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Ask to Join Jaunsma, super hero academy.

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jake Acker, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Link to rp discussion - http://pokecharms.com/threads/looking-to-make-a-superpower-academy-roleplay.14297/#post-309242

    Welcome to Earth 2.0, an alternate reality in which 99% of the world possess some form of super human ability. Due to the abundance of these powers it’s common to see them used in everyday life, even the simplest of jobs being aided by them.

    Now many of these abilities are harmless, changing the colour of your hair for example, but some people do possess a rarer set of powers, even more extraordinary than the extraordinary. It’s these people who often become heroes, a legitimate profession in this world that is backed, supervised and funded by the governments of each respective country of the world.

    Training to become a hero begins at one of 6 academies and this is where our story will begin. Your character will be attending the European academy of Jaunsma, the second largest of the lot. It isn’t easy to attend these schools and an entrance exam must be passed as well as a series of physical assessments that will tell the academy committee how much potential you have.

    Once you have passed their tests Jaunsma will offer you state of the art facilities, professional teaching staff and the kind of accommodation some people would die for. Technology has come a lot further in this world due to people having powers to help them during research so there will be some very futuristic things kicking around in some places. So enjoy your stay!

    Teaching staff (Of importance to the story)

    Headmaster- Professor Luxnis

    A kind hearted man with a real passion for his job, there are many rumour swirling around him that speak of the fact that he was once a hero himself, but gave up and retired to teaching for some reason. He is about 60 years old but looks more like a 40 year old with pure grey hair. Often seen wearing his favourite black suit and gold tie, the man carries himself with an air of dignity and authority that lets you know he has certainly earned his position as head of the Academy. The man himself has stark blue eyes, almost as if they were a pair of tiny icy lakes. A well-trimmed beard adorns his face, the same grey as the rest of his hair. It is often pondered what his power is, it would appear nobody but the man himself and the other teaching staff know for sure.

    Deputy head/ rescue mission expert- Mrs Greystone

    Mrs Greystone is the kind of woman you don’t want to mess with. She stands at nearly 6ft 8, with the bulk of a body builder to back it up. Despite the muscle she is actually rather obese and has a very motherly personality, truly caring for every child she teaches, no matter how difficult they are. That’s not to say she won’t lay the smack down on you the moment you step out of line in her class. She is about 38, her age beginning to show in the lines of her face and hints of grey in her brown locks. Her power is rather obviously one of super strength, a gift she uses to help out in search and rescue missions after natural disasters and the like.

    Chief engineer/ gadget training- Mrs Carem

    The brains behind half the technology at Jaunsma, Mrs Carem is actually a fairly recent graduate of the school herself, but she was so good they insisted that she came back and worked for them so that she could help the next generation of students with her gift. The youngest member of staff on site, the Chief engineer is a petite blond woman with a straight cut fringe and a pair of black glasses framing her green eyes. She is often quite protective of her equipment but other than that she is very friendly towards anybody who approaches her. The ability she possess is one that took years to master, she can change the properties of elements at will, meaning she can make wood that is dense as lead and such forth, a skill she incorporates into a lot of her designs.

    Class 01 instructor- Mr Pistris

    This man will be your primarily teacher for the majority of your stay at Jaunsma and as you will learn in time this may not be a good thing. He is known for his exceptionally high standards and no nonsense policies, once even kicking a kid out of the school because he messed around too much in class. The negatives aside he is an excellent teacher, probably one of the best in the world and your skills will be refined to a sharp point under his watchful eye. A tall and skinny man, Mr Pistris has dark unkempt hair that falls down to his shoulders and eyes as dark as coal. Pale skin that looks almost like paper when compared to his hair and clothes.

    Combat training instructor- Mr Iram

    Just imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger. That’s pretty much Mr Iram. However he has the ability to copy anybody’s fighting style just after watching them throw one punch so he is a master of all martial arts making him an invaluable asset to the school when it comes to teaching their students how to fight. He is from Germany and it shows in his accent, but he is still easy enough to understand.

    School nurse- Mrs Curare

    The friendly school nurse is loved by all, very few students escape paying her a visit at some point during their stay at the school but she makes sure your comfortable when you do have to stay at the sickbay. She is in her late 30’s and possess a shock of bright pink hair that make her stand out in any crowd. She actually used to work at the academy of Japan, something that is apparent in her Asian heritage and due to this she is a very experienced healer. Her power is one that allows her to take pain away from people and rapidly increase the rate at which they recover from a wound. It’s by no means instant but a broken arm won’t take more than a day or two to fix up.

    Janitor- Mr Mundi

    Mr Mundi is a man of Indian origins of an unknown age. He has a very shaggy grey beard the colour of thunderclouds and eyes of a similar colouration. Never seen without his army green jumpsuit, Mr Mundi is a common sight around the campus but doesn’t often interact with any of the students. For the most part you won’t have to talk to him, but it’s been known to happen. Due to his silent nature students have no idea what his power is.

    Right from here on it the roleplay officially begins and all OC chat is to be done in the other thread. Have fun guys!


    The colossal red and white ship rocked as it rode the angry waves beneath the stormy skies, its hull set ablaze with light whenever lightning flashed around it. The words Jaunsma Academy could be seen plastered along the side of the boat in a glossy black paint, each latter at least a story high and clear for all to see. A particularly violent wave crashed into the bow of the transport ship and sent a shudder through the metal beast, all the way into the bowls of the engine rooms as the turbines continued to turn determinedly as they fought to get the passengers to their destination.

    Hidden away in the depths of the ship was Knox, his eyes fixated on the storm outside, his mind trying its best to process the kind of raw power of nature he was witnessing on the other side of his porthole. After what had seemed like an eternity he finally managed to pull himself free of the mesmerising sight, stumbling a bit as the ship rocked whilst he walked back to his temporary bunk and sat down heavily upon it, forcing a squeak from its springs.

    As he tried his hardest to relax by forcing his head back into the bunks rather plush pillow Knox couldn’t quite shake the uncomfortable feeling he had been experiencing since he boarded the ship, a sense of unease brewing down in the pit of his stomach. Was it sea sickness? He had been on boats before and never experienced any sort of problems so he doubted it but the only other option was that his nerves were playing up again. He was going to Jaunsma for crying out loud! Some of the best heroes in the word had done their training here and now he was on his way to follow down the same path they took. Shaking his head he sat up again, trying to get his thoughts under control, he would need to be feeling level headed if he was to pass the entrance exams. That was right, he wasn’t out of the woods yet, even though he had been cleared to visit the school he still wasn’t actually enrolled until he had passed the tests set out by the European government that would separate the good from the lucky.

    “It’s not like you’re any worse than any of the other students here man, cheer up a little!” He said aloud to nobody other than himself, hoping a little independent prep talk would shake off the negativity that had been following him around like a hungry dog ever since he set foot upon this floating castle of a boat.

    Just when he was about to give up and resort to sleeping away the nervousness a voice rang out over the small speakers positioned all over the ship, a robotic tinge applied to every word it spoke.

