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IRL Names

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Tunolipede, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell I've always been interested in names and names of people whom I've always known, by, well, a different name :'D

    So yeah, everyone can discuss any names as well as their own names; just not internet aliases and stuffs :U

    So moooost people I speak to a lot on here know that my name is Elise~!
    It's French and German for Elizabeth and yeeeaaaaah.

    ... I er am not good at starting topics :|

    SO what's your names~? ♥
  2. I think my RP persona pretty much gives this one away xD

    I go by the name of Toby, and yet my full name is /not/ Tobias :V (I wish it was though Dx)
  3. Jesse. But irl, like, seriously, no one calls me by my name. Half of the school calls me "Ghost of Heath Ledger", and they refuse to call me anything else, though they do know me as Jesse. A selective few people that I had P.E. with freshman year call me "Mufasa", the nickname I got in dodgeball for who-knows-why.

    Recently, there's been a little fad going around where when you see someone in the hall, you call them by their full name, including all nicknames. That would make me Jesse Allen Davy James Earl Indiana Giletto Mufasa Ghost of Heath Ledger Mummy Jones(three of those are because of Jones, Giletto because of a prank that was pulled on me involving Gillette Shaving Cream, and the rest being some role I've performed for a play or Halloween).

    Terrible post is terrible :V
  4. My IRL name is Jesper, which, according to my parents, is a name from Ancient Scandinavian mythology. I'm quite happy with it- Apart from the fact that I get called Jasper all the time. :V

    My middle name is Matthias, or Matthew in English. I think... he was one of the discipels of Jesus? Not sure.

    I'm taking last names are okay? Because... Well, I don't really feel like discussing my last name :V Because it means 'dustbuster' in English. Yeah.
  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    My name in real life is Ferne, although most of you already know that :D

    The 'e' on the end is silent, but it separates me from the plant of the same name. 'Fern' pretty much doesn't mean anything aside from 'shading-loving plant' in Old English~

    My last name is Holmes and I solve mysteries :'D
  6. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Well, my rl name is [REDACTED] but some of my friends call me Shiny. No, seriously. Totally came from my username here, lol~ My parents said it meant "brave" when they searched it up in their babynames book, but whatever. I actually introduce myself as "Shiny" wherever I go now, because I prefer it to my given name (which, for all intents and purposes, is my deadname). I dislike being called the name my parents gave me, as a) it makes me feel like a 70 year old lady, and b) was the name given to me by my parents, who I despise.

    My Chinese name is similar to the other nickname of mine here, Lyn. It's Lin, or, if you include my so-called "generation name", it's ShouLin. Lin means something along the lines of jade in Chinese, and Shou Lin (if Lin is written with a different kanji) would mean long life or something. I like it ^^

    My last name means absolutely nothing other than slow, according to my dad. But eh, not like it matters too much.
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  7. Well, my name was given to me because....well i'm not sure. My sister was named after a car tag, but thank goodness I wasn't >.>

    Anyway, my IRL name is Denver. Nice to meet you :D No I wasn't born in Colorado, but it certainly is quite an easy name to remember (except for my Chemistry teacher, who keeps calling me Duncan)

    My middle name is Ray, for my father's father who died of cancer a few months before I was born. It's quite an honor really :) They tell me I'm the spitting image of the man, as I apparently act just like he did.

    But as far as nicknames go, I've got soooo many. D (of course), Big D, Colorado (much to my disdain -.-), Teddy Bear ♥ (women only >:I), Ray, Raymond (my sister, whom I affectionate call Robert XD), sexy beast ^^;,etc.

    And my last name, well, I won't say, but the oa (pronounced oh) in it make people think we're Native American.

    and DS, you are right, Mathew was one of the discipels.
  8. My irl first name is Jimmy, which is the same as my father's and my grandfather's.

    So, all in all, my full name is Jimmy Rodgers Franklin, III. But, since everyone being called Jimmy in my family would be confusing, I am nicknamed Trey, which I think is Latin for 'three.'
  9. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    My real name is Mike (Michael as the full name, but I always feel like I did something bad when somebody calls me that...).

