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DPPt/HGSS Is Team Diamond Good Enough?

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by POH!KEMON, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Alright, so I wanna show my Diamoind team to see if there's any changes required:

    Gyrados@Splash Plate
    Serious nature
    Hydro Pump (may change it)

    Abomasnow@Icicle Plate
    Snow Warning
    Sheer Cold
    Rock Climb
    Giga Drain

    Staraptor@Quick Claw
    Brave Bird
    Close Combat

    Lucario@Fist Plate
    Inner Focous
    Shadow Claw
    Aura Sphere
    Iron Tail

    Dialga@Admant Orb (I know he is banned, but I just want to show him)
    Flash Cannon
    Earth Power
    Draco Meteor
    Roar of Time

    Infernape@wide Lens
    Focous Punch
    Flare Blitz
    Blast Burn
    Focous Blast

    Thos team may be for competition use once in wi-fi (if it is, what is the best replacement for Dialga?).
  2. gyrados- Don't see any problem with him good moveset.

    Abomasnow- I would change Sheer cold, or give him an item with accuracy boosting.

    Staraptor- fast, the quick claw helps too. I would give him a White Herb to restore the stat changes from Close Combat

    Lucario- Maybe give him another fighting type attack, otherwise good job.

    Dialga- BIG Powerhouse. I would replace him with a different Dragon-type like Garchomp

    Infernape- Get rid of Flare Blitz.

    Id give it an 8/10
  3. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Oh god...

    Gyarados having Hydro Pump AND Surf is a massive problem, White Herb on Staraptor to block Close Combat's defense drops is a waste of an item slot, Lucario having two Fighting-type attacks is stupid beyond belief, and getting rid of Flare Blitz on Infernape is just the icing on the crap cake.

    Another warning for quite possibly the worst advice I've ever seen given in the Clinic, and right after you posted a team that was poor as well.
  4. Gyarados: I'd get rid of Hydro Pump, as you already have two other Water moves that are pretty good. I'd either replace it with a Physical move and keep the nature, or replace it with yet another Special move and get the Timid nature. The Special move I had in mind was Dragon Pulse. A good move in nearly every situation. It wouldn't be good for Ice, but if you replaced another thing with a Fighting move, you would have some good coverage. Waterfall isn't exactly the best thing in the world, but it's a decent move for getting rid of. The move deleter is in Canalave in case you forget.

    Abomasnow: The nature DEFINITELY is not a good thing, mainly for the special defense. Abomasnow is most vulnerable to Fire type moves, which are mostly Special moves. The Attack bonus is good, however. Try to get a Careful nature, as that would lower the Special Attack, which you wouldn't quite need, as the majority of these moves are Physical. Giga Drain has plenty of power, and Abomasnow's attack is pretty good. The moveset is just fine.

    Staraptor: Nature is great. The Speed stat is already wonderful and wouldn't be too bad if cut. The moveset, however, is quite awful. The only attacking move in there with more than 5 PP is Fly, which is a pretty shitty move in battles. I would get rid of Fly for some sort of other Physical move of anything that isn't already in there. Another Fighting type move would be just fine though, as it would be pretty good against any Ice types. A Ground type move would also be good for Electric types, but the only Ground type move it can learn is Mud-Slap. The item isn't a very good choice, as its Speed is already very good. I would replace it with Black Belt or Fist Plate, as that would make it as if Close Combat has an STAB bonus. Overall, not too good, but not too bad.

    Lucario: Just fine the way he is.

    Dialga: I would replace with something ASAP. Maybe some sort of Eevee evolution, or a Drifblim. For Eeveelutions, maybe an Espeon or Jolteon, because Psychic and Electric moves haven't been covered in the team. Drifblim, I'm fairly sure can learn some Psychic moves, so either get an Espeon or Drifblim. Drifblim has some pretty good stats as well, which would be nice. If you got a Drifblim, I would choose Mind Plate. For Espeon, it can learn Ghost moves I am fairly sure, go with the Dread Plate. Jolteon cannot attack Ground types and Ground types would do a good deal of damage to Jolteon, so I'd add a Shuca Berry.

    Infernape: Unfortunately, an awful moveset. All the moves have five PP and are either Fire or Fighting. Keep Focus Blast, get rid of Flare Blitz for Fire Punch. Get rid of Focus Punch for Iron Tail, as that would have some good coverage against Rock types. Keep Blast Burn in case you REALLY need some power. Also, get rid of the Wide Lens for Iron Plate, for even more power against Rock types.

    Overall, a good team. 7.5/10.
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    OK, time to cut right to the chase...

    - Gyarados needs to ditch Surf and Hydro Pump as I stated, and needs to avoid any Special attacks in general since his Sp.Attack stat is...well...crap. Waterfall and Earthquake can stay, Ice Fang and Dragon Dance are probably the best options for replacements for Surf and Hydro Pump. Adamant Nature works best, and a Wacan Berry to protect from Electric attacks - Gyarados's bulkiness will come in very handy with Wacan Berry.

    - Abomasnow I'm not too used to, but I can say right now that Rock Climb needs to go and Sheer Cold is usually banned from competitive play. Moves and Nature are dependent mostly on what you want out of Abomasnow - its balanced stats let it cover multiple roles, although the very poor defensive typing can hurt it in that regard.

    - Staraptor's Nature is bad - increasing Sp.Defense and dropping your Speed is bad news. Return is a great replacement for Fly, Swagger is an option but it's very risky, and Intimidate does mess it up a bit - U-Turn is a very viable replacement, and combined with a Choice Band and an Adamant or Jolly Nature, Staraptor can be devastatingly fierce - Brave Bird and Close Combat are staple moves coming off of Staraptor's incredible Attack stat.

    - Lucario I've been over - moveset isn't any different overall.

    - Dialga could do with a change since he is Uber. A replacement for the god of time is a bit tougher to pin-point, although something to sponge Gyarados and Staraptor's Electric/Rock weaknesses can help - if you still want dragons for that role, look no further than Garchomp and Flygon, who resist both of the aforementioned types.

    - Infernape again, like Lucario, depends on what you need most, since Infernape can again go Physical, Special and Mixed. Mixed tends to work best though, and this is where this moveset in particular burns brightest:

    Infernape @ Life Orb

    - Fire Blast/Flamethrower
    - Grass Knot
    - Nasty Plot
    - Close Combat

    Mixed sweeper Infernape can smash through defensive Pokemon quite easily with its brilliant combination of Physical and Special STAB attacks. Flamethrower/Fire Blast will decimate tough Steel-types such as Skarmory, Bronzong and Forretress, all three of which are very common competitively, Grass Knot will take out bulky Pokemon that suffer weakness to it such as Swampert and Rhyperior, as well as put a dent in Pokemon like Suicune and Milotic, and Close Combat will wreck Special defenders such as Blissey and Snorlax, and put a nice dent into Umbreon and Regice as well.

    That overall just about does it for this team.
  6. This I can do because unlike Platinum, I have tons of TMs that I got from AR.

    EDIT: KOL, do you have an example of a mixed Lucario?

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