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Open Into the Galar Region Roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, May 20, 2020.

  1. Discussion Thread:

    She was fixing her hair as she looked into the mirror pulling it up in a high ponytail as she fixed her bang as well. She picked up her glasses as she cleaned the lenses before slipping them on finishing her facial look. She fixed the sleeve of her shirt until only her right shoulder was exposed but her black tank strap was visible on the shoulder. She fixed her black and silver cross necklace that was around her neck before grabbing her Pokeball belt and placed it around her waist and at the moment only one Luxury ball rested there which belong to her partner who remains out of her Luxury ball most of the time. She grabbed a roll of white bandage before wrapping her wrists, ankles, and stomach with it to cover her scars that came from her past. Lastly, she grabbed her black bag with a Shiny Umbreon and Absol printed in the front as she placed it on the side of her with the strap resting on one shoulder. She made sure she had everything as this included medicine items. "Ready Blue?" She said looking down at the Shiny Umbreon. Blue sat down next her the whole time she was getting ready looking up at her before giving a gentle smile. "Umbre!("As I will ever be")" She said. "Oh wait, one more thing Blue" she said before grabbing the black and blue flower resting on the small table as she walked up to it to grab it before walking back to her partner.

    She bent down her level before placing it on her right ear fixing it to where it stayed put. "There you go Blue"she said petting the Shiny Umbreon's head before standing up. Before she went downstairs, she had glanced at the photo that was framed resting at her bedside which was a picture of her and her older Brother Shadow with Blue and Sparkx the Jolteon, Blue's young sister. Shadow had told her that he would meet her in Galar whenever he was able to but wasn't sure when he would arrive in Galar. She sighed softly as Blue had the same look as her. "I know you miss him and your sister too huh Blue" she said looking down to her again. "Umbre...("Of course I do...but all we can do is be patient and wait...") Blue said to her as only she can understand her. "Your right Blue, I know but anyway let's go, we have to meet with Leon who is supposedly the undefeatable Champion here in Galar" she said before she and Blue made their way downstairs. It was actually only her and Blue in the house she was in as her mother stood back in Alola with Shadow, I mean she didn't mind since she was old enough to take care of herself. She closed the door behind her before making her way down the stairs with Blue following right beside her. She and Blue walked along the side road passing two Wooloo who she couldn't help but pet the sheep Pokemon before making her way down a bit until she came to an area where it was a tall house with an area that looked like a battle field but a good size where it fit well. She noticed a tall male with long dark purple hair with a cap on his head but was facing up with some sort of cape with a lot of badges from different things. She fixed her white wolf blue-streaked mask to wher it fit to cover her face before approaching him. "Ah, you must be the first Challenger, JC right, here to receive your starter for the Galar Region I suppose" he said. "Yes I am, and you must be Leon the undefeatable Champion probably due to your strong Charizard next to you" she said as Blue sat down next to her watching Leon and his Charizard. "Indeed I am, oh and who might this be, quite a rare Umbreon indeed," he asked looking to Blue. "Oh, this is Blue my partner, the shiny Umbreon" she introduced.

    "Oh I see, hello there Blue,"he said petting her head. "Umbre!" She responded wagging her tail back and forth. "Now since we have introductions out of the way, here are the starters you can choose from" he said throwing out three Pokeballs until they all popped out appearing in front of her. "We have Grookey the Grass type, Scorbunny the fire type, and Sobble the water type" he said. She looked at the three starters carefully until she finally decided on which starter she wanted to choose. "Alright, I'll go with Scorbunny" she said as the fire rabbit high fived her. "Greetings JC, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance" Scorbunny said as the voice indicate that it was feminine. "The pleasure is all mine Scorbunny but how about I give you a nickname" she said as Scorbunny just gave a smile. "Well, let's see...Judith will suit you just fine" she said giving a smile to her. "Scorbunny!" She said giving a smile. "Here is Scorbunny's Pokeball, just head to the white building in Postwick and I will meet you there once other trainers appear here" he said as she nodded. Scorbunny, now named Judith hopped onto her shoulder before leaving Leon as Blue followed after her as she made her way to Postwick but had to go around through the grass due to three sleeping Wooloo blocking the road. She made her way through until reaching Postwick arriving at the white building with a Pokeball printing in the front. She leaned again the wall of the building as Blue sat patiently next to her along with Judith who was on her shoulder with her arms crossed against her chest.

