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Jenova's Shattered Hopes and Dreams :D

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Jenova, Jun 23, 2011.


    God, I forgot all about reopening my art thread- OH WELL, I'M DOING IT NOW. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy my artwork! ^^;

    On the left is Eponine, one of my two new Pokemon OCs. Unlike her partner, Eponine is a rather homely wallflower, although she is trying to change her image. On the right... I don't know, I was just experimenting :p

    This is rather old by a year or so, but I like it for some odd reason. Although not quite as pretty as its predecessor, Bellenova, Stelnova is a deadly freak of nature and should never be created. God knows what would happen to the world.

    This is my take on the recent cast of the Digimon RP that's currently being discussed over at the RP Discussion Board. Most of you have seen RX's version, and while mine is not even close to RX's awesomeness, I'm rather proud of this ^^; They're all drawn in different styles, some being more subtle than the others. For example, Aiko's face was drawn in the style of Ai Yazawa's Nana series, and Renata is more realistic than the others.

    Anyway, that's pretty much it for my artwork. I hope you guys liked it! (I'll show close ups of the various Digimon OCs later.)
  2. Even more Digimon RP character artwork? This is exactly why I hate you guys so much...

    Though nobody cannot love the artwork, this is absolutely fantastic! Stellnova is definately not something I want to see spawned anytime soon, those other two are pretty good too, this art thread deserves the warm welcome it is being given now. Good to see your artwork again Jen!
  3. I love 'em all, but your pencilled girl on the right is magnificent ♥
    And as for Stelnova, epic hair |D
  4. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Stelnova will haunt my dreams forever now. ;_;

    Also, dem swiiiiiiirls. pretty.
  5. Definitely remaining super jealous at all of the talented artists here on 'charms. Of all the things I CANNOT do, drawing is one of the things I wish I was good at the most XD I like everything that you've posted here, your OC is cool and I'd like to participate in an RP featuring her because she looks like she'd be fun to RP with |D

    Stelnova scares me, but it's so well drawn that I don't even care. I particularly love the stance that you've got Stelnova standing in, it makes the character look so badass.

    And another Digimon RP sketch? I like this RP already XD I love that (as you said) each character is a different style. When I was looking at Aiko, I knew that the style looked familiar, but it wasn't until you pointed out that it was Nana that it clicked. I've only read like one chapter of it though, so yeah |D

    Overall, I think that they all look great, Jen ^^
  6. Gosh, Stelnova is either the genetic combination of Jen and Stel, or the crystal-made child of SCT and Stel. I don't know which, but I have a feeling she'll do something to me if she doesn't like me. XD
  7. [​IMG] Holy Notch, what's all this noise about?!? OH- we have guests... Well then. Hello adventurers, I am...


    [​IMG] I'm pretty much the best at what I do. Hey wait a minute, what's that sparkling thi-


    [​IMG]Oh. It's just Asa, my fairy. She's a sweetie. Anyway, sorry guys, but Skylord Vitali's calling me. Wonder what he wants now? Anyway, fly you guys later!

    (No creepers were harmed in the making of this Shadow of Israphel RP idea.)
  8. Whoo, sorry for the slight deadness!
    ... *crickets chirp* :<

    Why, what's this? Concept ideas for a character?

    Well yes it is! :D Meet Sanne Kohl, an Anthroman, although you guys may know of Anthromen as anthros or furries. Although Anthromen have existed for a lesser period of time than Humans, they are just as equal... at least, that's how it should be. Sadly, Anthromen are highly looked down upon, much like our world's history with slavery and segregation in America.
  9. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I love them Jen! Koala furry is definitely a new one in my book. I'll be looking for the other works you promised! ;)
  10. I can't believe I haven't properly commented on this thread! I lurk like a master |D

    Your arts are amazing, Jen, and I always love your stuff whenever you actually post it~ You should post mooooar!

    I can't wait to see your next update!! :3

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