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It's all in the name

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Magpie, Jun 20, 2010.

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    Do you give your Pokemon names? Some of us do, some of us don't. Some of us like to give our Pokemon funny names, or silly names, while others name them after Characters or 'things'. Do you just name your team, or do you think of a name for every Pokemon you catch? Here's where you can share your nicknames and how you go about choosing them.

    So then, I myself name Pokemon that I use competitively (aka my main team and the substitutes). I also tend to name the team I play through the game with. Other than that, I don't name much else. I like to separate my team from the rest and the easiest way to do that is to personalise them with special names ♥

    Manectric ~ Thunderdog
    Sceptile ~ Amaranthus
    Weavile ~ Empire
    Dragonite ~ Zodiac
    Vaporeon ~ Atlanta
    Miltank ~ Cravendale

    Murkrow ~ Theia
    Flygon ~ Apollo
    Scizor ~ Paragus
    Gliscor ~ Clang
    Floatzel ~ Lutra

    Most of mine are named after stuff that I either feel suits them, or relates to them in some way. An example would be Zodiac the Dragonite. As a Dragon, he needed a magical sort of name, or something to do with Mythology. I went with Zodiac, because I thought it was a nice blend of the two. I often look at Mythology for name ideas. Some of my names are sillyish, such as 'Clang' for Gliscor. I happened to see a clip from Hack# where he has an Iron Grunty or something. It kept saying 'Clang' all the time which made me laugh and thus I had to name the Pokemon I was training at the time after it XD

    I just feel that nicknaming Pokemon makes them more personal. I actually did start a Nuzlocke challenge on Leaf Green but had to stop after I almost lost my Charmander to Brock. He just held on with 1HP. I'd named him Kevin, which was just me being silly, but I got stupidly attached to little Kevin and Ratus the Ratatta and the near death experience put an end to my challenge. I just can't take it :V

    So yus, share your nicknames. And even if you don't name your Pokemon, you could always tell us why :D
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  2. Oh gosh I name most of the stuff I use, or even the stuff I think I'll use but never really do :D

    My main team is:
    Froslass - Tabatha
    Mismagius - Toru
    Bastiodon - Kasumi
    Empoleon - Archimedes
    Gyarados - Sophia
    Tangrowth - Satoshi
    Honchkrow - Isamu

    Most of them are just named because thats what I feel fits at the time :p Like I never really considered I had the Japanese names of Ash and Misty, or the fact that I have a Toru just like us here at 'Charms (Even though I named mine first <<). I also realise there are seven there, I pick the top six for standard battling and I use any three that I feel like for the Battle Frontier.

    The other team I usually use is my Mono-type Grass team, who also all have nicknames ^^ This team was mostly designed for fun, though I use it for battling in the 4v4 double battle mono-type stuff as well.

    Grass team:
    Jumpluff - Ceres
    Roserade - Marluxia
    Torterra - Hayate
    Cradily - Yanmato
    Exeggutor - Kokoro
    Parasect - Honshu

    Of those I tend to use either the top four or the bottom four, depending on how I feel :p I named those mostly at random, like before, although some of you might be able to think of some similarities between Marluxia and Roserade (maybe?).

    I usually like the mythological names as well, I tend to stray away from the more 'normal' names as it were. Though I do have some more normally named Pokemon too, like Sophia.

    Edit: Oh, almost forgot. I have a Rock type team in the works, much in the same way as my Grass one.

    Rock team:
    Aerodactyl - Ardus
    Lunatone - Horatius
    Kabutops - Deimos
    Omastar - Phobos
    Relicanth - Cassius
    Tyranitar - Julia

    I went for some more Roman/Greek/Classical style names for this team... and I can't for the life of me remember why, either xD
  3. Funny enough, I didn't really start regularly naming my Pokemon until I started battling XD It makes them a bit more real to me and when people start knowing your Pokemon by their names, you feel good XD

    My current main team:

    Froslass- Yuki
    Bronzong- Bronzong
    Swampert- Allison
    Lucario- Megumi
    Meganium- Megan
    Arcanine- Joaquin

    SS In-game team:
    Feraligatr- Stefanie
    Ninetales- Karalee
    Ampharos- Coco
    Pidgeot- Arianna

