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Ask to Join Into Aincrad

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by wintersolstice, Mar 5, 2019.

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    November 6, 2022.
    Being the first day of Sword Art Online’s release, thousands of people all around the globe were readying themselves for the game. As soon as the clock hit 1:00, all players would be allowed in.

    Two minutes.
    Cleo Delacroix sat perched on her bed, holding the device delicately in her hands. She bounced her leg impatiently, mind buzzing with excitement and nerves, and watched as the time carried on. 12:59.
    Laying down comfortably, the girl slipped the headset over her head, and with a quick “Link, start!”, she was whisked away.

    After a brief character customization screen, Cleo generated in under the name of Vex. The Town Of Beginnings was a quaint little area, already filled with people. Allowing a tiny grin to form on her face, she straightened her posture, quickly wandering around in search of a quest. Cleo always did like getting to business immediately.
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  2. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Christian typed his username in and entered the world of Sword Art Online. He spawned in and was greeted by the beautiful surroundings in the Town of Beginnings. “Wow. So far, the game is going quite okay. It’s prolly gonna get better the more I play, and that’s great.” He said to himself as he walked around the town.

    Holsum has entered the game.
  3. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    The game had started, everything around seemed real. Starting off he had the beginner armor and weapon he chose. Gaming wise he didnt know he was stuck but it was whatever cause was gonna solo to an extent. "Welp time to get started."
  4. Lucas walked through the front door to be greeted by silence. His sister was probably asleep upstairs. He placed the groceries down and locked the door. He realized how warm it was and turned on the fan. The silence filled the house even more. He went upstairs to check on his sister and opened the door. They were twins, so they never got along well. The only thing she does like is knowing that he is around. "Hey, I am home." He looked around the room and realized she was gone. "Sis?" He was sneak attacked by her and he quickly got out of the way before she could reach him, making her crash outside in the hall. "Really? That was the same approach you did Tuesday!" She got up and wiped herself off and looked at him angry. "You knew I was going to do that!? So you planned to move, didn't you?" He rolled his eyes and went along with it. "Sure, and that means you need to make dinner for the both of us. "Aw! No fair!" There was a pause and then a look from Lucas as he stared at her for a bit. "Fine, we did make a deal... I will stop doing that now..." He smiled and patted her head. "Thank you." She went downstairs to go watch some TV.

    Lucas walked up to his computer to boot it up and turn on the nerve gear. "Hey Lucas? You want some garlic spaghetti?" Lucas heard her yell from all the way down in the kitchen. "Yes please! Also, if you need me, I am starting the SAO game today!" She laughed and yelled back. "Well if you don't wake up from that thing, I am just gonna leave you!" He laughed back. "Don't worry, I got a clock and I have a pre-set plan, so I will be on time, dinner will take a bit to get ready, so we both got time, it is only 1:00!" There was no response, so he assumed she heard that last part and went back to watching TV. He put on the headset and gave the voice command to start the system. "Link Start!" He was taken to all of the screens for the avatar and all of that but he kept his usual looks besides some changes that he didn't like about his face. He was placed in the center of the Town of Beginnings and he looked around in amazement. "I am finally here!"
  5. “Link Start!” Oliver Cheered, as the avatar screen came up. He made his character look how he liked, trying to make it look as much like him as possible. He spawned in Town of Beginnings and smiled, looking around. “Woah! This all looks so real! I’m so excited!” He exclaimed.
  6. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Asta looked around and saw some other people who are just starting. "Pssh Imma just ride solo for now" he said. He ran to the of the Town of beginnings then turned around. "Should I actually leave it wait for some people?"
  7. Cleo tugged up the hood of her cloak, immediately purchasing a flimsy, cheap dagger, and tucking it into the tiny sheathe on her thigh. Each person spawned in with a starter 500 Cor, and she’d just spent it all. No healing crystals, but she’d be fine. She’d unlocked a simple quest from a local NPC, who’d asked her to eradicate a band of boars from a nearby cave. She looked around curiously at the people around her, studying them with little interest.
    Nobody knew yet of the sinister fate they would meet later on, so the atmosphere was cheerful, people’s voices blending together in a lovely blur of conversation. One boy, dressed in a simple brown tunic, hopped around between players, prompting them.
    “Hi there, would you like to join my Guild?”
    Followed by a “no”, and then he’d bounce off to the next. Eventually he got to Vex herself.
    “Hi there, do you wa-“
    “No, thank you.” She mused quietly. “I’m a solo player.”
    The boy nodded simply, carrying on to other people.
  8. Conner said the magic words. And in an instant, he was in. He created his avatar and selected a new username.
    Welcome, Delta!
    As his vision slowly returned from the colorful vortex he was in, he looked around. The game was rather beautiful, in his opinion. While you could sometimes tell it wasn't real, it was a better view than he would ever experience in the real world. He looked down at himself, seeing the armor on his body. It was too constricting. The first thing he did was get armor that was less bulky and purchase the Bastard sword; the perfect weapon for someone who wanted to remain offensive without a large Greatsword, or be too defensive with a Shield. It was all he needed. Well, of course, a dagger would suffice, but he'd used all of his Col. already. He'd have to make due without. He ventured into the fields and began grinding away at Boars, a repetitive task to some, but to Conner he reveled in it, perfecting what techniques he could at the moment. He had high hopes for this game.

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