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Private/Closed Jasper(?) versus RawrMA!

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shiny Lyni, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    (OOC: Private fight between @Mr.RMA and me, or @Kyubeon. You can watch but you can't join. Sorry!)

    As a light breeze quietly swept through the town, so too did the nonexistent sound of footsteps echo through the stadium. The figure of a young man standing among the rubble could barely be made out under the light of the waning moon. This is it, this is the place, he thought as he bent down and picked up a pebble. He rolled the object between his fingers, bright green eyes examining it from every angle as he tried to decipher the place’s secrets.

    A few months ago, this place had been in beautiful, pristine condition, or so he had heard. The sound of fighting and cries of battle would ring throughout town as contestants pit themselves against each other in a tournament. Though everything seemed mostly innocuous at first, a hidden evil lay beneath the commotion, growing stronger with each fight that took place until she finally broke through and wreaked havoc as she tried to give her incorporeal body form at the tournament’s end. Many of the fighters in the tournament and their friends banded together to defeat her, but in the process, the ruler of the world had been killed. Now, the only reminders of the event were the destruction of the stadium and the dagger that had claimed both the evil’s and the ruler’s life.

    At least, that’s what he had been told. The man turned to another shape in the area and gave it a small grin. “How do you like being back here, Mini Sorrel?” he said to it. As the moon moved out from behind a cloud, the face of a girl could be made under the light. He walked over and lifted her chin, a sadistic smile on his face as he stroked her jawline. The girl didn’t move, however, and her eyes remained closed. “Oh, that’s right, you’re still sleeping right now. Don’t worry, I’ll take you back home soon, very soon~”

    The man continued grinning as he stood back up, and the slightest glance of moonlight revealed his jet black hair and what appeared to be a keyboard case strapped to his back. He looked down at his long, lean fingers, admiring them for a while before moving on to his other hand. He snorted. “Well, you’re not exactly in the best of shape, Sorrel, but your hands seem strong enough from all your years of playing instruments,” he muttered. Lifting them up to eye level, he made a slight flicking motion with his wrist, and a large burst of air suddenly shot out in front of him. “And at least you’ve been harnessing control over your powers, huh?”

    A sound suddenly disturbed him from his experiments, making him look around the stadium in alertness. He chuckled to himself. “I know you’re there, you can’t hide from me. C’mon now, I promise I won’t hurt you… unless you give me good reason to~”
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  2. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Freedom, oh so glorious...oh so desired...oh so sweet to finally have again. The human-like android in brown tweed gave a wicked grin of pure insanity as he finally dug his way out of the wreckage that had encased him for what must have been months...after what had to have been more than half a year of imprisonment at that...Alone in those dark catacombs while all the gory fun carried on without him on the surface...A mighty shame he had to miss it all because of that bratty girl along with his thick-skulled master...but he'd make it up to them, oh, he'd make it up to them in spades. An insane bot in solitude, with only his twisted imagination to keep him company, could only lead to bad things upon his escape, and the very thought of what he'd do to those who had locked him up had enticed him to no end. Now he'd get his chance...if he could only find out where they had gone.

    Shuffling his way through the ruined stadium, every so often shifting into a bizarre single waltz mid-step, RawrMA eventually caught sight of what remained of the main arena, where all the glorious violence had taken place. His brother had taken part in these festivities, lucky him, and apparently he had done quite well.

    "Of course, I would've done better, much much better, isn't that right, Arma?" he said with a giggle, malice brimming behind his sunglasses, dusty and worn, with one of the lenses cracked through the middle. He had been so enraptured by the thought of all the dismemberment and bloodshed that he could have done in front of a cheering audience that he hardly paid any attention to the fact that he wasn't this venue's sole occupant. No, that wasn't until he heard a what sounded like a blast of wind zoom by, forcing him to turn his head in the direction of said blast to pinpoint where it had come from. He had assumed he was out of sight, but obviously this gentleman had heard him, beckoning him to show himself. He gave another malicious grin at this, more than willing to oblige.

    "Oh, I could give you a number of very good reasons, my good man," he said in response to the stranger's words, keeping his knife's handle firmly in view from his coat pocket. "Of course, I wouldn't need any reason at all myself~" he added in an attempt to mock the man's singsong voice.
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  3. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    The man examined the other being who had appeared, obviously very intrigued by it. The static produced occasionally in its voice told him that perhaps it was electronic in nature, though if it was, its AI was advanced enough to almost mimic how a real person would act. Almost.