    Arcanine- Anastasio
    Torterra- Shinji
    Torterra #2- Tierra
    and many many more

    My names come from all over the place. Sometimes I give Pokemon names I just think are pretty like with Megumi, Allison, the Arcanines, Coco, Karalee, and Arianna. A couple of names actually come from the Pokemon's species name like Megan(ium) and Yuki(menoko--its Japanese name). Occasionally they come from the attributes of the Pokemon like with Tierra which means earth. And finally sometimes they're named after a person or character like Feraligatr who's named after Steve Irwin and Torterra #1 who has Paul's Japanese name. Bronzong is just an odd case where I just couldn't find a name that fit XD My GPX Pokemon mostly follow the same naming trends but occasionally I just give some Pokemon names I don't really care about--I just couldn't stand to leave them un-named lol.
  4. My Platinum team Pokemon all have names, specially picked by me!
    Ares the Lucario- Named after the Greek god of war, it fits because I use him in competitive battling, naturally.
    Tayler the Emoleon- Random name I picked up, but I've grown attatched to it.
    Sammy the Staraptor- Named after my deceased dog. I saw it fit.
    Bella the Bibarel- Named after this young girl I sometimes babysit. She's sweet and so is my Bibarel!
    Sparkster the Raichu- I added the suffix -ster to spark and got a name.
    Kendra the Roserade- Named after a character in one of my Pokemon fics.

    Kaitlyn the Espeon- Named after my Psychic all-around character.
    Zaron the Umbreon- Named after my Dark all-around character.
    Lilya the Beautifly- Such a pretty name for such a pretty Pokemon.
    Diana the Clefairy- Named after the Roman goddess of the Moon.
    Mistral the Hypno- Sort of mysterious, isn't it?
  5. In my Arceus team, I give the names by type
    ;D ;D 8) 8)
  6. Aheehee, I have special rules when naming my Pokemon. Since I breed half of them, I name the offspring after types of something. Without further adieu,

    SoulSilver Team:
    Dodrio - Gala: I named all the Doduo I've hatched after apples. Others include Winesap and Granny.
    Cloyster - Clementine: Likewise, my many Shellder babies were named after types of oranges, like Tangerine!
    Meganium - Virgil: Virgil's a nice person. Meganium are nice Pokemon. I thought it fit, yes yes!
    Valeria - Ninetales: I, uh, was watching Models of the Runway and one of them was named Valeria. I thought it was a lovely name for a beautiful Pokemon ♥
    Pinsir - Gorgeous: All Bug Types are named after words for pretty. ALWAYS. Plus, I think Pinsir is just such a cute Pokemon, wouldn't you agree ♥
    Vespiquen - Ravishing: See above, really. Vespiquen strike me with their lovely beauty.

    Pokeathlon Team (♥):
    Dunsparce - Margatroid: Named after Alice Margatroid, from the Touhou Project games.
    Dunsparce - Shanghai: Named after Alice's first doll, from the Touhou Project games.
    Dunsparce - Hourai: Named after Alice's second doll, from the Touhou Project games.

    I'd love to name my Pokemon after fancy mythological figures or cool names, but, er, Pokemon aren't like almighty, so I make it a rule of mine not to name them as such. Usually after food or regular people names, really. I love nicknaming them, because then I remember them more easily ♥ Plus, I hate catching a Pokemon and leaving it as SKITTY, or WAILORD, cause of the all caps D:<
  7. Yeah, I nickname the 'lil guys. Here's my Red team because im in NC and my Heart Gold is back in the hometown.

    Blastoise: Hydro

    Jolteon: Volt Kitty

    Pidgeotto: Jet

    Beedrill: Drillz

    Kangaskhan: Kang (That's my most creative :3)
  8. Gosh, I give nearly all my Pokemon names, except the ones I've caught with the Walker. For those, I swear to myself that I will rename them whenever they get switched to my party. :p

    EDIT: I remember them now! :D

    For my current parties:


    Empoleon: Czar
    Luxray: Raior
    Staraptor: Jackdaw
    Bibarel: Beck (as in 'beck and call', lol.)
    Golem: Cyb (Cyborg, golem, hey, I tried. :p)
    I really don't remember what's in the last slot, as it changes a lot. :p However, currently it is Ramone the Vaporeon.

