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Is Platinum different enough for you?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Been wondering this since I first made that random news update about Platinum's release... The game has been out for weeks but very few Platinum-related topics have popped up thus far. Is it just because people are still busy playing, most of our members haven't played it yet, or is it not as interesting as some people were expecting?

    Not trying to take a negative tone with this topic because my opinion on it is mostly all positive (even if I only JUST beat the updated Galactic Base in Eterna). Just asking the question: is Platinum everything you were hoping for, or does it fall short in certain areas?

    Myself, I didn't really need a reason to buy Platinum, so I'm just happy to have it. One thing I have noticed, though, is the selective environmental changes. While Twinleaf area had snow, nowhere else I've visited so far has really shown any climate changes. I guess that'll be played up more once I reach further areas, and maybe it's supposed to be like that... not sure XD

    As for the new WFC features I've tested so far, they all seem pretty neat. The upgraded GTS area will definitely see increased usage from me (I barely ever used it for D/P), and the new play area in the Pokemon Centers' basement seems fun. I haven't used it with friends yet (don't even have a single person registered on Platinum), but certainly hoping to at some point.

    Other than that, can't say much. I'll leave it at that for now.
  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Well, I can't really see there being much need for topics on it - most of it IS just D/P again, and the new parts don't really require much explanation...

    I'd imagine that once people have gotten stuck into the Battle Frontier more, there'll be more on that...

    I'll be getting it for a few reasons:

    A) Duh, new Pokemon game. Wouldn't be a very good PokéGeek if I didn't get it.
    B) I wont be buying it. :p (Well... not for myself)
    C) I've been wanting to replay through Sinnoh again lately, and Platinum will be a perfect way of doing that.
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  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Every main-series Pokemon game generates some sort of discussion, though (non-team building I mean) XD

    I'm just thinking that most of our regulars haven't played it yet (especially with a high number being from the UK), or haven't played very far into it. I've talked to a few who own it and haven't even started it yet, or put it down for whatever reason. But, can't say for sure - so made the topic asking :)
  4. As I've already beaten the Elite Four, I can say, Twinleaf Town is the only town that shows climate changes... I think.

    There were a couple changes that I liked, but I personally think Looker is very annoying. It's like, the Nintendo people just decided, "Hey! Let's put a random Police Officer in the game!"

    I think the Eterna and Veilstone gyms are much better then before. Much more challenging then just finding trainers behind trees. :p

    I love Empoleon's new pose. And Dusclops's. It's going to get you.

    The new Battle Frontier is much more fun then the boring old Battle Tower. Though, some people may disagree.
  5. Done the same, and thats the only town to have climate changes. A lot have structural changes, and a few have a building layout changed too (Resort Area for instance).

    [quote author=Shroomish-chan link=topic=5877.msg96153#msg96153 date=1239468329]
    I think the Eterna and Veilstone gyms are much better then before. Much more challenging then just finding trainers behind trees. :p[/quote] Have to agree with that. I found the Hearthome gym change a welcome one, too. Much more fun and fitting for a Ghost gym.

    [quote author=Shroomish-chan link=topic=5877.msg96153#msg96153 date=1239468329]
    The new Battle Frontier is much more fun then the boring old Battle Tower. Though, some people may disagree.
    [/quote]Again, agreement here too. Tried all the facilities. Shame that there isn't seven like the Emerald one, but hey. Interesting twist. Also, that entire island boasts new art and a climate change (palm tree spam anyone?). I also found the Distortion World quite tedious, and boring. It also lacked a challenge for me (possibly a fluke, I did catch Giratina with the first ball :p).
  6. Well, as far as the layout of a few things, such as colors of the screens and what not, and the new outfits, I'm liking those changes. But not too much else has changed as far as I've gotten in the game except for the way the beginning plays out. However, I've only just got my first badge so far, so maybe I haven't seen the changes yet.

    The Pokemon sprites/animations are different, aren't they?
  7. Yup, at the very least the Sinnoh 'dex ones are.
  8. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    All 493 have new backsprites (they're animated now, so everyone has at least one new backsprite frame), but only the Sinnoh Dex Pokemon got new front sprites. In a lot of cases, they're so much better than the previous ones.

