two very cute female students staring at him and laughing from across the populated hallway. The Delcatty on the left in a not so quiet whispered spoke to her friend, a Roselia, while covering her mouth.
    "Did you see that strange Machoke just now laughing to himself stupidly?", the Delcatty questioned her equally amused friend.
    "Did i? I guess everyone has those random fits of giggles during the day." the Roselia laughed out sarcastically.
    Real smooooth Sol. Solomon quickly hasted his steps so he could reach dorm 25 before making himself feel more like clown. Sol entered and closed the door behind him quickly and leaning his back against it. "Well its nice to know that my ability to talk to girls is as great as ever." stated Solomon to nobody in particular. Solomon took a moment to spy around the room to check its contents. One twin sized bed was along the wall to the left and a small desk will a lamp on it decorated the dorm on the opposite side. Directly in front of him was a medium sized window with a dresser next to but not blocking the window on the right. Pretty spartan room. thought Solomon. But that leaves me with more room for my weights! Sol then placed the two large bags in the center of the room and proceeded to unpack them.
  37. As Felix finally finished reading his book, he heard some metallic crashing sounds coming from a few doors down. Against his better judgement, he got up slowly, again fixed his outfit and tilted his fedora, and went to go see what the noise was about. He looked at door 24 for a couple seconds. The door had been closed for a bit, and he started to wonder if anyone was actually in there. He reached door 25, and peered in slowly, as the door was open. He noticed a Machoke man placing massive weights onto the ground in the center of his room. To the man, those weights seemed to be nothing, but to Felix, he stared at them with a face of almost fear. If one of those rolls onto me, I'm through... *gulp*. He thought to himself before actually introducing himself. This was the third person he would meet, and he didn't want to screw this up.

    "Knock knock." He said while knocking on the open door to grab his attention.
    Hopefully he doesn't get angry and throw a weight at me. He again thought to himself. "You look like you just got here. I'm Felix, and if you haven't noticed, I am a Honchkrow. What's your name?" Felix said, while out of habit tilting his fedora. After realizing he was messing with his fedora, he quickly stopped and put his hand out for a hand shake.
  38. Winter wanted to tell him something else, but it was too late, for he had already left the room. She just kept it to herself, and lied in her bed, thinking about what happened, and trying to forget about it. She pulled out a book, and started reading it, picking up where she left off previously.
  39. Slade made it to his room, taking off his jacket and throwing it nearby. He sniffed about, sensing that something wasn't right. He surveyed his area, eventually rummaging through his bag of items that he purposely left unpacked. His eyes widened and his breathing quickened, everything seemed to be there - except a golden, simply decorated, heart-shaped locket and necklace chain.

    It should be right here. Riiiight here. Where the hell is it?... It couldn't have gone anywhere. Alright, I'm going to close my eyes, and when I open them up, it's going to be right her-it's not here...! Why isn't it here...! I don't get it! Where in the...!

    Slade held his head in between his hands like a vise, letting out a terrible, prolonged scream that however long it sounded, naturally felt excruciatingly longer. He then began to ransack the entire dorm, frantically searching through every fixture and piece of furniture in a fruitless effort to find the missing locket.
  40. Solomon turned quickly at the sound of another person's voice. He wasn't particularly frightened by the sudden voice but he was definitely surprised. Being that he was one of the last ones to arrive he had spoken to anyone and therefor knew no one. He faced to see who the voice and name Felix belonged to only to realize that it was the very same Honchkrow from dorm 23 that he spied a little on earlier. Solomon had to quickly suppress his urge to laugh in Felix's face after his strange performance. Solomon the reached out his hand in return and with a little effort managed to stammer out a proper greeting.

    "H-hey t-there Felix!" Solomon answered through slightly shaking shoulders. I should ask what he was doing earlier cause that was TOO funny!, thought Solomon to himself. "My names Solomon, but my friends call me Sol(pronounced as Saul). "I found that its easier for people to remember rather then my full name", Sol continued while extending his own hand. I'll be sure to ask him on the "sly" when I get the chance. Sol thought amusingly to himself while accidentally squeezing Felix's hand a little hard.

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