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Is Pokemon Cloning Acceptable?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by DoctorJimmy, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. I've been pondering over this question ever since I discovered the Cloning Glitch (not that I know how to work it), but here are some questions to think about:
    1. While trading a precious Pokemon of yours with a cloned one, do you feel ripped off?
    2. Is cloning necessary?
    3. As a cloner, do you feel proud of yourself or feel like you're a thief?

    I believe that Pokemon cloning is okay.
    It's the same Pokemon anyway, so that's fine, really.

    I feel ripped off!
  2. I think its cloning is fine, it's like you said, its the same pokemon.
    I really don't care weather the pokemon I get is cloned or not, as long as I get the pokemon I asked for.
    By the way, I clone all the time on my emerald, (and sometimes on diamond if i can get it to work) I don't necessarily feel like a thief and I don't feel proud either, it basically reminds me that pokemon is a game, and there are glitches in games. If you can find the glitches, then sometimes it can make your gameplaying easier.
  3. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    It'd depend on how and what you were cloning for me. If the cloning was done via an in-game glitch, a programming oversight by the developers, I'd say it was fine since it's the developers fault for leaving such a glitch in the game in the first place. If you were cloning by using Pokesav or some other hacking program, that would definitely be cheating without any doubt. If you were cloning via an in-game glitch, I'd say it was acceptable regardless of whatever it was you were cloning, whether it be Bidoofs or Alamos Darkrais. However, if you were cloning legendaries/high leveled and fully trained Pokemon with a hacking program, I'd say that was unacceptable since those sorts of Pokemon are not meant to be acquired easily, especially in large numbers, and using a hacking program to get more of them with no effort is unacceptable in my opinion.

    That said, I would never accept a cloned Pokemon in a trade, regardless of what it was or how it was acquired.
  4. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I think my views are quite similar to King of Lucario's. I'd never clone pokemon, be it via glitch or hacking/cheating device. I'd know it was cloned and feel like I was cheating. I think the games should be played as they were meant to be played - having six Mewtwo would ruin the playability - games aren't fun unless they give you a challenge, in my opinion anyway.

    I wouldn't accept a cloned Pokemon in trade either, just because I'd feel cheated. I realise that the cloned pokemon is just the same as the Pokemon it was cloned from, but it would be just like owning a fake designer bag or something - it might look the same but I'd know it wasn't, and feel cheaper because of it.

    I don't think cloning is necessary either, especially now that we have WiFi. The fact that some Pokemon are super hard to get adds to the challenge and gives you a sense of achievement when you finally get it. Cloning a friends rare Pokemon just doesn't have the same challenge.
  5. Now... I don't think cloning in and of itself is that bad. The only reason I could see doing it is just to give someone a 'dex entry. I know how hard it can be to catch some of them (especially version specific ones when you don't have enough money to go out and get both), and sometimes the Legendaries are too much of a pain to go get. If you are just giving someone a clone and all they are doing with it is shoving it in a box to rot for all eternity, I could see the use for cloning.

    But if you are even thinking about using it to play, either in game or comptetitive or even breeding, you need to get a legit one.
  6. I look at cloning this way:

    It's fine for collecting, if you can't be bothered to catch it any other way. I also feel that reciving a cloned Pok
  7. Personally being a hacker myself you would think I would find cloning to be alright to do. Well I don't. Even though, I hack pokemon (strictly shiny) I never use my device to clone or create pokemon. I find pokemon are not meant to be cloned. Each pokemon in itself is unique and should not be cloned regardless of the method. Cloning in my book is wrong.
  8. Of course it is ok. Using AR is even cheating more for some people. I DONT CARE IF I CLONE 50 BLUE MEWS WITH A MASTER BALL EACH. There is a chance that the glitch WILL NOT WORK. It is a risk that you will have to take if you clone pokemon. So in fairness cloning is good as long as u accept the risk.
  9. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Champion1. I am giving you an informal warning.

    For one, your argument sucks huge donkey balls ;p

    Two, you do not type in block caps without good reason. I understand you want to get your point across, but you do not need to use caps to do so - people will read your post anyway.

    Three, "u". "U." FUCKING "U". Learn to type out the word in full. Type it with me, 'Y-O-U'. That wasn't so hard, was it?

    Also, the "glich", as you put it, is possible because it CAN'T be fixed. It's a data transfer thing, you cut off the data from one side and it does what it can to save the data. One side has lost a pokemon while the other side didn't get a new one. Simple.
  10. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    I'm completely against cloning, even if you are just copying a legitimate pokemon.

