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Into the Maelstrom

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shocari, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. "Attention, citizens of the world. I plead you to join our cause. It has been a year and yet you do nothing, you neither help nor resist us. So much trouble will be spared if you take our side, the side of justice." a young man said into several different cameras that had "LIVE FEED" glowing above the lens. He was in a dark room, with the only light being shone on him, and then the light from the glowing LIVE FEED cameras. He had dark brown hair that slightly hung in front of his blue-gray eyes, but didn't obscure them. His skin was pale, and he was wearing a white T-shirt with an opened forest green jacket, sepia cargo pants, and black tennis shoes. He was sitting at an ornately carved mahogany desk, and his arms were resting on the desk.

    "Cobalt Storm has changed so much in so short a time. We've rid you of the numerous Teams that plagued your streets, saved your Pokemon from experiments and unneeded capture, helped rebuild that which was broken. You must take this into account. If anything, you should be dying to help us! The Trainers and Masters of old have betrayed you. They reject the idea of the Teams working together to make the world better. Don't let them help you when you have not asked for it. They should help because you want them to help, not because they feel like playing the hero

    "I, Sakaki Heruga, give you this offer: help Cobalt Storm defeat those who would rather let evil prevail once more, or don't get in our way. I will not let any harm befall those who choose not to take either side, for then I'd be a tyrannical man. I look forward to hearing your responses."

    "And clear." a man behind a camera said. Sakaki stood up and exited the room, entering a long highly polished hallway. As he took a left he began to talk to himself.

    "Yes...my tactical plans have never failed before, save for when my subordinates fail in carrying out their orders. The Trainers haven't won that many victories, but how many more will it take until the public takes their side? No, they've won few and far between for the citizens to even have noticed, really, so there's no point in pursuing that thought. My genius is unparalleled, but still...there's something about their commanders. It's almost as if they have a psychic on their side. Sabrina can manipulate objects, but can she see the future? No, that's absurd...."

    Sakaki took a right without even glancing up from the floor, entering another highly polished hallway, albeit a lot shorter. "Now, the only thing I have left to do is to get-" everything started shaking violently, cutting him off.

    "What the?" he exclaimed, looking around. "We're on an air ship the size of a large storm system, two and a half miles in the air, and something blows up. What could have happened?" Sakaki ran towards the direction of the explosion, and looked taken aback. Where a large stained-glass window used to be was now a giant gaping hole.

    This is a private PRP between myself, Cody*implodes*, Psycho Monkey, Kalseng, Belle, and Chibi. If you didn't get an invite, it's not because we don't love you. It's because you weren't around last time.
  2. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    (That was an intro worthy of Zero! :D)

    "I, Sakaki Heruga, give you this offer: help Cobalt Storm defeat those who would rather let evil prevail once more, or don't get in our way. I will not let any harm befall those who choose not to take either side, for then I'd be a tyrannical man. I look forward to hearing your responses."

    Arthias got out of his chair and turned off the TV at the end of the broadcast. It would seem Lord Heruga's plan was moving along quite nicely. Soon more people would rally behind Cobalt Storm, some may even join the Team's military ranks. That last part was what interrested Arthias the most.

    The man was a natural warrior. Even when he was at the airship base as he was now, Arthias still wore his combat attire consisting of black pants tucked into black boots and a long-sleeved black tunic underneath his armor consisting of a black breast plate, black shoulder pads that curved upward into twelve inch spikes, black gauntlets running up the length of his arms, and a long black cape. The only part of his body that wasn't covered was his head showing a man who looked to be in his mid-twenties with styled back brown hair with four odd locks hanging over his blue headband down to his red tinted glasses which hid his cold green eyes. It is for this reason that the only visible mark Arthias bore of his countless battles was a long diagonal scar on his left cheek. His claymore stained red with the blood of his victims was never more than an arm's length away for when he needed to kill.

    Appearance aside, Arthias was a military genius who specialized in crushing enemies without hesitation or mercy. Due to his cold, calculating, and ruthless nature, along with an untarnished record of absolute victory, it was no wonder Arthias had earned himself the nickname of War God.

    Just moments after the broadcast had ended, the entire airship quaked violently knocking Arthias slightly off balance. When the tremors ceased, the warrior wasted no time in grabbing his sword and rushed outside of his room. He rounded several corners until meeting up with Lord Heruga who was standing in front of a large hole in the ship. If Arthias wasn't mistaken, there used to be a stained glass window there.