    I got the name, apparently, because my brother was named Pat and according to my Mom there were all these old Irish jokes about "Pat and Mike"...so my name is a result of that. :\

    In High School /very/ few people called me Mike, though. Everyone just called me by my last name (teachers and coaches included for the most part), but that's what happens when you have a super common first name. D:<

    It's weird now, though, that everyone at College calls me "Mike". I'm having to transition back. :p
  10. Ked


    My real name is Kathryn, which means pure. No one calls me that though, so I mostly go by Katie, which also means pure.
    I was named after my great-grandmother :)

    My middle name is Emily, and I just found out that it means industrious~ I barely use it for anything though. I can only remember actually using it once or twice.

    I have know idea what my last name means. All I know is that most people can't pronounce it right D:
    It also starts with the letter "D", btw. Just a random little fact~ I'm pretty sure that it is Polish, since my dad and the Polish dentist receptionist said that it was.

    Pretty much everyone calls me Katie, but my parents gave me some nicknames. My dad sometimes calls me Katigo or Katerina, for some reason. My mom calls me Katigo, Pudgester, Big Freak, and occasionally some other names~
  11. My RL name is Axel. Got it memorized? :p I love my name because it has an X in it, which isn't too common, and I love the KH/Beverly Hills Cop puns I hear every now and then ^^ I don't know why my parents decided to call me that, but I'm happy they did. Apparently it's an old German name, and it means something along the lines of "father of peace".

    My middle name is Georg. Not George, but it's pretty hard to pronounce if you don't speak a Scandinavian language, so George works just fine. It comes from my dad's granddad, who died before I was born. He was a boxer, which I think is pretty cool =)

    My screen name is actually related to my last name. My last name is Nurmi, which is Finnish for grass, and grass is weed. Et voila, interesting screen name get :> I've been thinking about changing my lkast name when I get older though, Nurmi sounds absolutely horrid coming from for example Americans :/ It sounds like some inner organ or something :S

    My most common nickname is Gandalf, which comes from an... Interesting dance I did during our class trip. You don't want to know the details. Trust me.

  12. Same here! (Although my full name is Tobias). The name Toby means 'God is good', so yeah :>

    My middle name is Alexander, meaning 'Defender of Man'. Not sure what to say to that, except I probably wouldn't do a good job of it.
  13. Oh right people are talking about their middle names nao I should too :>

    My middle name is Patricia~!
    Both of my grandmothers are called Patricia (one died two years ago, the other's still alive) and both of my grandfathers were called Hugh (both deceased) so yeah. My brother's midde name is Hugh. :> (lolcoincidencewithgrandparentnames)

    When you put all of my names togetherrrrrr, Elise is 'God is my vow', (even though I'm atheist :U), Patricia means 'noble' and my surname means 'apprentice', so technically I'm a noble apprentice to god :>
  14. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    [me=Linkachu]high fives Ked. XD[/me]

    The majority of you already know that my real name is Katie (heck, I'll often have brand new members PMing me and addressing me as "Katie" even though I have no idea who they are o.O), but a much smaller number of you would know that my full name is Katherine. Similar to Ked, I never go by my full name unless I'm dealing with legal documents or the management staff at work. My work email comes up as "Katherine", so even though I sign basically everything as Katie I'll still get the odd phone call or email using the other name.

    The majority of my family, friends, co-workers, and teachers call me Katie, but a couple of my close friends from high school insist on calling me Kate. I'm used to both names so I don't really mind which people use. Further still, everyone called me Kate at one of the various elementary schools that I attended, but I can't remember why. I guess I'd introduced myself that way and it stuck.

    I don't really have many nicknames for my real name. My older siblings gave me several ages go that I won't be repeating (doubt I could even spell 'em if I wanted to), and my grandfather used to call me Katie-Katherine. Beyond that, I had a friend in grades 4/6 who called me "Kat" to play off her nickname, Leo, and a high school friend who'd write my name as "KT". Finally, Alex and Rach (aka. Doctor Oak and Prof. Cinders) have a tendency to call me Katifer (assuming I'm spelling it right). :p

    Oh, and because I'm bored, this amused me:

    My middle name is Nicole, which apparently means "people of victory". While I have no idea where the name Katherine came from, "Nicole" was a spin-off of the male version Nicholas - the name of Mom's doctor when I was born. Apparently he was a really awesome guy who came in specially for her during his vacation time. I rarely go by the name (not that I dislike it or anything), but a certain buddy of mine sometimes calls me "Nikky" when I poke fun at her middle name. XP

    Oh, and for the record, "Austin" is not my real last name (although it would've been if my paternal great-grandfather hadn't been adopted). ;) I don't like giving out my actual last name because it's incredibly rare in Canada, so for anyone who does know it - please don't post it here. Kthx.
  15. *Adam waves*

    I know of a few with my name as well, we're all equally awesome so I guess that just runs with the name.