    Soul Silver:

    Ferligatr: Anio
    Fearow: Freud
    Weepinbell: Bellatrix
    Beedrill: Waspabi
    Graveler: Iorek
    Poliwhirl: Pakku
  9. I used to name my pokemon after mythological figures exclusively, but I've been getting silly in my old age. I also have a tendency not to nickname legendaries:

    HG Team: Pierre (Golem), Mr. Squishy (Tentacruel), Mr. Burny (Typhlosion), Blackie (Umbreon), Quack (Togekiss), Gorgonzola (Tangrowth)

    SS Team: Samael (Gengar), Tiamat (Feraligatr), Wilbur (Mamoswine), Dammit (Yanmega), Garm (Houndoom), Raikou

    Other SS Team: Whiplash (Electivire), Cannonball (Magmortar), Washington (Meganium), Isonade (Sharpedo), Stymphalia (Skarmory), Linux (Porygon-Z)

    D: A'tuin (Torterra), Beans (Skuntank), Roentgen (Luxray), Sastruga (Glaceon), Mr. Floaty (Drifblim), Coyote (Lucario)

    P: Marquess (Empoleon), Alice (Mismagius), Razor (Weavile), Kermit (Toxicroak), Sleipnir (Rapidash), Deborah (Vespiquen)

    Pt: Wukong (Infernape), Carcharoth (Garchomp), Edward (Crobat), Tesla (Magnezone), Yuki (Froslass), Aikau (Floatzel)

    FR: Titania (Venusaur), Shisa (Arcanine), Arethusa (Vaporeon), Banshee (Aerodactyl), Morena (Jynx), Khepri (Heracross) + Alt: Invictus (Mewtwo)

    LG: Ancalagon (Charizard), Mercutio (Jolteon), Tethys (Kingdra), Tybalt (Alakazam), Harkonnen (Steelix), Tartarus (Tyranitar)

    R: Gondwana (Sceptile), Schubert (Exploud), Aegis (Armaldo), Jamie (Walrein), Glaurung (Salamence), Kilauea (Camerupt)

    S: Agni (Blaziken), Indra (Manectric), Vritra (Milotic), Azazel (Flygon), Jihen (Absol), Behemoth (Metagross), + Alt: Saguaro (Cacturne)

    E: Vasyugan (Swampert), Panzer (Aggron), Binge (Seviper), Purge (Zangoose), Amanita (Breloom), Florence (Gardevoir)

    Colosseum: Babar (Donphan), Peggy (Ampharos), Arcturus (Starmie), Jivemasta (Ludicolo), Samson (Machamp), Garuda (Swellow)

    XD: Nanabozho (Flareon), Yggdrasil (Exeggutor), Leonardo (Blastoise), Bahamut (Dragonite), Lawnmower (Scizor), Bjorn (Ursaring)
  10. I name everything. I mean seriously; everything. If you were to take any of my PokeMon games and look at my PokeMon, all of them would have nicknames, whether they're names after things or some cheesey stuff that I used because I couldn't be bothered thinking of special names. xD

    HG Team:
    C.Amarillo - Ampharos
    Forrest - Meganium
    Sploosh - Blastoise
    Inferno - Moltres
    Mewn - (shiny) Umbreon
    Bleu - (shiny) Zangoose

    C.Amarillo - 'C' for 'Captain', 'Amarillo' is Spanish for 'yellow'. (It was either C.Amarillo or 'Amphy' xD)
    Forrest - Is it not a bit obvious? xD Forest because of grass-type, Forrest because it's a guy's name. o3o
    Sploosh - From FR. xD Back when I was younger and more ... silly. >>
    Inferno - Again, FR. Explains itself~
    Mewn - Names spelled weirdly are fuuuun~
    Bleu - Yeeeeeeaaah. I think you can guess. :>

    Ghost Team:
    Inflation - Drifblim
    Frostare - Froslass
    Ursula - Mismagius
    Ghasp - Haunter (peh to Gengar >:|)
    Geode - Sableye
    Bango - Bannette

    Inflation - 'Tis obvious. ;>
    Frostare - Frost + Stare~ 8D
    Ursula - Whee hee, I've always thought that the name 'Ursula' is rather spooky. No idea why.
    Ghasp - Well, there's Ghastly, and ghosts generally make you gasp (well, in stories and shiznits) so why not Ghasp? :>
    Geode - Self-explanatory, really.
    Bango - Herp derp, I have no idea. |3 It starts with a 'b', so eh. x3

