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Jack-In and power up...for discussion!

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by DragonianKing87, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. In honor of the Net's greatest NetNavi hero, Megaman. A Net-Battle tournament is held to show our appreciation for him. But when our hero returns to Dentech City and starts causing havoc and destroying systems and NetNavis with an army of viruses, A team of heroes will rise up and make a stand against our once great hero. They and their NetNavis will be put to the test in taking down this very powerfull force.

    Okay. Intro out of the way lets get started, this little idea came to mine while watching Megaman NT Warrior. I thought it seemed like a good idea and thought of getting a small group together to go through with it. The story should be based years after the events of the series and games alike so our characters could be canon without having to meet major characters, maybe a cameo or two.
    If you would like to join heres the Character form.

    Name: (Obvious)
    Age: (Obvious again)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Clothes: (What does your character wear)
    PET Color: (What color design are you going for on your PET)
    Family Emblem: (Each family has an emblem something relefively simple whats your familys emblem/symbol)
    NetNavi: (Name your NetNavi)
    NetNavi Gender: (Boy or Girl NetNavi)
    NetNavi Appearance: (Describe your NetNavi)
    Personality: (What is your NetNavi like)
    NetNavi Ability: (Things such as Roll's hacking or Megaman using his buster without a battle chip.
    Attack Style: (Swords, statuses, Hand to Hand, things like that)

    As far as numbers go I was thinking a group of five or six. If your interested let me know here. Also let me know if you would like me to post a bio for an example.

    People in the RP:
    DragonianKing87 as Kiba + Biolance
    Dinova2 as Alan + Tranz

    -All PokeCharms Rules Apply-
  2. Through request I'll post my characters bio, also I found i need to make it clearer that I was intending on this relating more to the anime.

    Name: Kiba Bilantic
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Clothes: Kiba wears a blabk t-shirt with a red flack jacket(narutoish) over it, blue jeans and white sneakers.
    Hair: Short and Black
    Eyes: A brilliant Emerald Green
    PET Color: A bright red color with black for trim it displays his family's symbol as well.
    Family Emblem: A simple Black Rose on a white background surrounded by a gold ring.
    History: Kiba has been born and raised in Dentech City he plans on participating in the celebration tournament and winning. He is ambitious and wants to be the best...though he has quite a bit to learn, he even programmed his own NetNavi.
    NetNavi: Biolance
    NetNavi Gender: Female
    NetNavi Appearance: Biolance wears a black jumpsuit green and red trim accents her hemlet looks like that of a knight and she has armor to match. She also has a cape in black with the Bilantic ensignia on it it also appears on her helmet and shoulder armor. Biolance has brown eyes and auburn hair that is mostly concealed by her helmet except the ends which stick out the back and her bangs that frame her face.
    Personality: Biolance is a smart and honorable woman who knows how to be responsible. Despite her armor she is quick on her feet and adaptable.
    NetNavi Ability: Can use her BioWhip without a chip and usualy pairs it with her CyberLance also without a chip.
    Attack Style: Swords, statuses, Hand to Hand also a semi-decent shot.

    Thats that and should give you the basic idea.
  3. Here's my character for the RP. Looking forward to seeing this RP take off.

    Name: Alan Ireis
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Clothes: Alan wears a red, long sleeve shirt over a white T-shirt, blue-jeans, and black shoes.
    Hair: Blonde, usually neatly combed
    Eyes: Green
    PET color: A dark green with two yellow stripes running across the front.
    Family Emblem: A triangle on a red background. The right half is green and the left half is yellow.
    Personality: Alan is quiet and shy, normally preferring to remain in the background reading. However, he loves net-battling and doesn’t mind being in the spotlight when he is battling. As young as he is, he is a very skilled programmer. He has tried creating custom battle chips but has only had one real success, Tranz’ “Bloody Quartet” chip.
    History: Alan has lived in Dentech his whole life. He had been trying to create a new battlechip for his navi to use when a friend sent him an e-mail about the celebration tournament. Even though he didn’t like the idea of being in front of a crowd, he and his navi Tranz were excited to enter and ready to win.
    Net Navi: Tranz
    Net Navi Gender: Male
    Net Navi Appearance: Tranz wears a green jumpsuit with a pair of yellow, tiger-like stripes on either side of his waist. His gauntlets and boots are a darker shade of green with yellow accents where they meet his arms/legs. Tranz’ helmet is a simple green helmet with two thin, yellow stripes that run from the brow to the back. There are also two yellow extensions just behind his eyes that extend just a little ways past the back of the helmet. In combat, he may have a green scan visor active, covering his eyes. His torso is mostly covered by red, light-weight armor (similar to proto-soul megaman) with orange shoulder armor. This armor has the Ireis insignia on the chest. He also has a small shield on his left forearm, but due to its small size, it is best used for defense against melee attacks and small ranged attacks. Tranz has blue eyes and brown hair which sticks out from the back of his helmet in jagged spikes.
    Personality: Tranz is the polar opposite of his net-op. He is loud, boisterous, cocky and loves being center stage. He is quick to make jokes and often does so just to be annoying. Though he is a bit of a show off, he isn’t arrogant, quickly admitting when he’s beaten or made a mistake. He is very reckless, usually rushing into situations head-first. Despite this, he is very capable in battle and very fast, both physically and mentally. Though he finds his net-op’s “spineless” personality annoying at times, they are close friends and Tranz doesn’t hesitate to help Alan however he can. He can’t stand humans or Navis who boast they are superior to others.
    Net Navi ability: Tranz can use a cyber sword without a chip, he can also use the shield on his arm to deflect certain attacks. He can use his scan visor to send data about his opponents to Alan.
    Attack Style: While Tranz prefers to attack directly with sword-type attacks, Alan likes a more indirect style using status and virus summoning-type chips. This leads to their style being a very unorthodox mix between the three.
  4. Awesome that means theres two of us. Anything you think we could do to help the plot, any input you would like to add?
  5. I don't have much to add to the plot, it's pretty solid as is. But I do have a few questions about the plot: Why is megaman rampaging, is he under someone's control or has he been corrupted(virus, dark chip etc.)?

    Also, should we make a name for the tournament? I think since it's in honor of megaman something like "Net heroes" or something would be kinda cool.

    Also you mentioned some other navis with megaman. Since most of the navis in the series are based off of robot masters, could we make those navi's out of robot masters? EX:Splashwoman, Blademan, Crystalman to name some of my favorites.
  6. As for your questions on plot. Its not really megaman its a copy that was altered to make him more virus like.

    I agree with your Net Heroes name for the tournament, its catchy.

    Hmm I think it'd be a good idea to do that I might have to do a little reading but I support it full on.

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