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Open Into the Galar Region Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by LunarSilvally, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. Finally I am able to make a roleplay based on the Galar region since I now own Pokemon Sword and played through it a bit so I became familiar with most of the towns but anyway you know how this story goes so no need to explain but if you are still new to this region I will post a link of the map and towns along with cities so you are familiar with the region. But anyway here it goes ^-^

    Rules as follows
    ~Crushes I allow(keep PG)
    ~Shinies are allowed(2 to 3 at the minimum)
    ~No legendaries or Megas(must have approval from the admin)
    ~You can have your partner with you fully evolved and they can be from any of the regions
    ~All trainers start at the beginning meaning just receiving their starters from Leon the undefeatable Champion
    ~No double posting
    ~General Pokecharm rules~
    ~No limit to characters as long as you can keep up with them~
    ~I am alright with any of your characters to crush on mine so no need to ask me ^-^
    ~Put Zacian if you own Sword or Zamazenta if you own Shield or put Zaczenta if you own both but if you don't own it put one of your favorite Galar starters in other

    Physical Appearance: (if available)

    Name: JC
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Sexuality: Straight
    Physical Appearance: screendShot_2020-02-14_18-03-22.png
    From: Pitzmaker: (Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.EightStudio.PitzMaker&hl=en_US
    Appearance: She is a light-skinned young lady that stands at 5'3 in height with a well feminine build. She has dark brown long hair pulled up in a high ponytail with light blue eyes, right almost blind which her bang covers. She wears a shirt that only covers her left shoulder leaving her right shoulder exposed showing the black tank strap on her shoulder as in the front of the shirt it says "No Judgemental Comments" in light blue, light red, and light green coloring. She wears black skinny jeans with black flats on her feet with the straps that wrap around her ankles securely. She wears bandages on her wrist and ankles with a silver and black cross necklace around her neck with glasses upon her face.
    Personality: She is a stern and slightly stubborn young lady which can be a pain to handle also being quiet distant towards others. She only acts brave to hide her fear. Despite her stubbornness, she is a gentle and very understanding young lady that will not judge anyone no matter who they are. She has trust issues but if you can gain her trust completely she will protect you as if her life depends on it. She also has a stragetic mind set.
    Partner: Blue(F)Umbreon(shiny)(wears a black and blue flower on her right ear)
    ~Artastela(F)Galarian Rapidash
    (Will all start at the first Evolution)
    Region: Alola
    Parents: Kaun(M)Father(Deceased), Sherri(F)Mother(Alive)
    Siblings: Shadow(M)Older brother(will come in later
    Crush: N/A
    Other: Zacian She is able to understand Pokemon by language, feeling and emotion. She wears a white wolf blue-streaked mask and hooded black cape to hide her appearance. She is the champion on Alola. Her battle style is hard to predict due to her changing her stragety quickly.

    Done xD will tag to see if they want to join in
    @Shadow_Pup @DevVoid @Clite of Dragonbow
  2. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    I was gonna bring Hades into this, would it be a problem if JC and Hades were to know eachother already from the one year Hades spent in Alola gathering the trial stamps and battling the elite four for their signatures like he usually does? @LunarSilvally
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  3. Sure @DevVoid I don't mind it's not a problem at all
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  4. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    I'll be posting my bio in a couple days, I'm pending approval or denial of a Mega Evolution Request
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  5. I probably might join this, because Galar is my FAVORITE region, and I own both sword and shield (personally preferring sword), but I cannot guarantee being able to get my character up now. Mind if I could do mine a bit later, if you allow me?
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  6. Sure I don't mind @~Xero~ (also prefer sword since I was only able to get sword only but not Shield which I want to get as well but the problem is that my last team member I want to get for my party which I really wanted to have is in Shield unfortunately so I had to choose another team member to fix her spot) so take your time ^-^
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  7. (Which pokemon? @LunarSilvally, I might be able to trade you and maybe battle you after ;))

    Anyway, I wanted to know if my character could also have a Scorbunny as a starter pokemon, and if my character could eventually become the dragon-type gym leader further in the story?
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  8. Haha, I like to complete Pokemon Sword first before battling anyone and the Pokemon it's a Galarian Ponyta/Rapidash, female and I am very finicky about her nature and characteristics like no Naughty nature, and somewhat vain characteristic. It has to have like a good nature and characteristic like Calm nature and good perseverance is an example of a good nature. She appears in the Glimwood Tangle with all of the glow mushrooms but what Pokemon would you be interested in if you decided to trade with me xD