    “Attention all passengers, we are about to reach our destination and would recommend you prepare to disembark the ship as soon as possible. Make your way to your nearest exit in an orderly fashion and we hope you enjoyed your journey!”

    “Enjoyed my journey? Yeah right.” Knox laughed as he sprung from the bed to gather up his luggage, his spirits raised slightly by the fact he would at least finally be getting off the boat and onto dry land again. A few moments and several identical crimson red corridors later, the boy found himself stepping out into the cold night’s air, rain lashing at everything in sight, people and machines included. Savouring the moment his foot made contact with the solid cobbles that made up the dock they had arrived at, Knox’s attention was drawn to an odd light accompanied by a hoarse voice fighting to be heard over the howl of the storm.

    All new arrivals with me, I have been instructed to bring you to the induction centre and get you out of this lovely weather!”

    The voice was coming from a man wearing a high visibility green jacket about 25 feet to the left of Knox, and oddly enough the light seemed to be coming from him too. Behind the man was what was almost certainly the school, but the darkness had currently swallowed it up and it was almost impossible to see. Jaunsma was known for its secrecy however so this was probably exactly what they wanted, perhaps the storm was even a product of some employee with some very powerful abilities under their belt.

    Whilst Knox’s brain was filled with schemes of fake storms and top secret powerful teachers he almost ran into the living lantern of a man, a feat that should have been impossible due to the fact that the guy was literally glowing. After a stuttered apology the red faced boy quickly made his way to the small building the man was directing new students into, desperate to get out of the wind and rain.

    As the electric doors slid open he was hit by a heavenly warm blast of air, accompanied by the sound of soothing music floating around the room. It was as plush in here as it had been aboard the ship, a row of heavily padded seats down one side of the room and a desk with a receptionist on the other.

    Knox shook most of the fat droplets of rain from his jet black locks of hair and gave himself a quick brush down, desperate to make a good first impression seeming as he was the first of the ships passengers to get inside. Glancing at her, it was clear the receptionist was busy scribbling something down on a piece of paper so he stood their awkwardly for some time, only approaching when he was sure she was done with what she was doing.

    “H-hey there, my names Knox Lo-“ he started to say before the ladies sweet and soothing voice cut him off, allowing him to happily stop talking and just listen.

    Knox Lomar? Yes sweetie you’re on the list, could you just do me favour and sit down over there for me? We just have to wait for the rest of your potential classmates before we get down to the important business. Thanks!” She said with a warm smile as she gestured towards the seats in the room.

    Nodding to show his cooperation, Knox gladly took the seat closest to the heating and nestled down, eager to see what kind of people would step through those doors next, potential classmates or even future friends, he would just have to find out.
  2. Isaac wandered into the building, being quickly herded in. That rushed ship ride in a storm had quickly made him queasy, and now he just wanted to get inside, sit down and maybe find a bucket just in case. The receptionist had quickly sat down the first passenger to enter, and he thanked that person for biting the bullet and asking. He sat down next to the guy, a weird move for him as he always tended to do anything to sit alone.

    He had came here with two... no three goals in mind. 1. Save a life.
    Might as well use his powers for something. This would make him be able to hold this hero badge of honour, making him obviously useful in some way.
    2. Perform a full body morph
    He always wanted to pull off a full khymera morph. Lose all humanity in his body, made of multiple animal parts. It would make him a real beast. He focused on a Manticore, not the real Ancient Greek one but the more modern vision, a lion with bat wings and a scorpions tail. He was told there were physical limits, and more expert opinions said that he was too scared of losing his own humanity in the process to pull it off. And they said that was a good reason, and that is why he could not and should not do it. But he knew it would be awesome and he would be a true danger on a battlefield.
    3: Have fun and find friends
    This was more tertiary, less important to him now than ever before. He was here to be serious. Originally it was just 'go to school, get one or two friends, make memes' but he was serious now. Serious stuff was not exactly memes. He let out a sigh, tired from the storm, when his cheeks suddenly started to go a shade of light green.
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  3. The sound of the electric doors squeaking open and a very unwelcome blast of bitterly cold air alerted Knox to the fact that another pupil must have arrived, snapping him out of his daydreams about what his future held from here on out. Stepping into the room was a boy with light brown hair that was still damp from the rain outside, with a hoodie sheltering a rather slender frame from the worst of the elements.

    To Knox's alarm the new arrival decided to take the seat right beside him rather than one of the many other free chairs the room held, perhaps he too wanted to sit near the heater? The young man could feel his butterflies coming back, a sensation identical to what he had felt on the journey here and not one he was happy to be having a second visit from so soon. Taking a moment to calm himself and steady his nerves Knox was about to ask the boy his name before he noticed the greenish tinge becoming more prominent by the second in the new guys cheeks. All embarrassment now forgotten in wake of the surprise that had taken over Knox's senses he leaned forward slightly (But not too close, wary of the complexion.) and asked as politely as he could "Hey....are you about to hurl?"
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  4. Botny sat in the back of an expensive looking car, shimmering with brilliant silver hue, silent, lost in his own thoughts. He remembered talking to his parents before leaving and arguing about how he was forced to take the private car instead of taking the boat like everyone else.

    "Is everything alright Botny?" the driver asked. He was only in his early 30s but very well mannered and sweet to Botny. He acted as his personal driver, assistant, butler, etc.

    "Everything is fine Harold," Botny said. He thought to himself how exciting this place would be. He visited prior with his parents but now it would be different. There would be other students, classes, maybe even a love interest or two. Botny chuckled at his own thoughts and the he noticed it. Jaunsma Academy.

    Harold opened the door and was holding in umbrella over there door. "Thank you Harold," Botny said, speaking ever slightly louder due to the storm. "Go park the car and I will send someone to inform you where to bring my things. Once you've done that you're free to go home. Thank you for everything." Botny hugged Harold as if he were an older brother. He took the umbrella and ran through the doors.

    "This weather is terrible," Botny said aloud shaking the water off his long black peacoat. He removed his coat, and underneath was wearing snug fitting jeans, an untucked white button up with a vest over it. He'd also been wearing a black tie tucked into his vest, and a pair of dark purple chuck taylors. "How are you doing today madam?" he asked the receptionist rhetorically before sitting near some other students he hadn't noticed until now. "They seem like fun," he thought to himself, but decided to wait until a bit later before initiating any conversation.
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  5. The suffering questioning made Isaac embarrassed, and the green flushed from his cheeks as he tried his best to stop. "No, of course not, why would I do that?" He replied almost skittishly. He noticed two more seating themselves, and he decided that it would be best to get some actual knowledge of the place. "So do you know anything actually about this place? I didn't really get told much."

    The actual building was secretive enough, with the enshrouding mist and heavy storms. He maybe could've swapped his eyes to something better to look through the veil but he didn't want to spook anyone.
  6. Knox felt his face flush red as the nauseous looking boy next to him brushed off his question as if were one that made no sense. He instantly regretted his attempt at communication, the discomfort he felt preventing him from responding to the next thing the guy said.