    You can use codes generated by a program to create any pokemon you want from nothing; any IVs, and EVs, Level, etc. That is considered hacking, right? Well if you take into account that with all of the billions of pokemon out there, there is one matching that set of IVs.
    I just think of cloning as no better than hacking a pokemon with possibly legitimate stats. It's still hacking in the end, creating a new pokemon altogether though manipulation of the game code.
  11. personally, i find that i want to catch pokemon the good old fashioned way so i'm against cloning. i think that you can do it if you want to but i much prefer catching and then as it is; feel like i've accomplished something through sheer skill (cheesy as it sounds) i'm not really for hacking at all to be honest. what silver magpie said too

    also, you can just breed them, it seems silly to clone when you can breed
  12. I think cloning on emerald is fine, even if it is a glitch
  13. You should seriously try to elaborate more in a debate topic.

    I think cloning for trades is fine as long as the receiver knows its a clone and is ok with it. Same with all hacks in my books. If you tell me its hacked ill see if I want it anyway or not. I know its all a question of trust, which over the anonymity of the net is quasi-impossible to find. But in the end its a game anyway, and I honestly believe its much too late in the wifi community development to truly hope to have fully legit pokemon all the time. There are just too many out there.

    As for cloning for your own puposes, I don't much care seeing as how having a perfect team requires such a huge amount of work its to be expected to see people using shortcuts.

    All in all Cloning bothers me less then crazy stats and such.
  14. Well, in my opinion (as if it matters) cloning is fine, it just depends on how you use it. If you're using it to say, get a certain pokemon or a shiny, that's fine with me. It's still the same pokemon.

    However, if you are just usuing it to trade with people, then you are just totally ripping them off right there. If you clone to get a team full of Arceus then that is just plain cheating and completely unfair and you should deserve to lose a pokemon for it. For getting high IVs and EVs just shows people that you're too lazy to do it yourself, and is also cheating.
  15. Cloning acceptable? That really depends. I don't think there's a straight answer for, or against it.

    But, if you are going to clone, don't you dare brag about it. Or lie that it is legit. Be honest and tell people that the Pokémon was cloned, especially if you're trading it. That goes for hacking, as well. A lot of people work hard to get their Pokémon. If you were lazy and used a short-cut, well, that's just you.
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  16. I agree with what was said earlier, if it is an in-game glitch, fine with me. But I don't like the use of hack machines. I'm against to clone with them. If I trade pokemon it's all fine with me if their cloned, only if they were cloned with a hack machine, well, shame on you, give me that pokemon.
  17. CLONING IS CRUEL! Those poor Pokemon probably feel like shit because all they feel like all they're wanted for is to be copied. THEN THEY DON'T FEEL UNIQUE!!! How could you even do such a thing? Besides, it's basically cheating.
  18. If I knew how to clone, I think I might use for only certain situation, like if I wanted to upload (if it's on an advance game), or if I wanted the same pokes on more than one team.
    It's interesting to see different veiws. Some feel the bits of data in the game are real, and so feel it's cruel (like my sister).
  19. Meh. Personally, I don't care, as long as it's not a legendary, because I don't enjoy legendaries in general. I see how it could be acceptable or not, but I guess it depends on ones' morals. As is, when I was younger, I knew this person who I played G/S/C with, and he was really against it, due to something or the other his parents said. I wasn't listening then. I was all for it as cloning my Tangela would be simply wondrous for me. And it was always good to have a master ball lying around.
  20. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    This isn't directed at you, Jeydis. Just commenting on the thought.

    There's a reason why making a 'perfect team' requires a lot of work. The way I see it, if a person isn't willing to put the time and effort in, they don't really deserve one. The same can be said for most other RPG-styled games, too. Leveling up might be boring/annoying as hell, but there's something to be said for someone who put the time in to actually reach level 100 with their party verses someone who simply cheated their way to it. I feel the same way for breeding and checking IVs. Tedious, but a helluva lot more respectful than cloning.

    Magpie pretty well hit the nail on the head. Whether cloning is an in-game glitch or not, the game should still be played as it was meant to be played. Cloning a Pokemon so you can have a copy to keep when trading it away is kinda cheating the person on the other end because they probably haven't cloned their Pokemon in return. They lose out, and you gain. A crazy part of my mind finds that unfair. I guess you could reason that it's valid if the person knows it's a clone, but then I still feel that cloning is no better than hacking a Pokemon. There's really nothing to be proud of if what you're receiving is nothing more than a cheap knock-off.