    Meanwhile, an unknown male with a familiar Jolteon came second to see Leon taking a female Sobble named Sniverity before making his way to Postwick as well to get to the white building with the Pokeball print in the front.
  2. Cloud ran with Eevee to find Leon, Shadow, and JC at the nearby house, but he fell down to the floor and was too late to receive his starter Pokemon from the Galar region. "Aw man, I'm late already?" Said Cloud. "No wonder why everyone's first in line..." "Eeeeveee...("I agree with you, master...")" Said Eevee. Cloud soon shook his head and smiled. "No matter!" Said Cloud. "I'll wait for a new starter Pokemon next year!" But then he realized JC and Leon who were standing there near the house, and got back up to greet them. "Howdy!" Said Cloud. "I'm Cloud! It's a pleasure to meet you! And this is my partner, Eevee." Eevee then greeted JC, Shadow, their Pokemon team, and Leon with his Charizard.
  3. "Final Stop, Wedgehurst" blared the announcement from the train. the sudden voice woke Akira up. "Hey, Etoile, we're finally here," he said half-asleep as an Aipom popped out of his Pokeball. "Aipom Aipom! (We're here! We're here!)" said the Aipom bouncing up and down on his tail. The Aipom looked out and you can almost see Wedgehurst. "Well we better start packing up." e said as he put away his travel pillow, and blanket. Aipom hopped on his shoulder as the train stopped. Everyone got off as the train went to the next stop. "All right, Etoile, this is Galar". "Aipom Aipom! (Wow, this is boring. It needs some fun!)" said the Aipom as it grabbed Akira's hat. "Ai-Ai, Pom Pom! (Catch me if you can!)" it said as I ran out of the train station. After Akira chased Etoile fo what it seemed like forever, he tripped over and ended up landing on Etoile. "Ow. Sorry Etoile," he said as he got up. Etoile was on the ground and almost knocked out. Akira returned Etoile to his Pokeball and he looked up. "Huh, I think I'm in a different town." He checked his rotom phone and saw that he was in Postwick. Wow, that was lucky. Looks like Etoile was helpful this time." Akira looked around and saw a group of people including Leon, Shadow, JC, and Cloud. "Hello! I'm Akira. I came to get my Pokedex."
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  4. A boy with messy hair, and light skin roamed the streets. His posture was relaxed, yet careful. He didn't care for all the racket that was going on around him. He just wanted to get to this Leon man quickly. He tucked his hands into his pockets. And roamed Wedgehurst quickly. Eventually the boy, named Henry Winter, walked over to the group over there, alongside the apparent champion, Leon. "Could you lot keep it down, I couldn't hear myself think over all of your racket." Henry put emphasis on the 'think' in that sentence, he straightened his posture and shared a sarcastic grin. "Whatever the matter is, I came here to get a Pokedex, and possibly a starter, but who knows." He said, with a more neutral face now, he looked less caring, yet the same level of sarcasm came out of his voice. "Catching loads of Pokemon is the plan, until I was bombarded with noises." He said, sighing to himself over the amount of noise he heard. Still sarcastic as ever, he came off as very annoying, but Henry didn't really care. His Riolu suddenly began trailing him quietly.
  5. Leon looked to the boy with a sarcastic voice. "Sorry about the noise, just choose your starter"he said showing Grookey the grass type, Sobble the water type, and Scorbunny the fire type. "You can meet the other trainers at Postwick once you have decided" he added giving a smile.
  6. "It's alright anyways, I'll be choosing Sobble then." He said, his galarian accent could be heard in his voice throughout every word he speaks. "Other trainers?" He wondered why Leon had added that, though it didn't really matter, he really wanted an endorsement for the gym challenge. "Welp, I'll head up to the lot, hopefully they aren't too noisy." He said, as he and Riolu began walking, "Oh, almost forgot, about the Pokedex, where can I get one of em?" He asked, looking directly at Leon, Henry glared a bit, his Riolu glared as well.
  7. "I call dibs on Scorbunny." Said Cloud. "Besides, the paddings on it's nose and under it's feet brings good luck. So if something doesn't go well, you can smash it down with one kick away." Scorbunny heard Cloud's words in awe and hopped onto Cloud's chest while hugging him. Cloud's Eevee hugged him too.
  8. Leon looked to Henry. "Now now be patient I will show you where to get one after all the trainers are at Postwick, follow a specific trainer with a female shiny Umbreon with a blue and black flower on her right ear to show you the way" he said as Leon ran ahead. "Oh and did I mention this trainer wears a white wolf blue-streaked mask and hood to hide their appearance" he shouted running ahead again.
  9. "Odd...but fine." He said, wondering exactly why he had to follow some random trainer, but really did it even matter? "Hello there, Sobble, I'll name you...Kirisame, okay let's go." He said, grinning at the young Pokemon, he looked forward to their adventures. He grabbed it's Pokeball. "Follow me Sobble, we should get going to Postwick." He was still wondering what on earth was so special about this trainer, sure they had a shiny, but that didn't really matter to him. Henry had caught a shiny Pokemon before, at the time he just thought it was a weird Barraskewda, until he showed it off to his mother and found out it was a shiny.