    In Pikachu's case... not so much....
  9. Also, I'm wondering, were Dialga and Palkia so easy to catch in Diamond/Pearl? I caught both in pokeballs. (Though, it did take some time.) I think their catch rate is somewhere around 30, wich is the catch rate of a Chatot. :o
  10. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Yes, their catch rate is 30, which is the same in D/P and presumably, Platinum. Presumably they're made relatively simple to catch because you have no choice but to battle them when you do. It'd be pretty unfair to make that your one and only chance when you're likely to be pretty messed up from getting to the top of Mt Coronet and then battling Team Galactic before hand...
  11. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I got my copy two days ago (imported of course) and so far I've just gotten to Oreburgh as of this morning. I got my dream team over onto it yesterday (Treecko, Electrike, Miltank, Trapinch, Buizel, Murkrow) so now I'm fully into playing.

    I'm really liking the new backsprite animations, Turtwig's is too cute ^^

    Because I'm so early on in the game, I can't really say much about how different it is, aside from the obvious. I do like the new outfits, especially the girl character's scarf. I also liked the snowy patches in the first town, so I'm a little disappointed to hear that theme doesn't continue. I'll probably have a little more to say once I'm further into the game.

    I'm just enjoying playing through Sinnoh again, since I only played through Diamond once.
  12. I doubt any Pokemon game will be different enough for me, but I'm just picky :p

    Anyways, I really like some of the differences in Platinum.

    -The backsprite animations are really fun, I hope they don't discard this in the fifth gen games like they did with animated front sprites in R/S after Crystal.

    -Eterna forest. :D I don't remember much from Diamond but I'm pretty sure the forest was upgraded, 'cause it has little shadows and stuff now and it's fun.

    -Random signs. Outside of Amity Square there's a sign with some Pokemon on it and I really liked it when I saw it. :) There's also a sign in Pastoria that I ran around a few times 'cause it was cool too.

    I haven't gone too far yet since I've been avoiding playing it ever since Spinda and Politoed stopped obeying me >:|

    PS: Politoed's backsprite animation is one of my favorites.
  13. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    The issue with Crystal's animations were that they were all done frame by frame. Doing that for 386, 493 and more Pokemon - that would require about 5/6 frames of animation each - would just take FOREVER to do. It's not hard to see why they dropped it.

    Thankfully, though, the GBA provided the saviour for its return in the form of Mode 7 emulation (the same trick that first allowed Mario Kart and F-Zero to exist all the way back on the SNES). In only needing 2 frames, and then animating those with sprite bending trickery, it makes it a lot more feasible to do - especially with the Pokemon numbers rising.

    I'd imagine that even though the backsprites animating would require each Pokemon to have 4 sprites in the next games, it's probably not going to affect them too much.

    Especially since they're likely just to use THESE backsprites again for another 3 Generations, just as the previous ones have only ever been recoloured or resized before.
  14. My cousin and I worked on trading old Pokemon to platinum. We kept on saying "Wow! Bidoof looks funnier in platinum then diamond. We cracked up at
    Spiritomb. He looked really deformed in his animation!
  15. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    On a random note: I'm rather happy with the Wayward cave changes under the bike path. Before one entrance was blocked off until you could use strength, right? Now you can just walk right in and catch a Gible/get the EQ TM right after receiving your bike. I wonder if this means we'll see an increase of Garchomp users within the main game... XD
  16. Well, I don't know if its just me, but I ALWAYS manage to remember about that place after I've gone waaaaaaaay too far into the game to make a significant difference :p I went back in yesterday, to get the TM and unlock Mira for the Battle Tower... hehe.

    Also, just got the Silver thingy for the Battle Hall, love that place :D
  17. I'd say there are a lot of cool twists on it, but I am not fully satisfied. I really liked the additon of Looker. I'm not that far, so in the commercials for Platinum, the Torn World looks awesome! They have really good 3D animation, too. Much better than D/P's.
  18. For me, the little changes in Platinum like the sprites and the new gym layouts were worth $35. However, when the Torn World and the expanded Battle Frontier was discovered, it made me want to buy it even more.

    Heh, I find the Torn World to be mildly frustrating and fun, just like a game should be. I'm going to catch Giratina tomorrow, I'm that close to defeating Team Galactic.

    Overall, Platinum is different enough for me.
  19. It's definitely different enough to me. I like many things about Platinum compared to D&P, although I'm only just now making my way up to Snowpoint. I loved the new back sprites, because it was getting boring just seeing the sprites move or get scaled after choosing it out. I also like the new gym challenges - they're a little more unique than before. And is it just me, or did they speed up the battle system a bit? It doesn't have as many times where it takes a second before responding to a command. Anyways, I like that sped up feeling I get while playing it, like previous games.