    Pulling the keyboard off his back, which somehow shrunk down to the size of a cane, he said, "Suit yourself. All the more reason for me to... have some fun in this body, shall we say?" Without warning, a protective barrier of compressed air suddenly encased the girl behind him as he seemingly disappeared from view. A gust of wind and a split second later, his form appeared behind the robot, cane raised in what was obviously a threatening gesture.

    "And for the record, I think I'll tarnish his name here, as well~ Name's Jasper, though you can can me Jazz," he said as he swung down on the robot's head
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  4. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Sensing the cane nearing his already more-than-damaged cranium, RawrMA quickly clapped his hands around the stick, stopping its downward momentum just as it nearly reached the synthetic hairs on his head. The android's smile merely grew at this little introduction his new acquaintance had given. From the interesting way he had worded it, it sounded like this man wasn't the original occupant of whoever's body this was. This just managed to pique the robot's curiosity all the more, as the situation merely reminded him of his human master and his own little duality. Perhaps he'd get the same pleasure out of tearing this stranger apart as he would with Michael...

    "You're an impatient little man, aren't you, Jazz? Can't say I don't find that somewhat appealing," he said with a chuckle as he gripped the cane tightly before pulling it down in front of him in an attempt to launch its wielder through the air and within his line of sight once more. "I suppose I ought'a give you my name in exchange, that's how you organics do things, right? Name's RawrMA, and I sure as hell hope you're the kind of species that bleeds something, 'cause otherwise, this isn't gonna be nearly as fun for me."
  5. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    RawrMA, huh? Either its creator(s) were high when they named it, or it named itself, or something to that effect. He didn't have time to respond, however, when he felt his feet suddenly lifted from the ground thanks the robot's unexpected action. Thinking quickly, Jazz propelled himself the direction he was thrown with a burst of wind aimed towards his opponent's face. When he "landed", he didn't even touch the ground as a cushion of air helped break his fall.

    Not bad for a crazy robot, Jazz thought to himself as stood back up. He lifted his cane and pointed it to RawrMA before firing a large drill of air towards it. The next moment, he seemed to have disappeared, only to reappear to the right of the robot with a second bullet, and then a third time behind him. When he finally stopped after a fourth bullet to RawrMA's left, the man's form could be seen floating above the robot as he aimed his cane towards it. "I would say it's nice to meet you, RawrMA, but unfortunately you're going to find yourself, shall I say, short-circuiting before you can even put a scratch on me," he said while an annoyingly high frequency emanated from the end of his cane, meant to disorient his opponent even temporarily.
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  6. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    RawrMA couldn't help but laugh out loud at Jazz's words at a near obnoxious volume, as if he had just heard the greatest joke in history. "Short circuit? Me? Oh that's a good one, buddy, really!" he said, his ears merely twitching slightly as the high frequency passed through him without much of a visual reaction. His body was constructed to withstand significantly high-pitch sounds from the start, and even then, there was already something similar buzzing in his head on a regular basis.

    He proceeded to blissfully leap away from the first bullet of air launched at him, giving a stylish spin as he dodged the next two. Out of curiosity however, he let the fourth one hit him right in the chest, just to see how powerful this guy really was, immediately getting launched several feet backwards, landing on his back with a clang. His white undershirt had sustained a large hole from the impact, denting the metallic skin that it had once been covered in, but the robot didn't appear to be all that thrown off by the hit, smiling as he lay there on the ground before leaping right back onto his feet.

    "Hah, wow, what a rush! You don't mess around, do ya? This is gonna be a lot of fun," he said, pulling his knife out of his pocket with his right hand and pointing the index finger of the left up towards his opponent, his thumb pointed out as if he were holding an invisible gun. He proceeded to launch a blood-red bolt of electricity from the tip of this finger directly towards Jazz. His electrical discharges were quite powerful, traveling through the air, so he had assumed the floating man would still feel quite a shock even though he wasn't grounded, but there was no telling for sure until he managed to hit him.
  7. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Of course, electricity. It was something he should've expected this whole time, but Jazz was far too into testing his powers to realize it. The man waved his arm in front of him in an arc-like shape, and just the slightest of disturbances could be observed in the air as he manipulated it. He was not, however, prepared for the impact between his barrier of insulated air and the electricity, and he found himself being thrown backwards as a result of the ensuing blast.

