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Ask to Join It's Showtime! (Coordinator College RP Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by OmnipotentOnion, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Hello, and congratulations! You have been one of very few accepted into the world-renowned Luvendale (pronounced Loo-ven-dale) Academy, a Pokemon Coordinator university only for the best of the best. Notable alumni include the one and only Wallace, an extremely famous Coordinator known for his stunning performances with his elegant Milotic. Now, let's get on with the show!

    -Basic Pokecharms RPing rules apply, click on this link to read them.
    -Romance is allowed, but for the love of Arceus, keep it limited to kissing and small stuff like that. (Side note: Although romance and crushes are permitted, that should not be the main focus of the plot and take up a metric f r i c c - t o n of the RP, thank you ^-^)
    -Violence.... meh, not sure if that's something to be considered in an RP like this, but if you really want to, keep it clean and PG.
    -Guys. Grammar. It helps you. Use it.
    type "holy bugumba" into your Character Form so that I can confirm you have read the rules.
    -Of course, have fun!

    Character Sheet:
    18 (All students are Freshman)
    (You may have up to four, levels are not necessary.)

    Now, here's mine!
    Name: Dylan Sage
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Dylan has jet black hair neatly slicked back and to the left. He has piercing icy blue eyes with speckles of emerald that shine with determination and excitement most of the time. He has a medium build, standing at 5'8. Dylan usually likes to wear a pitch black tight-fit suit and tie, with shined black loafers to match.
    Personality: Dylan is very hard to predict. Most of the times, he has a mischievous aura emanating around him, and no one knows what he's planning to do next. However, he is a great friend and an awesome person to be around.
    Backstory: Dylan was born into a family of famous magicians, whom, due to their career, are almost never home, but teach their son in the magic arts whenever the are. Because they were gone overseas performing magic shows for celebrities or people on the streets, Dylan learned how to live alone and take care of himself. In his free time, he would spend his time out in the fields training his Pokemon to be as elegant as possible, until he discovered his calling to become a Pokemon Coordinator at the age of 15. His parents would occasionally fund any of his academic efforts, which led to his admission into Luvendale Academy.
    Pokemon: Evindal (Sceptile), Quirino (Alakazam), Frost (Glalie), Pantaleon (Gengar)
    Other: holy bugumba

    @Crunchy-Cucumber @_obsequious @Mockingchu if any of you are interested, feel free to join in! If not, I understand ^-^

    Once maybe three or four people have joined, I'll put up the RP thread, and things can start getting spicy.

    That's all for now, signing off!

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  2. Name: Tes Willow
    Gender: Female
    18 (All students are Freshman)
    Appearance: 5'8", 98lbs. Tes wears her hair back with a blue headband, with a light blue color hair. (Dyed) She wears a white tank top and dark blue skirt. Around her neck is a Mystic Water charm. There is a burn mark in the shape of a crescent around her left eye.
    Personality: Tes tends to overthink things. Her photographic memory doesn't help that. She plans for almost anything, and tends to have problems focusing when not on stage. On stage she completely focuses on the task at hand. Tes is nice with a competitive side. She doesn't fear much except for fire. (Odd fear.)
    Backstory: Tes lived with her father because her mom used to work alot. One night when she was 8, her house caught on fire by a raging pokemon. She nearly got trapped, managing to be freed with only a permanent scorch mark and a fear of fire.
    Later, Tes moved onto her own journey, and decided to explore and not go for badges. She gained a team when she started coordinating. Her father died of disease.
    Pokemon: Machamp (father's pkmn), Glaceon, Staraptor, Hypno