    I also have some other names I feel need mentioning. :b I have a Mewtwo called Mew II, just for the sake of it. :3 And a Tauros called 'Duffman'. I name some of my PokeMon after characters, too, like Celia, my Dragonite, or Pix my Absol. :>

    Most of my friends don't nickname their PokeMon, which I find sort of boring. xD I think that nicknames give them ... I dunno, personality. More ... oomph. :>

    I love the way my brother nicknames PokeMon. xD I can't remember all of his nicknames, but things like Archibald the Mamoswine and Randy the Typhlosion are funny. :>
  11. Quil--quilava
    Ruka--my surfing richu
    antimatter--giratina origin form
  12. Since Gen 4's Pokedex thankfully doesn't require you to capture every little Pokemon in the region and stuff them heartlessly into a box, I've been able to keep and name Pokemon I actually want to keep and name. However, there are still a couple that, while I bear no ill will against them, I do not particularly love. However, they are a necessity as HM Slaves and thus, stick around. And while I don't use them in battle unless I really need to, that doesn't mean they don't get lovely names :D

    Machop -OrebughCo.
    Buneary -Hostage
    Pichu- LilLantern
    Staravia- SinnohAir
    Bibarel- Rental

    Yeah, I'm heartless like that.

    But the Pokemon I do show affection towards usually get their names from anime and video game references, unless I think of something more clever.

    Torterra- Leo
    Luxio- Kiba
    Buizel- Bluez
    Vespiquen- Athena
    Lopunny- Lilli
    Murkrow- Raven
    Medicham- Diz
    Cranidos- Knuckles

    just to name a few~
  13. I didn't nickname Pokemon much until recently. Now I nickname almost every Pokemon I get.

    Blaziken - Torchbird (I was like 8 at the time, ok?)
    Togekiss - TogeToge
    Darkrai - Grisnoir (French speakers should figure out this one)
    Vileplume (Shiny) - SparkPetal
    Mightyena - Fido
    Treeko - Evergreen
    Squirtle - HydroPulse
    Lugia - Whirl
    Ho-oh - MajestyR
    Gyarados (Shiny) - ScarHara (Difficult to figure out pun xD)
    Snorlax - FatsoIII
    Umbreon - Skygaze
    Typhlosion - Combustian
    Ampharos - Dreamzap
    Mawile - OIAM
    Vulpix - Tailtip
    Drowzee - DreamMare
    Sunkern - SunShone
    Slowpoke - Donno
    Lapras - Crystalic
    Fearow - HawkEye
    Magneton - Thunderam
    Jynx - Purplow
    Girafarig - Simpleton
    Marowak - BoneMarrow
    Weezing - Coughanaut
    Jigglypuff - Puffeeeeee
    Swinub - Nubington
    Sudowoodo - Woodosoodo
    Slowpoke - JImbO
    Suicune - AquaPaw
    Goldeen - Huskington
    Haunter - Hunterz
    Wobbuffet - JellyBelly
    Magneton - Conducteer
    Paras - Musheen
    Togepi - Magestoge
    Dunsparce - DustWing
    Manectric - Eclectrick
    Kangaskhan - Kangoo
    Poliwhirl - Subject9V
  14. I didnt really start nicknaming anything until the hoenn series but even then i didnt nickname alot of things, the follow list are pokemon that have nicknamed overtime:

    Lucario - Rukario
    Probopass - Mario
    Shaymin (skyform) - Rider
    Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu(F) - Sparkii
    Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu(M) - Sparky
    Darkrai - Caterpie (Lol :D)
    Rhyperior - Rhypwn
    Staraptor - Stryker
    Raikou - Voltage
    Buisel - Weasel
    Blaziken - Pyro
    Umbreon - Dusk
    Espeon - Dawn
    Galceon - Snow
    Swellow - X Flight
    Torkal - Turtle
    Geodude - Flex
    Grovyle - Felix
    Swampert - Mudtoad
    Machamp - Hurdle
    Beiberal - Slave
    Zigzagoon - Furret
    Deoxys - Proto X
  15. After Diamond, I stopped nicknaming my pokemon. So if memory serves, my diamond team is as follows.
    Gastrodon-mew(after a seagull´s cry. Don´t ask...)
  16. RX your HM Slave names are great xD