    "My lord, what happened?" Arthias asked wondering if his leader had an answer for him.

    "Sabotage." Heruga answered simply. The warrior tightened his grip on the hilt of his sword in anger. Once he found the one responsible, their blood will be added to the claymore.
  3. At the exact time, Cody looked at his Poke Gear. Not a second later, the signal went off. The airship had been successfully infiltrated. The Trainer did a small victory fist pump into the air, then collected himself.

    Looking out the window, about another mile up, was the Airship. Mt. Silver was, Cody thought to himself, a great place for the base. Being naturally occurring, it had all of nature's defenses, plus all the security the Trainer and Master Coalition had put together.

    He walked up to the platform in the hangar the strike group was in, and spoke.

    "Okay, everyone!" He yelled, "Good, now that I've got your attention," He would punish himself later for using such a cliche.

    His voice was commandeering, and unusually calm for such a situation.

    "Okay, I've just received a signal that the blast group was successful, and there is currently a gaping hole in the side of the Airship." There was a smatter of applause. Cody grinned as he continued, "However, our job is not yet done. Group One, which will be flying up with me in about five minutes, will be serving mainly as a diversion. Hopefully, you can all fly fast." a smile shot across his face.

    "Group two, you leave ten minutes after we do. Most of you will be flying on Dragons?" He asked the group in general. Most of them nodded. "Good. Well, then, after we get up and have hopefully drawn their attention away from the Airship and more towards the sky, you all will be able to fly directly for the machine, and blast it down from the outside. Good luck and Godspeed, everyone."

    What Cody did not mention, however, was that he was personally going inside the Airship, and making a strike for the generator. This way, he thought, the behemoth of a machine was sure to fall to the ground.

    An Aipom appeared from nowhere, ran through the crowd, and leaped onto Cody's shoulder. He grinned, scratching the purple monkey's head. At this point, Cody stepped off the platform, and towards the opening hangar doors.

    The air outside the mountain base was chilling, however, the wind was being merciful. He rolled an Ultra Ball out of his hands. As it hit the floor, it burst into a flurry of lights, and materialized into a Skarmory.

    Cody's Aipom, Silver, tightened his grip on the man's shoulder. Cody climbed onto the Skarmory, and readied himself for flight.

    "Ready everyone?" He focused, cleared his mind of everything but the objective. "3, 2.....1 GO!" he yelled, the entire hangar heard, and all of squad one took to the sky, and began flying towards the airship.
  4. Kalseng was listening to Cody's speech, and silently taking it in. His hands were still trembling from a mixture of adrenaline and blood pressure problems. It didn't bother him though. He took three deep breaths and then two short ones. It was a technique that the doctors had told him would help settle his heart, and it usually worked. Kalseng was 22, a good age for this kind of thing. He was wearing his signature mint-green flak jacket over a white, long-sleeved shirt. The worn-in blue jeans were carelessly thrown on, but carried a lot of memories. His white tennis shoes were worn out, but the treads were still there. His short, brown hair hung just above his green eyes, which were scanning the sky anxiously. The explosion made him jump, but a smile crossed his face.

    His left hand was placed on a large, black bird with splotches of white and red mixed into the dark feathers. The feathers on its head formed something that looked like a large hat, and they formed underneath its head in a large, poofy pattern. It was known as a honchkrow. Kalseng hoisted himself up onto the bird, and patted its neck paternally.

    "Come on, girl," He said softly. "One last run." Kalseng waited for the signal from Cody, his long-standing friend, and then took off from the ground quickly. He shadowed under Cody without the older trainer's knowing, just in case Cody decided to get hit and fall off. They ascended rapidly, nearing the large airship. That is, until they were stopped by what seemed like a wave of purple and blue. Crobats suddenly appeared in all directions, ordered by men atop the airship that could barely be seen from where Kalseng was. Cody pulled off some basic maneuvers to stay away from them, and Kalseng hugged the underside of Stella tightly. It would be a tough flight upwards, but nothing they couldn't handle.
  5. "What the hell was that?!" Chibi exploded, picking herself up from the pile of books that had crashed on top of her head. Usually, her room was nicely furnished, even if the fourteen-year-old had some stuff thrown around, one thing she couldn't stand being on the floor were her precious books. But, someone obviously didn't care about what she wanted, hence the explosion that threw her into her bookshelf, which in turn dumped all of its contents over her head and back. Chibi was just glad she did not have anything on top of the bookshelf.