    The Sobble glared at it's new trainer, it was very scared looking, and didn't appear to want to be around others. "Come on now Kirisame, it's alrigh'. You won't have to fear." The Sobble glared at it's trainer with newfound strength, it took those words to heart and began walking after it's trainer. "C'mon Kiten, follow me." He walked up Route 1 alongside his two new partners. It was a nice stroll through route one until he encountered a pokemon! "Oh no...a Rookidee?" He looked down at his Riolu, who nodded to it's trainer, ready to battle. Sobble tucked itself behind Henry, scared for it's life.

    "Kiten, Quick Attack!" Riolu nodded and leaped up into the air, it tackled the flying Rookidee fiercely. Knocking the Rookidee down to the ground. "Now Vacuum Wave, finish it off!" Riolu leapt into the air, and sent a vacuum of intense force down on the Rookidee. It could do nothing more. "Alright, now I've just got to catch it." He pulled out a pokeball, and threw it, catching the Rookidee with ease. "That'll do, might as well add it to the team then." He said, nodding to his Riolu. His Sobble came out from it's hiding. "Like the battle then?" He asked Sobble kindly. Sobble nodded, then they all began walking to Postwick.

    A few minutes later they arrived in Postwick, soon Henry noticed the girl who stood at the white building, he thought she was a bit odd hiding her face, but didn't care enough to ask any questions. "Another trainer I suppose, your name?" He said, his Sobble hiding behind his leg again, his Riolu determined to watch the girl carefully. "Oh and by the way, my name is Henry, but that shouldn't really matter, should it. I just wanna get out of here quickly and be on my way." He spoke with a hint of sarcasm, he was curious, but not curious enough. He literally just wanted his pokedex, not none of these strange interference's with other trainers.

  10. "So Scorbunny." Said Cloud. "Any suggestions you want to try?" Scorbunny then took thought for a moment and looked at Cloud's beloved dog tag. Scorbunny then asked what's the dog tag for. Cloud then answered. "It came from a friend of mine." Said Cloud. "He told me that if I were to be very brave against those who'd stop me in my path, that be enough for them to skedaddle." Scorbunny took another moment of thought until he accepted his words of his friend.
  11. She glanced to the boy named Henry arms still crossed but under her mask. "It's JC, and well its best to know your name so I don't call you something else that might offend you" she said calm but stern ignoring his sarcasm. "If you want your pokedex, just go inside the building, I already have mine so I will be on my way, see you around Henry" she said raising her hand from behind as a goodbye before walking off. "Let's go Blue" she told her partner. "Umbre!("Right behind you") she said standing up as she opened her eyes and bowed her head to the Riolu and Sobble as as goodbye before following after her trainer walking away going into route 3 as JC went to find more pokemon to catch for her team.