    My middle name is Christopher, people tend to be surprised at that for reasons unknown to me.

    I once had a homework set when I was young which was to find out my name's meaning. My surname came out as "Wild red haired warrior". I don't know where I found that definition, but yeah. I'll just leave that there, make what you will :p

    PS: Your surname secret is safe, Katie ♥
  16. My irl name is Philip. It apparently means lover of horses, the name itself possibly coming from a Greek horse happy clan. I dun really know much else about that. My middle names are Edward Ralph. Edward I don't know, but Ralph (pronounced in this case as rafe >>) was a much loved relation of my Dad's. I won't go into my last name, cause that's just for friends like Tun and Dark.

  17. Hi.
    My name is Andrew.
    I mostly go by Drew.
    But most of you know me as Kera.

    My name was supposed to be originally Drew, but my sister had a fit, and wanted to call me Andrew. So my parents agreed that she could call me Andrew, and they'd call me Drew. Yet, my sister calls me Drew more, and my parents call me Andrew. Oh, irony, how I love you.

    I have a few nicknames. One of them is Muffins (for reasons I will not explain) and very few people call me that. Like, three or four. One person in particular calls me Mad Hatter, because I was the M.H. last year in the chorus musical. My girlfriend has taken to calling my "Wolfy " for some unexplained (or totally obvious) reason. All my internet friends know me as Kera, along with a friend IRL.
    Also, I hate, hate, HATE being called Andy. My science teacher does it all the time, and I hate it.

    But... Yeah. I'm Drew. Nice to meet you.

    EDIT: Did I forget to mention my middle name is Christopher? Yep. My dad has the same middle name. And my last name?
    It's funny how you think I'm going to tell you.
    OH I FORGOT. I have another nickname that a few people call me; Z. Yes, Z. One of my aliases (as some of you may know) is named Zaron, some of my IRL friends found out, and then they shortened it to Z. Yup.
  18. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    No-one knows my real name. It's a closely guarded secret that people die for to protect.

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  19. I am RJ. RJ Patterson.

    Or, "Pat", in a perfect world. I don't mind what people call me. I like RJ and Pat.

    RJ makes me seem both hip and intellectual at the same time! LOVE IT!!

    But Pat is friendly, and makes you go "awwww". XD.
  20. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    My IRL name is KoL, of course.
  21. The name's Zack. Full name's Zackery, but no one calls me that. I like my name enough, but it's pretty common and I hate that part about it. My middle name is John after my father. My last name is pretty unique for those who don't know it (and those who do, don't disclose it. :p ), but I know of someone with the same last name at my school. Surprised me beyond belief...
  22. My name should be a given. After all, the shortened version of it is the first half of my username here.

    Name's Nicholas. My parent's chose it both because they liked the sound of it, and three Popes and two Czars have had the name throughout history. They gave me the middle name Michael, after the archangel, and my last name is of Scottish origin. (Not disclosing the actual name.)
  23. I'd like to announce the arrival of an awkwardly spelled common name, gogogo! My first name..is Meagan. Don't you love that extra 'a'? Good, because I sure don't. However, my mother insists it was the 'correct, original' spelling of the name 'Megan'. I think she's bullshitting me. She also claimed it meant 'great one', but Google begs to differ. Apparently 'Meagan' means 'Pearl'. I hate pearls.

    Most people who meet me and find out my nickname is Rain say that Rain suits me better than Meagan does. I believe them. My local artist friends call me by Rain, and people who have known me since I was little call me Meagan.

    My middle name is a common French name, minus the accent. Renee. I guess the only reason it doesn't have the accent is because my mom forgot to write it in... Go mom! For the most part, I like my middle name a little better than my first.

