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Jappio's Poke Splices, Fakemon, and Captace Region

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Jappio, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. This is my showcase thread. C+C and all that is welcomed. I try to keep this updated, but sadly that only happens every now and again. For the most part the really old stuff is labeled. Most recent stuff though you'll find actually being posted later in the thread.

    I take requests on splices, can't promise I'll do anything. Everything else though I probably won't do, as I haven't the time nor care to do just any old spriting for just anyone.

    Also I'd like to take a moment to say something. My splices contain the sprites from multiple Pokemon games. Credit of the original sprites used in the making to Nintendo and Gamefreak. I would also like to thank Spriter's Resource, the place where they were ripped and distributed.

    Scratch Spriting
    Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda.

    Lazengann from Gurren Lagann.

    A friend's RP character. Name is Vargas. Attempt in a style used in a game called Meltyblood.

    Old sprites I was making for a fighting game. I've stopped since I want to get better and do them over in the future. Character name is Raizou, one of my RP characters.

    A more recent project. Turning all the sprites in Super Mario World to Pokemon related things. Videos of other sprites also here.

    A Relicant Evo I made for someone I did a bit of an art trade with. Raelen Solo is the name of it's creator, I merely sprited it for him.

    A Torkoal Evo. I held a raffle and the winner got a request from me. This is the result. Concept idea goes to Turtle King.

    Splice Sheet 42
    Splice Sheet 43
    Splice Sheet 44
    Splice Sheet 45
    Splice Sheet 46
    Splice Sheet 47

    Older Splices
    Sheet 1
    Sheet 2
    Sheet 3
    Sheet 4
    Sheet 5
    Sheet 6
    Sheet 7
    Sheet 8
    Sheet 9
    Sheet 10
    Sheet 11
    Sheet 12
    Sheet 13
    Sheet 14
    Sheet 15
    Sheet 16
    Sheet 17
    Sheet 18
    Sheet 19
    Sheet 20
    Sheet 22
    Sheet 23
    Sheet 24
    Sheet 25
    Sheet 26
    Sheet 29
    Sheet 30
    Sheet 31
    Sheet 34
    Sheet 35
    Sheet 36
    Sheet 37
    Sheet 38
    Sheet 39
    Sheet 40
    40th Anniversary
    Sheet 41

    Captace Region
    My own Pokemon region filled with new Pokemon and terrain. Everything here except Porygon 0 is a scratched sprite by me(Pory 0 is a sprite edit, but will later be made into a scratch sprite). I will not be posting their Dex entries here to save room. If you wish to know more, you can either find the original posts they were on, or you can PM me.

    Any question, feel free to ask. I also gladly accept any critique.

    Region Map
    *Captace Region* is obviously a mountainess region. There is also a large river running through it. I have provided three maps. Two that are in the normal pokemon style. One is to a smaller more familiar size, the other has longer routes, both are pretty much the same. The third map shows features like forests and mountains better. The third also has the towns numbered, here is a description of each and some plot descriptions.


    Old Fakemon

    Large Badges

    Miniature Badges

    Splice Tutorial
    Video Splice Tutorial
    Shorter Video Splice Tutorial
  2. Very good! My favorite is the Houndoom-Magnezone one! Also Marowak-Torterra! Hold on! Let me name them! ;)
    1. Slashspark
    2. Shellouse
    3. Lavagic
    3. Magnasnarl
    4. Barkbone
    5. Mewtrasphere
    6. Eletreaver
    7. Thundclaw
    8. Dragnurhead
    9. Dracotor
    10. Lazerosee (this was kinda hard, considering its made up of 3 Pokemon)
    11. Illumidrill
    12. (Shiny) Shelblaze
    13. Bladbeetle
  3. Neat names, a lot more original then what I had named them, but yours are a lot better than most. Here is what I named them.

    1. Raislash
    2. Togeslash
    3. Magmagius
    4. Magnedoom
    5. Maroterra
    6. Mewquaza
    7. Pikadoof
    8. Raimaldo
    9. Rainite
    10. Rotdos
    11. Rosespinking
    12. Ryturn
    13. Blastzard
    14. Gallcross
  4. Yeah, I made a few fusions myself. I can't Show them right now but I can tell you their names. (the first name given is the main body shape)
    Typhlosion-Dialga: Dyphlame
    Dialga-Palkia: Diapne
    Gardavoir-Ho-Oh: Radriah
    Okay, this is getting off-topic. End of conversation. I can't afford another warning...
  5. good job they all look great, my fav is the mewtwo one it looks cool
  6. Well I have made three new splices. I made them for this contest I'm in where we had to combine two families of Pokemon. I chose the Abra and Spheal family. I think I have a good chance of winning, but I'm unsure yet, Wednesday is the day the winner will be decided. I decided on the two of these Pokemon because I wanted to make a different type of family, a lot of the other users were using the starters and stuff, and I wanted something different and random, and Spheal and Abra, I can't think of something more random.

    1. Abreal
    2. Kadealeo
    3. Alarein

  7. i like the 2nd one hope u win good luck
  8. Ok, I've made some new splices. The first three are a combination of the Abra and Spheal family. I did them for a contest, I hope I'm going to win. The next few are just random combinations I came up with. Cloyturn and Skarninja both were a pain to color and make, for whatever reason. I like the results (my fav is the Megadactle). The last one on here is TROGDOR THE BURNiNATOR. I made him comepletely from Pokemon Parts (The most editing I had to do was for the body, but mostly was just the cutting up of Rayquaza).