    "An explosion, obviously." Vyala barked, pawing through the books, looking for the face of her trainer. She made sure to keep her claws sheathed, Chibi would give her all sorts of hell later if there were scratch marks on any of the precious tomes.

    "No freaking duh," Chibi muttered, struggling out of the pile. "What I meant was, what caused it?" Her jade green eyes were startled, her pale face slightly flushed from surprise, making her freckles stand out. Her long, pale fingers combed through her waist-length red hair, desperately trying to get it to lie back down. Being a member of Cobalt Storm, Chibi had to undergo some serious changes to her previous outfit. Her orange shirt was gone, replaced with a form-fitting black shirt with sleeves that stopped at her elbows, a dark pair of jeans replaced her shorts, dark enough to be mistaken for black in the right light. A pair of black combat boots were her footwear, she hated boots because of the heaviness, but she soon grew used to them. Her most prominent clothing was her deep blue cloak, her mark of Cobalt Storm. The only thing she had been allowed to keep was her green vest that held all of her pokeballs, and that was hidden under her cloak.

    Once Chibi got her hair to not look like someone rubbed it with a balloon, she ran to the PC that was in the corner of her room. It was the only thing that hadn't been moved during to the explosion, but that was probably because it was bolted into the wall. Her fingers frantically tapped at it, her thoughts racing. Damn, are we under attack? No alarms, so was it a grunt? These guys get stupider every day. She quickly placed a Net Ball into it and pressed a button. A second later, a dark green ball materialized in the spot where the Net Ball had been seconds before. Chibi snatched it up and was soon racing out the door. Then again, if it WAS an accident then why hasn't the intercom come on? Surely that explosion was felt through the whole ship, and others must be panicking.

    Vyala followed Chibi out the door and ran at her ankles. Chibi's thoughts were racing, if the explosion wasn't an accident then it could be that they were being attacked. But she once worked for the trainers, before her capture, and she knew well enough that their attacks didn't exactly go as planned very often. She quickly rounded a corner, her cloak flying behind her, making her look like an oversized cobalt bat whose head was on fire. Luckily (or perhaps not, due to the earlier misfortune) her room was not too far where the explosion had taken place. Only five minutes of running through the ship and she was there. Already grunts and members were swarming around the giant gaping hole in the ship, careful not to step too close so they wouldn't get sucked out. The air whipped inside the ship, tossing Chibi's hair and cloak around annoyingly.

    No one had seen her yet, so she decided to make herself known. Standing five steps above the ground, looking properly pissed off, she put as much anger and command into her voice as she could. "What is going on in here?!" She shouted over the wind. The members jumped as if they had just been hit with an electric shock. Chibi was fourteen, only a height of five-four, and only had a Vulpix at her side. Were they terrified of her? Absolutely. Height and age didn't mean anything when you had the rank of a higher-class Admin and more experience with pokemon than anyone else in the room. She was famous even before she went to Cobalt Storm, and it was shown that sometimes people so young could be scarier than adults. Chibi raised and eyebrow, crossing her arms impatiently. "Well?"

    (Yeah, I'm still evil and bad ass. So?)
  6. Even though he was the first one there, within mere seconds, dozens of Cobalt Storm members had gathered to the gaping hole in the ship. Sakaki pulled a small earpiece out of his jacket pocket and placed it in his right ear, then pressed a small button on the side.

    "This is Heruga. Bring in a Hippowdon and Gardevoir." he said. In a few moments, a large brown and black hippo and a human-like Pokemon appeared. "Hippowdon, use Sand Tomb at the hole. Gardevoir, use Psychic to hold it together and keep it touching the metal." Hippowdon arched its back towards the hole, and fired a large river of sand at it, while Gardevoir kept it in place with a lavender aura. Sakaki pulled a gold and black ball out of his pants pocket and sent out a large orange dog-wolf creature, with a flowing mane and fur around its leg joints. "Flamethrower." The Arcanine spat out a burst of white-hot flame at the sand, superheating it so that it became glass attached to the metal.

    He returned Arcanine to his ball and dismissed the Cobalt Storm grunts...all but two. One of them was male, and dressed in black from head to toe, save for his dark brown hair, blue headband, and red-tinted glasses. The female was also wearing black, except for her blue cloak and long red hair.

    "My lord, what happened?" the male asked.