    Anyway, I do usually name my Pokemon. But really....I don't have any names to share! I've just started a new game on SS, and I've never battled competitively. Though, when I do name, they come from a lot of different sources. Most often, I find, I just give them a name. Magpie said that naming her Charmander Kevin was silly, and to that, I say nay! I give my Pokemon "regular" names all the time. Every now and then, a name will come from mythology. Sometimes I pick a word that I feel describes a Pokemon, and translate that word into Spanish, or Latin, or French, or anything, really, and play with that a bit. And then there are the times when a name comes from someone important to me. Fer example, I recently started SS again, with a Totodile. I named him Dale. He's named Dale 'cause there's a kid one year younger than me that I know who has been dealing with having Leukemia, and he too plays Pogeymen. We were talking about it one day and he said he got Totodile. So, we have Dale the Totodile....that story sounded better in my head.... ^^
  17. These are just the teams I've grown attached to (HG/Emerald/Diamond)
    HG: Cadence the Meganium, Dallas the Pidgeot, Cheri (pronounced Share-ee) the Ampharos, Quincy the Arcanine, Limerick the Mamoswine, and Rain the Cloyster
    Emerald: Tommy the Sceptile, Samantha the Raichu, Shadow the Sableye, Haku the Starmie, Marcus the Gyarados, and Sakura the Pelliper
    Diamond: Bale the Torterra, Minami the Crobat, No Face the Lucario, Chihiro the Vespiquen, Sharingan the Mr. Mime, and Beavee the Bibarel
  18. I have named almost every Pokemon I've ever caught, ever. Sometimes they line up with each other, but just as often they don't. I had a team where all of the Pokemon were Nintendo villains, once, but by the same token, next playthrough, all of my Pokemon had bad puns for the names. Let's see if I can't remember them:

    Leaving Suicune (I pronounce Suicune suh-soon)
    Tyranitar Pit
    DarkStormy Dragonite
    Hawking A Lugia
    Entei AtOwnRisk
    Raikou D'Etat

    And, of course, every Blaziken I have will be named NoMafiaTies. Because they never have Mafia ties, obviously.
  19. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    I have well over four boxes full of team Pokemon from past adventures, pretty much all of 'em nicknamed, so I'll just analyze my latest 20 or so. I generally always nickname my team Pokemon because it feels more personal, but how I name them can vary from game to game.

    Team on SoulSilver:
    Meganium - Zanaffar
    Noctowl - Wanshitong
    Lanturn - Alnair
    Houndoom - Lucied
    Hitmontop - Dreidel
    Smeargle - Picasso

    Team on Platinum:
    Marowak - Grayskull
    Aerodactyl - Rodan
    Lapras - Lazuli
    Gallade - Agito
    Drifblim - Wisp
    Muk - Toxicor
    Porygon2 - Glitch
    Torterra - Eldoradi
    Rapidash - Pudding
    Drapion - Lesath
    Camerupt - Roxana

    Current team on Pearl:
    Vespiquen - Latona
    Mantyke - Siegmund
    Swablu - Nidhogg
    Gligar - Garm
    Duduo - Vidofnir
    Skarmory - Reginleif

    Aaand that's enough for now.

    Sometimes I use a theme, as seen with my current Pearl team (all of them are named after the sacred weapons from FE: TSS). My themes can be anything from video game related characters, weapons, creatures or artifacts; names of Anime, western TV, movie, or novel characters; Pokemon named after my RolePlay or fanfic teams; and puns or references connected to various sources (ie. Mr. Owl and Mr. Beaver, inspired by SpaceBalls). Once I even used a forum 'screen name' theme and named all of my Pokemon after members of my current forum community (Pokeschool). Now a few of the names have stuck and I've reused 'em in various places (like "Whicker", my Gengar, and "Soslow", my Slowking). XD

    I also enjoy attacking a few choice websites that have lists of star names, constellations, and astronomy-related terms. Astronomy has hordes of different myths woven into it, and its names/terms come from a large variety of origins. Makes for a really nice resource. I always attempt to use the names properly by meaning/origin, but if I can't find anything that fits - or really like the way a name sounds - I'll just connect 'em to my Pokemon by association (ie. name a Shinx after a star in the Leo constellation).