    Other: holy bugumba, and Hypno helps Tes sleep at night. (She has nightmares of the fire often)
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  3. Accepted! Welcome to Luvendale Academy.
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  4. Also, @Platinum_, if you're interested as well...
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  5. Name: Jean Février
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18 (All students are Freshman)
    Appearance: Neat shoulder-length brunette hair, sometimes pulled back into a ponytail or bun, and deep blue eyes. For the most part, his body is lanky, though he has some muscle in the right places. Jean is 5'9". He is normally well-dressed, wearing a light gray dress suit and rose-colored cravat. Underneath it though, and hidden from view, he wears his mother's first princess key as a necklace for good luck.
    Personality: While he can be extremely clever, his intelligence is occasionally overshadowed by over-passionate and rash decisions. Due to his wealthy background, he has a little bit of a superiority complex, and holds his own beliefs over others'. He's working on it though. Despite his occasionally obnoxious nature, he does genuinely care for others, especially his pokemon, and is a bit of a dork himself. He's naturally extroverted, and does his best in his classes despite saying they can be pointless. Jean has a huge fear of clowns, and is easily intimidated by Barbaracle.
    Skills: Despite his mother being a former Kalos Queen, he actually has less performance experience than he would like to admit. Though he has a few routines that he has been working on in secret for a while now, he has yet to perform with his pokemon in front of a large audience. However, while he's not overly experienced with performing, he does have lots of experience with appeal battles. One of the few things he was continuously allowed to do growing up, and was especially frequent with in recent years, was challenging the Battle Chateau (a facility of which his father was quite fond of), and so he honed his appeal battling skills there, much to other trainers' surprise and annoyance. He recently became a Marquis in rank over the past summer. The general course he is the best at (and hates with a passion) is math, but that is only because he used to be terrible at it when he was younger and so his father forced equations down his throat with ungodly amounts of tutoring. Other than that, Jean also took some dance lessons when he was younger, and is quite talented in cosmetology and fashion design (though he has yet to learn how to sew). He also believes himself to be a good cook, but that's only because no one has ever been honest with him about how much his pokepuffs really suck.
    Family: Jean's father, Jules Février, is a self-made business man, leading one of the top commercial and corporate banking companies in all of Kalos. He values his work, and puts a lot of effort into it, sometimes prioritizing his career over his family. Jean's mother on the other hand, Victoire Février (more popularly known as Victoire Da Silva from her primetime), is a former Kalos Queen and stay-at-home mother that now works as a model for a popular agency.
    Backstory: Jean comes from a powerful and wealthy family in Kalos. While there was no shortage of comfort and luxury growing up, Jean did find himself somewhat constrained by his status, not allowed to go on a regular journey when he was younger due to fears about his safety and security. When he did try to run away to partake in a Santalune Pokemon Performance at 11, however, he was disqualified and banned from all future perfomances (this ban was later lifted after a professional investigation, but still scarred Jean for life) mid-competition even after he passed the first round for reasons unknown to him. He wouldn't find out until six years later that his father, Jules Février, without his or his mother's consent, tried to bribe some audience members at the competition in a misguided effort to ensure Jean's success so that Jean could be happy with one "hard-earned" princess key. After that event, his parents divorced and he barely saw his father for about two years until one day in early May, when his custody was suddenly transferred from his mother to his father. While alone, his father had changed. From then on, when his father wasn't at work, he was extremely invested in his son's future, grooming him for the world of business though his own strict ways. Jean was removed from his dance classes, put into intense tutoring to raise his grades in school, and was forced to come to his father's work often to see how the professional world worked. However, Jules was oblivious to the fact that Jean's passions lied elsewhere. Jean used the only real break he had, battling at the Chateau, to practice his appeal battling, and secretly applied to several contest-oriented colleges when he was supposed to be looking at business schools. Right now, studying at Luvendale is the first time he has ever had control over his life. His father currently thinks he's at a Unovian business school.
    Love Relationships?: While Jean has flirted before and might act as though he is incredibly experienced, he actually has yet to actually be in any type of serious relationship. While he doesn't think a lot about his own love life though, he is very involved in other's and will live vicariously through them.
    Pokemon: Spritzee (F - only nicknamed pokemon and main partner - 'Spritz'), Roserade (M), Meowstic (M), Doublade (M)
    Other: He is currently in possession of a dusk stone, but is waiting for the right time to use it and his doublade's consent. holy bugumba

    'Spritz' Spitzee (F)
    Ability: Aroma Veil
    Nature: Quirky
    Characteristic: Scatters thinks often
    History: Spritz was given to Jean by his mother on his sixth birthday (though he wasn't given Spritz' ball until he was ten), and the Perfume Pokemon has been by his side as his main partner ever since.

    Roserade (M)
    Ability: Poison Point
    Nature: Rash
    Characteristic: A little quick tempered
    History: Roserade is the first and only pokemon Jean has ever caught by himself, joining the team as a Budew when Jean ran away to Santalune City.

    Meowstic (M)
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Nature: Quiet
    Characteristic: Highly curious
    History: After being banned from perfomances and experiencing his parent's divorce, Jean went through a major depression slump. In an effort to cheer him up, Jean's aunt (his mother's sister), gave him a pokemon egg to take care of, which hatched into the Espurr that would eventually grow to be Jean's third party member.

