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Open Into the Pokéverse: Descendants (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by NotaViolinist, Jun 21, 2020.

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  1. RP now open here!
    Summary: The party is summoned to an ancient time, and sets out on a quest to defeat a mysterious war-starting cult through the power of Pokemon battles.

    Here are some basic rules for the rp:
    1) Try to be good at replying! There will be a conversation for announcements related to this rp as well as for you guys to ask questions, so if someone needs to go afk for a while just let me know.
    2) Follow the forum rules, as per usual.
    3) Integrate into the world as much as possible. The next post will have lore stuff so check it out when making characters!
    4) If you'd like to join after the story picks up just ask down below! I'd be happy to write in new characters as we go along. If you're joining please go back and read the most recent "summary" post in the rp (it'll say SUMMARY at the top in bold letters) to help get caught up with what's happening. That way you don't have to read through everything!

    And one last thing, if you're worried about grammar for any reason (English isn't your first language, you feel like you're bad at it) I'd be happy to help with editing posts. Just let me know!


    The Parcae region is unique in the sense that its gym leaders are not determined through league rules, but instead from their ancestral lineage. The region is shaped similarly to a lopsided hourglass: the north consists of a hot desert, the middle-top is a range of mountains that touch the sky, the narrow part of the hourglass is a peaceful forested plain with the occasional swamp, and the chilly south a frozen tundra with mountains and frosted lakes.

    Historically, Parcae has had four "kingdoms," and each kingdom has passed down two gym leaders along with an elite 4 leader.
    • The Northern Kingdom was led by the Fire King/Queen. Their modern day representatives are a fire type elite 4 member, as well as ground type and rock type gym leaders. They were a proud and honorable society, and worshiped "The Colossal One" as a deity of strength. Most days they would focus on training and were seen as the warriors of the past. Knights using steel and fighting types were not uncommon as they were seen as the defenders of the kingdom.
    • The Southern Kingdom was led by the Prophet of Water. Their modern day representatives are a water type elite 4 member, as well as ice type and dragon type gym leaders. Generally distant from the other "kingdoms," they were a more pious and secluded folk. However, due to their position as the most waterlocked nation, they found themselves the leaders of sea travel. They worshiped "The Abyssal One," a huge serpentine creature that was said to have electric powers and would drag boats to their doom. Due to their religious nature, ghost-type trainers were often quite common.
    • The Zenith Kingdom was led by "The Traveler," a mysterious adventurer who was rarely ever seen in their own kingdom. Their modern day representatives are an electric type elite 4 member, as well as flying and psychic type gym leaders. Since they lived in the tallest mountains, these people were often adventurous and full of life. The most technologically advanced of the kingdoms, it was said they harnessed the wind and the magic of psychic types to create contraptions that could carry them through the air. They worshiped "The Wise One," a child-like spirit whose eyes were said to erase memories.
    • The Middle Kingdom was led by the Lavender King/Queen. Their modern day representatives are a grass type elite 4 member, as well as poison and fairy type gym leaders. The most mysterious of the kingdoms, as much of their land was eventually taken over and leveled off as a result of city expansion. A peaceful folk, but often described as being mischievous. Worshiped "The Lucid One," a creature that was said to purify the lakes and streams that gave the forest life. In old texts they were seen as the peacekeepers of the continent.
    There is also mention of a fifth force, although never seen in a permanent place. These wanderers were worshipers of "The Primal One," an entity that could bend time. They eventually became a conquering force under a mysterious leader, and started a war between the kingdoms. Records tell of a group of travelers that defeated them before vanishing from history. Trainers in this time period often specialized in one type, aligned with their kingdom, and used Apricorn-balls in order to capture them.

    Roles: Any empty roles that are unfilled by the time the story gets there will be played by me. One person can have two roles, one that is a main party role and one that is a leader/ancestor role (except the people I've already talked to about this!).