    Another trainer with a Jolteon beside him having the same mask on but was a black wolf mask that was gold streaked covering his face as the trainer followed JC a distance behind her.

  12. "Huh JC, even got an entourage...I might as well head to route 2 as well as soon as I grab my Pokedex." He spoke to himself, entering the strange white building. Henry noticed a rotom phone on a table, odd but he grabbed it anyways. His Sobble and Riolu waited outside. He noticed the room as pale, quiet, and lifeless. He left the room quickly. Heading to route 2 was his main priority now. And getting an endorsement as fast as he could. "Alright, lets go to route 2 then." He said, walking off. How was he gonna manage to get a Dynamax band? He could possibly borrow his father's old one. But that felt a bit cheap. He didn't really know what to do. His Riolu noticed Henry was feeling a bit worried, and reassured him. "Rio! " Riolu glared at it's trainer, Henry showed a smile. "Thanks, just wondering how I'll get a dynamax band, that's all."
  13. Cloud followed Henry, JC, and Leon along with Eevee and Scorbunny. Until he realized something. "Oh shoot!" Cloud exclaimed. "I almost forgot!" He dug through his backpack and found his WALL-E night vision goggles. "WALL-E night vision goggles...THE BEST!!!" And put them on. Scorbunny thought he looked funny but he was wrong.
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  14. She had arrived and another building much further out of the route after battling with some trainers which had white markings on the ground that was shaped like a battle field. She shook her head a bit before approaching the door seeing Leon and an elder lady with a wooden cane with a Corvisquire carved handle to help her walk. "Oh, masked trainer you are here well let's wait until the other trainers come before any introductions" Leon said giving one of his smiles. JC stood there with her arms crossed as Blue say beside her eyes closed.
  15. Cloud arrived next after stopping his beloved go-kart that looks identical to WALL-E. "Sorry we're late." Said Cloud. "I had to make a pit stop before we could get there." Scorbunny and Eevee agreed. Before Cloud could get off, he notice he packed himself with a new PokeDex that looks like a Rotom-phone. Then he looked at JC, Leon, and the Pokemon professor before introducing himself to the three. "Greetings." Said Cloud. "I am Cloud. I come in peace."
  16. Henry headed down to Route 2, where Magnolia's house was located, he looked around quietly. Trotting through the grass as he suddenly encountered a strange Pokemon, a Growlithe! "Wait, a Growlithe? Growlithe aren't supposed to be here, did it come from somewhere?" The Growlithe growled at Sobble, challenging it. Sobble's eyes teared up, fearing the Growlithe an immense amount. "It want's to challenge Sobble? Okay, come on Sobble, you can't be weak now." Sobble still feared a lot, and did not want to fight. "Fine, I'll just let our new friend Rookidee...or should I say...Hiniku ?" Henry threw the pokeball, and out came Rookidee. "Hiniku, peck!" Hiniku flapped it's wings around, then it's beak glowed white.

    Hiniku stabbed the Growlithe fiercely, Growlithe retorted with Ember, shooting a small blast of fire at Hiniku, piercing his wing. "Hiniku, you're okay, use Peck again!" Hiniku flew into Growlithe, attacking with a Peck, however the Peck didn't do all that much damage, it was quite weak actually. Growlithe knew it didn't want to fight Hiniku, it looked around cautiously, backing away from the battle. It fled quickly."W-what? Wait I never got a chance to-" He didn't finish his sentence, it didn't matter much anyways though. He decided to just continue on his way. "Come on, lets go this way." He pointed towards Professor Magnolia's house.

    After returning Hiniku to it's pokeball, he continued his stroll through route 2, his mind on the Growlithe. 'What was a Growlithe, of all Pokemon, doing in Route 2? ' Henry questioned to himself, and before he knew it he was already at Magnolia's house. "Wait, how did I get here, also, Leon?" He questioned, trotting behind him, Kiten and Kirisame were both walking right beside him, as soon as Kirisame (Sobble) saw the people, it got scared and hid itself away. "Uh...what's going on over here?"