    When he finally did respond it barely a croak, a mocking version of his usual voice. "Information about Jaunsma? I wish....I only know what we got given in those little leaflets, you know the ones they sent is in the mail? Actually I might still have mine.."

    After a short rummage through the bag proper up against the leg of his chair he pulled out a brightly coloured leaflet displaying several different pictures of renowned heroes who had graduated from the academy. After flicking through the pages he turned back to the boy, feeling a little better now the power of information was on his side. Talking a little louder than usual to make himself heard clearly over the ongoing thunderstorm he decided to introduce himself.

    "My name's Knox by the way, it's a pleasure to meet you." He said with a small smile extending a hand towards the other boy so that he may shake it. "So what do you need to know?" He asked afterwards as his eyes flickered through the pages of his leaflet.
  7. Isaac extended his hand out to shake hands with the boy, hoping he didn't accidentally morph it into a crab claw or something. That had happened before. Luckily for him it didn't, and although he was just curious about the place he supposed he should at least thank the guy for bothering.

    "Nah, it was nothing particular. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about here. I would understand why they would keep it a secret but we are sort of staying here, and even at normal schools they have open evenings and stuff like that. I'm just sort of being thrown in here. I don't have much experience with people with like, mind-bendingly complex powers and stuff. It's mostly just really standard stuff."
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  8. The humming the engine made was soothing. Other than the storm outside, which he did not want to go through, it was calm. Or, at least that was what Zachary thought as he sat inside the craft. Some people seemed to be exiting already, but he wanted to wait, enjoy the view. However, places to go, things to see were outside. Maybe he could make a friend.

    Zach had heard this academy was notorious for having such high security, even students had trouble getting around. Then again, places like this were prime targets for attacks. Breaking out of his thoughts, Zach realized that if he didn't get out, he would be late for the induction. His parents had told him that it was one of the most important things to do. Plus, they wanted him to take pictures.

    Walking onto dry land, a man directing all new arrivals into the induction center. The jacket he was wearing and the fact he was literally glowing really must have worked, because Zach noticed him right away. Despite being only a short walk, he didn't want to be wet at all. Plus, it would be cool to show off, wouldn't it? He wouldn't be using his power anytime soon....

    Focusing his energy, his view faded out. To anyone watching, he would've just disappeared. Despite stumbling a bit, teleporting to him seemed rather simple. He seemed to be inside, next to a reception desk. The lady inside looked.. Well, not phased at all. "Zachary Newter? Yes, go ahead," the receptionist said as he opened his mouth to tell her. Man, she's good. After taking a few guesses how, the lady pointed him over to a couple seats, which were mostly filled. Two boys seemed to be talking, and he didn't want to disturb them. He seated himself next to another boy. Looking over, they had brown hair and a nice shade of green for eyes. In an attempt to start a conversation, Zachary looked over to the boy and asked, "Hey, you new here too?"
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  9. After patiently letting the boy explain his question, Knox felt he had a wonderful opportunity to show off what he little he was capable of. It did seem a little strange to him that the boy (Who had chosen not to mention his name to Knox during there handshake) was apparently unfamiliar with complex powers, which would undoubtedly be a common sight here at Jaunsma and the surrounding towns. There were rumours that due to the academy and the amount of class A powers that were present within it, the local communities were full of citizens that possessed an abundance of powerful abilities.

    "Complex abilities? Well im not sure if you could call mine that either but im hoping its going to be enough to get me into the school so I can develop it further." He explained to his possible future classmate. Thinking back to the other kids at his previous school he guessed his power could be considered more complex than usual, or at least more interesting. His only friend back home had only possessed the ability to change the colour of his eyes and hair, something the poor lad had faced a fair amount of ridicule for and Knox's ability had certainly been complex than that. A little too complex for his liking in fact, the first time had attempted a transformation only his arm had transitioned into its crystal state, before the limb promptly fell apart into the many separate parts it was made up of, tiny black crystals scattering everywhere. It took him months to work out how to control his body in that form, it was like commanding every solider of an army all at once, each one with a different job. A smirk formed on his face, his lips being tugged into position. He had mastered that now, he could work both of his arms and legs in that form without a hitch, so how long till he could do it with his entire body? Not long if this place lived up to its name.

    His plan to show off his power was interrupted when a boy who looked his age simply appeared in the middle of the room. One second he was nowhere to be seen and the next, pop, there he was. Knox jolted back as it happened as if somebody had hooked him up to a car battery but once he realised it was simply a teleporter of some kind he was able to relax again. So teleportation huh? That was the kind of high grade powers he would be up against in the entrance exams? This might be even harder than he thought.

    "Looks like we have some of those complex abilities going on right over there huh?" He said with a nervous smile as he gave the boy a nudge, indicating towards the latest arrival to join them.
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  10. Botny looked astonished as the boy teleported in. He'd never seen anyone actually use any type of teleportation before. The boy who teleported in seemed very curious. Botny watched as he came to sit next to him and decided, he better start making friends now, especially with someone who could teleport. Before he could get a word out the young man asked if Botny was new. "Yea, I'm new, and that teleportation power was phenomenal!" he exclaimed. "It's the first time I've ever seen anyone do that before. I'm Botny Morgs, it's very nice to meet you," Botny said with a hand outreached going in for a handshake.
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  11. Isaac barely payed attention to what the guy next to him had said, or the guy opposite. He was currently in shock. He was always a pretty jumpy guy, natural human instinct, but frequent transformations had made his senses a lot more primitive, resulting in frequent toilet breaks at bad times, very bad gas and an extremely jumpy nature. Transforming also affected his motion sickness, making it an experience like being on that boat. He moved his body back forwards in his seat, acting like he hadn't just thrown his entire body back into the chair while also staying in the exact same pose, something he had quickly ended up doing when he was surprised.

    "Yeah, eek. Like, would you just be permanently stuck if you teleported into the middle of an object or..." He realised he was rambling on and stopped himself. Apparently his power could also have some weird side effects, but he just didn't like to think about them. Get the inhibitions out of the way to make it easier to transform, if he let go of his rational mind it would only leave physical limits. He decided to get everything back to a more normal feeling and just resume the conversation like nothing happened. "I'm Isaac Willow by the way."
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  12. Knox didn't know he felt about this place so far, teleporting classmates, all this fancy décor and this guy talking to himself....He was beginning to feel a little homesick already. A determined grimace took over his face moments after he let his guard down enough to even consider going home, no, there was no way he would give up now, this was his dream after all! A chance to help the world and master his own abilities whilst he was at it.

    "Isaac Willow huh? Well like I've already said, the names Knox." he replied to Isaac as calmly as he could, a little unnerved by the way the boy had returned to their conversation as if he hadn't just been spouting some rubbish about the complications that could arise during teleportation or something to himself.

    There was something bothering Knox, it was Isaac, or more specifically his voice. "Hey man, where exactly are you from? That accent, I could have sworn I know it. Your English too? Or perhaps welsh?" he asked curiously, a raised eyebrow arching its way up his brow.
  13. Botny watched the two guys talk to each other and wondered if he should say something to them as well. "I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation, but I couldn't help notice you seem a bit anxious? If you'd like I could make a little something that would make you feel better. I'm Botny by the way," he said with the biggest and most charming and inviting smile.