    Last name is super common, but surprisingly I'm proud of it. Jones. I love it because everyone I know loves it for some silly reason. I gained the affectionate nickname "Miss Jones" among close friends.
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  24. My real name is Zachary, I honestly prefer being called Zachary then anything due to the fact it sounds better then Zack/. I hate being called Zack or by my last name (which is a Pokemon name... ><). I dunno why I hate being called Zack but it just irks me to the point of RAGE KNOWS NO BOUNDS.

    Okay, slightly exaggerated but it annoys me, I also hate it when people call me Zach or spell it that way. It makes me want to genocide a small alien nation in Halo Reach.

    Oddly, despite how girly it sounds, I don't mind being called Zacky anymore. I hated it at first when a certain member and admin started to call me it then everyone started too. Now I don't mind it as much but I do get annoyed if certain people do use it. I use it to abbreviate my name or one of my RP characters but honestly, their real names are Zachary not Zacky.

    Middle name is Kevin, which I get from my father's best friend. I like it as its better then some middle names.

    As for my last name, I've HAD two. Murphy and Clink/Klink. Murphy meaning sea faring warrior apparently and Clink/Klink meaning blacksmith or the sound of metal striking metal.

    Quite fitting if you ask me. :p

    But I like my name though, its cool, short and how many people do you know that share their name with a Pokemon? :p
  25. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    It's also my mama's maiden name. :D
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  26. It's André. French form of Andrew. Accent optional.

    Basically comes from the Greek word meaning "man." And I'm quite männlich, if I do say so myself, hurr hurr.

    Most of my friends just call me Dre though, as do most people on here. Except Sem for some reason.

    Middle and last names? Haha, no. Lord knows you're all a bunch of creepers (SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS) anyway. :V
  27. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    My meatspace name is Gad. It means 'Luck' or 'Fortune' in Hebrew. I suppose you would be fortunate to survive an encounter with my armblades, or something.
  28. Hi all~

    I'm surprised I didn't come across this thread sooner~
    So...ehm, in case you didn't already know, my name is Amy~
    o// u //o

    My name, IMHO is quite boring and common and unimaginitive.
    No offence intended to anyone else called Amy, or my parents..
    But there are almost six Amy's in my year. About 12 in my school.

    I was originally meant to be called, erhm, I think it was Okko?
    A slang name for Oscar?
    I'm glad my parents realised that Osacr is a boy's name. But at the same time, a little dissapointed by how normal and uninteresting my name is... Hnnn~

    (It also doesn't help that people think I'm a boy and call me 'Jamie' or -as an alternative inside joke- Re.)

    Kasumi xxx
  29. Damn it, forgot to note my nicknames.

    Aside from my actual name, my friends have several nicknames for me. First and foremost is, Santa. Just because my name's Nick, and all throughout last year, there was always at least one girl (yeah, AT LEAST) sitting on my lap during lunch or on the bus.

    Another nickname I have is Awesome Jesus. My friend Troi is the Philipino Jesus (the savior of all broken tech. (He punched my friend's broken iPhone, and made it work.)), so him and several other people at the usual lunch table decided to call me Awesome Jesus, due to me often quoting Metal Gear Awesome; and how uncanny my imitation of the Jesus in that parody is.

    Now for a self-proclaimed nickname that most people do identify me by sometimes. And that nickname is; X. That really started on The Arwing Landing, where my username is Xzayvior. I said they could call me X instead, if they wanted, and now practically everyone uses it. (Is the name really that difficult to sound out? XD)
  30. Hi I'm Annie. Nice to meet you. My name is Annie, though I am slightly displeased by the name and like Annabeth better. I forgot what it means, even though my mom says it means princess. I think she just wants to beleive that though. I am very glad nobody at my school's name is Romeo, because my middle name is Juliet. Honestly, I don't know what it means either, but it would be cool to go by Juliet at school. Annie Juliet E.
  31. Hey everyone, so my name is Danielle. Majority of you prolly already knew that, well those that know me anyways << xD I go by Dani. Not Danny, Danni, Dannie, Danie or /however/ the hell else you can think of spelling it. My name is hebrew (last time I checked >>) meaning God is my Judge. Sooo, not really sure where my parents went with that. OH YEAH. They wanted to name everyone in our family with the letter D. I don't really like my first name because of how common it is. I prefer names that are out there, because well, I'm sort of 'out there' and certainly not common.

