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DPPt/HGSS Is My Team Okay?

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by XJirachiX, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. Weavile@Grip Claw
    -Ice Punch
    -Dark Pulse
    -Night Slash
    -Shadow Claw

    Crobat@Black Sludge
    -Sludge Bomb
    -Poison Fang

    Pichu@Sitrus Berry
    -Thunder Punch
    -Sweet Kiss
    -Volt Tackle

    -Morning Sun
    -Shadow Ball
    -Last Resort

    Milotic@Sea Incense
    -Hydro Pump
    -Water Pulse
    -Ice Beam
    -Dragon Pulse

    Salamence@Dragon Fang
    -Dragon Claw
    -Dragon Pulse

    Well what do you think? All level 100. I might change the Espeon with something better, you decide. Well rate, comment, give advice. Thanks

  2. We're going to need natures, and you probably will need to rebreed.

    I'll help with Weavile and Salamence =D

    Weavile@ Leichi berry/Life Orb/Leftovers/Nevermeltice
    Max Ev's in Attack and Speed. Use the rest on HP.
    Ice Punch STAB
    Night Slash STAB
    Poison Jab Annoy move
    X-Scissor Filler

    Salamence@Life orb
    Dragon Claw STAB
    Crunch Filler
    Aerial Ace STAB
    Flamethrower Filler (for lack of decent physical moves, to counter those Ice types, and Salamence's half decent Sp. Atk o.O)
  3. For Weavile, consider Brick Break as a strong option. Gets you around Steel types nicely.

    And Jolly Weaviles are probably better overall than Adamant, just because of the boost in Speed it needs to keep up with Swellows and Jolly Pokemon from base 120 Group.

    Salamence@Life Orb
    Adamant Nature
    Max Atk / 136 (+4 for every point away from 31) / Rest into HP
    -Dragon Dance
    -Dragon Claw
    -Stone Edge/Rock Slide

    Dragon Dance is wicked move.
    Dragon Claw gets STAB.
    Earthquake to hit Steels, who resist Dragon Claw.
    Stone Edge or Rock Slide to hit Pokemon that can easily take Dragon Claws (Salamence and Zapdos come to mind)

    EVs are set to outspeed Base 85 Choice Scarf'd Pokemon after a single Dragon Dance.
  4. Stark

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  5. Okay I switched Espeon

    -Shadow Ball
    -Magical Leaf

    Rate,Give advice, etc.

    Also, here are the Natures.


    All in alphabetical order. Well what do ya think?
  6. Jolly for Weavile, as explained on my last post.
    Milotic should consider a Bold nature. Adamant lowers her S.Atk, which does no justice.
    Pichu should also consider a Jolly/Timid nature.
    Crobat should also consider a Jolly/Timid nature.
    Mismagius should use a Modest/Timid nature.
    Salamence should be Adamant, as stated in my last post.
  7. Okay thanks, I'll try and get some with those natures.
  8. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

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    [quote author=Fachion]
    And Jolly Weaviles are probably better overall than Adamant, just because of the boost in Speed it needs to keep up with Swellows and Jolly Pokemon from base 120 Group.[/quote]
    I always seem to be disagreeing with you XD
    With Weavile's Base speed as high as it is, I'd say to go with an adamant nature; the extra attack is nicer in my opinion. If Weavile doesn't get the kill in, it's as good as dead.
    Also, everything in the speed range you mentioned is weak to Ice except for Alakazam, Jolteon and Mewtwo. So if you're worried about speed too much, throw Ice Shard on in compound with Ice Punch.

    Weavile @ Muscle Band [liechi berry if you think you can pull off the activation by switching into an attack]
    Adamant Nature
    -Ice Punch
    -Ice Shard
    -Night Slash
    -Brick Break

    However, getting Ice Shard will involve breeding a new Sneasel.

    Using two attacks of the same type, one being physical and the other special, balances it out a bit. Even if in most nearly all cases, there is a better option..
    And for a better option, I would suggest:
    Salamence@ Wide Lens / Expert Belt / Life Orb
    Neutral/Hasty/Naive Nature
    -Dragon Claw
    -Earthquake/Hydro Pump

    Dragon Claw for basic STAB at a power of 120
    Fly for the bait and trap I've come to love, and STAB as well in this case.
    Flamethrower will cover any steels that switch in, and hit nicely in their lack of special defense [except Bronzong]. Will also hit nicely on anything with particularly low special defense if you have nothing Super Effective.
    Earthquake Hits rock and electric types, though Electric types pose the threat of being faster and Thunder Waving you, meanwhile Rock Types have really high Defense and are likely to live.
    Hydro Pump a bit innacurate and can't hit Electric types [which again, you might not get the chance to anyway] But will completely finish most Rock Types that are actually in use.

    the full physical set with Dragon Dance that Fachion mentioned will work excellently as well.

    You could jump the leftovers from Espeon over to Milotic.

    Milotic @ Leftovers
    Bold or Modest nature [Bold will take some really high-quality poffins to evolve]
    -Water Pulse
    -Ice Beam
    -Dragon Pulse

    Since Milotic will be taking hits, I like Water Pulse for the confusion chance. Confusion can help recover come out successfully, but shouldn't be relied on.