    However before even waiting for an answer Botny held out his hands palms up. His greenish hands began glowing ever so dimly as he closed his eyes and focused his energy into the palms of his hands. He cupped them and when he opened his eyes he opened up his hands as well revealing a small flower. It was an orange flower with speckles of yellow across it. The flower was quite peculiar and appeared to be swaying in his hands without the slightest breeze. Botny looked down at it with a smile.

    "If you feel anxious or sick you should chew on this flower's petals," he explained as he held out the flower to the sickly looking boy. "There's only 3 petals, I'm still trying to perfect it but I guarantee you it works. I use them enough to know it works so no worries, and if you ever want more you can just ask." Botny sat back down and continued waiting with the others. "I wonder if these guys could be potential friends," he thought to himself.
  14. Andddddd of course everyone is jaw-dropped.

    So, that Botny person was something else. Without even waiting for Zachary to shake his hand, he jumped up and ran over to the other students, breaking into their conversation. Maybe he was just bad at first impressions. Anyway, his plant powers were quite impressive. Zach would like to be friends with him one day. Also, his parents were the best namers ever.

    Anyway, now was not the time to make friends. He could do that after he aced the entrance exams. Speaking of which... Grabbing a small leaflet from his pocket, he flipped through to find a page about the exams. He managed to find one.. with a small paragraph not noting anything about the exams themselves. Ok, this will be tougher than I originally thought.

    He was feeling more anxious by the second. He didn't doubt he would pass, but was just not knowing what to expect. Zach just wanted to get it over with. it would probably start as soon as everyone got here. Maybe some sort of physical exam? Something to test our powers? It was almost straining to think about, and they would start soon. Well, he just had to hope for the best.
  15. From outside, the doors were opened once more, showing off a short-ish girl who was soaked to the bone. Taking her hat off, she wrung what she could of the water out of it, replacing it backwards on her dripping head as she walked inside, glad that she had gotten a waterproof pouch for her partner. We did it, Karma, she thought, smiling lightly, as she found an empty seat at an empty table that sat next to a small group of people. Sitting down, she carefully placed the pouch on the tabletop, resisting the urge to open it and show off her skills, since it would probably damage the creature made with the water that covered her body from head to toe. Her brunette hair seemed darker than usual, and her green eyes almost appeared to be glowing, but there was nothing she could do to fix her appearance at the moment, so she acted as though she could not care less, sitting less-than-ladylike in her seat.

    Looking over to the group, who seemed to be introducing themselves to each other, the girl smirked, half of her lips rising while the other half stayed in place. "Hey," she started, joining their conversation whether they wanted her to or not, "name's Lux. What about you guys?" Again, the urge to take the sodium chloride out of her pouch rushed through her mind, but it left almost as soon as it came, as she once again remembered the danger of doing so. Her half-smile faltering for a split second, she stayed turned towards the others, thinking about what she would do if she was not accepted to this school nonchalantly.
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  16. Nikolai sat with his hands tightly intertwined in his lap, his rain soaked overcoat clinging to his skin desperately. He studied his shoes as if they were the most interesting thing in the room, refusing to make eye contact with the security guard who waved a rudimentary pistol around like a toy.
    They were in a private room - one he could only assume was used for staff congregations. The walls had not yet suffered the wear-and-tear the school year would bring to them and were pale and barren. A whiteboard presented itself at the far end of the room. Nikolai sat in the plush chair like a child who had been exposed for snatching a cookie when his mother wasn't looking. He peered up at the guard's weathered face and shrank away from him.
    "You cannot bring guns into a school," he barked, spittle flying from his lips. He slammed the Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless pistol onto the tabletop and Nikolai winced. "You should be expelled for this. What made you think bringing a gun into a school would be a good idea?"
    "It's not loaded," Nikolai said quietly, his accent slipping into the words fearfully. "It's too damaged to fire and too blunt to use as a weapon. It's harmless."
    The guard turned his head and shook it in disbelief. He seemed to be in dire need of chemical relief, his hands clenching and unclenching by his sides.
    "Go," the guard growled. "Take your gun and go."
    Nikolai was taken aback. He hesitated, halfway between standing and sitting.
    The guard's enraged face whipped around to face his. "Before I change my mind!" he commanded.
    The boy's breath caught and he snatched the gun and bolted from the conference room, clutching it to his chest tightly before cramming it into his pocket. He didn't stop running until he reached the place where he had started and lowered the brim of his hat in case anyone recognized him from the previous fiasco. Nikolai fell back against the closest wall and gasped for breath.
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  17. This was getting to be a little much. Knox physically backed up in his seat in an attempt to deal with the rather overwhelming amount of conversation directed towards him and Isaac. The kid who had been seated next to them had whipped around in a rather startling manner, before making a comment about the pair of them seeming rather uncomfortable. Knox had half a mind to snap back at the kid "Yeah I seem a little anxious, a kid just turned on me and assaulted me with a flower", but he remained level headed and bit hit tongue, instead offering this new comer, Botny he had said his name was (How appropriate huh?), the broadest smile he could muster giving the circumstances.

    Giving a Botny an approving thumbs up from behind the relative safety Isaac's body was providing him Knox was about to make a comment on the boy's actually rather beautiful ability when a particularly loud crack of thunder caught his attention instead. His eyes snapped to the door way where a girl stood, soaked so bad it looked as if she had chosen to swim here rather than take the boat, a peculiar looking reptilian beast coiled around her neck.

    As the girl began to wring the rain from her clothes Knox couldn't help but think that perhaps his entrance was a little understated compared to these colourful characters. His power simply wasn't that flashy in its current state though so its not like he could compete with Mr teleportation or brother nature over here, so maybe it was best he had got here first, if not simply so he could bag the best seat available.

    His train of thought came to an abrupt halt, more of a crash honestly, when he looked up to see the new girl standing next to their small group, a little drier than she had been previously, although fat droplets of water were still dripping from some of her clothes.
    "name's Lux. What about you guys?"
    Knox glanced at Isaac and Botny, figuring that due to the fact the flower was really meant for Isaac that he should probably be the one to talk to the new comer. "Welcome to out humble abode Lux, I'm Knox, a pleasure to make your acquaintance." He said warmly, very happy that he hadn't stuttered. Along with the greeting followed an extended hand, ready for a handshake, a decision the boy regretted the moment he came into contact with Lux's sodden skin.