    Doublade (M)
    Ability: No Guard
    Nature: Adamant
    Characteristic: Strongly defiant
    History: Doublade didn't join the team until Jean was well into his teenage years, training in the Battle Chateau. After witnessing Jean's appeal-oriented battling skills, Doublade, then a Honedge, decided to run away from his abusive trainer to join Jean's team. Of course, his original trainer threw a fit, saying Jean needed a fair trade before he would let him have his Honedge. Jean's father stepped in then, paying the trainer off for about 5,000 Pokedollars (the guy was really stubborn) so that Jean and Honedge could stay together. It is one of the sweetest memories Jean has about his father.
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  6. Nice! Welcome to Luvendale Academy :)
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  7. Once two or so people join in, I'll put up the thread; feel free to tag anyone you think might be interested! ^-^
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  8. Alright. Just a disclaimer- if you create the RP thread tonight, I probably won't join until tomorrow afternoon. I have an interview in the morning.
  9. It's all good; in all honesty, I don't really expect a lot of people to join as of right now
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  10. Haha a Coordinator RP ?? You already know I'm down.

    Name: Platinum Hokebe

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Appearance: 5'8 ft. // 120 lbs. | Short, bombshell blonde hair and light green eyes. He is a bit under average in size for a physique of his age, but he tries to make up for it with his mind.

    Personality: A usually relaxed peacemaker, Platinum is someone who simply wishes to live carefree and enjoy life's fleeting moments. He was usually seen hanging within the more popular-posh crowds, due to his parents reputation within Sinnoh, and even some farther out regions, as well as his willingness to make friends with most anybody. Overall, he tries not to take most things in life too seriously, but can tend to have a bit of a bratty tendency to pout or gain airs of gloom whenever things dont go exactly his way.

    Backstory: Where he is weak in physical strength, he excels in the more intellectual side of things. He has been taught growing up to value mental capacity over brute strength, due to his father being an executive director within a business managing company in Sinnoh and his mother being a sort of "Socialite" within the world of clothing. Platinum has a love for Pokemon and Coordinating, and does his best to get to know any aspect of knowledge for the craft in order to put on the best possible performance that he can. He grew up with neither of his parents being very Pokemon-inclined, aside from the Skitty that his family owned as a house pet. So, naturally, whenever Platinum began to show a large interest in Pokemon and Contests (as he had seen constantly on television), his parents were concerned. However, as he grew, they learned to nurture his passion and help him apply for the prestigious Luvendale Academy.

    Pokemon: Wartortle♂, Breloom♂, Masquerain♀, Mamoswine♀
    Other: holy bugumba
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  11. Great! Welcome to Luvendale :)

    So it seems we have a pretty good amount of people with which to get this RP going, who wants to start now?
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  12. Are you making it?
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  13. Yeah, just trying to figure out the kinks for the schedule .-.
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  14. Just a little bit, lmao
    It's a little hard thinking of classes to offer for an aspiring Coordinator rip
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  15. Athletics, critical thinking, Pokemon care and safety, Lunch, Improvising, Training/practice,
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  16. Gotdamb, alright. Thanks! Appreciate it 'v'
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  17. No problem. I'm always full of ideas, so tag me if you need any help with anything. (I also can do algebra and geometry)
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  18. You could also have history of coordinating, as well as some required general college subjects, like math or science.
  19. The schedule will be as follows (everyone'll have the same schedule to keep things interesting):
    1st Period: Pokemon Care (Ms. De La Torre)
    2nd Period: Performance Fundamentals (Mr. Allen)
    3rd Period: Athletics (Coach Evaristo)
    4th Period: History (Mrs. Holt)
    5th Period: Math (Mr. Stephens)
    6th Period: Science (Ms. Clover)
    7th Period: English (Mr. Trent)

    Thanks for the ideas!
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  20. Headmaster will be Mr. Devan Sanders
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  21. Need anyone to play a teacher?
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  22. Everyone can auto the teacher
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  23. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Still open? I might sign up for this?

    And if so, Fakemon allowed?
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  24. Still open 'v'

    Sadly, Fakemon will not be permitted; I'd like to keep it within the normal Pokemon world
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  25. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Name: Crimson Asters

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18 (All students are Freshman)

    Appearance: Profile Picture

    Personality: Crimson is really cowardly, getting scared at anything that he deems scary. He is really submissive to strangers that he doesn't know. But as one gains closer to Crimson, they will find out that he is actually very snarky when he wants to be. Although he may seem very quiet on the outside, he is actually very determined and confident when he wants to be.

    Backstory: Having traveled to other regions before, Crimson has confidence on his contest abilities. His parents and friends were very supportive on his decision to be a Pokemon Performer/Coordinator, despite it not being very "masculine." He always dreamed of being a top coordinator or Performer King/Queen someday. Thus why he is going to the school, to give an effort and try to make his goals a reality.

    (You may have up to four, levels are not necessary.) Luxray (M), Volcarona (M), Froslass (F), Sharpedo (M)

    Other: holy bugumba
    Tendency to not reply sometimes because of other roleplays and life, so a little nudge sometimes would be great
  26. Accepted! Welcome to Luvendale Academy 'v'
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  27. A few questions:

    #1: Will the characters be staying in some sort of dorm rooms? And if so, will they be sharing rooms with other characters? We can figure this out more after everyone has gotten to meet each other in the RP, but I just thought I'd bring it up now.