    Main Party (8-12):
    Original Timeline:
    • (EeviumZ)
    • (Captain Pokemon)
    • Arthur (SharpShotInteleon)
    Ancient Timeline:
    • Blase (NotaViolinist)
    • (EeviumZ)
    • (Captain Pokemon)

    • The Fire King/Queen (fire type):
    • The Prophet of Water (water type):
    • The Traveler (electric type):
    • The Lavender King (grass type): Verelea (NotaViolinist)

    Ancestors of Gym Leaders:
    • Ground type:
    • Rock type:
    • Ice type:
    • Dragon type:
    • Poison type:
    • Fairy type:
    • Flying type:
    • Psychic type:
      • Descendant: Octavius (SharpShotInteleon)

    Other Minor Characters:
    • Nowell (NotaViolinist) (Southern Kingdom) (I might have him join the party idk yet)

    Character Template (feel free to use your own if you want):
    Gender/Sexuality (optional):
    Pokemon (1-3) with short summary:
    Kingdom Alignment:
    If this was an rpg, which role would your character fill?:

    For leaders and ancestors, you can leave out the last two things as they're not necessary, as well as the movesets for Pokemon. For minor characters you can leave out the last one.

    Name: Blase (pun on blaze and blasé)
    Gender/Sexuality (optional): male, demisexual
    Personality: intellectual, a bit of a show off, sensitive to criticism, has a contrary and rebellious streak
    Appearance: medium height, gangly with straight yet scraggly blonde hair, dark brown eyes and glasses. Wears a lightweight black traveling cloak while on the road, with a white collared undershirt and brown boots.
    Pokemon (1-3) with short summary:
    • Vulpix: His partner Pokémon that is mostly there for emotional support. She is of a timid nature, and knows Ember, Will-o-Wisp, and Quick Attack.
    • Houndoom: His main battling Pokémon. He has a careful nature and often watches over his trainer while he's sleeping. Knows Fire Fang, Bite, Thief and Odor Sleuth.
    • Fletchinder: His messenger Pokémon that he uses for communication throughout the region. She has a brave nature and knows Flame Charge, Aerial Ace, Agility and Roost.
    Kingdom Alignment: Northern Kingdom
    Background: Due to his frail build he was often disregarded in youth as being weak and unfit to become a knight in service of his kingdom. He chose to follow his own path and started research on various topics in the region, traveling far and wide and making contact with important people in the other kingdoms. This task is seen as pointless to his peers who are becoming knights, and he's highly sensitive to any sort of criticism. Nevertheless, the thought of abandoning his work has never crossed his mind. He harbors a grudging fondness for Nowell of the Southern Kingdom.
    If this was an rpg, which role would your character fill?: As Houndoom is his main Pokemon, he seems to fit the rogue type. When he uses Vulpix he's more of a support role.
    Name: Verelea, Vere for short
    Gender/Sexuality (optional): nonbinary, uses King title but is referred to as "they"
    Personality: Calm and serene with a bitter aftertaste
    Appearance: long dark brown hair with a slight curl to it, icy blue eyes, medium height, slender yet strong build. Wears a crown made of golden leaves and a long faded green robe with brown trousers.
    Pokemon (1-3) with short summary:
    • Sawsbuck: His partner Pokemon, and protector of the forest. Has a serious nature.
    • Skiploom: A cheery Pokemon that flies messages to him. Has a docile nature.
    • Venusaur: The strongest of his Pokemon. Has a relaxed nature.
    Kingdom Alignment: Middle Kingdom
    Name: Nowell
    Gender/Sexuality (optional): Male, pansexual
    Personality: sharp-tongued, cheeky, blunt, a lonely spirit, thrill-seeker, a bit manipulative
    Appearance: short tousled dirty blonde hair, tall, scarred down his cheek and shoulders, green eyes. Wears a white scarf to cover his neck scars, a long-sleeve grey tunic with a belt and black pants, and a shining white cape.
    Pokemon (1-3) with short summary:
    • Sandshrew (Alolan): This tiny Pokemon serves as his lookout while on the ship, as well as providing moral support. Has an impish nature.
    • Froslass: His main battling Pokemon. She has a naughty nature and acts as a motherly figure to both him and the other Pokemon.
    • Dewgong: Often swims alongside the boat. He has a lonely nature, and appreciates getting pets.
    Kingdom Alignment: Southern Kingdom
    Background: A relative of the ice-type bloodline, he cast away expectations by underperforming to the best of his ability. After making sure no one was expecting him to become the next ice type leader, he trained on his own to become the closest thing the Southern Kingdom has to a knight, without adhering to the code of the Northern Kingdom. He has a bit of wanderlust and likes to go sailing to take down any pirates that have been terrorizing the coastlines.
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  2. Name: Octavius

