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Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Rex, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Today, you finally decided to ignore your parents’ warnings.

    Today, you went to the old abandoned station in the middle of the woods.

    Today, you boarded the Ghost Train.

    And you will never get off… Never


    Right, so, the plot of this RP is simple enough.

    You have gone to explore the local abandoned railway station. While there, you find a train waiting for you in the station. The Conductor stands in front of the open doorway to the car, beckoning you forward. You feel your legs comply, and you enter the train. The door slams behind you, and you pass out, collapsing onto the floor.

    When you come to, you find a group of people all in the same car. The beautiful looking car that you had entered is gone, replaced by one decaying and broken. An odd Creature stands at the head of the car, balancing on one of the rotten chairs. It tells you that you have boarded the Ghost Train, and that, unless you can complete the trails in each car, you will never disembark.

    You can feel something tugging at your soul. The Creature tells you all that if you have any magical powers, you can kiss those goodbye. The train drains first any magical energy from a person, and then moves on to their actual life force, leaving a withered corpse behind.

    Any attempt to get off the train will end in failure with the attempted leaver finding themselves teleported back to the first car, the Observation Car. The only way to get off the train is to stop the train. The only way to stop the train is to get to the locomotive and shut it off. Then, The Conductor must be banished. If The Conductor is banished, then the train can be disembarked.

    Then The Creature attempts to sooth you, it promises that it is stuck in the same boat they are, and is here to help. He wants you to trust him, but will you?


    In any case, this RP would be paranormal, with a mystery backing. There will be no combat, with each car testing instead attributes like teamwork, flexibility, courage, and wisdom. Failing a test will land the failure back in the Observation Car, where tests must be started over. Those that don’t fail will move on to the next car.

    Along the way, many things must be found out. Who is this mysterious Creature? What is The Conductor, and how are you to defeat him? Many clues will be thrown around, and it is up to the RPers to solve each test and piece together the clues. All the while, the Train will continue to drain you, first your magic, and then your life. Can you escape before you too join the ghosts that inhabit this train?

    I suppose the only things to ask if anyone else is interested, and if so, if they have any ideas to contribute. So, how about it, are you up to it?
  2. Sounds interesting. I'd definitely be down for this.
  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Right, this happened a lot faster then I originally imagined, but I've discussed it with a few members, and decided that only four people will be joining me for this, since it's taking place on a train, and too many people would cram a car. Thus, out of five hopefuls I've narrowed it down to three. These are Sem, Jenova, and Tailon. We are accepting one more member, since life has gotten in the way of one's.

    Now then, how I've worked it out, each car has its own trial that the people will have to deal with to move on from one car to the next. At a minimum, there will be ten cars, each with it's own challenge, along with the Locomotive, which has its own, and the Observation Car, which, being a hub, has no challenge. I've thought of two of the challenges so far, but I wanted to stay that if you guys have any ideas then you can feel free to post them here or PM them to me. The more challenges the better, especially since I want all of us to have some range of challenge and control over this.

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