    Finally... Sometimes my names are just completely random. I'll start brainstorming names and simply pick the first one that comes to mind, use an inside joke (ie. "Pudding" for my Ponyta, now a Rapidash), or just use the name that feels the most proper, regardless of how deeply inspired it was. It could be as mythological as Elysian or as basic as Teddy. Generally the names of my main-main Pokemon come from various places, but all of 'em fit somehow in my mind. They all just feel right. :)
  20. Nim


    I have actually never nicknamed any of my pokemon because I have just never really thought to do it, but I must say, all this talk about nicknaming has made me want to start. In my current team I only have 5 at the moment so I think I will definitley have to name that lucky last one. I think it gives a sense of individuality to a pokemon instead of the simple "Rattatta" or "Weedle".
  21. Mhm, only in three games did I nickname though...






    Fearow~Kenya (not my nickname)
    Flareon~(Video Game Championships Shiny Eevee result, no nickname)
    Luxray(From Platinum)~Spynxo
  22. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I only name my starters to signify their status as such.

    Blastoise: Shellpower: Derived from the name of the one in the first movie since ShellShocker wouldn't fit

    Silver Feraligatr: Chomp: Have you seen its mouth?

    Crystal Feraligatr: Fang: Again, mouth.

    Swampert: Kippo: Dervived from Mudkip

    Sceptile: Gecko: The species it's based on

    Empoleon: Emperor: Based on an Emperor Penguin

    Infernape: Axel: The Flurry of Dancing Flames of Organization XIII.

    My Blastoise of LG and Feraligatr in SS have no names just because I didn't feel like it those times. I haven't decided what I want to name my future Mijumaru yet, but I might get an idea off of its English name.
  23. I already know what I'm naming my Pokabu- Mista Pig! (Think Pumba)
  24. Lately I've been naming almost all of my pokemon in the games, and definitely all of them that I create fiction-wise. My newest game team is in Platinum, which I will list here:

    Chole - Torterra
    Baal - Raichu
    Era - Espeon
    Freyr - Dragonair/Dragonite
    Nuskuu - Charizard
    Gau - Staraptor

    Gau is mainly high-level transportation, but the name of my last main-team pokemon slipped my mind. *Sweatdrop.*
  25. I'm tempted to name it some variation on Evil Dr. Porkchop.
  26. I love giving my Pokemon names as I'll usually only catch Pokemon that I want to battle with (I'll never be a Pokemon Master anyway) but I do have trouble naming some of them... (Like Wailord)

    Pidgeot- Pokey
    Dragonair- Clair
    Jumpluff- Polly
    Ampharos- Ship
    Raticate- Rachel
    Sudowoodo- Gabrielle
    Drifblim- Izzy
    Gyarados- Fia
    Quagsire- Daisy
    Chatot- Pockey
    Shuckle- Winkybun
    Shuckle- Shuckie
    Onix- Rocky
    Froslass- Sherry
    Feraligatr- Luann
    Rotom- Charley
    Arbok- Jessie
    Weezing- James
    Jynx- Josephine
    Rapidash- Rosa
    Kricketune- Bach
    Roselia- Rose
    Lickitung- Eliza
    Mismagius- Susan
    Lumineon- Lumine
    Breloom- Hannah
    Tangrowth- Vanessa
    Crobat- CharlesIII

    And the special ones:
    Probopass- Mario
    Leafeon- Saria
    Gallade- Link
    Gardevoir- Zelda
    Luxray- Sonic
    Electrode- Bill
    Torterra- King Koopa
    Blastoise- Bowser
  27. raticate-slash
  28. Nim


    I have recently named my Magneton, Miguel and my Feraligar, Typoon.
  29. I used to not name my Pokémon at all. But recently, I've been doing it a bit more. Some names are lame, some I'm rather fond of.

    My team, in order of favorite nicknames:
    Ampharos - Derbyshire (Delia Derbyshire was famous for electronic music)
    Rapidash - Rassilon (Evil, figuratively fiery Time Lord leader from Doctor Who)
    Pidgeot - Missingno. (Meh.)
    Garchomp - ガブリアス (Garchomp's Japanese name, Gaburiasu... Got that one off the GTS though...)
    Venusaur - Fuzigibana (Venusaur's Japanese name)
    Swampert - Watery (Meh. Got that one off my old Ruby version...)