    Well hope you all like them, I'd love comments.

  9. Trogdor made me LOL. I like the other sprites, too. The Abra/Spheal is especially cute.
  10. wow nice fusins my fav is maroterra, mewquaza, galcross
  11. I now have more. I find it sort of easy to chug these out. Its nice and simple and gives me something to do when nothing else seems appealing. Hope to hear all your comments and stuff. Some of these I don't quite like, but I won't hide them or anything.

  12. I think that the fusion of Arcanine and Lairon is really cute! The zigzagoon one would be cute too if you put on the regular feet of it, but other than that they are really nice!
  13. there really good! :D
  14. Well I made more slices. This time though I decided to try some new triple splices. I like the results, but I don't think they are my best. I suppose though I can call them my best triplets.

  15. I think that the fusion of Lapras, Sceptile, and Absol is really good! It fuses well!
  16. Crazy, man! Just crazy! I like the Duskpardovine, myself.

    I know I shouldn't make requests if they aren't asked for, but you should do a Pokemon version of Manbearpig: Machoke + Ursaring + Mamoswine.
  17. I'll be happy to take requests, just I don't want to be swamped with too many and I don't want to be expected to have to get them done any time soon =D. I'll do it, but I think Grumpig would be better than Piloswine if that is ok. So yeah, anyone who would like some splices I'll do some. Just try and keep them three and under. I might allow one special case at a time, but I'll have to decide when I see how difficult it might turn out being.
  18. No problem with me. I just wanted to suggest it.
  19. Here is the fifth sheet. Upon request I was asked to make a Manbearpig. There are two because I really couldn't decide which I liked better, so I kept both. The others are just normal double splices. Nothing in particular to say. I like pretty much all of them here.

  20. :o Your splices are amazing. (Especially your newest ones.) I'd never be able to do that. Keep up the great work. :)
  21. So you are doing request? If so can you make me a cool Mewtwo Rayquaza fusion. I know you already made one but i like the way it looks and i want it so badly it's so cool
  22. Your splices are amazing, they look like they're actually from the game. Especially the Blaziken and Kangaskahn splice and Jirachi and Koffing splice.

    Keep up the good work.
  23. Again with the awesomeness. The Masarpigs are great. I think the one on the right is most like the one that appeared in the "Imaginationland" story arch. I seem to recall it having one bear arm and one human arm. I also like the Marillossom (adorable!) and the Kabufetch'd (it looks irritable). The Ditto/Muk fusion falls kinda flat for me, though..
  24. Well as of right now I will be taking requests and suggestions. Now I'm new to the whole submitting art to the internet. Now from my understanding, a request is when you ask me to do something, I do it, and then I post it and you are allowed to use it as long as you give credit to me. A suggestion is when you give me an idea of something to do, and I post it, but you don't use it. Now if my assumption on these two things is right, than lets move on with things. If my assumptions are wrong, than please let me know.

    Now if anyone is wanting to place a request or suggestion. You may PM me, or ask here. I will be asking for requests and suggestions from other people on other sites, so the speed of getting your specific splice might be slowed because of that. Also for requests all I ask is credit and what it is being used for.
  25. Those are awesome fusions! I think the marilossom is the cutest little thing!
  26. Here are my newest splices. This time round I have thrown in threes, fours, and twos. The four was special; I decided to take a few Pokemon I dislike and hate, and combined them. Sadly it neglects a lot of Pachirisu and Dundparce, but they all wouldn't go together evenly the way I did it. The others were just general ideas I got.

  27. owh the minum bonsly chimecho fusin is so cute and the toadodile venomoth loudred fouson looks awesome
  28. the bonsly minun thing is soso cute!
  29. Ok, a whole bunch of suggests/requests in this one. The only one that isn't is the Slowgrotskull. Normally I wouldn't have combined that awful family of Nosepass, Ledyba, and Carvanha, but it was under request, so I had to try (it's not horrible, but I would have not touched it normally after seeing how bad it was going together).

  30. awesome weavile pigeyot it looks cool but it looks more like a weavile combuscin
  31. can you do a mightena espion one please
  32. Sure, I'll try it out. I won't do it though till I do my next sheet. So you'll have to wait till I get about 5 or more sug/req or my own ideas.
  33. i just thoght of something cool can you sprite me a evee/houndour fusion and a umbereon/houndoom fusion oh and for the umbereon fusion can it have white rings not yellow please
  34. I like the shroomish scyther! It's too cute, lol.
  35. iu gopt a 2nd one if thats ok houndoom + Mightena
  36. Woah! I like em'. Especially the Manbearpig from southpark, that made me lolz!

    Try making a golduck crossed with blastoise. I don't know why, I just think it'd be cool :D
  37. Wish I had seen your suggestion a little bit sooner, because then I could have added it to this sheet, guess you'll need to wait till the next.

    Well here is another new sheet. Half of them are are from requests and suggestions. The rest from my own choices. I'm pretty happy with these. Also was happy that the request ones were actually not too hard, and went together very nicely in my opinion.

  38. I love it thanks so much it looks so cool thanks. Thank you. mightyena/oundoom fusion looks so cool and so does the espion/mightyena fusion thought mine look cooler
  39. thanks it looks great they all do
  40. Thanks everyone. These comments are always nice. I really should try making more than two's and three's now, but I'm so darn lazy and content with what I've been doing.

    Well right now I'm tired. I was working on a sheet and I didn't want to stop till I got 6. I now want to post them, and the suggestion from before I got in Slink.


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