    You can start with any starter you want since I am going for Scorbunny for JC and for Shadow Sobble and um every trainer is starting for the beginning so it may be some time before that happens and idk if there is a dragon gym in the Galar region since I haven't gotten to that point in my game yet of the next gym leader I have to beat xD @~Xero
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  9. @LunarSilvally, There are actually 18 gym leaders in Galar. One for every type. The reason they only have 8 is because they do a tournament to narrow them down during each season. There are multiple of the same gym type as well. So it can be that the character could be a dragon type gym leader later on.
  10. Oh thanks @EmoKitty21 I am not fully through my journey yet so I don't know all of the gym leaders even though I kept update on the site
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  11. Haha, yeah. I've finished both Sword and Shield and I have to admit, they're both amazing.
    The dragon gym will be the last gym you face in Galar and with the two games, the Stow-On-Side gym is either Fighting or Ghost and Circhester will either be Rock or Ice (First options Sword, last options Shield). Another spoiler: When you finish the game and become the champion, go to the battle tower- previously rose tower and talk to the girl next to the Type: Null and she will give you it and all the type memories for when it evolves into that sweet Silvally we all know you love ;).
    I have a few Galarian Ponyta lying around in my boxes @LunarSilvally . In return, I would like a Mint flavour Alcreamie, if you have one. I'm trying to get all of them and I have already got the gigantamax one and the rainbow one, as well as a few others. If you don't have one, I'll just have a Skwovet. That's it xD.

    Anyway, here's my character.
    Name: Georgia White
    Nicknames: Georgie, or just G is fine for her
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Appearance: Georgia has olive skin and black hair that reaches down to her lower back. Her pale blue eyes complement the small freckles across the bridge of her nose. She wears an long dark orange jacket that reaches to her knees, and matching trainers. She wears a white top, with a chibi Noivern printed on it, tucked into a pair of black ripped jeans. A white and dark blue canvas backpack resides on her back.
    Personality: Georgia is a normally an easy-going girl. She doesn't care what others think of her and will always ignore them. She can be a bit uncomfortable around strangers or famous people, but once she knows, you, even if it's only a little bit, she will stick up for you and protect you as much as she can. When she enters a battle, her whole niceness fades away and she will become very serious, but will break away from that when talking during battle, or if one of her Pokemon becomes badly injured or faints.
    Partner: Sylveon (Bowtie, M)
    Froslass (Spell, F)
    Flygon (Berry, F)
    Noivern (Echo, F)
    Sirfetched (Knight, M)
    Cinderace (Smores, M)
    (All starting at their First Evolutions)
    Region: Kalos
    Parents: Lucy White (Mother, deceased) Paul White (Father)
    Siblings: N/A
    Crush: N/A
    Other: Zaczenta. Bowtie was her mother's Eevee before she passed away. Georgia has a very close bond with all of her Pokemon.
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  12. Haha I already beat Gordon I believe his name is the rock type gym leader he wasn't that hard since my Pokemon had moves to defeat him xD and I fought Bea the fighting type gym leader because I had sword xD but yes I love Type Null: and Silvally hehe and I can get the Mint favored Alcreamie for you xD no worries and thanks for letting me know I have to fight the dragon gym last since this will give me time to get a fairy type ready also accepted but which Mint Alcreamie you need though there is star,berry, clover,flower,ribbon, strawberry, and love @~Xero~
    #12 LunarSilvally, Mar 14, 2020
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2020
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  13. Are there any open spots left?
  14. Name: David
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: David has tan colored skin. He has brownish-blond hair. He has brown eyes. He wears a nice green t-shirt with jean shorts and tennis shoes. He also has a small orange travel bag.
    Personality: David is a person who always wants to take charge in battles. He’ll always want to move first, but he is a very caring person who doesn’t push his Pokémon over the limits where they start to hate you. He cares for a lot of people that he knows and he’ll help them in any way he can.
    Partner: Pangoro (Cap, M)
    Cinderace (Pyro, M)
    Dragapult (Drako, M)
    Tyranitar (Zilla, F)
    Grimmsnarl (Green Goblin, M)
    Heliolisk (Flash, F)
    (All starting at their first evolutions)
    Region: Kalos
    Parents: Mary (Mother, Alive), James (Father, Alive)
    Siblings: Hayden (M) Older brother, Savannah (F) Younger sister
    Crush: Not as yet
    Other: Zamazenta. Cap was a lone Pancham out in Shalour City and David’s dad decided to catch it. David cares for all of his Pokémon and has a very strong bond with them all.
  15. Can I join tomorrow?
  16. Still Open?
    Name: Akira Sakamoto
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Occupation (leader/trainer): Trainer
    Appearance (body and all clothing):4'10 (He knows he is short. You don't need to remind him)
    Blonde Hair
    Light Blue Eyes
    Light Skinned
    Kind of skinny
    Usually Wears a white t-shirt with a cool wishiwashi design
    over top of that, he wears a Dark blue hoodie with a white and red great ball design
    Usually has a pair of white headphones with prints of swablu on them
    Personality: Wide-eyed, cheery, curious, a little gullible,
    Partner: Aipom (Named Etoile)
    Pokemon: None besides Etoile, Was planning on getting a Sobble (M) from Leon
    Region: Hoenn
    Parents: Mom: Aliana Sakamoto, Kazichi Sakamoto
    Siblings: None
    Crush: TBD
    Some details about Etoile
    Moves: Swift, Tail Slap, Brick Break, Acrobatics
    Ability: Skill Link
    Gender: Male
    Location: Hatched From Egg
    Personality: A huge prankster and constantly annoys Akira, Really hyperactive and loves battling (think Ash's Aipom from the anime)
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    Last edited: May 19, 2020
  17. Here's my trainer:
    Name: Cloud
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Cloud is dark tan skinned, black haired, green eyes, he wore some stylish torn Galar pants, a red Pokemon cap, some Pikachu shoes, a red t-shirt, and a disney-like backpack he got since Christmas.
    Personality: Cloud isn't what others say 'chaotic'. He intends to rise above the rest of the Pokemon trainers using determination by heart. He cares a lot about his Pokemon team and his friends. When the darkest days go very deep, Cloud can become berserk against those who wronged him.
    Partner: Eevee (F)
    Scorbunny (F) [not caught until he meets up with Leon]
    Region: Kanto
    Parents: Ariel (Mother, Alive), Daniel (Father, Alive)
    Siblings: Merrow (F) Younger sister, Carla (F) Older sister
    Crush: Not found yet
    Other: Whenever Cloud take care of his Pokemon partner, his sisters help clean her up for him. Morally to achieve a starter Pokemon for the first time, this is his first time here in the Galar region.