    Gender/Sexuality: Male, Asexual

    Personality: A calm, calculated, figure, devoted to the study of his kingdom as well as psychic Pokemon, as they are fascinating to him.

    Appearance: Long, dark hair reaching his down to his shoulders. Skinny, tall figure with a perpetually stern look on his face. Dark green, piercing eyes.
    Pokemon (1-3) with short summary:

    Divider the Reuniclus, with him from the beginning, always covering his back no matter the danger.

    Future the Xatu, the most rebellious of all of his Pokemon, yet the strongest of them all. Knowledgable on all past events, even the most insignificant.

    Fearmonger the Malamar, incredibly loyal to those he trusts, but sinister and backstabbing to unknown people. Often manipulates the visions of others to trick them.

    Kingdom Alignment: Zenith

    (I’d like for him to be the electric leader’s ancestor, and the psychic leader himself.)
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  3. Cool character! Do you mean the a descendant of the electric type leader? Since typically the "kings" would be older than the gym leaders.
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  4. Yes. That sounds right. Thanks!
  5. Okay, sounds good! Also did you want to create a main party character? Since the gym leaders would be minor characters, obstacles that the main party would face.
  6. You can have Octavius be a main party character, but to clarify the "gym leaders" mentioned in the list above would be gym leaders from the past. So if he's the modern-day gym leader, he would also be descended from the psychic type gym leader of the past.
    Basically, the "region leader" (gym leader of the past) passes down the title of gym leader through their bloodline. So I must ask, is Octavius a current gym leader or a "region leader"?
  7. Octavius is a current gym leader. I’ll write up a main character in a bit, when I get some ideas.
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  8. Right. My main character is ready.

    Gender/Sexuality (optional): Male, Asexual
    Personality: A calm, cheery character, never willing to back down from a fight. He is also obsessed with studying all known battle tactics sand techniques.
    Appearance: Average height for his age, with silver hair (dyed) and blue eyes. He insists on wearing smart clothing, such as jackets, waistcoats, and button-ups.

    Pokemon (1-3) with short summary:
    Wardrum the Chatot. Wardrum, despite its intimidating nickname, is a prankster of a Pokemon, mimicking people to annoy or frighten them.

    Daggerwing the Skarmory. Daggerwing is always serious, taking a fight as though it were one to the death.
    Kingdom Alignment: Zenith
    Background: Descending from the flying-type area of the Zenith kingdom, Arthur, despite not being seen as an appropriate gym leader, devoted himself to study battle strategies and tactics, eager to equal the power of the leader.
    If this was an rpg, which role would your character fill?: Ranger
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  9. Nice! Feel free to join the rp whenever you have the time! As you can probably see there are a couple people who said they were interested but they haven't said anything to me yet about their characters... Either way it will be nice to have you on board! I'd like to wait for the others before really kicking things off so I hope you can be patient for a little while longer :)
  10. Sorry for the delay, I should have my bio up tonight.
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  11. Can I join, here's my bio

    Name: Wolfe
    Gender: male
    personality: a bit of a loner, Wolfe travels the region with his Pokémon
    appearance: black hair, ice-blue eyes, pure black with a star pattern on them
    1. Lancelot the Corviknight, he is Wolfe's sentry and lookout
    2. Moon the (shiny) Umbreon, she is Wolfe's starter and best companion
    3. Fenrir the (Dusk) Lycanroc, he serves as mount for Wolfe
    Kingdom alignment: None (if I can't have that I choose Zenith)
    Background: Wolfe left home at 13 years old to explore the region, he wants to record every living Pokémon
    RPG role: Beastmaster
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