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I've noticed a serious lack of OC content in the general RP boards

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Sky_, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. I've been looking for roleplays on the general board for about a week now, and I've noticed something. There is simply no OC. As a rule, I rarely join non-original roleplays and especially if you consider the fact that every RP there is set in a universe I've never heard of, it makes finding fresh places to farm my message count pretty hard (everything I'm in at the moment is dead/dying. So, can we see if we can change that?

    To be honest, I'd make one myself if the ideas I have weren't so fractured and deciding to randomly spin around my brain :?
  2. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    I'm in for most stuff perhaps a Sci-fi or Steampunk like RP?
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  3. I did propose the latter a couple weeks ago, alas no one seemed interested. If someone has an idea for making an RP with different races, I have a couple I could contribute to it.
  4. TBH I'm more of a fantasy guy :) None of my characters really work for a sci-fi, apart from one. But that still sounds very cool, and I'd definitely join one if it was made
  5. Perhaps we could create a Fantasy RP and brainstorm plot ideas and race ideas?
  6. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    what about a Skyrim RP? I have had that idea and how to deal with the perfect characters (and The Dragonborn)
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  7. I'd be down for Skyrim. The last two I've seen never really kicked off.
  8. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    well The one thing about Dragonborn is to refer to the hero as 'The Dragonborn', 'They' or 'them' they won't be in the plot though
  9. I really, really, really love the CoDa Roleplay and it's Definitley my favourite roleplay I've been in on Pokecharms.

    I'm into fantasy/drama. Thing is with CoDa, everything is so serious and there's a great plot and great characters. That's what I like about it.

    I'd be interested in a drama or a fantasy roleplay.
  10. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    What the hell is Coda?
  11. I'm alright with any genre except for horror and any romance like slice of life or harems. I have difficulty writing anything scary and I am kinda bad at writing romantic moments. Though, the RP I've made is suppose to be a Action/Supernatural/ may have Romance RP. And creating OCs is something I've done for a lot of my stories.
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  12. But that's the thing. I'm talking about original worlds. Skyrim isn't really what you'd call original :D
  13. XD you're exactly the same as me. I kinda suck as romantic stuff. Well, I haven't tried doing something of the sort in a long time, but still.
    And CoDA is exactly what I'm talking about. I mean, I created it, so it's obviously made to be what I wanted, but it's a fantasy thing, where you can create your own character freely. No limitations to what you want to make, apart from some obvious limitations. Because roleplays where the only thing you can change is the personality is the most irritating thing for me.
  14. OC creating is something I find rather interesting and fun. For one, it can help with your creative imagining on outfits and appearance on characters and won't let bios be a sloppy mess.

    OCs are one of the things I like about story writing and RPing as they let out my inner stress by pretending to be fictional characters since I normally think like my character when I write what they do and say.

    OC acting is also something I like to do, as acting as them will give you some details and Adonis on their personality and how they do their daily tasks.
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  15. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Well with fantasy a base is good or basing it off something because explaining it can take a VERY long time
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  16. Well, as a starting point, a couple of my buddies on Skype and I started a Fantasy RP on there. Essentially, it involves a group of people (of varying races) being banished from a large city. In the RP we made, the person who came up with the idea decided that it was more of a "for sport" thing. Or we could go with the classic "band of heroes have to defeat the main villain dude/chick" with an original map, lore, history, and races.
  17. Now that sounds like a decent idea. I don't much like the classic ones, because frankly, they're so linear they get boring, but this is original, and also pretty creative. I'd be happy to join this if it became an RP, maybe invite @Crunchy-Cucumber as well
  18. I've done the same as well. On Messenger, my friend and I made a fantasy story in which the races are noted down in my pofile page. We have some arguements over the name but we ended up calling it Fantasy Legacy, much to my dismay.
  19. Read a bit of it just now. The Nekomins of yours are pretty similar to the Felinar that I created. I also had another race (sort of like the Khajiit from Skyrim, but bulkier)called the Gatandres.
    The Felinar

    The Felinar are, for the most part, human in appearance. Except for their cat ears, cat tail, and some even have natural claws they can unsheathe from their finger-and-toe nails. They are mostly female, with 65% of the race being female, while the other 35% is male. They are the result of interspecies breeding between the Gatandres and Humans. They have a higher chance (when compared to Humans) to have heterochromia and have different eye colors humans usually can not possess, such as violet, gold/yellow, and red eyes.