    The only thing that I don't seem to like is a lot of the front sprites. Almost all of them look like the frames should be reversed (their main frame looks like it should be the one only used for the animation of the Pokemon.) Maybe it's just because I'm used to the D&P ones too much...

    Besides that, though I like everything else. I'm looking forward to the Torn/Distortion world, and definitely the Battle Frontier! ;D
  20. Definetely different. I was expecting more change in the climate, but Twinleaf town is the only one. I have to say I loved the Floroama, Veilstone, and Hearthome Gyms so much. I was disappointed that the Pastoria Gym was the same, though.

    I like that they have new sprites, but they aren't decent enough in my opinion. They seem very rushed, and some of them have a lot of errors. For example, the cross-eyed Snover, or the colored pixels outside the outline in Togekiss' back sprite.

    I really loved the new Distortion World, though I liked the title Torn World better. On that topic, I caught Giratina with a quick ball on the 18th turn, and it had half of it's HP left and no status problems!
  21. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Wish I was that lucky - I effectively had to do the equivalent of dragging Giratina, kicking and screaming, out of the Distortion World and beating it to near-death with a 10-ton meat tenderizer for about 30 minutes in order to catch it.

    In response to the question, I'd say yes, Platinum was different enough for me. It was definitely changed more than Emerald was compared to Ruby/Sapphire - Emerald barely felt any different to me besides changing the Champion at the end, and the odd change made to the storyline as well. Platinum was almost a complete upgrade to Diamond/Pearl in every way, from the storyline to the gameplay - the addition of the Battle Frontier was brilliant, Fantina's gym was much more interesting than last time (Maylene's wasn't that much better though,) and the battle against Giratina in the Distortion World was epic. Improvements made to the overall AI of the opponents as well was a good addition, as well as the increased difficulty of the Elite Four in the transition from D/P to Platinum.
  22. I've just gotten to the battle frontier. It is ten times more awesome then the old one! They have this thing called the Battle Arcade. It's my favorite. There are also shops that people with few BP can afford to shop in. This is so enough for me. 8)
  23. Platinum as a re-make was alright, though not exactly spectacular.

    I will admit I liked to graphic updates they made to Twinleaf, Jubilife, Veilstone, the gyms, and to the Fight Areas and Stark Mountain.

    The sprites were alright too, but I just like seeing new poses.

    Distortion World was... not what I had expected or hoped for, so I was a little disappointed. :(

    But, it gave me an excuse to play through Sinnoh a third time afresh, so it was welcome and fun for me, so I really have no major objections. :D
  24. I have played through the game completly. No major changes, it was actually pretty fun to play through it again. Since I bought both Pearl & Diamond, I had already played through the story twice. (But I hacked Diamond to death... ::))

    The only thing that was signifigantly different, was the Diagla/Palkia/Giratina scence. Of course, the distortion world was amazingly amazing, it was very difficult to go through. I had to look up a guide on youtube...

    I wouldn't know how easy/hard giratina was to capture, since I used my master ball. But I was hunting around for Moltres/Zapdos/Aricuno the day I first beat the Elite 4, and I caught Zapdos when he still had most of his HP, with a Quick ball. The other 2, I simply can't capture. Mesprit was a little hard, it took most of the day to get him. Uxie, Azelf, Regirock, Registeel, and Heatran were also easy.

    But you will never guess who was incredibly easy. Diagla, and Palkia. I was prepared to have to go through Mt. Coronet twice, even though I brought over 100 Ultra Balls, and 30-some dusk balls. Once I had him in the red an paralized, I thought 'Ok, this is going to be really hard. I'm prepared to sit here all night if I have too.'. I threw the first ball, didn't shake once. Next ball, didn't shake once. I was watching TV at this point, only vaugly aware of what I was doing. Next ball, BAM! Diagla was caught. I think my mouth popped open for a good 5 minutes after that happened. Palkia, was just as easy.

    The only ones I'm having a problem with is Registeel, Aricuno, and Moltres. (I haven't caught cressila yet, either, but I haven't exactly tried...)

    Anyways, enough babbling about pokemon capture.

    Through and through, I enjoyed this game. And I hope to complete my national pokedex for the first time (legitly...) it.

    Only 300 more pokemon to go!

    The only thing I haven't exprienced yet, was the battle frontier (simply because I am far too lazy to divise a team right now.). I have done the battle factory, where you use rental pokemon, but it was so boring I couldn't stand it anymore.
  25. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm almost ready to head for Snowpoint City myself, and really looking forward to getting into all of the real plot changes from Platinum. After that, I've been debating something...