    "Sabotage." Sakaki replied. "It seems that the Trainers have started their attack. Chibi," he addressed the girl. "I want you and Arthias to come with me." He didn't wait for a reply, he just left, hoping that the two would follow. The two were his highest-ranked officers, and also the two best battlers in Cobalt Storm.

    "Follow me to the bridge." he said. "I think it best that we coordinate our strategy from there." Sakaki kept walking, then began talking to himself. "If the Trainers have launched an attack already, then it is safe to assume that their base is nearby. The Pokemon League in Kanto? No, that's too obvious. Somewhere even closer, where they could reach this ship in only a few minutes. Mt. Silver would appear to be the best bet, but, is that just a ploy on their part? No. They haven't the strategy for that."

    Speaking aloud now, he said to them "Forget what I just said. It is now safe to assume that they are striking from Mt. Silver. Arthias, I know you're already prepped, so I want you to go to the frontlines and decimate the Trainers. Chibi, I want you to go ahead and grab some Pokemon, then call me with what you have. Just make sure you have at least two aerial Pokemon."
    EDIT: scarf...cloak.......I was close XD
  7. ((That scarf happens to be a cloak Sho. XD))

    Chibi hurried along after Sakaki, her thoughts racing. I was right, it was the Trainers! But how did they get so close to the ship without being spotted? They must have a nearby base somewhere... Her thoughts stopped dead when she remembered where they were flying. They were near Mt. Silver. And unless the Trainers abandoned it since she became a part of Cobalt Storm, it was still a very active, very large base.

    Sakaki was obviously thinking the same thing, his mind already deduced that Mt. Silver was their base even though he had no past knowledge, like Chibi. "Forget what I just said." He spoke quickly, his words racing along with his mind. "It is now safe to assume that they are striking from Mt. Silver. Arthias, I know you're already prepped, so I want you to go to the frontlines and decimate the Trainers. Chibi, I want you to go ahead and grab some Pokemon, then call me with what you have. Just make sure you have at least two aerial Pokemon."

    "Two?" Chibi asked, more out of surprise than just making sure. "Yes sir. I already have one on me, and the pokemon in here can fly." She held out her Dusk Ball. "But for safety reasons I'll get another one. I'm not too sure if he will want to carry you." That was more or less an understatement. Slinky was most likely to drop anyone who wasn't Chibi. The girl pondered her options, Sakaki had been rather vague with how she was supposed to get the pokemon, so she assumed that he meant to get them out of her own PC. That meant she had to mess around with her team. Nonetheless, she saluted and said, "Yes sir. I'll report back shortly."

    She turned on her heel and went back the way she came, going as fast as she could without officially running. As soon as Sakaki and Arthias were out of sight, she pelted off as if the devil himself were after her. She pushed through crowds of grunts, who were running around, preparing for battle. She came to her door and wrenched it open, her room was still the mess it was when she left it. Oddly enough, the first thing she went to was her bookcase.

    Vyala yelped in surprise and growled at Chibi, her expression one of utter disbelief. Her golden eyes questioned Chibi's sanity.

    "Hey, these are some valuable books!" Chibi yelled back, grabbing an armful of her favorites. She literally booted the PC (pun intended) the force of her kick snapping it to life. Hurriedly, she opened the storage compartments of her PC and became dumping books in it, where they would be whisked away to Arceus-knows-where, safe for eternity until Chibi took them out again.

    "You've completely lost your mind." Vyala remarked, watching Chibi run back and forth. Fortunately, Chibi's bookshelf had been a rather small one, and the load was not much. Already her most precious volumes were in the PC storage.

    "Have not. Sakaki can wait a few minutes." Chibi snapped back, for once being a little rough and kicking a few books over to the PC. When her items were finally secure, she turned her attention to the more important things at hand. She placed a Luxury Ball in the PC and began rummaging around for a suitable Flying type. She hesitated for a moment over her two other Aerodactyl. Hmm, Rhochelimis is big and powerful, good for Sakaki, but he's a little slow. Zyrvia is small and quick, but she's far too wild. No, I need something fast and docile. She went to another page and pondered for a moment, then took out a pokemon. A plain Pokeball materialized on the PC. Chibi grabbed it and attached it to her vest. Fishing out an earpiece from her breast pocket, she slid it around her ear and pressed it. "My lord, I have two aerial pokemon, just as you asked. Your next orders?"
  8. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Lord Heruga had come to the conclusion that the Trainers were attacking from Mt. Silver on the Kanto/Johto boarder. Based on the look on the red haired midget's face, Arthias surmised that his commander was correct in his assumption. Chibi had, after all, been one of them until she turned traitor. Despite her age and stature, the girl was equal in rank to Arthias because of her combat prowess, something the warrior greatly respected.

