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DPPt/HGSS Is my team OK?

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by cooldude97, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Hello to all! ;D

    If you have read my first post you will realise that my team includes my Dragonite!
    I am putting my team on my Diamond game tonight so now you can use DP moves!
    It is in progress so feel free to make any suggestions for their evolved forms. None of them are Lv 100 :'(


    Rock Slide

    Dragonite@Mystic Water

    Aerial Ace
    Thunder (PP 16)
    Dragon Claw

    Metagross@Metal Coat

    Metal Claw (PP 56)
    Take Down (Changing to Meteor Mash)

    Marshstomp@Sea Incense

    Surf (Changing to Muddy Water)
    Rock Smash
    Mud Shot

    Breloom@Lax Incence/Black Belt

    Energy Ball
    Sky Uppercut
    Mach Punch


    Heat Wave
    Wing Attack
  2. Jeydis

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    There is no battling advatage to having a pokemon be lvl 100 for Wifi so dont feel bad.

    Stick with surf on Swampert, Muddy water is not worth it and you already have a ground move. Overall what could help is for you to tell us what you would like these pokemon to accomplish in the end, do you want Tyranitar to be a physcal sweeper, a mixed sweeper? a special sweeper even? Is this team for competition or really to just play casually with friends.
  3. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

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    Muddy water is so worth it >>
  4. Hello again!

    I'm here to answer all questions you have posted.

    My Pokemon don't really have specialitys but heres something I threw together: Pupitar = Physical Sweeper
    Dragonite = Special Sweeper
    Marshstomp = Mixed Sweeper
    Metagross = Mixed Sweeper
    Charizard = Mixed Sweeper, but inclining to Physical Sweeper
    Breloom = Physical Sweeper

    This is for Casual Play and Travelling In-game, but one day I would like to enter Organised Play! ;D

    My Breloom is a FRLG pokemon, so it has effect spore.
  5. Well aside from what people are saying your Metagross should replace one of those Psychic moves with something of a different type. Also would you care to post IVs?
  6. Nice start, but my advice is:

    Delete Rock smash on marshstomp
    I am not sure of a good replacement for thunder on Dragonite, but It is recommended. (DD?)
    If you want mixed sweeper Metagross, go for HP fire or Grass knot. Explosion is advised.
    Delete cut and fly on Charizard
    Delete ALL of Brelooms moves. I would advise the following move-set:
    Focus punch, Spore, Leech seed, Substitute.

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