    (OOC: Right im thinking that we divide this conversation in two here? Because a four way conversation is gonna become a little tricky to keep realistic track of. If you guys disagree just hit me up in the OOC thread.)
  18. Vivienne sat in the back of her parent's car listen to Habenera from Carmen. She arrived, finally after hours of travelling. Her driver, Marcel, got out the car first and opened the door of the monochrome coloured car. Vivienne was wearing a large black hat and sunglasses with a black dress and blazer. She had a handbag resting in the crevice of her forearm and lower arm. She adjusted her sunglasses and shook Marcel's hand. "Be good." He said. "I will, Marcel. Merci. Tell mummy and daddy I'll be 'ome soon." Vivienne massaged her temple, she had forgotten to play her music. Hmm, let's see. Aha! A bit of Mozart, I think. She thought. She plugged in her headphones and closed her eyes. She noticed the young man, he looked like he might have some ridiculous name like "Clandestine" or something even more ghastly. She noticed they way they reacted from the contact with skin. Vienne sashayed over. "You'd think acquaitances wouldn't already be at this stage." Vivienne said, implying that the two were in a relationship. Vivienne smirked.
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  19. Botny smiled embarrassingly at the guy he just abandoned in conversation, "I'm sorry I can be a bit all over the place sometimes. He just seemed like he needed help." Before he could ask the guys name another potential student came through the door. He decided to to remain silent and just continue watching everyone else.

    As he sat there he noticed a few more potential students arriving. It was getting a bit late for introductions now he felt, and it was time to observe the competition and focus and what this entrance exam could be. He sat and closed his hands and his eyes. The glow between his palms. When he opened his hands and had created the same flower he offered earlier. "Gonna need this," he thought to himself, "I'm so bad at tests."

    Bonny sighed and continued waiting as he placed the flower on his wrist. The stem grew and wrapped around his wrist like a bracelet while the flower layer flat like the face of a watch. "That should make picking petals easier," Botny said quietly to himself.
  20. The .32 calibre pistol might have weighed just under 700 grams, but it felt light as air in his pocket. It had once belonged to a powerless commanding officer called Theodore Arrington whom carried it with him in the trenches of Somme. The gun was only ever fired once - through the pulp of the man's head. Nikolai was convinced the man's spirit dwelled within the gun, symbolically imprisoned in the very thing he had used to escape this world. He thought of Mr. Arrington as an inspiration, although he didn't have a need to do so. The thought of him filled Nikolai with a swell of honour, so the gun never left his side.
    He gulped in his final gasp of air before his lungs accounted for the burst of adrenaline and evened his breathing. Nikolai sighed, glancing about the room nervously. A small crowd of students comprised of several seemingly commonplace teens and one bioluminescent kid were congressing close enough for him to eavesdrop on their conversation. Not being one for intrusion, he shifted his weight.
    "That sly look doesn't suit your face, darling," he commented with the ghost of a smile, running a gloved hand through his hair. The statement was targeted at the admittedly gorgeous young woman who dressed monotonously, though he wasn't sure if she would even acknowledge him.
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  21. Sylphiel was quite pleasantly surprised with the appearance of the sudden storm, the storm clouds were very useful in blocking the sunlight which sapped his energy. Lunakinesis was one of those powers with a myriad of uses and a person with lunakinesis would usually focus on a single aspect to hone. However, Sylphiel was different, why only hone one aspect when you can train all of them? Sure it makes training them slower but as one absorbed more and more moonlight it would change ones body and usually increased lifespan, so time wasn't necessarily a problem. The only downside to lunakinesis was that this god-forsaken sunlight would constantly sap your energy as long as you were exposed to it.

    The sun was truly a thing to be despised, and the only thing Sylphiel disliked more that the sun were those whose power stemmed from it. As opposed to Lunarians ,as people with lunakinesis liked to call themselves, there were a vile, despicable group of people with the power called Heliokinesis. Sylphiel expression darkened as he ruminated over the possibility of there being a Heliokinesis user in the academy, and soon his expression and gaze sharpened as he walked through the doors to the reception office.

    He quickly looked around before spotting a ground on kids, probably students, and staring at them savagely, if one of them had Heliokinesis he would sense it, and so would they. After staring them down from the doorway for about 10 seconds he was interrupted by the receptionist, but he had already determined that they lacked the dastardly power.
    "Sylphiel Noire?"
    He nodded in affirmation.
    "Very well take a seat over there," she then gestured towards the seating area in which the group of kids currently resided. Looking back over to the group of students Sylphiel gave a wry smile, if these were his classmates then the first impression would be quite important, maybe it wasn't too late to save the situation. He walked over to them and beamed them the most beautiful smile he could.

    He looked quite effeminate as the moonlight he absorbed refined his looks in the direction of femininity, which the moon represented, and his long Ice-white hair wasn't helping in establishing his masculinity. Though he disliked being treated as a girl he gradually got used to it, but now was the time to make use of his appearance, as he displayed his smile he leaked moonlight from his body, and dimly glowed with ethereal beauty, or so he hoped.

    Taking advantage of the moment he stretched forth his hand to no one in particular and said,
    "Hiya ~ the names Sylphiel ," he paused for just about a second "Sylphiel Noire."
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  22. Nikolai had been so caught up in his snarky comment that he hadn't noticed the greenhorn approaching from his right. His head tilted in the speaker's direction with the same boastful countenance and was immediately mesmerized, the expression melting from his face like unrefrigerated butter in a heatwave. He had the overwhelming urge to take the hat from his head respectfully in the presence of such a divine entity - male, or not. Nikolai quickly realized that he was gawking at the otherworldly fellow and averted his eyes quickly.
    Forget the girl; this stranger was the beautiful one. He grinned lopsidedly, stepping forward to be the first to accept his hand.
    "Nikolai," he declared chipperly. "Nikolai Montgomery. Though, your name's much cooler than mine, I have to admit."
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  23. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, too, Knox!" Lux replied to the boy, smiling a toothy smile, before watching as one of the other boys had some trouble with bringing a gun into the facility. Brow now furrowed, she wondered why anyone would need to have a gun with them if they had superpowers, but quickly dismissed the thought, for she didn't even know the guy's name- until he introduced himself to yet another boy, who had just walked over to them, introducing himself. As she toyed with the pouch that held her partner in crime companion, the brunette waited for them both to finish their words before she, once again, introduced herself to the stander. "Hey there, Sylphiel!" she started, grin unfaltering, as she played more and more with the mouth of her pouch, unknowingly. "My name's Lux Russey, but I'm usually just called Lux."

    Her head whipped around to face the table she sat at as she felt her pouch open fully, its contents being dumped onto the, believe it or not, dry tabletop.

