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Ask to Join Island of Rose Petals

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Midnight Heart, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Breeze Fall Island, also know as the Island of Flower Petals due to all the flower petals that are usually getting blown around from the many flower gardens scattered around the island, is known to many due to the seasonal festivals thrown every year. In Summer, the Beach festival, in Autumn, the Rainbow festival, and in Winter, the Snow festival. And in Spring, the current season? The Heart festival, one of the most popular festivals out of the four, where many tourists, especially tourists that are single and are looking for a partner or mate, come in hopes of finding love, or to spend their honeymoon with their partner or mate if they already have one.

    The Heart festival, unlike the other festivals, which only last one week, lasts for two weeks, and has many games, activities, concerts, and dances for visitors to have fun, or, if they are lucky, find love. At the end of the festival, they have a large bonfire, and also hand out free, rainbow colored bouquets of roses to couples, and the day after, a boat comes to pick up the tourists, although boats visit the island every few days, so tourists may stay as long as they like.

    Discussion and sign up thread here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/island-of-rose-petals-romance-rp-discussion.19123/

    "Hurry up, Starshine~! The boat is going to dock at Breeze Fall Island any minute now, and I wanna be one of the first Pokemon off so I can explore the island, and play some of the games that've already been set up~!" Silver said impatiently, poking the fluffy Umbreon as she shoved her last few books into her bag. "Give me just a second... There!" Starshine said, picking up her bag after putting her last book into it. "Alrighty, you got you're stuff, let's go~!" Silver pushed Starshine out of the cabin they shared, and without waiting for her to say anything, or even react, the silver and white Zoroark ran through the hall and out onto the deck. Shaking her head, Starshine followed after him, wondering how he had so much energy and why he was so excited.
  2. Smugleaf didn’t really know for certain why she had come here. Was it desire, to see what the deal was about the Heart festival? Was it her own pride? Was it her curiosity about what would happen, or was it perhaps her loneliness, and she had come here to fix that aspect of herself? Whatever the answer was, it wouldn’t change the present: that she was here now, on this boat, and waiting for the arrival. Her crimson gaze lit up as she realised they had docked, and it briefly lingered on a Zoroark and an Umbreon, who seemed to be in a hurry. Her lithe frame slithered off the boat, and she scrutinised her surroundings for a moment.
  3. Humming happily as he and Starshine got off the boat, Silver looked around. "Where should I go first? I could go explore the forest, but then again, that archery game ever there looks really fun! Oh, and so does that balloon pop game!" Silver said, sitting down as he tried to decide what he should do. Starshine giggled, amused. "Maybe we should try to find a hotel or something before we explore or play any games, Silver. That way, when it starts getting dark, we don't have to hunt for one." Starshine said calmly, making Silver pout.
  4. "Hey . . . Are you still upset about what happened . . ." Hariko said walking up to Luke, "Nah that was ages ago, I still like you" he replied giving out a smile has he looked out to sea, the two were at the back of the boat not noticing that they were already docked, noticing the boat shook Luke knew they were there "Well, guess this is another journey for us huh ?" He asked "Guess so" Hariko replied as she bumped Luke a little while getting off the boat "Aww come on it was just a joke" Luke said as he followed behind, both of them noticed there were a few other people as well, there was a Serperior, an Umbreon and a Zoroark. "I wonder what's so great about this festival that dragged so many people here" Luke asked Hariko curiously "I'm just happy that I got on this romantic island with you" Hariko said as she gave Luke a hug "Stop it , you're making me blush" he replied. They both eventually got to a hotel, it was pretty fancy though it looked like a leafy hut, it's pretty well furnished too "Ulala, fancy stuff" Luke said as he booked for a room, after that they went to their room and packed their stuff "I wish mom and dad would be able to enjoy this . . ." Luke said as he comfortably lied down on a soft and warm leaf bed "They'd love it . . ." Hariko added as she took out her things. The two chatted for a while, hoping they would make some new friends soon, they would eventually go explore the island soon or later.
  5. A Braixen and Lucario could both be seem getting of the boat, laughing and talking with each other. "The heart festival.. We're finally here!" Kikumi, the Braixen, squealed which made the Lucario, Elizabeth chuckle quietly. They both looked around excitedly. "What to do, what to do, what to do... There's so much to do!" Kikumi shouted again and started to run ahead. Being a bit more mature then the Braixen, Elizabeth walked after her. Before Kikumi could run anywhere else, Elizabeth managed to beg her to get a hotel room first. They both walked out of the hotel, both of them smiling brightly. "Good luck finding your love, Miss Kikumi!" "Why thank you! Good luck finding your love too, Miss Elizabeth!~" They both bowed, more for fun as they both laughed after.
  6. Smugleaf kept her crimson gaze plastered to the floor, avoiding the gaze of anyone who came near her. She wasn't the most socially eloquent, and was in honesty rather nervous about the impending socialising- though, she supposed her subconscous wanted her to attend this festival, which was why she had come here in the first place. She made a beeline for the buffet, bringing her leafy tail up to grab various types of foods.
  7. To the right of Smugleaf, Sebastian took a bite out of a tart, pink berry he had in the grasp of his tail, chewing quietly. He swallowed and grinned, saying to no one in particular, "Ah, nothing like a fresh Pecha berry, that's for sure." He popped the rest of the fruit into his mouth and swallowed after chewing before noticing the Serperior next to him. He slithered his way to her and nodded in greetings, a friendly grin on his face. "Hello there! You enjoying the island so far?"
  8. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Peter noticed that the boat had docked, and rushed off with his one small suitcase that didn't really contain much stuff. He stood on the dock and smelled the air. He didn't quite know why he was here, he didn't really care about love, or anything else. Must have been some of the fun stuff, because he enjoyed just going out with his mates and not worrying about anything in particular. Problem though, he didn't know anyone on this island.