    While I really love my current Platinum team and plan to play through the Battle Frontier as much as possible, I'm not sure if I'm going to make Platinum my next storage game or restart it sometime in the future (before now, Diamond was my storage game and Pearl was the one I replayed over and over again). After seeing all the new wild Pokemon in Platinum pre-Nat Dex... I feel kinda bad for not taking advantage of them and pre-building my team. I also picked up the PUSA Platinum guide, and it'd be a shame to never properly use it beyond the data in the back pages. Generally what I'll do is play through a new region guide-less, then do it a second time with the guide to make sure I find everything as I go - and Platinum did add a lot of little things.

    So, things to pondering... It'd be cool catching and raising a Scyther or Houndour next time and not worrying about EVs and whatnot. Yanma would be interesting, too, or maybe Tangela... Whatever I decide, I definitely enjoy having all of these new wild Pokemon choices. It's how D/P should've been.
  26. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Personally, considering that Ranch wont allow transfer between games, the idea of transferring the 200+ Pokemon in Diamond to Platinum just gives me the heebie jeebies. So nuts to that. I'll be keeping Diamond for finishing the Dex - although I may stuff 'em all onto Platinum in the future if there's ever a proper Pokemon Box like option for complete mass transfer.
  27. I completed the game in 2 days! ;D
    So now I am "legit" enough to give opinions haha!!

    Okays first off, quite disappointed that they said the weather turned more harsh but it was only Littleroot Town :(
    Also I think the "Looker" is too, extra ...

    I really loved the Distortion World though, it was quite fun and challenging for me, perhaps is just child play for most :p

    &&. I really loved the revamps on the Elite Fours too, as well as their Pokemon which is so much harder to defeat, though I cruise through hahas .
    And the boat at Snowpoint there, there are ice in the water and now the speedboat's got something to cut through the ice, cool !

    I think the Pokedex isn't challenging enough, I mean, it's easy to meet them all, especially the special evolutions like Magmortar etc, they should spread those more widely instead of stuffing them all into the Victory Road and Elite 4s .

    Overall, nice to play especially when we can change the Forme of the Giratina, it's so cool :D
    &&. I love the Sky Forme Shaymin too ^w^ .
    Also it's fun battling Flint and Volkner .

    That's all I can think right now hahas`` Might add on when I think of more .
  28. I enjoyed it.

    The Pokedex annoys me though, as you can catch more Pokemon without having to Pal Park them, but once the Sinnoh dex is done, most of the National Dex Pokemon aren't seen in your dex and most of those that are need some pointless method such as radar or such so that you either look for hours with no luck or the dex can't give a location.
  29. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    The thing about the revamped gyms... Either they became too pressed for time upon hitting the 5th gym or just got lazy, but it's really a shame that they left the final 4's layouts untouched (and if they were altered, I sure as hell didn't notice :p). It's not like any of them had needed the new layouts... they were just refreshing changes from D/P.

    While the temperature changing concept did feel a bit lazily executed in Plat., I appreciated the redone landscapes/weather/etc. effects in certain areas. Same areas - new looks, some of which that really livened the places up. It's nice ^^

    What else... I did find the Distortion World a bit tedious coming on the end, but overall I found it a pretty funky place and a nice addition to the plot. Awesome music, too. It really made the lead up to your final encounter with Giratina something special.

    The new Elite 4 set-up was a great change from D/P's, and I can't wait to rechallenge it for a second time. Everything since then has been really fun, too (I'm loving all of the subtle plot changes and the Battle Frontier). The new little bit about Mars in the volcano is nice, too... Although I do feel like his character was unneeded overall. Same with Looker. The plot was fine without 'em.

    Loving my new digs in the Resort Area. I must whore it with super expensive furniture now! It shall be completed, yessss... :O
  30. Just want to say another disappointment - The capture rate of Dialga and Palkia is still disappointing, I only used 2 Ultra Balls for Dialga and a few more for Palkia .
    No sense of excitements at all .
  31. I would have definitely liked to see more changes than Diamond and Pearl, but I think what we got acceptable. The temperature/climate changes weren't really anything special. The new gym layouts and the Distortion World were pretty nice, but I really enjoyed the Battle Frontier though, which made the game for me.
  32. I love all the new platinum features like the gts upgrade and the wi fi place under the pokemon center and being able to get origin form Giratina and sky form Shaymin.

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