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Jeyjey's Request Topic!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Jeydis, Jan 5, 2008.

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    I am zombifying this topic since I dont want to repost my wall of sprites and I really like it :p I figure since its my topic there shouldnt be any issues.

    NOTE: I will be using the HGSS sprites by defaults for any trainer card or team pose etc. unless the pose is realllly akward which it shouldnt be since HGSS actually has really nice active poses for the pokemon.


    [glow=red,2,300]Topic Rules![/glow]
    -All Pokecharms rules of conduct ( As seen here!!! )
    -No rushing me, I really hate it when that happens and ill probably just take you off the list all together if you do.
    -No asking for things I did not list, we have a wonderful family of spriters here and all have great talents in diffrent areas so if I can't do it someone else here probably can.
    -Please dont use these sprites for your own work unless you requested them.
    -When you request if you want anything special feel free to be very specific in your request. Ill do what I can to satisfy you.

    I will do anything that is listed bellow for anyone. If its not listed there I can't or wont do it, probably because it requires too long in my opinion. Time average is low for chaos and recolors, trainer cards are pretty quick too. Longest is making fusions and cosplayers since it requires a bit more crafty-ness to do nicely.

    [glow=red,2,300]Requests List! (If there is a spot, you can request, if there isnt you can post the request but dont expect it right away.)[/glow]

    1- Mugshot for Fallen Angel

    Here are some examples of what I can do. There are more if you look through the topics pages, I just picked a few as preview.

    NEW! Mugshots and trainer back shots!


    Pokemon Fusions



    IMPORTANT NOTE! All the chaos that I make are shareable unless you ask otherwise when you request. Meaning anyone can use any chao I make in their signature even if they didnt request unless your specify you dont want them too in your request post.

    Demonic Pokemon (Heavy recolor and some splicing)

    Angelic pokemon (Heavy recolor and some splicing)

    Team Shots (2 formats)
    (trainers in these exemples are not by me they where either provided by the requester or requested by me)

    Trainer Cards from scratch (xcept for the sprites) 2 styles to choose from.

    I can do any basic recolor you would like as long as you are specific in what you want.​
  2. It's pretty good. I like the hands and feet. I would've edited out Crasher Wake's mask or face paint or whatever, though. The headdress is a little awkward, too. Maybe it should be oriented upward, since Crasher isn't looking down.
  3. I kept the face paint/mask cuz it reminded me of Aggron's blue eyes :p guess I could do without. As for the head peice ill see if I can make one from scratch again when im more or less awake @.@

    Thanks a bunch for the comment :D
  4. Update! Trainer Cards bases I jsut cooked up in PS.

  5. WOW, I really like that blue one, you should submit it to the trainer card maker!
    And if I could make a suggestion for the Aggron cosplayer, maybe if you changed the mask color into something more...aggrony...lol, for lack of a good word. Great job, keep it up!
  6. Update :D
  7. Chelsea: "Oh! Wow! That's pretty darn cool! I like it better than Exploud and Camerupt!" :o

    Ashley: (Chelsea, don't say the 'd' word.) She said she likes your Truperupt. I do, too. I also love the mini cannons on the side of it. "It reminds me of a pirate ship." (Quiet Chelsea! I think so, too.) :) Keep up the excellent work. :) I, too, like it better than the Pokemon that it was originally made from. :)

    Chelsea: (Ashley never lets me speak. Gr. ;))

    (Chelsea is Ashley's alter ego who talks and gets excited more. Basically the same person.)
  8. Glad you two like it :D
  9. I love Truperupt its evil looking but in a good way. i really like Exploud head things are placed in the middle of the Camerupts body great touch. *gives award* >.
  10. That was the idea behind the sprite :D thanks for the comment.

    will be updating soon witha Whismur/Loudred/Exploud cosplayer.
  11. YAY I cant wait to see 'em!! ;D
  12. Truperupt looks awesome! =D I bet if you make more Pokemon mixes/fusions they'd look great! (Greater than mine, at least. x3)
  14. THe whismur cospay is so cute!!!!!! And the Kecleon cosplay is awsome great job!!>.
  15. Thank a bunch :D I ended up not doing exploud or loudred since the large mouths where really hard to emulate correctly on a human sprite :S

    Coming up: More pokemon fusions!
  16. Very goood sprites.Im impressed.But the eyes on the whismur cosplayer creep me out o_o
  17. lol Whismur's eyes always creeped me out, I had to put them on the fusion. I am now taking some requests! nothing to complicated, just cosplayers and fusions.
  18. how about a mewtwo cosplay?
  20. thats so kewl i love it great job!!!!
  21. Glad you like it :D
  23. I think that Alakarerra is amazing as well as all of your other sprites. :) Keep up the amazing work. :)
  24. Hey Jeydis. ^^ Of your new sprites, I'd have to say I like the Kecleon Cosplayer and Alakarra. The Whismur Cosplayer's eyes look like... Like a person who's dzzy and is about to fall or something. The Mewtwo Cosplayer needs to be more Mewtwo-ish, maybe a helmet or headband with Mewtwo ears or something. Other than that, you're doing pretty good. ^^
  25. OK, Jeydis, I think that your fusions are awesome! They look pretty well put together and look like they are all just one sprite instead of made from more than 1. Great work!

    For the cosplayers, I think that for these being your first, they are really good. Although to make it look a bit more "costume" like, I think you should scratch some parts, like the Mewtwo one, you should try scratching the tail so that it looks a bit more proportionate to the person. Great work, Keep it up!
  26. hmm thanks for the advise guys, ill try it out on my next few. Scratching stuff is hard >.O
  28. If you had the time, could you make me a Growlithe cosplayer?
  29. Done!

  30. That is really good Jeydis. :D Could I request a Lucario cosplayer and a cosplayer of the attached sprite?

    [attachment deleted by admin]
  31. [​IMG]

    Here you go lego, hope it satisfies you, if you want them seperate ill attempt 2 new cosplayers. Never thought doing coupled up sprites would be so challenging @@
  32. [​IMG]
    Random update! The first is Nightmane a sprite merge of rapidash and pidgeotto turned demonic :D second is a backshot I made for my trainer. and the third is a simple lil sprite merge of Clefable and Butterfree.

    Cmon guys request! I need something to do :p
  33. Love the Rapidash, tips of the wings are clipped though. ;) Requests.... umm.... do something random to a Lucario sprite. :D
  34. [​IMG]
    Here you go, its sand statue Lucario!
  35. That's quite good Jeydis. :) Could you now try to make a demonic Lucario like you did the Rapidash?
  36. :o :o :o :o :o That is utterly amazing.
    I am sooo using that for an avie. Can I?
  37. Its made for you so yes of course :D
  38. Hey, Jey, I think that the sand Lucario is awesome, and since you want requests, could you make me a male and female sand Pikachu thingy? It would be totally awesome if you did.

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