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Is the Nintendo Browser Worth It?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by element301, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. [size=7pt]My mom gave me $40 for buying a new game for my DS, and I can't decide between
    the Nintendo Browser and Big Brain Academy 8). I heard the Nintendo Browser was good, but is it worth buying? ???[/size]
  2. If there's a compatible wireless hub nearby, you'll be able to browse the web just about anywhere. Without wireless access, though, the browser is just a waste of money. Big Brain Academy, however, does not require internet access for use, and supposedly makes you smarter.
  3. Also if the signal where you are is bad,forget movies or such.I had to get a wire extension for my Wii because my house has a bad wireless signal.Its best to make sure not only that your region has a good amount of hubs to access,but also has a good signal so you can experience the internet without a pause every few seconds (annoying for youtube especially)

    Its too much of a bother i think to worry with
  4. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    The browser's a piece of crap in a box - and worse still you wont be able to trade it back in once you realise this fact.

    Big Brain Academy isn't really all that much better, but if you already own all the good titles on the DS, you might as well instead of buying the browser.
  5. After buying the browser,lemme tell u

    unless u need to do VERY simplistic stuff online,don't buy it

    It cannot do flash,it cannot do audio,it cannot do java as far as i know.Unless all you want is browsing for info and pictures, and message boards,its very useless.

    I think i might find use for it in fall though,i believe my college has wireless access which might give me stuff to do while there (and not in a class)
  6. I once tried to use the Wi-Fi at my college, but it wasn't compatible with the DS. Then again, your experience may vary.

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