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Open Into the Pokéverse Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by NotaViolinist, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. hm, may I join? this roleplay sounds nice
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  2. Sure, could you drop a character bio here? Doesn't have to be anything too fancy but I'd like to know how to incorporate them into the story.
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  3. Kek, if you need me to wittle down his team or devolve anybody that’s ok with me! Also sorry for the late reply.

    Name: Oliver (insert last name here I forgot)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A tall, slightly tan boy with brown hair. He has close to zero fashion sense. Oliver also wears a backpack filled with random stuff.
    Personality: Outgoing and extroverted, Oliver is always looking out for his friends. He’s also extremely childish, maybe too much for his own good… He is also nosy and isn’t the smartest at times. Sometimes you wonder if he even has a brain. He also doesn’t know much about strategy and ev’s and all that good stuff.
    Pokémon: Swampert, Noivern, Reuniclus, Manetric, Walrain
    Background: Nothing too interesting to mention.
    Goal: Oliver doesn’t want to be the best, become the champion, or anything like that. He just wants to catch and evolve as many Pokémon as possible to create a living Pokédex.
    Other: He also has a tendency to name his Pokémon after dumb stuff.

    Pokémon (just a quick overview of their personality.)
    Reed the Swampert is what you call a gentle giant. He’s calm and kind, and regularly tries to stop any dumb squabbling between his team.

    Nimbus the Noivern is fearless, and loves being in charge. She can come off as rude at times, but her heart is in the right place. Mostly.

    Clyde the Reuniclus can sometimes be a bit intimidating due to his intelligence, but he’s chill and normally doesn’t snap at you. This doesn’t mean he’s completely safe, however.

    Peter the Manetric is hotheaded and doesn’t take any bull. He hates getting criticized and will sulk off if you criticize anything about him.

    Evergreen the Walerein, probably the most lively one out of the group. She’s bouncy and playful, sometimes coming out as annoying.
  4. Ok, I think devolving 3rd stage Pokémon (Swampert, Reuniclus, Walrein) would fit everyone's power levels right about now. Maybe whittle down your team? A lot of the others already have their full teams so I don't mind either way, but if you want to catch others later you can save some open spots.

    I'll add you to our conversation, please read the top notice! And use that conversation for any further communication between me or other members of the rp. Thanks! Feel free to come in right now, currently we're in the Pokécenter of Caraway City. Hopefully you're caught up with the story!
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  5. Ok! After I skim though the 4-5 pages (I think, I’m too lazy to check) I’ll hop in. Also, his team is now


    and the other three let’s just cut them off
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  6. Wait I’ll toss in sealeo in there-
  7. @NewTrubbish I'm pretty sure we're battling one at a time.

    Also, @NotaViolinist, do you mind if I have Allie's Ralts evolve in this battle?
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  8. EeviumZ Oh, okay I'll delete the post
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  9. Dang I reread the rules and apparently I misread the game mechanics don’t exist part and the rules are you can’t catch them all since they’re real animals and are not dumb objects so uh oh
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  10. Probably not my place to say this, and please don't take offense, but I don't think any of us need, or WANT, another member.
    I mean, we're already 6 pages into the rp.
    Also, we're way past the player, and freaking CONVERSATION limit!
    We're also pretty much past the point where we can just keep writing in new main characters.
    might not be my place to say this, but at least consider my reasoning.
  11. Oh well thank you for telling me
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  12. Also if there are to many characters then pleas don't put me in I don't want to make it to where someone has to be taken out to put me in they were there longer and it's unfair to take them out for me so pleas just don't put me in if you have to many characters okay just get me next RP okay.
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  13. I'm going to go back into RPing sometime soon, but I don't know when since I have been incredibly busy. How far are you guys? I will leave a few RPs so I have the time to do this.
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  14. It's sweet of you to take an interest, I think I'll change it to "closed" now though, sorry! I'll definitely let you know if I start another RP, I'm having ideas about maybe a Pokemon Ranger one or something like that.
  15. We're almost to the Professor's lab, but (in theory) that's only around halfway through the story so... and you didn't miss too much, right now is where things start to get serious so you're just in time!
  16. Well that dose sound like fun so get me when you do it anyway you should make this closed so that everyone knows that there is enough characters on this RP
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  17. I have a new RP open, there's a link in my signature if you want to check it out. The character creation process is kind of intense but I think it's a cool concept. No pressure though since it's technically not a Pokémon RP.
  18. Hi, is it okay for me to get rid of Toxel, and replace it later with a different Pokémon like maybe a Growlithe or something? I can go and edit the posts involving Toxel.
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  19. I mean there's no need to get rid of them, maybe when we get to the lab there'll be a storage unit you can put them into. As for the new Pokémon you can catch new ones whenever you want really, some places may fit better than others in terms of environments that Pokémon would live in but it's really all up to you.
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  20. Around the lab, I'll have Sean find a Voltorb roaming around the outside portions of the lab and catch one.
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  21. I'm thinking of having Allie catch a mischief-making Roselia next. Either that, or a Budew.
  22. Okay, got it, whenever we get to the professor’s lab, which is in the mountains, maybe Neon can put Toxel in a storage unit, and catch the Growlithe. (It’s Growlithe! Also, Growlithe tend to live in mountains too, right?)
  23. Growlithe tend to live in plains and forests mostly. But stray Pokemon can be found in differing places due to food becoming scarce in their home or something pushed them away from their territory and they are forced to roam.
  24. Oh, okay, maybe there could be a plain or something between the Lab and the Cave.
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  25. It could always be a released/escaped Growlithe as well, it doesn't necessarily have to adhere to the laws of Pokémon logic (as long as you're not catching, say, a Tentacool in a volcano, then it's fine).

    EDIT: Just let me know if you don't decide to catch one now because I'll move the scene along if that's the case.
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  26. I still want to catch it, I’ll just wait for you to make the cast exit the cave, then I’ll make Neon catch it.
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  27. I'll also have Pearl catch an Eelektrik or maybe a Gothorita.
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    Alright! It looks like pretty much all our characters are gonna/ already have catch/caught some new Pokémon!

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