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Ask to Join Into the Pokéverse: Descendants

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by NotaViolinist, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. @Captain Pokémon @EeviumZ
    Summary: The party is summoned to an ancient time, and sets out on a quest to defeat a mysterious war-starting cult through the power of Pokemon battles.
    If you'd like to join please check the discussion board here for details.


    "The history of the Parcae region revolves around the four Kingdoms, and their bloodlines," the museum tour guide explains, pointing to a 3-dimensional map of the region on the table. "The Northern Kingdom was an arid desert, and the Fire King or Queen ruled over it. We say King or Queen because over the years there have been both Kings and Queens. To the south of the desert was a range of mountains that touched the sky. The Zenith Kingdom was built here, and harnessing the power of the wind and psychic Pokemon they created many incredible inventions, some of which you will see later in this tour."

    "The Middle Kingdom lived in the densely forested center of the region. They were a peaceful folk, but not much is known about the way they lived their lives. Finally, on the southern part of the region the Southern Kingdom dominated sea travel and fishing. They were the most religious, and at certain times in history their piety would drive them into wars with the other nations." The group followed the tour guide further into the museum, where a large indoor garden is being grown with various grass and flying types such as Fletchling and Hoppip. "Any questions?"
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