    That's all of the info I have.
  18. can i still join ?. In this case I would like to know if it is mandatory to begin with a starter?
  19. Yes you can and yes it is I like to make this fair for everyone but if you have a specific partner that goes with the trainer then I am ok with the Pokemon being fully evolved or not like my chars Shiny Umbreon for example @Dump Wump
  20. So when is it going to open?
  21. Possibly tomorrow @Ghostryder30 since now chars were sent off here
  22. Name: Victor
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Sexuality: Straight (at leats he thinks he its)

    Appearance: Victor is light skined,,red haired with brown eyes. He wears a heavy black jacket with a blue shirt. He uses worn jeans and black boots.his body is relatively normal. he has some musculature due to regular training. he is taller than the average person although that sometimes bothers him, he wears a lot of clothes despite the weather, all this to hide a scar on his back that he got in his childhood,and for some reason his right foot is a little bigger than his left foot

    Personality:He is someone quite proud and quite confident in his abilities, which makes him look down on his rivials. He is quite rude to the people he does not tolerate, but when you really know him and break that rude facet you stay with a shy person who has trouble socializing with other people

    Partner: Fang (Garchomp) (Female)
    Pokemon: Only his garchomp...in fact he never caught a pokemon...his garchomp (in that time a gible) was a gift
    Region: Sinnoh
    Parents: He does not know them since they died when he was a little child .he currently is going to meet his aunt in the Galar region
    Siblings: None
    Crush: N/A by the moment
    Other: dont tell anyone but he is afraid of bug tipes because a syther is the pokemon that who gave his scar.
  23. Would it be possible if I start out with Pancham?
  24. Never played Sword and Shield before and I have no clue what about half of the Galar Pokémon are but I’d figure I’d give this one a try. Also, I love Sobble. Does our team have to be all Galarian Pokémon, or can we have Pokémon from different regions that don’t have Galarian forms?
  25. I wonder what's holding the RP so long... She's never left anyone alone since...
  26. Who now what?
  27. What do you mean she’s never left anyone alone about holding the roleplay? Sorry I’m kinda dumb
  28. It's alright. And what I'm saying is she hasn't RPed with this thread in a long time.
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  29. Yeah. It's she fading away. I'm more worried than ever.
  30. Well, it’s not like you can force somebody to staying on a potentially dying website, but it sucks i won’t be able to roleplay with her.

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