    "CRAP!" Lux accidentally yelled, standing quickly from her seat and slowly raising a hand up almost over her head, watching with a relieved expression as the salt from the baggie-like container was picked up off the table, merely hovering in midair, before she put it back into the pouch with the power of her mind, resealing the bag with her free hand. Letting out a sigh, she stuffed the bag into the front pocket of her sweatshirt, looking back to the others, an awkward laugh escaping her lips. Once the bag was out of sight, she attempted to explain herself. "Sorry 'bout that. Ya have to be pretty careful about everything if you're able to manipulate salt, y'know? And, uh, yeah... I'm not the most careful with the stuff..." Another awkward laugh sounded from the girl's form, and she looked down to her feet, unsure of what the others would think of her little mistake.
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  24. Slyphiel was extremely pleased with their reactions, it seems they either didn't mind or had already forgotten about the glares from before, but it was for the best so he would not question it. While shaking the hand of Nikolai he responded,
    "But, Nikolai is a good too~ it's not one i hear very often."
    Turning to the girl who named herself Lux, Sylphiel raised an eyebrow before saying,
    "Was that salt? I hope that was one of the tamer elements, I'd rather not have 'Injured by highly reactive salt' as my first log at the nurses office."
    Sylphiel wasn't quite sure of the offensive capabilities of Halokinesis but he'd seen pure Sodium react with water and it didn't look like something he wanted happening right in front of his face.
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  25. As the din inside the waiting area rose, the sounds of various introductions and sassy comments bouncing off the walls, the look on the receptionists face slowly changed from one of boredom to one of slight annoyance, clearly she just wanted the last few pupils to turn up so the crowd could migrate to the inner sanctum.

    Finally deciding enough was enough the irritated woman stood up, her hands coming together to create a single clap, the sound forcing a hush to settle over the assembled students. Happy with the effect her single motion had created the look on her face changed to a warm and welcoming smile as she prepared to speak.

    "Students, I feel it is time your given a true welcome to our beautiful academy." she began, giving a vague gesture to the walls around her as she did so. "So welcome! Through the door to your right is the man who will tell you what will be happening for the rest of the evening. I wish the best of luck to all of you, hopefully I will see you around here for a few more years yet."

    And with that the young woman turned and promptly exited the room, leaving the students to face the unknown that lay on the other side of the double doors she had indicated towards whilst she spoke. Knox, who had gotten lost in the conversations washing over him, decided he might as well take one for the team here, reluctantly rising from his seat and tentatively pried the double doors open, feeling a slight draft wash over him as he did so. With both doors now open he glanced back at the crowd, a nervous smile plastered across his face, speaking in the most friendly tone he could muster. "Well guess we better get going huh guys? I get the feeling these aren't the kind of people you would want to keep waiting."

    Upon taking his first careful steps into the adjoining room he was met by a sight he wasn't really expecting, a colossal woman who must of been at least 6ft 7, enthusiastically waving a large sheet of paper. She possessed some serious muscle, enough to compete with any body builder, but oddly enough had a very obvious bloated belly giving her the look of a seriously buff yet overweight housewife, or at least when it these factors were coupled with her clothing and hairstyle.

    "Congratulations kids!" She bellowed so loudly that Knox took and unconscious step backwards, causing him to almost lose his footing. "Every last one of you have passed the very first stage of our requirements to enrol here, the tests you sent us in the mail were all in the top percentage of all tests we received this year. So your staying here for the night at least!"

    Although the news was delivered in a casual way this titbit of information meant a hell of a lot to young Knox, his spirits soaring at her words. He had done it! Well kind of. He had passed the most basic requirements. But that was something! There was hope yet, he could, no would, get into this academy. No doubt about.

    A determined grimace taking over his features, Knox listened to what the behemoth of a woman had to finish saying. "So for the rest of the night your to go up the elevator behind me where you will find enough dorm rooms for all of you, as well as a common room in the middle, complete with a snack bar for you to get nice and fed up on. We encourage you to make friends! Night kids!"

    And then it was over, the woman left the room without looking back once, leaving the rest of them to plot their next move. A short elevator ride later they were all presented with the common room and dorms, each door having one of their names on it, printed into a brass plaque. The common room was a massive circular area, filled with sofas, beanbags, a pool table, a few televisions and one massive flat-screen. All in all exactly the kind of area people of their age could hang out in quite comfortably, the small kitchen located in the centre of the room only adding to that.

    Still lugging his bags with Knox was quick to find his name on the thick wooden doors, his room was almost in the centre by the looks of things. He couldn't help but feel giddy as he prepared to open the door excited to see his potential room for the next few years.

    (So the dorms are all custom based on our characters wants and needs, it up to you what they look like on the inside, just dont go crazy.)
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  26. Sylphiel was prepared for just about anything, sudden entrance test thrusting us into the middle of a forest, a series of elimination matches, sudden raid by terrorists, you name it Sylphiel was prepared for it, but instead, what he got was an overweight woman who looked like she could punch holes through solid steel with pure raw strength. Sylphiel was in shock... complete and utter shock. His pupils dilated, the amiable smile on his face froze, and his mind failed to process what was happening. After a short expository that went in one ear and came out the other and a quick elevator ride to who knows what floor, Sylphiel finally reacted,
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  27. Nikolai's face was still warm from Sylphiel's compliment and added embarrassment when he had been too flattered to generate a proper response. He looked to be sulking with his hands thrust into the pockets of his topcoat and the brim of his hat half-covering his burning cheeks. However, at the sight of the She-Hulk, he found himself at a loss for any coherent thought or emotion.
    It wasn't until after the living mass of students began shuffling past each other that he realized he was supposed to be ushering himself with the crowd. He tore his eyes from the massive woman incredulously, which was a trying task, and marched on mechanically. Nikolai hardly processed the common room, having decided to immediately toss his belongings into his assigned room before mingling with his hypothetical schoolmates. He brushed past the other newcomers in blind excitement, checking each door for his name despite the order being in obvious alphabetical order.
    Montgomery! his brain trilled instinctively at the sight of his name. Nikolai gently pressed the door open and gave the room a sweeping glance. He blinked in surprise and slowly stepped inside, taking in a deep breath.
    Everything in the room looked like it was bought at an antique sale or received as a second hand gift. A four poster bed demanded for most of Nikolai's attention, a veil of lace isolating the mattress from outside world. Two separate, handcrafted cabinets sat on either side of the bed. On the far side of the room, a glass display case boasted various masks, sculptures, books, and figurines propped on wooden pedestals. The floor was blanketed in a vibrant burgundy carpet, the pale walls flaunting framed treasures of their own.
    He lowered his suitcase cautiously, afraid to accidentally soil something with one foul swoop. Nikolai basked in the history of it all, rapturing in its splendor.
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  28. Botny jumped at the sudden clap. After a few words from the sweet receptionist, he followed the other students through a large door. He was mesmerized by the beautiful architecture of the building, then he noticed a rather large woman. He looked in awe, but then composed himself quickly. "No need to be surprised," he thought to himself, "surely there will be all sorts of things and wonders to behold." He rode up the elevator and quickly looked for his assigned room. Botny had felt bad about the first impression he had made with the one student, but realized he must see him again at some point but for now, it was time to check out his room.

    When he opened the door to his dorm, it seemed rather unfinished. The bed was large, fluffy, and gorgeous with more pillows than necessary. It was draped in silk, purple sheets with hand carved flowers into the headboard. The curtains reached the floor and matched the sheets on the bed. There was a cherry wood desk, with a simple turning office chair, with a small walk in closet next to it. He noticed his clothes put away and luggage shrunk to fit in a corner as well as a note left on his desk.

    "Dear Botny, I wish you the best. Make many friends, get stronger, and hone your skills. You don't have to be the best, but I know you'll be one of the most beautiful (as far as powers go). Enjoy your stay, Harold."