    Besides that, the hot and humid air bugged him a bit, coming from a colder climate, but he could stand the heat. He looked around for things to do. Well, step one was to secure a hotel. He looked around, and decided upon a hotel. It was the cheapest one, because Peter didn't want to waste all of his money on hotels. He dropped off his stuff quickly before heading to what seemed to be where everything was happening. He just kind of stood there, taking in the sights. Maybe he could make friends with someone so he could do something with his mates, but again, he knew no one.
  9. Embarrassed at how silly she must look with a tail-full of berries stuffed in her mouth, the Serperior hastily swallowed, and offered a crooked smile to the Dragonair that had approached her. Her dark-scarlet gaze traced along the floor, avoiding eye contact in fear of further embarassment. "Oh! Um... yes, it is quite beautiful here. Though the only thing I've experienced so far is the food, hahaha," she chuckled, gesturing to the berries she had taken a hearty helping of. "What about you?"
  10. Sebastian chuckled and nodded. "The food is indeed one of the highlights here, in my opinion. I gotta say, I'm enjoying it rather well here. I came with the feeling that the rave about this place was pretty overrated, but I can see now that it's no bluff." He bowed with a little bit of formality and grinned once more. "Sebastian. Pleasure to meet you."
  11. "I agree! I was rather curious to see what all the hype was about. Truly, the air here has... a sort of buzz, wouldn't you say?" Smugleaf smiled, too dipping her head in greeting. She finally brought her gaze to meet the other's- Sebastian, as he had introduced himself. To meet another snake-like Pokémon was quite a surprise- generally serpentine 'mons preferred to be solitary- though, she supposed her kind were just as unique as any other species. "My name's Smugleaf. And the pleasure is all mine, Sebastian," chimed the femme. "Um... apologies for the silliness of my name."
  12. Sebastian shook his head in dismissal, a smile still on his face. "Oh, no worries at all, Smugleaf. It's quite a nice name, contrary to what you might think." He chuckled softly and looked around, surveying the vast expanse of the island within his field of view. "Yeah, there definitely is a strange feeling in the air, like you said. A bit tricky to explain what it is, though.." Sebastian truly was baffled at what it might be, but it did feel quite warm.
  13. As he spoke, Smugleaf found her tail creeping toward an Oran berry, and she popped in into her mouth as she listened. Swallowing, she again dipped her head. "Ah, thank you..." she murmured, a smile beginning to play upon her lips. She had, by coincidence, always liked the name 'Sebastian'- though, she wouldn't be caught dead admitting such a thing. "Indeed. I'm not quite sure either, " she replied, a comfortable smile adorning her maw. "Well, I'm going to go explore a bit more, and maybe look to partake in a few activities. Perhaps you would want to accompany me?"
  14. Sebastian returned the warm smile and nodded. "It'd be my pleasure. I'm a bit curious as to what kind of activities this island has to offer." The Dragonair chuckled as he looked at her. The Serperior was quite beautiful, and not only excuse she was a serpentine 'mon like himself, she attracted Sebastian more than he would say out loud. Who knows, maybe she's the one. The one I've been looking for all this time.
  15. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Peter noticed a buffet in the corner of his eye, and suddenly felt very hungry. Oooh, looks good... Peter than dragged himself towards the buffet. He hoped to see some familiar food, but he also wanted to try whatever was good here. Peter noticed two serpentine Pokemon, and grabbed an oran berry before deciding to at least ask them where something fun to do was. "Hey fellas, do you perhaps know where to find anything fun to do?" Peter said, realizing that he probably just spooked them.
  16. After Hariko finished putting her things away she turn to saw the most disappointing thing in the world, Luke just dozed off on the bed, he looks cute though not to lie, she went out to explore the island in the mean time, there were a lot of berries too, some of the locals gave her some to taste, she took a Nanab Berry, and took a small bite, it was flavorful, tropical sweetness and a little bittersweet. "These are delicious" she said as she bit more into the berry, on her way she saw that Serperior again, a Dragonair and a Raichu, she was a bit shy but she had to explore so she continued away and hope that no one noticed her.
  17. “Wonderful! Then, we should-“ Smugleaf began, her speech interrupted by a Raichu who approached the pair. She had been quite enjoying the sole company of Sebastian and she wasn’t the most social of ‘mons, so- needless to say- she was sort of wary of the other; and made no effort to hide it. “Uhh, hey- there... we, um, well I only just got here, so...”
  18. "I think I'm going to explore the island a bit." Starshine said as she and Silver walked out of the hotel they had finally found. "Alrighty, then! I'm going to play some games, and maybe see if I can make any friends~" Silver said. "O-Oh... W-Well, I'll see you later, then..." Starshine said, whimpering a bit. She was uncomfortable in new places if no one she knew was around, so she knew she would have some difficulty exploring the island without Silver around. Watching as Silver ran off to find games to play, Starshine sighed and looked around, unsure where she should go first.
  19. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Soon, Melon's boat was arrived to the island, and once it did, he practically flew off the boat, with his bags of course.
    "Finally, I reached Breeze Fall Island, people have been saying how romantic it is, time to find out for myself," He walked to a hotel and checked in. Once he was done settling in, he left and went to find some activities.

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