  17. Cloud turned to Henry and introduced himself to Henry. "Greetings." Said Cloud. Scorbunny and Eevee greeted Sobble in a friendly manner and asked if Sobble wants to play. "Careful, you two." Said Cloud. "I read about Sobble, Sobble's tears pack quite a punch of 100 pounds. And even nothing can escape that." Scorbunny and Eevee being aware of Cloud's warnings agreed to Cloud.
  18. She was familiar with Henrys voice she turned to look at him. "Professor Magnolia is going to give us a Dynamax bracelet but there is something bad must do first" she said calm as she showed glowing purple stones at the others. "take one, you will need it for the bracelet, I already one of these" she added handling it to the boys. "Alright fellow trainers, to prove your worth of Dynamax, you have to battle each other for the first time so, you dear with the other masked fellow and his Jolteon and you two boys...Henry...and Cloud...was it?" Magnolia asked. "Now you dear and the masked fellow first," she said as JC and the mask fellow stepped into the battle field facing each other. Blue sat down next to her as she knew exact who that Jolteon was.
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  19. "Dynamax huh, I've heard of it, but never read about it. Must be something special if everyone is talking about it, I'll watch this battle thoroughly." Henry said, as he watched the masked man, and JC prepare for battle, he was going to battle this Cloud kid, whatever the matter is he knew he had to win, he wasn't losing to somebody random, not a chance. Perhaps using Sobble for his eventual battle would be best. His Kirisame viewed from behind Henry's leg, very visibly scared. Kiten got pumped up, throwing it's paw up into the air and jumping up and down, being enthusiastic about the upcoming battle. "Oy, Kiten would you cut that out?" He asked, a bit annoyed by his partner leaping up and down, but Kiten didn't stop, it was only paying attention to the upcoming battle.

  20. "Dynamax?" Said Cloud. "Hmm. Interesting." Scorbunny and Eevee looked at JC and Blue as they cheered on with righteous attitude. Looking at Henry, Cloud was also in the mood to earn a Dynamax band to Dynamax his own Pokemon. Cloud used his goggles to study JC, Blue, The masked man, and Jolteon's skills for further details. @LunarSilvally @KadenX12
  21. JC was going to pull out her first Pokemon but Blue nudged her for the moment until she got the message. She looked at the boy with the Goggles before approaching the boy. "Excuse me, young trainer but I kindly ask you not to study me and this masked male trainer without our permission please," she said calm but stern pushing his goggles up to rest on his head before walking back to the battle field. She faced the masked male once more before seeing him pull out a Quick ball throwing it in the air until a Yamper appeared out. "-Judith let's go!-" she said in thought as a Luxury ball was thrown until it popped open revealing the female Scorbunny. "Scor!("The fire is burning inside of me!-") she said. "Storm bite let's go!" He said. "-Dodge then Ember!-" she said in thought. Storm launched herself at Judith but the fire bunny had dodged it quickly appearing behind her and used Ember to knock the electric dog off guard before she leaped up in the air and distanced herself having that determined look on her face as Storm shook her head to regain herself before standing in front of Judith barking.

    (Remember JC does not know Cloud at all)
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  22. (Oops. But he's new to the worlds.)

    Cloud puts his goggles to rest as he watches JC and the masked male trainer battle with their Pokemon. To Scorbunny's surprise, Scorbunny meets a female Scorbunny. Cloud's Scorbunny was actually a male, and his heart pounded fast. Eevee looked between JC's Scorbunny and Cloud's Scorbunny, but she fixed her bow and continued watching from where Cloud stands. @LunarSilvally @KadenX12
  23. The battle continued with JC and the masked male as it ended with the males Yamper Storm to fall and faint. He had returned her before pulling out another Quick ball to unleash his female Sobble Sincerity appearing in front of Judith. JC had pulled out Judith's Luxury ball before being sucked in. She pulled out another Luxury ball before throwing it up. "-Stellica go!-"she said as the Rookidee appeared. "Dee dee!("Right!") She said. "Sniverity water gun!" He said. "-Peck let's go!-" she said as Stellica flew down to the Sobble while she shot out the water gun bursting through it hitting the Sobble as the second battle began.
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  24. (Sorry im here so late!)