    A tear came to Botny's eye as he read the note. This would be the longest he had gone without Harold, but he knew everything would be ok. He smiled and said to himself, "well I think it's time to decorate." He waved his hand across the room, sprouting elegant and exotic flowers along the ceiling, window, and desk. "Much better. Now i'll go sit in the common room and wait to see if I can find that guy and introduce myself properly," Botny said as he exited his room and sat on a couch, watching everyone and enjoying the architecture of the building.
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  29. Zachary hated elevators. It wasn't anything personal. He just disliked the fact that they took too long and he had a much better choice. So after walking past, who he had read about in his pamplet, the head of rescue missions, he decided to take the shorter route. Gathering his energy for the second time in ten minutes(which was plenty of time to have it regenerate), his vision blackened. Light refilled his eyes, and he was in the common room just as the elevator dinged. Doors filled the walls, and the room was full of sofas and televisions.

    After a few minutes of looking around (and maybe eating a few snacks), Zach found his way into his room. He had heard the rooms were specially made for the student. So obviously, he would like it. A few other students gawked when the opened their doors. They all looked satisfied, however.

    He needed to get in and put down his bags, however. Opening the door, he saw... White. The walks were white, the desk was white, the dresser was white, even the small hanging plant was white. The spinning chair, the bed, and the computer were the only things that were in the room, with the exception of the aforementioned items. The room was designed just like a mediation chamber or a psychological experiment. It was perfect. Throwing down his duffel bags and shoving his clothes into the dresser, he jumped onto the bed. It was strangely soft.

    The computer, which also happened to be rarely white, seemed quite hi-tech. Walking over and seating himself in the swivel-chair, he pressed the on button. A red glow came, adding some color into the room. The basic background grew onto the screen. Reminding himself to change that later, he shut off the computer and opened the door- which was also, strangely, white on the inside. Color flooded his vision as he went to sit on the couch.
  30. Botny noticed the guy from earlier sit on the couch and decided to introduce himself properly. It would be very beneficial to have a teleporter as a friend, as well he did know how to make an entrance. He turned and faced the other student, "Hello. I'm quite sure you remember me, I was the kid that tried to introduce himself only to abandon it mid way. I just wanted to say how sorry I am about it and that I hope we could start over. My name is Botny, and it is very nice to meet you." Botny held out his hand for a confirming handshake. He wasn't sure what was going to happen. Would he get blown off? Would he be forgiven? The thoughts swirled around in his head but he remained calm even though he was filled with anticipation.
  31. "Yeah, it was, but you should be fine! There's nothing to worry about! Well, apart from getting the stuff in your eyes..." Lux replied to Sylphiel's question before the receptionist suddenly grew friendly. With a genuinely confused expression on her face, the brunette followed all the other students into another room, than an elevator, and finally the aforementioned common room. "Whoa," Lux marveled at the foreign sight, eyes wide. Seeing as she was used to nothing but average, ordinary things, having a room like this one, complete with a pool table and flat-screen TV, felt very amazing to her. After roaming about the space for a short while, reminding herself over and over again that she'd have to come back in here once everyone else fell asleep so she could show her partner around, she looked over each door in search for her name. Across from those of the others she had met previously, on the complete other side of the room, it sat, shining in the light. "Wow..." Never had she felt this important, this wealthy, this wanted.

    Opening the door, Lux stepped inside her dorm room. It wasn't that big of a room, but it was definitely larger than hers back home. Half of the floor space was taken up by a rather massive bed, complete with about four or five blankets. The storm outside could be easily seen through the window beside the bed, and at the foot of the bed sat a small table and lamp, so she could see better on days like this. Deciding to check out the rest of her room with the artificial light, Lux flicked the switch next to the door, turning on the lightbulb from within. Illuminated by said light was another door, and next to that one sat another. First, she opened the door to her left, revealing a closet for all the clothes she didn't bring with her- in fact, the only other pair she brought along for the journey to the school was in a drawstring bag hidden under her coat. Lux took the snug, wet coat off, hanging it in the barren closet, followed by the purple bag that held her other clothes. Next up, she opened the second door, having closed that of the closet, and dropped her jaw. It was a bathroom. An actual bathroom, all for herself! A look of pure shock on her face, the teen bolted into the room, careful not to slip and fall as she did so, and looked around at everything, amazed that something like this was provided when it never had been before.

    "I like this place!" Lux said out loud as she collapsed onto her bed, the pouch of salt falling next to her, but staying tightly tied. She could not get rid of her stupid grin, and she couldn't care less. "It's been a long day, huh, Karma?" she asked her baggie, not really expecting to get a response. For a moment, she stood from her bed, only to turn off the light of the lamp. Once she laid back down, though, and looked back up to her ceiling, a tear came very close to falling from her eye.

    For on her ceiling were stars. Many, many glow-in-the-dark stars. Some were placed in such a way that they formed phrases, while others merely took up the extra, bare space. One phrase, though, stuck out to the girl among all the others, and it was the biggest one of them all: you matter. It reminded her instantly of her parents, who would always say these sorts of things when she was bullied. With that thought in mind, Lux curled into a little ball on the large bed and calmed herself down, also sort-of trying to fall asleep, because she knew she would be alright after she took a nap. Even though she wasn't the most tired ever, and she really did want to go back out there and do what there was to do, she stayed put, still telling herself that she would go out there sooner rather than later, a hint of a smile crossing her lips for a split second.
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  32. Isaac had been stunned the entire time, with all the sudden introductions and movement. Knox had asked him something about where he was from, and he assumed that Knox was also from somewhere in the U.K., he wasn't completely sure, but he had basically just been silent and unmoving the entire time, elevator ride and whoever that woman was. Now, everyone else had dissipated to find their own rooms. Isaac could see his room, but it probably wouldn't be anything too flashy and he was famished. After having to try to bring all his lunch back down into his stomach after nearly vomiting, he had brought some home-grown vegetables. Cucumber always seemed to cure his sickness, something he would have to deal with in combat or anything of the like.

    He walked over swiftly to the kitchen area of the common room, placing a bag onto the counter, plastic wrap with a long stick of cucumber inside. The insides of the plastic were dotted with small drops of water from the vegetable. He quickly removed the cucumber and placed it on a chopping board, something he had to rifle through multiple drawers for, and when he was going for a knife to cut it he suddenly felt the need to exercise his powers a bit. His limbs started to ache after being transformed for a while, but only after returning to normalcy. It helped to just transform for the sake of easing the pain, gradually just making it worse. He looked around suspiciously, hoping that everyone would soon have left so he could use his power without anyone seeing.
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  33. As the sound of doors swinging open and shut as well as surprised gasps filled the air around him, Knox finally decided it was time to man up and take a first glimpse at his new accommodation. The first feature that struck the boy was the sudden increase in temperature as he crossed between the environment of the common room to the micro-climate that was his dorm.