    "Arthias, I know you're already prepped, so I want you to go to the frontlines and decimate the Trainers. Chibi, I want you to go ahead and grab some Pokemon, then call me with what you have. Just make sure you have at least two aerial Pokemon." commanded Lord Heruga.

    "Yes my Lord." said Arthias accepting of his orders. The warrior continued down the bridge for a while until making a left. After that, he went up a ramp leading to the outside of the ship where he pulled a Pokeball from behind his cape.

    "Metagross!" called Arthias summoning a large metallic blue disc with four giant legs tipped with silver claws. A silver X was crossed over the creature's face with hollow red eyes between the upper and lower cross of the X. Likes its trainer, the Metagross also had a scar, this one over its left eye indicating that it too had seen some rough battles in the past.

    After the warrior jumped on his Pokemon's back, the two flew off to intercept the Trainer army. Arthias was actually disappointed at how few there were compared to last time. A sure sign that their numbers were diminishing.

    "Psychic!" Arthias ordered. The nearest trainer, a girl riding a Noctowl, was surrounded in a blue glow and lifted off of her mount only to be thrown into a nearby trainer riding an Altaria sendin both trainers plummeting to their deaths. While the Pokemon descended to desperately save their trainers, Arthias chased after the monsters. He beheaded the Altaria with his claymore and cleaved of one of the Noctowl's wings adding their blood to the countless others that stained his sword crimson.

    Not wasting time, Arthias moved on to slaughter more of this poor excuse for a military unit.
  9. ooc| very very by late to the party my baaaaaad. Let me know if I'm being thick and screwed up/missed anything important I admit I didn't finish reading the original RP sadfsdgfhf :'D

    Perched on a precipice overlooking the hangar Cody and the squads were settled in, a pair of satisfied smiles smirked at the cascade of rubble and steel that fell from the airship's newly opened wound.

    "That was brilliant."
    "I know."

    Patting the steel barrel of the handcrafted cannon, the young woman hauled herself to her feet and pulled the goggles from her eyes, wiping the dust and residue from the lenses off on the flat of her brown shorts, ignoring the dusty gray stain it left. Running her hand over her own craftsmanship, she gave a pleased smile to her companion before turning back to the level below where they were standing, waiting for the young man to finish securing the camouflaged tarp over her new toy before making the descent back down to the hangar where the pair would slip through the heavy doors as they heaved open, gather up their belongings and pokemon, and pass through the lines of men and women from their own squadron, keeping an ear out for Cody's briefing as they worked. When pokeballs were secured, bags were strapped onto backs and flight-goggles adjusted comfortably, the young pair worked their way to the head of the pack and just a few feet from where Cody had positioned himself as he summoned his own steel bird. Already prepped and pumping with adrenaline, the two both dropped a pair of metal canisters to the ground, each bursting into a plume of red matter that promptly settled into the form of a Dragonite and Togekiss before Belle and Archer, respectively. As the first group was moving out, the pair finished the preparation processes of strapping and tightening and feeding, as a last minute precaution.

    Moments later, Cody's squad had taken into the sky, leaving the remainder of the trainers perched on their mounts and itching to take off. Perched tensely on their respective mounts, the young man and woman exchanged a thoughtful glance before turning briefly to their squad.

    "Well? You heard the man. Move!"
    While not displaying the greatest amount of compassion, Belle's barking shout rallied up enough whooping from the men that it drew a hesitant smile from her male counterpart as they took off in hot pursuit of the first half of the Trainer/Master battalion.

    When all was right and everyone was flying in form with gaining speed, The young leaders ducked under the girth of Cody's group and lingered on either flank, both trainers keeping an eye on their comrade.

    ooc| christ that was awful, but I wanted to put something up so there you are
  10. (I took a decade. What's wrong with me?)

    "What the-" Cody yelled, though he doubted it sounded loud way up in the air like they were. Someone riding on a Metagross had killed two trainers in a matter of minutes. This was obviously not going to be easy. He was a safe distance away from the man, and he could probably attack him from here, but that was not his objective. The other Trainer's could handle him, Cody thought, and he could get himself into that airship.