    Dom started to enter galar airspace on his licenced fly dragonite. "Finally, Galar!' Dom said. They landed at the Armor Corvinight station and took the train to Wedgehurst. As he arrived, he let his Aerodactyl and Gengar out of their pokeballs. "So guys, today we are getting a new friend on our team. I already contacted Leon and told him what pokemon I wanted so lets make our way to him!" Dom said. As he walked out of the station he tightened his belt, tied his long light pink hair back, and embarked on his journey in the galar region.
  25. Cloud continued watching JC and the masked male trainer as Scobunny and Eevee watched from the sidelines while talking to each other with a topic of their own. Cloud soon realized that another figure was hiding behind the hill. Scorbunny and Eevee looked up at Cloud looking beyond the hill.
  26. The second battle between JC and the masked male continued but it had ended with Sniverity going down in defeat leaving JC to win the battle. "Well done Stellica, " she said as the bird was sucked back into the Luxury ball. "I know who your are, remove the mask, Shadow!" She called as their was a moment of silence between the two.
  27. Chrom came out of the top of the hill to see the two trainers fight. Not interested but impressed, he went down the hill to find to see the battle for himself. Chrom wasn't alone in his adventure. He came with Pikachu named Shazam and a Grookey he got during his 21th birthday. He took his time watching the battle near Cloud and his Scorbunny and Eevee. "Hello, newcomer!" Said Cloud. But Chrom didn't said anything.
  28. Kacey is accidently sleeping in the train, "Liepard pard (Hey wake up Kace.)" Softy licks softly Kacey to wake her up. "Uh uh, woah i must been overslept." Then she walks of the train. She walks to the undefeatable Champion's house. "Uh the undefeatable Champion Leon?" She is really excited to get her first starter. "Okay then choose one of those these Pokemon. the Grass-Type Pokemon Grookey, the Fire-Type Pokemon Scorbunny, the Water-Type Pokemon Sobble. What will you choose?" She can't wait to choose. "I'll choose Sobble." And then she walks away. She sees many people on one spot. "Huh isn't this weird Softy people stay on one place, hmm i think they are watching battles" She walks toward those people.
  29. After a moment of silence between JC and the masked male she called out to be Shadow, he raised his hand to his mask before removing it from his face revealing his facial appearance but only his light blue eye as his right one was covered. "You figured it out way to quick sis" he said giving a smile to her before it disappeared looking at her resting his mask on the side of his head. "Well, Sparkx gave you away quickly because of the bandana around her neck" she said calm but stern. "Besides, Blue knows her sister no matter where she is" she added as Blue smiled as she greeted her Jolteon sister with a nudge to her head. "I also knew you were following me a distance behind so it wasn't hard to figure out" she added. "Fine, you got me but do you have to completely cover yourself....I know your use to it but..." He sighed softly. "Nevermind sis... don't want to force you...." He added. "I get it bro...fine...so you don't look stupid..." She said removing her hooded cape only as she left the mask on her face to hide her facial appearance. Now her dark brown long hair pulled up in a high ponytail and her clothing wear was visible along with her pokebelt even the bandages around her wrists was visible as she folded her arms against her chest as she put away her hooded cape in her bag folded nearly to fit. "That's better hehe..." Shadow said. Soon after Professor Magnolia gave JC and Shadow the Dynamax Bands to be able to Dynamax their pokemon. "We'll see you later at the train station, take care" JC said before the siblings headed back down route 2 heading to the station.
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  30. Cloud then wait for Henry to battle him, but then looked back at Chrom. Wanting to get the Dynamax bands, he prepared his Pokemon for battle. Choosing his first Pokemon without hesitating, Cloud figured which one to send into battle. Chrom only looked at the others without the qualms of waiting to receive his Dynamax band.

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  31. (Sorry I had you RP locked Ghost)
    "Alright then, my turn I assume." Henry scoffed a bit, but grinned, he stepped onto the battlefield, Dynamax was perfect for battles. He had to win it, he wasn't just gonna take a loss to Cloud easily. Quickly Henry grinned at Kiten. "You can take this one Kiten, you lot ought to watch carefully, I guess." He said, Henry grinned a bit sarcastically. Kiten leaped onto the battlefield, completely prepared for battle. "What Pokemon will you be using then?" Henry asked Cloud, he was waiting for this battle to get going, not really wanting to waste any time. "You seem to be having a hard time choosing." He glared at him with a hint of boredom.