    I also have a Mewtwo named Rattata. :V
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  30. The nicknames I remember the most are my LeafGreen team for some reason, but here it is:

    Venusaur - Blarg (I nickname all of my starters that XD)
    Arcanine - Firestorm (Obvious)
    Lapras - Nessie (Also obvious)
    Primeape - BoomBoom (I don't know)
    Dugtrio - Rio (What I named my Dugtrio in the R/B/Y days, so it's nostalgia.)
    Mr. Mime - Mimien (It's the name the guy that gives it to you for an Abra give it, but the name sucks.)
  31. I just made a Star Wars themed team, and named them after planets:

    Alderaan- Gardevoir
    Bespin- Weezing
    Corellia- Togekiss
    Iridonia- Infernape
    Kamino- Feraligatr
    Korriban- Rhyperior
  32. I don't usually give nicknames in a first-playthrough. But when I start a new game and don't save (just for the hell of it), I would nickname my pokemon then. Thanks to the fact you can put a DS in sleep mode by closing it, I was able to do a four-day marathon of all the gym badges and the elite four (losing against the champion of course) with a team which actually opened up my mind for some interesting strategies.

    But on to the point, these were the nicknames I used for my pokemon, in the order I caught/obtained them.
    Infernape: Blaze
    Bibarel: Beaver
    Onix: Rocko
    Togekiss: Sunshine
    Glaceon: Tails
    Rotom: Boltz
  33. Kyogre-Aqua
    Zangoose-Lord Zortn

  34. 1. Charizard - Hidenshi
    2. Glaceon - Shirazu
    3. Espeon - Shikunzo
    4. Salamence - Mutotzu
    5. Starmie - Hatsune
    6. Luxray - Shinko
    7. Arcanine - Kenzuko

    Named them like that after some japanese anime characters. The rest I made up. In my opinion, those names suit them. I love nicknaming them cause it makes them different from the rest and their MY OWN pokemon. And no matter what new game I play of pokemon, I keep those names with the same pokemon. The only things about them I change is their move set.
  35. I've named a few of my Poke'mon, but most of them are for the hilarity that ensues. Here are a couple:

    RuPaul the Starmie - I named Starmie after RuPaul because, not only is s/he one of the most amazing people on the planet, Starmie doesn't have a gender.. and RuPaul is a drag queen!
    Tyra Banks the Tyranitar - Because it's hilarious. Also, I always called him just Tyra.
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  36. I name every single Pokemon I catch. I don't know why, it's kind of fun for me. Since I can't list them all (dear god this would be a long post,) I'll just say the ones I can name at the top of my head.

    Infernape - Dray (He was named after a particular youtube MapleStory animator.)
    Blissey - Sakura
    Roserade - Erik (The phantom of the opera was there inside my mind.)
    Scyther - Stel (Non-explanatory.)
    Leafeon - William (Named after my first boyfriend. He said he always wanted a grass-type eeveelution.)
    Luxray - Tonnerre
    Illumise - Giggity (...No comment.)
    Flareon - Hellfire
    Vaporeon - Aeris
    Jolteon - S.S. (For "Static Shock." Yes, corny xD)
  37. I would usually either give them silly names, like Gummi, but I would also sometimes name them depending on type:

    Fire type: Fireheart
    Grass type: Forest
    Water type: Aqua
  38. My main party, I trade to my new games everytime that I get the 8th badge.
    Nidoking~King (wasn't very creative there...)
  39. I almost always nickname my pokemon.
    I'm not gonna put down all of my teams, just my LeafGreen team.

    Lily the Blastoise

    Circe the Victreebel

    Nemuri the Snorlax

    Doki the Primeape

    Kaji the Flareon.

    Razor the Aerodactyl

    And when I'm not using Razor, I'm using Rex the Pidgeot.
  40. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I nickname everything! (except aggron, because your name is cool enough you japanese freak.)

    My main team is
    Ivy the Pidgeot
    Japanese Japanese Japanese the Aggron
    Saur the Venasaur
    Mach the Garchomp
    Blaze the Infernape
    Abon the Jolteon

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