    The Felinar have cat-like reflexes, much like the Gatandres. They are usually quicker than humans or Gatandres, though they are generally physically weaker than either. Most have an average level of intelligence. They are good at being quiet, and they can see in the dark. While magic is rare among them, the few Felinar that can have had large amounts of magical power, known to even rival some of the greatest Elven mages.

    Because many Gatandres and Humans alike find the Felinar to be attractive, many are slaves to both races. Those that are not are usually still treated poorly compared to others. Because of this and their natural stealthiness and reflexes, many free Felinar work as assassins or thieves, which also paints a bad picture for the species as a whole.


    A more tribal, feline race. They are a large people, the average height of a Gátandres is 7'5", by Human standards. They are humanoid in structure, but also have cat-like ears and tails. Their heads have the structure of a feline. Their appearance varies around different sub-species, and even those of the same sub-species usually have different fur patterns and colors. Like the Felinar, they possess eye colors that Humans do not, and heterochromia is more likely among them than it is for humans.

    Culture and Society: Much more prone to natural urges and violence, the Gátandres tribes fight for dominance over the others, and violence is also the way leadership changes. One can challenge the current leader to a fight to the death, in which the victor is the leader of the tribe. If a ruler lives to become old and frail, he will choose a new successor. The tribes live in a patriarchal society, where the majority are ruled solely by men and fought solely by men. From birth, and usually based on their sub-species, Gátandres children are picked by their tribe leader and his council as to what their position would be. The stronger sub-species would be trained as warriors, and nothing else, unless they showed a natural intellect. Aged warriors often leave active service and become military advisors. While a tribe chieftain may refuse a challenge, it is deeply frowned upon by the people. They usually live outside of the city in large camps or large, stone structures. The few that live in the city are usually either criminals or
  20. Hm... interesting, the Felinar race does sound similar to my Nekomin race. Is there an ability all race can earn?
  21. Out of the ones I've created so far, all the races are very unique. However, all of them possess the ability to learn Magic so far, it's just rarer for some.
  22. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    I am very confused
  23. What is it you're confused about? I can try to explain it the best I can.
  24. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    I am confused about what you are all talking about perhaps it's me just mainly playing fantasy games of Skyrim and stuff
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  25. Ah. See, when Sky mentioned OC content, he meant things ENTIRELY original. As in, we ourselves create the world, the lore, the races, etc. Lucas and I were talking about Races that we ourselves created. His are on his profile. We were simply talking about the similarity between his Nekomins race and my Felinar race.
  26. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    okay? I never really bothered with that stuff I DO have an animal like race named The Inko who are Fox and Wolf humans but those are in Rosis
  27. That does sound like an intriguing race.
  28. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Yes they could be in other realms for reason's but other than that Rosis is where they stay
  29. Fair enough. Since I haven't done much in terms of the actual world, I don't mind bringing my races into other worlds.
  30. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Yours would have to have a reason plus you'd have an angry Mother of The Realm on your asses
  31. Well, that definitely sounds intimidating. So, is anyone else up for co-creating a General RP with the two races I mentioned, plus any other races someone else might like to put forward?
  32. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    With reason with the person's consent then yes the Inko (and a few other races of Rosis) could be involved
  33. I like a mixture of Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I think a story about Xenomorphs in the medival era would be cool.
  34. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    How the fuck would that work?
  35. Well, I mean, Xenomorphs are Aliens. They could end up on Earth via a meteor or something .
  36. Well I do have two Original rp series that are going on.

    One is a Medieval fantasy
    And the other is a space opera
  37. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

  38. Well, I've got the four elemental spirits, which we could definitely use
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  39. This sound interesting.

    I'd like to suggest some sort of plot. Perhaps the protagonists are in a modern human city. They aren't exactly humans, and they get quite a lot of death glares. How about they are in a highschool, having to adapt to humans?

    I also made two races, the cryolf race and the nithen race. I can give a little detail about them.

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