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Ask to Join Isla Kenta (Island RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Luke The Riolu, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. Isla Kenta, a hidden island far away from any regions, it's a land where everykind of Pokemon lives even Pokemon that have been exticn still lives there, one day a group of lost trainers arrived on the island their job is to survive, many parts of the island have been discovered by the group they have made a map to navigate around the island :
    Isla Kenta :
    Tarpits Cavern : Deeper in the Cavern Haven't been discovered
    Motwali Forest : Fahren Swamp
    Voltike Volcano : Roars and cries can be heard inside the volcano, still haven't been discovered
    Imfa Beach : Blood Ocean
    The trainers have been surviving on the island for 3 months now searching for berries and supplies in Motwali Forrest inhabitted by a pack of Tyrantrums, if not careful we might be their supplies, Tools and Gears are made by rocks and cobblestones found inside Tarpits Cavern, inhabitted by alot of Bugs and Ghosts, if you are alone in there, there's a high chance you might end up in flames with a pack of devestating Volcaronas or be sleeping in there with Dream Eating Gastlies. Imfa Beach is the safests place for now as it is fresh water where Basculins and Magikarp lies, it's the trainers' source of food but beware even if its inhabit by Weak Pokemons some other dangerous threats like Gyarados or Carracostas might find you. Blood Ocean where Carvanhas and Sharpedos hunt it is obviously stupid for someone to go out their its called Blood Ocean for a reason, Fahren Swamp is currently inhabitted by Quagsires, Woopers, Palpitoads and the Mudkip Evolution, these creatures are gentle so Fahren Swamp is currently the safest place but there have been rustling sounds in the bushes and movement on the trees that have been scaring of some Pokemon their, it might be the cause Of Archeops or Ekans.
    Roleplay only for 10 people

    Rules :
    No Gmodding/Mary Sue/ all that stuff
    No Legendaries
    No Swears/Bullying
    Write atleast 4 sentences
    Romance Allowed (Not Too Much)
    All The Charms Rules
    Character Form :
    Name :
    Gender :
    Age :
    Appearance :
    Pokemon (2 Only) :
    Tools : (N/A)
    Weapons : (N/A)
    Other : (N/A)

    Here's mine :

    Name : Jack
    Gender : Male
    Age : 16
    Appearance : Tall, brown skin, blue eyes, wearing a light blue jacket, long jeans. He wears a red cap. He looks weak and lazy but he is very athletic and hard working person, he would try anything to help get out of the island
    Personality : Kind, Open-minded, Desperste to get out of danger. He is very scared of Pokemon with gigantic sizes, He is friendly to people who are nice, kind but despises people who are cruel
    Pokemon (2 Only) : Riolu, Banette
    Tools : Pickaxe
    Weapon : None
    Other : He was on a ship when it crashed into a reef, caused the ship to go out into the open ocean and sink slowly, he fell and hit his head hard making him faint, whne he woke up he was here.
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