    Crazy, unpredictable, and apparently immune to high frequencies... A tough opponent for sure, but definitely one he could have fun with. Smiling, Jazz snapped his fingers, and several bullets of wind shot towards RawrMA. As they approached the robot, so too did Jazz as he zipped up and aimed a low sweep at the robot's legs. While he kicked, the air around him spun into a whirlwind in an attempt to throw his opponent off balance and blow him into another wall.
  8. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Figuring it'd be in his better interests to avoid those bullets of wind from here on in, RawrMA jumped into the air, lifting up his legs to just barely have the shots miss him, coincidentally managing to dodge the accompanying sweep kick Jazz threw at him at the same time. Before he could return to the ground however, the robot found himself swirling about uncontrollably as the sudden whirlwind kicked in, launching him back towards one of the walls of the stadium that was still standing. RawrMA quickly attempted to activate his jet propulsion system in his feet to propel him back in the direction of his foe, but this proved a fruitless endeavor, as no more than a few sparks managed to jump out of the soles of his feet.

    "Well, next plan," he muttered with a chuckle as he maneuvered himself into a kicking position just as he made contact with the wall, managing to bust through it completely as he skidded to a stop, landing on his feet in a crouching position. "Fucking walls, man, they really ain't as sturdy as they use to be," he sarcastically lamented as he strolled back into the arena, a few sparks slipping out of his teeth as he gave a massive sneer back at Jazz before running after him, flinging his knife at the man's chest before proceeding to send several jolts of red electricity from both hands, aiming at his target's left and right in an attempt to trap him.
  9. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Jazz barely had time to think as he instinctively leaned backwards. He didn't realize just how inflexible his body was compared to a few years ago, however, until the stinging pain from his torso told him just how badly out of shape he was. Gritting his teeth, Jazz twisted to avoid the incoming bolts and launched himself back at the robot. He aimed an upward punch at RawrMA's jaw, powered and insulated by wind, and a forward thrust with the flat end of his cane towards the robot's chest.

    At the precise moment the cane would've hit its target, a loud, high-pitched sound was once again emitted from the cane, though this time its purpose was different. Jazz smiled to himself. If all went well, not only would be possibly dent this annoying piece of scrap, the the resonance occurring between the metal parts of the robot and the frequency coming from his cane would hinder its next movements, if not stop the robot altogether.

    (OOC: Really, really sorry for bringing so-called physics into this x_x)
  10. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    RawrMA had been unable to dodge the uppercut, jerking his head upwards at the impact, though he still managed to grab at the cane before it reached his chest. He felt himself shaking a little as this latest sound-wave ran through him...the parts inside him were actually reacting to the attack this time, and if he didn't act quickly enough, this continual sound was going to start taking a toll on the signals to his body. With his hand's occupied with keeping the cane in place, the robot decided to go for a more direct countermeasure, ramming his head forward towards Jazz in an attempt to headbutt him to the floor and potentially disarm him from his cane, as to stop that frequency.
  11. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Jazz definitely had NOT been expecting the headbutt. Then again, most of this robot's actions had been rather erratic anyways, and it was hard to predict everything it was going to do. The man was knocked backwards away from his opponent and, consequently, the high-pitched frequency from before died down when his hands lost contact with his cane. Disoriented, Jazz unsteadily raised his arm to touched his head, feeling something warm trickling between his fingers. Looks like that attack did more damage than he would have liked. Eh, no matter, once he was done dealing with this wacko he could go back to dealing with-

    Right, why was he fighting a robot again? Jazz silently cursed to himself for getting sidetracked. He was going to have to hurry this along, then. The man jumped to his feet and grabbed at his cane, which suddenly grew in size and reverted back to its keyboard form. "Sorry man, but I'm going to have to end this here," he said, playing a simple chord progression as quickly as he could on the keyboard. As soon as the notes were played, a large whirlwind erupted between the two beings in an attempt to cut them off from each other. Twirling the keyboard back to his back, he continued, "I've got business to attend to, after all."
  12. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    "Business? Woah there, 'Gone With the Wind', that's not how things work with me. You went into this 'cause you thought it'd be fun to cause a little bit'a violence and chaos, well, I'm not finished with that yet, so you'd best stay right here 'til I'm done," RawrMA said as he dashed headlong into the powerful, swirling vortex. Strangely enough, he didn't get lifted off the ground this time around, as if the whirlwind had been nothing but a light headwind. Upon closer inspection, one would be able to see that all of his pockets were now weighed down significantly, as if he had stuffed something in them at some point during the skirmish.

    "Figured you'd try sendin' another little breeze at me, so I planned ahead," he said with a distorted chortle as he began to fling large chunks of stone and concrete from his pockets, having snagged the debris from that earlier wall-collision, having used it to help weigh him down. Admittedly it had decreased his agility quite a bit, leaving him all the more vulnerable to that uppercut, but now he was ready for the trade-off to take effect.

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