    A round bed with a brass headrest was the centrepiece of the room, it lay dead in the middle, its thick navy blue blankets drooping down on every side almost to the floor and its big plush pillows looking almost as if they were made up of clouds sewn into fabric. Either side of the bed were two small chests of drawers, probably made up of oak judging from their colouration, and 2 grey lamps mounted atop of these drawers. The walls actually consisted of about twenty different terrariums, and when each one was inspected closely a tiny world would appear, in the wall closest to the door was a tiny rainforest one with mist fogging the glass a little and a tiny brightly coloured frog resting gently upon the waxy leaves of the small plants, near his bed was a dessert one that contained a sprawling collection of tiny cacti and pebble plants.

    Knox's jaw began to drop as he examined each miniscule climate reveal its individual world, this was fantastic! The kind of room he could only have ever thought up in his wildest dreams was right here before him and it was all his for the taking if he simply got into this school! His arms began to tremble slightly as he darted between each window, the excitement overcoming even his physical senses. The bags he had lugged in here were long forgotten, abandoned by the door, Knox now laying on his back amongst the pillows of his new bed.

    A small sheet of paper had been placed there, some rather scrawling handwriting detailing the reality of the terrariums on it. See it turns out they weren't the living wonders that Knox had been fascinated with his entire life, in fact they were simply all artificial, apparently school regulations dont allow for these kind of things in temporary dorms if they were to be real. The magic of the whole thing had been slightly diminished in Knox's eyes when he read this but he was appreciative of the effort that had been put into the design regardless.

    As he relaxed there amongst the pillows he felt his eyelids begin to droop, his vision blurring at the edges slightly as drossiness began to overcome him. His last thought before dropping off was simply "I really should start meeting those new people out there....but I think these pillows are gonna make better temporary friends for now.".
  34. It took Nikolai minutes of pouring over every nook and cranny of his room before an arrow of realization struck him that he was only supposed to be in his chambers for a hair's breadth. He hesitated nattily and bolstered his hat on the brass headboard of his bed, checking his pants pocket for the reassuring lump of Theodore's pistol.
    The common room was as luxurious as the rest of the building, though a disappointingly low number of students loitered and milled about the room. A group of younger girls sat with their feet propped on a mahogany coffee table and pop cans strewn around their feet, already drunk on their freedoms. One's, whom had a pinkish hue to her skin, eyes flickered to his. He offered her the ghost of a smile and one of the girls leaned towards her and exclaimed something in a singsong voice. They giggled toxically.
    He waved them off and searched for anyone who might make more suitable company. He found himself disappointed to see that Syphiel was not among the dawdlers, though he couldn't say why. Nikolai wandered to the snack bar area and began rummaging through the cupboards blearily, sighing under his breath.
    "Waffle batter, waffle batter," he quietly chanted as he did. Although he came across a box of dry pancake batter, the common room seemed barren of waffle batter. He absentmindedly checked the freezer and curiously came across a box of the discs of which were both precooked and frozen. He scowled down at them and placed them back inside the ice box, now chanting "Pancake batter, pancake batter" instead.
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  35. Sylphiel decided the room couldn't be that bad so there was no need to check on it now, however it would be in his best interest to get some food, and maybe find some way of acquiring an umbrella, and sunscreen. He glared angrily in the direction of the sun and muttered curses at it. On his way to the snack bar he came across, a few other students sitting in the lounge as well as the flower-boy who appeared to be striking up conversation. Had he not been so hungry he might have stopped to join the conversation but for the moment, his mind was focused on food. Speaking of food he thought back to the salty-girl, he believed she called herself Lux, it would be quite interesting to see her use her power, he doubted her bag of salt was only good for chemical reactions. Whatever that salt was gonna be used to do, he wanted to see it.

    Reaching the Snack bar Sylphiel scanned the menu before his eyes landed on the 'create your own sub' item, and he turned to see an entire page of ingredients. It took him a good 5 minutes to finalize his order into a plausible combination and as the waitress came to take his order he started,
    "I'll have a sandwich with, Chicken, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Lettuce, Tomatoes, mayonnaise, Barbecue sauce, Herbs, Turkey-bacon, Ground beef, and Pineapples. Whole wheat, sub-style, on a tray, toothpicks would be nice, 3 layers is best but i don't mind there being more" As he listed his order of ingredients a normal person would likely not combine the waitress gaped, dropping her pencil in the process. Sylphiel smiled at her before saying,
    "Oh, and a fruit smoothie~"
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  36. Nikolai began laying out ingredients without much clearance on whether he was allowed to use the stove behind the counter or not. A passing waitress gave him a dubious glance, but made no move to stop him. It was here that he realized Syphiel was seated behind him and he arched his eyebrows in surprise. Here was his chance at redemption.
    "Thank you," he eventually forced out, glancing over his shoulder sheepishly. "I mean, for the compliment. I didn't have the chance to say anything earlier."
    He was about to start cracking eggs into a metal bowl when he realized that his gloves might prove to be a handicap in that sense. He braced himself and removed them carefully, folding and placing them into his pocket. He plucked an egg from the countertop and felt a peculiar bubble form force its way up his throat as soon as his skin came in contact with the spherical shell.
    "Laid September 3rd from a chicken hatched March 29th," he said flatly as he went to crack it. His eyes glowed a pale blue as he spoke. "Picked from a woman named Anastasia Arbuckle of Homestead Farms and packaged on-" He fell silent abruptly as he discarded of the shell and he inhaled a sharp gasp of breath. After coughing, blushing, and apologizing profusely, he reached for the next egg and kept his jaw clamped.
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  37. Vivienne sashayed into the music studio, concealed in her dorm. "Der Holle Rache Kocht in Meinem Herzen" was blaring into her ears. She walked up to the microphone and turned her music down. Immediately a large wave of head injury swept its way into her mind and started throwing everything over the place. "Oh, God!" Vivienne yelled as she turned the microphone on, massaging her temple. She opened her mouth, and raised her left arm, suddenly, everything she said was amplified to the max. People could hear her all over the building. She started singing: "Les oiseaux dans la charmille..." Vivienne's beautiful voice rang around the room, she smiled.
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  38. (OOC, uh Chredwards just do me a favour and make it a little clearer that the music studio was in fact the dorm for Vivienne.)
  39. (OOC, sure, sorry.)
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  40. "Huh?" Zach said as a voice rang out. It was that Botny guy from earlier, offering him another handshake. After the apology, he reached out and held onto Botny's hand, giving a rather floppy handshake. "Apology accepted." He exclaimed, the other student still excited. Now what next? Maybe he could stretch his legs... Or just play some video games. Flicking on the button on the Wii U, one of the few televisions flickered to life as he pulled a game out of the box. In all reality, he had brought this game from home- it was his favorite Wii U game. He plopped the disc in as he finished signing in.

    Splatoon loaded onto the screen as his avatar, currently with orange hair, oversized headphones, and a camo hoodie appeared on screen, in the middle of the plaza. Looking back over to Botny, he said, "Ya wanna play?" With this, he tossed the fresh copy of the game that he found next to another television over to the other student. He grabbed the Wii U tablet and ran around in game for a bit, before looking back over to Botny.
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