    #2: Because it's most likely never going to evolve, it's the only Pokemon line with this ability in the whole game, and because it is Jean's main pokemon, I was wondering if I could give his Spritzee its hidden ability, Aroma Veil. Aroma Veil prevents the main Pokemon and its allies from being afflicted by Taunt, Torment, Encore, Disable, Cursed Body, Heal Block, and Infatuation. If you say no, I completely understand. I was just kind of planning out all my Pokemon's abilities, natures, and movesets in a note on my computer, and wanted to confirm if it was alright. I may never even use this ability. I don't know. I just like to be over prepared for everything.
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  28. 1: Yes, I am planning to have students become roommates in dorm rooms.

    2: Go ahead!
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  29. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Will you pick the roommates? Or will we choose for ourselves?
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  30. You guys can choose with each other's consent
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  31. Whoo! A new RP! And I love coordinators, so...

    Character Sheet:
    Damian Lorde
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18 (All students are Freshman)
    Appearance: A thin kid, with stick-like arms. He's also freakishly tall. Okay, not freakishly tall, but pretty dang tall. 6'2". So he's got a weird height:weight ratio going on. He's got some weird blond stubble going on on his chin and jawline. His blond hair is at that weird stage between short and long where you can't make it look cool, so it just kind of sits on his head like a mop. His eyes are a light blue between the color of clear river water and the sky. He has dimples on his cheeks, but his left one is deeper than the right. He alternates clothes like a normal human being, but his regular style is a t-shirt and either khaki or athletic shorts. tl;dr: tall, lanky, blond hair, blue eyes and weird stubble.
    He is a creative soul, obsessed with art and writing. He often starts illustrations or written works, but lacks the drive to finish or continue them. He lacks drive in many subjects. He wants to put on some muscle, but almost never continues a workout routine. But while he may be a procrastinator, he's also somehow a good student... He is just really miserable when he's cramming the night before something important. He is easy to get along with, and suppressing negative emotions, putting on a happy facade at all times. He is quick to crack a joke, or dish out a not-so-witty pun. tl;dr: creative, happy, tries to be witty.
    Nothing too dramatic. No sob story or anything to explain why he became a coordinator. One day he was just like, "I think I want to become a coordinator." And so he did. Or more accurately, he tried to. He's on his way to becoming one now. That's kind of what this RP is about, right? tl;dr: this isn't too long, you can read it.
    (You may have up to four, levels are not necessary.) Sam (Aipom, M), Oliver (Chespin, M), Eos (Aurorus, F), Ariel (Popplio, F)
    Other: His Pokemon have virtually no battle experience. Aipom has a bit of a rough edge, consider he was rescued from poachers by Damian's father, who was a Park Ranger in Johto before he passed away. Chespin is a bit shy. He was caught back in Damian's home region of Kanto. Aurorus is very flashy, but also cowardly if thrust into a dangerous situation. Aurorus was obtained from Damian's aunt, who is a Fossil Researcher. Popplio is the newbie, and the team is still learning about how she operates. Popplio was given as a going away gift from his mother. Ahem, Holy Bugumba. Sorry about that.
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  32. Can I join? :)

    Name: Cassie Grae(sometimes goes by Cas)
    Gender: F
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Cassie wears her pink hair down, reaching to her shoulders, and has lavender-colored eyes. She wears a lavender hoodie, dark purple tiered short skirt, pink leggings, and a pair of white combat boots. She also has red oval-rimmed glasses.
    Personality: I don't really know what to put here, can I just RP her out?
    Backstory: Cas just kind of watched a performance and thought, "Hey, that looks cool! I want to try that!" Just like she did with theatre...And Color Guard...And a lot of other things that she didn't really end up being too good at.
    Pokemon: Winslow(Meowstic, M), Kaiya(Sneasel, F), Adam(Sh. Eevee, M). Let me know if Adam needs to be a normal Eevee or if I can continue with him as a Shiny.
  33. @Cloudswift accepted! Welcome to Luvendale, and sure, you can have shinies. I'm limiting them to one per person, though

    @Mockingchu sorry, but you're missing just one thing! Read over the rules one more time :)
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  34. Okay, correct me if I'm wrong, but the RP's taking place in Unova, right? I'm just starting to read through.
  35. I actually forgot to choose a region, so....

    Y-Yes. The RP is set in the Unova Region.
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  36. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Question: Would the roommates thing be co-ed? Or is it one gender only?
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