    He tightened his grip on Stella, and commanded the Armor Bird Pokemon to fly at the airship, full speed. That would mean flying through a cloud of Zubat and other unpleasantness, but it would hopefully be effective, and Stella was immune to poison. Silver, the Aipom on his shoulder, might not be as protected, however, he would probably escape unharmed. 180 miles per hour was hard to hit when you're a Zubat.

    As the trio sped towards the cloud of bat, Cody tightened his grip on the Skarmory, and the Aipom tightened it's grip on Cody. They broke into the cloud, and though Stella was flying at full speed, Cody still felt the occasional sting of hitting a Zubat, thankfully not ever meeting any fangs. He lowered his head closer to the steel bird, his hair whipping all over his face. His eyes were closed when Stella made contact with one of the stained glass windows, and before Cody knew it, they were inside the airship.

    He climbed off the great bird, recalled her, and dusted himself off. Silver escaped from the Zubat escapade unharmed, save for a tiny bruise on his head.

    With stained glass around his feet, the wind roaring behind him, it occurred to Cody he had no idea what to do. The man then noticed that there was a map conveniently located on the wall near him. It took no more than a minute to locate his target.

    The engine room.

    (Sucky post is suck, plus Kal and Belle should follow me : D )
  11. This was not good. He had just gotten a report from a former Team Magma grunt that a Skarmory was headed towards the ship...fast. It wouldn't be long before they got here, and when they did, then what? Take out as many Cobalt Storm members as possible before finding an Admin and taking them out? Disabling the ship's engines and letting us fall to our deaths? The second one would be cleaner and more efficient, not to mention easier to execute.

    "My lord, I have two aerial Pokemon, just as you asked." Chibi's voice said from the comm. "Your next orders?"

    Sakaki thought about it only for a second before replying "The engine room. Meet me there." Sakaki quickly fumbled around in the pocket of his sepia jacket, and pulled out a black and gold Ultra Ball. He didn't want to have to battle the Trainer, but if worse came to worse, he'd do it.

    But if the opportunity presented itself, he would try to manipulate whoever was coming aboard into doing...well, anything except destroying the ship's engines. Although, a completely different choice had formed in his mind....
  12. "Yes sir," Chibi replied and shut her earpiece off. "Come on Vyala," she said, pushing her self up, "engine room." She heard Vyala growl in surprise and she quickly headed out, her pace brisk.

    Grunts were running about in a panic, screaming out orders and running to the docks. Chibi plowed through them like a shark plows through fish, and the crowd even parted for her. She seemed to be the only thing in the ship that hadn't completely lost its mind. Suddenly, another small blow made the ship shudder, and this heightened the panic further. Chibi was amazed she made it through the crowd with all of her limbs intact.

    "Idiots," she muttered once she ducked into an empty hall. "Have they forgotten their training?" She shook her head and began jogging. There was more than one way to the engine room, and this way was longer. But, Chibi didn't feel like plunging into the hornet's nest, she might get stung. Fortunately, these network of halls were more or less abandoned. She met mo more trouble on her way to the double sliding doors of the engine room.

    She paused for a moment, wondering if Sakaki was inside, then shrugged and thumbed the keypad. The doors slid open with a hiss and Chibi stepped through them, Vyala on her heels. She looked around at the vast machinery inside the room, humming loudly. No wonder she hated coming down here. With a sigh, she settled herself on the nearest convenient crate and waited.

    ((Suck post is suck))
  13. Sakaki didn't know how, but when he had entered the engine room, Chibi was already there. Perhaps he had just gotten lost in his thoughts and wandered aimlessly around the ship. He didn't know, and he didn't care.

    "Chibi," he said. "No doubt that by now, the Trainers have landed on the ship, or at least very few of them. Arthias should be able to hold off most of them that are in the air. I'll need you to hold the engine room, where they are sure to strike first, while I get the preparations completed. Don't worry about what they are, I just need you to stay here and let nobody get near the main engine."

    He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small device and tossed it to her. "Take this. If things aren't going the right way, cover you and Vyala's ears, and press the yellow button. It'll send out a super loud shriek that will pierce the eardrums, so make sure you can't hear a thing beforehand. In that time, head for the escape pods."

    Sakaki turned around as the humming of the machines droned on, but took not even one step when the engine room doors slid open.

    ((suck post is suck))

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