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  32. Kacey headed down Route 2, she accidently encounter a pokemon she run away from that pokemon. "Liepard(coward)." Softy said. She walks toward Professor Magnolia's house, she watch Cloud and Henry battles "Hmmm i never see this people, have you seen this peoples ?" She ask to Softy with curious look. "Liepard pard(I have seen those people just today)," Softy answered. Then Sobble came out of his pokeball to watch the battle too. "Sobble ble(I want to watch too)." Sobble sit on top of Softy.
  33. Cloud was also interested in winning. So he blurted out: "I choose Eevee!" Eevee was then sent into the battlefield from Cloud. "Eevee, use Tackle!" Eevee listened to Cloud and used Tackle on the opposing Pokemon. "I just can't wait to earn the power of Dynamax!" Said Cloud. Chrom looks at Kacey and nods at her with approval. "You'll battle me next." Said Chrom towards Kacey. @KadenX12 @Liepard'slie
  34. She smiles happily, "Looks like i can finally battle other trainer," Kacey said. "Liepard(Yeah now this getting fun)." Softy is still annoyed of Sobble sitting on top her back. "Liepard(Stop sitting in my back Sobble)." Kacey laugh cheerfully, she give Softy a soft little pat. Liepard shakes her back but Sobble won't come down.
  35. Chrom only laughs at the Sobble that was sitting on Liepard's back for a little bit. "Your Sobble is funny, don't you think?" Said Chrom. Shazam the Pikachu soon talked to Softy in a calm mood while Clover finds an item to tap around. "Pika-pi. Pikachu.("So, do you look forward into seeing the power of Dynamax?")" Said Shazam to Softy.
  36. Kiten dodged the Eevee's tackle easily, it was faster and it was definitely stronger, at least effective-wise. "Leap up and use Vacuum Wave!" Kiten leaped into the air and sent a pressured force of power at the Eevee, which would definitely be super-effective if it hit. Kiten began leaping around Eevee confusingly. Running around and not really staying in one place, it was hard to keep track of with it's speed. "Now use quick attack!" Kiten suddenly leaped forward and attacked Eevee with quick attack. 'Gotta win this battle...' Henry thought to himself.
  37. "Not on my watch!" Said Cloud. "Eevee, dodge and use Swift Attack!" Eevee dodged the attack and then aimed for Kiten using Swift Attack. "This match ain't big enough for the two of us!" Said Cloud. Cloud's Scorbunny felt the excitement rising. 'I need to win my first battle if I'm to enter the Gym challenges.' Thought Cloud.
  38. Kirisame was getting scared at the fierceness of the battle, it watched the two fight in a bush, and began tearing up, too scared for it's own good. Kiten was grinning to itself, it tanked the hit, blocking with it's arms, and then proceeded to use quick attack oncemore. "Quick Attack again! Don't let them get comfortable, we've gotta keep them on their toes Kiten!" Henry yelled out, as Kiten rushed at Eevee. After attacking Riolu prepared itself oncemore. "Metal Claw!" Riolu's paws began to turn to metal, halfway through the transformation Riolu leaped forward, and attacked Eevee. "Again and again, a Metal Claw combo!" Henry yelled, as Riolu tirelessly jabbed at Eevee whilst using metal claw.
  39. Eevee dodged every attack the relentless Riolu could throw at her. Before Eevee could clash against the furious Riolu, Cloud said: "You can't beat this newcomer! Eevee, use Take Down!" Eevee then prepared Hyper Beam and aimed for the Riolu.

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  40. "Use Vacuum Wave!" Henry said, Kiten prepared it's Vacuum Wave, then shot the Vacuum Wave faster then Eevee could move, it had increased priority so it was guaranteed to move faster than Eevee's attack anyways. "Now use the other move I taught you, use Protect!" Kiten learned that move a while back, after Henry found the TM. Kiten put up a green barrier that protected it from the opposing pokemon's attack.

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