    I've seen a lot of people use filling of a PokeDex as a valid reason for cloning, but this just makes me wonder why. If you're simply out for the data and the Pokemon you trade for is destined to be dumped in a box for all eternity, why do you physically need the Pokemon? People have been trading Pokemon back and forth to grab the data since Gen 1. If it's a case of trust - you fear the person you're helping might not give your legit Mew back - then you probably shouldn't be trading with them in the first place.

    In the end, I still haven't found a reason to feel that cloning can be validated. A big 'no' to cloning from me.
  21. Well on diamond and pearl I like to clone and trade it to people but I hate getting a cloned pokemon, I want the original, I don't feel proud or like a thief cause 1. my uncle works for nitendo ( I know a lot of people say there dad, mom, uncle etc work for nin. and they don't but mine does) and he said it was just overlooked so I feel bad about doing a glitch on anything for personal game but hey it's there fault.
  22. To me, it's not good when it's a shiny.

    I prefer real shinies and legendaries but normal pokemon, I don't mind being cloned.

    1. While trading a precious Pokemon of yours with a cloned one, do you feel ripped off?


    2. Is cloning necessary?


    3. As a cloner, do you feel proud of yourself or feel like you're a thief?

    I don't feel proud of myself at all.
  23. Couldn't have said it any better.
  24. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    So it's okay if you trade a cloned pokemon to someone, but not okay if you get a clone?
  25. Shocari

    Shocari Guest

    Cloning and hacking to get a pokemon doesn't really get you anywhere in your heart. You don't fully appreciate that pokemon if you had to cheat to get it.

    In my opinion, people who hack/clone/cheat to get a pokemon, are the definition of "lazy". I also consider them bad trainers too because they couldn't get it any other way except for the wrong way.

    I used to cheat. Alot. But now I don't. I haven't seen or touched an Action Replay/Gameshark in 4 years. I'm clean.
  26. I think not by half and yes by hal also, (not)because you ned to get the pokemon you want by trade not cloning because your save data might get corrupted:(, (yes) because you are getting a hard time on getting it again, you clone it so that i you trade one, you will still have another:).
  27. I used to 'clone', but only in G/S/C, and only to get more Masterballs and Rarecandies, and it was via the 'box glitch' thing. And I only ever cloned Rattata or Weedle. And when I had my Eevee very happy, I cloned it to get both Espeon and Umbron (The other Eeveeloutions I bred 'em).

    But since getting D/P and FR/LG, I haven't cloned one Pokemon (mainly because I don't trust the 'cloning glitch'), and because I simply couldn't be bothered. And I have never hacked a Pokemon either, for the simple reason I feel as though it is cheating, and it takes something out of playing the game.

    However, if I really want the Pokemon, and I have tried every other legitimate way to get it ('specially the Legendaries), and I still haven't gotten it, then I really wouldn't mind receiving a cloned Pokemon, as long as I get it.

    As for getting a perfect team, the only way I want to get it would be breed my Pokemon.​
  28. Well here many things have been stated. Many different truths come out and all in all this is what impression I get.

    Cloning in any way is not okay but people do it anyways.

    In my opinion if people just clone and as said by another poster "lets the pokemon sit and rot in the PC for all eternity" However if it has high IV and EV values and a really awsome nature. You clone that for people to use in battles that is considered cheating because it gives someone an unfair advantage above others.

    As far as hacking there is an acceptable way of hacking and an unacceptable way.

    Acceptable: Just using the Poke'mon Modifier, tossing Master Balls and holding L to encounter the Poke'mon they want. This is ok because IVs Base Stats Natures and Abilities are still random they still have the same chance of getting exactly what they want like everyone else. They just have options to more Poke'mon. However if they use that for legendaries it goes to...

    Unacceptable: Poke sav generating pokemon with all 31 IVs and 255 Stats or modifying legendaries. This is the reason legendaries are losing their value.
  29. Cloning for me is a big No-No. It is an 85% chance of the gamegetting corrupt And a 15% percent chance of it being the same as before. Cloning is bad. i have never done it, but i saw people on youtube do the cloning glitch. If i were yo ever do that glitch, i would feel like a thief. Besides, i don't want my game corrupt. ( I already went through the corrupt thing when i used a cheat on my Pokemon Ranger: Shadows Of Almia. I had to start a new game. i was on rank 6! ) so yeah. the glitch in my opinion is bad. Anyone who trusts me, Never use it! Use it if you want to corrupt your game. if you do use it, i got a message for you. :o >:(
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