    Crobat @ Black Sludge
    Jolly/Timid Nature [Depending on your attack]
    -Confuse Ray
    -Air Slash/Bite [or Even U-Turn]

    Yes it is walled entirely by Steel XD
    Confuse ray to kill half of their chance at attacking you, and then Toxic. You can start playing games between Protect and Flinch as you like now, but don't always do it back and forth or they'll just switch on you if they hadn't already.
    U-Turn will allow you to status and then switch to something like your Milotic to absorb hits until they die. U-Turn will also take a substantial chunk out of Psychic types.
  9. Okay thanks Ruko, but what about Mismagius and Pichu?
  10. I also need a better memory. Weailve is base 125 Speed. Adamant is good too, but I'm biased towards a Speed game 9 times out of 10.

    One of the most scary thoughts for Weavile:

    Weavile@Choice Band
    Jolly Nature
    252 Atk / 216 (+1 for every point away from 31) Spd / Rest into HP
    -Pursuit/Ice Shard
    -Night Slash
    -Brick Break
    -Ice Punch/Ice Shard

    Meet one of the best Revenge Killers in the game.

    Pursuit the enemy Pokemon that's switching out.
    Ice Shard can be used to pick off weakened foes.
    Night Slash is for STAB.
    Brick Break hits Steels hard.
    Ice Punch is for STAB.
    Ice Shard can also be used in the final moveslot if you want to use Pursuit,

    As for the EVs: The 216 Speed EVs will let you outspeed Pro Nature Max Speed Base 120 Pokemon.

    As for Mismagius:

    Mismagius@Wise Glasses/Choice Specs
    Modest Nature
    252 S.Atk / 252 Spd / 6 HP
    -Shadow Ball
    -Thunderbolt/Charge Beam
    -HP Fighting/Icy Wind
    -Calm Mind/Energy Ball/Psychic/Destiny Bond

    Shadow Ball is for STAB.
    Thunderbolt is quite nice as an attack.
    Charge Beam is listed solely because of its secondary effect, the 70% chance of increasing S.Atk by a level.
    HP Fighting gives great coverage overall, but Icy Wind will work if you can't get HP Fighting.
    Calm Mind is to work when Charge Beam is absent.
    Energy Ball and Psychic are for fillers.
    Destiny Bond can bring someone down with you.

    When using Choice Specs, don't use Calm Mind or Charge Beam as options.
  11. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

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    Usually I'm the one using unevolved pokemon..

    Pichu @ Focus Sash
    Hasty/Jolly/Naive Nature
    -Fake Out/Wish
    -Thunder Wave

    That's the best I can come up with for you XD
    Could pull something of a surprise over your opponent's eyes, not that the mere fact you're using Pichu won't.

    Fake Out won't do much damage, but can finish off an opponent who may have had a focus sash before Pichu. If nothing else it makes a nice annoying opener.
    Thunder Wave next as you survive a hit with focus sash.. the Paralysis will make you faster on the next turn.
    Swagger because it's more accurate than Sweet Kiss, and making them raise their attack will cause the confusion to do more damage if it works.. If it doesn't you only had one HP left anyway XD
    I really must stress using Haze on Crobat if you go with swagger, though. Just in case they break free from confusion, you don't want something rampaging with raised attack.
    Reversal will have a base power of 200 after the focus sash activates... it still won't be OHKOing many things with Pichu's base attack, but you can definitely catch rock slower rock types off-guard and at least leave a dent in them if they decide to switch in.
    Wish is an option instead of Fake out or Swagger if you want to use Pichu as a sacrifice to heal another team member. All in all the trade is in favor of your opponent, but since you're switching in on a paralyzed opponent, you have the advantage of speed and could get a free turn to boost your stats.
    Keep in mind though: If Pichu faints on the turn it used wish, you still have a full turn to go before healing comes. Don't send out something in critical health XD
    On the other hand: If pichu lives through the turn it used wish [and faints on the next turn], Wish will activate immediately upon switching.

    Paralyzing your opponent somewhat interferes with the Wish strategy, but it will still work out in your favor most of the time.

    The mismagius set I use:
    Mismagius @ Life Orb or Petaya/Salac Berry
    Calm Nature
    -Ominous Wind / Shadow Ball
    -Energy Ball
    -Charge Beam / Thunderbolt
    -Calm Mind / Destiny Bond

    Hits everything all around pretty nicely. As far as Ominous Wind and Charge Beam go... I would pick one or the other or you'll be at a lack of power. I use Ominous Wind, but Charge Beam is nice when you know you can finish something off with it.
    Ominous wind gets a STAB boost bringing it up to par with Thunderbolt, and even though the chance is unlikely, it's really quite a nice payoff when you get it.

    Salac Berry helps you pull of a successful Destiny Bond, while Peteya gives a nice [though nearly useless if you're slower] power boost.
  12. Thanks Plapti and Ruko, and Pichu can learn Reversal? :o I'm guessing egg moves.
  13. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

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    Yes, reversal is an egg move XD
    I was a bit surprised when I saw it too, and the set already needed a focus sash.
  14. Oh, well thanks. I'll try breeding one to get reversal. Thanks again.

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