    Middle name's Marie. Named after my mother's middle name and her mother's middle name and so on and so on for however long that goes on xD When my mom's upset with me she calls me by my middle name or Danielle Marie. My dad likes to call me Dan. Yeah, like the guy name. I don't mind it to be honest, he's been calling me it for the longest time now and it's just because I act like a tomboy and have for eeeeever xD So whenever we have conversations, that's that he calls me by.

    I'm addressed as "Dude" or "Man" when with my friends. Then again, a lot of people out in the southwest say Dude in front of their sentences so that's a pretty common one too. xD.

    I'd wish my name was Scarlett or something unique and uncommon.
    Well, except the drew part.

    Anyways my name is Andrew, after the dude that was like hi God I'ma follow you, 'k?

    And my middle name is Paul, after my Grandfather.

    My last name is Harris, which is really common. :S
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  33. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    We have a lot of Andrews =o

    Most people are aware that my IRL first name is James. Everyone I know in person (except for Charmsians I've met in person) calls me James except one of my friends actually calls me Sem about half the time. And, of course, people I know online call me Sem, even though they know my real name. I think it's because Sem is shorter and thus easier to type out ;-D James means supplanter, or he who supplants or something. For those who have no idea what that word means here's a definition:

    to take the place of (another), as through force, scheming, strategy, or the like.

    So, yeah, watch out or something >>

    My last name is also known by most people - Curry. Like the food, yes. It's Gaelic and means "of the river Curry" or something to that effect, or a wet plain.

    Sem is also a real name, an alternate spelling of Shem, which is Hebrew. It most likely means fame, though I'm not really sure.
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  34. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'd say it's just more familiar to the majority of us at this point. ;D

    For the record, I tend to call people by their real names when I speak about them off the internet. The only exceptions to this is when they honestly prefer their online names to their real names, or if their offline friends/family also call them by their nickname.
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  35. My name is Chloe, I hate that name more than anything though, so many of my friends just call me Absol, or Sol, which I like.
  36. My name is Kim; it's short, sweet, and simple. It's Vietnamese for "golden."

    Because my entire name's so short, a lot of people like to joke about it and call me "Kimberly." Which of course, gets the death glare from me.
  37. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    .... lol, Kimberly. XD

    Well, since I do see some middle name stuffs here, why not? ^^; Anyways, my middle name isn't even a real name. Most people might expect it to be my Chinese name, "Shoulin" or, if they only know me by my nickname in Chinese, "Linlin", or just "Lin" or whatever, but it, unfortunately, isn't. It's Tang, which is my mother's maiden name. Yes, the same Tang like the OMG TANG DYNASTY, but that's it XD

    As for nicknames that I get, besides the obvious "Lyn" or "Shiny" that I get nowadays thanks to my onlineness, people have tried to call me Carol. I tried going by that in fifth grade... never liked it, and thus, even to this day, I cringe when someone tries to call me Carol. It's not bad, but I just like Carolyn or Lyn more. :x
  38. Dia



    since people are doing this I might as well jump on the bandwagon :O

    My rl name is Basia.. pronounced like baa-sha XD
    My parents were both born in Poland and thus they wanted to give me a Polish name~
    Apparently they decided the name from a movie/book in which the badass female character was named Basia :o
    --note: in Poland, girls that are named Barbara usually go by Basia. However, my fullname is Basia, not Barbara. I hate the name Barbara....

    My middle name is Abigail. Aaaand I don't know why my parents chose this as my middle name. I like the name though, it's cute >w<

    Most of the people I know call me Basia... My friend Sarah calls me Polish and my boyfriend calls me 'kotku' ((it means kitty in polish :3))
    My parents call me various names in Polish like bunny, bug, etc.
    And my sister calls me Sissy or Sister (duuh XD)

    my last name shall not be discussed because it is uncommon...
  39. I'm Filip, but it's not pronounced like Philip (but you can't pronounce it unless you're Scandinavian). It means horse-lover, from the Greek name Phillipus...
  40. My real name? Praurime. Comes from a Lithuanian goddess of Fire. But even though this is a goddess name, and those are kinda popular, my name is one of a kind. I'm really proud of it ^_^
    And nicknames? Praure, mostly. And the others are a secret.

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