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Open Interdimensional Prison RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. Where else would you put someone that can tear apart reality with a swing of his weapon in his ultimate form?
  2. Solos isn't going to the dinner table with the rest of them - he eats in his sparring room.
  3. so he's not in the cafeteria and so Hyrain can't take his gold
  4. What exactly are your "gold absorption powers" cause my armor isn't just for show, they are anti-hex armor that protects him from spells, charms and curses. Just curious
  5. Well, pretty much it's how he gets his power/stays alive. Absorb the wierd, unique radiation Gold gives off, therefore turning it into lead. Reverse-Alchemy. So yeah, just so long Apollo's armour contains the mineral, he should be able to absorb it and turn it into a very heavy suit of armour. And if this is the case, I'll edit so it says a 'Deposit of gold', not just a watch
  6. Ah, but Apollo likes his gold armor ;_;

    Oh well, if you want someone to feed off of I'll allow it.
  7. Thank you. Now to get to editing. A lot
  8. We need to have a point in the RP where we are allowed visitors, that way Apollo can get a new suit of golden armor.
  9. yeah I'm going to allow visitors.

    Also Have Apollo react
  10. I'm waiting for Sky to edit his post. Still says he took it from the watch.
  11. Juuust finished as you said that :D
  12. Just asking are their times when Jackson can talk to other inmates or is he unable to speak to inmates in the other levels
  13. Hyrain can pop over sometime, if you want
  14. Generally he may be a galaxy destroyer but he has the right to make friends with other inmates but yeah good hyrain
  15. you can, when go into your mobile tank
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  16. Ok then fair enough a small container so I have some rights
  17. So he would be able to walk around in it thank god and is it in my cell or do guards bring it to him
  18. the guards bring it to him, I'll be gone for an hour, gonna take my lil sister to the park. Don't end dinner before I come back and don't cause a ruckus because I'm going to do that
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  19. So VERY bad news. My parents just said "f you, you're not doing enough studying (when I am), we're taking away your computer" so I'll be off Charms for the entirety of the next three days. I've got a few minutes, but after that I'm pretty much comatose.
  20. Nooooo...

    Damn... If you can, use a phone. If you can't, good bye. And good luck
  21. I have a terrible phone... just don't perform any major, Solos-involved plot developments until I'm back, K?
  22. Gotcha. Just, see if you can come onto this chat via terrible phone occasionally, just to catch up on stuff. If you can :)
  23. I'll try. I have a few sneaky ways. But I'll probably be online for about 1/20th of the time I usually am, if even that.
  24. Gotcha. I know how you feel :)
  25. Is apollo going to reply or not my good man
  26. Just made a response. Though I'm gonna be AFK/Offline for a little bit. I'll reply again ASAP.
  27. Don't worry I'm off until morning in 20 minutes
  28. Same here
  29. wait, how are characters that are level six fed? Because my character eats regular food.
  30. you guys did know he was still there right?
  31. Naturally. Apollo just doesn't care.

    Besides, he doesn't want to escape the prison. Just talks about it for small talk.
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  32. Just got back from work. what did I miss.
  33. LOL so smooth
  34. Bios
    Name: Lex Zander
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: wear standard guard uniform
    Personality: is very mysterious but enjoys a good fight and good laughs
    Power(if you have any): Strings
    Skills: is very skilled in restrains and combat
    Feats: have defeated an army of a million soldier when only being 16, Can control up to one thousand objects with her strings, closed a Black Hole once. Defeated Kaguya in a fight
    Role(guard or convict): Guard
    Extra: was once a level 6 Convict
  35. Mind if I bring in a guard character?
    Name: Zaea Narash
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Zaea is a member of a species called Dumarians, which are a bipedal cheetah-like species, the only thing uncheetahlike about them are their eyes, which are orange and pupil-less. She wears friction resistant armor that is dark gray in color that covers everything, and a helmet with a retractable visor.
    Personality: Zaea is conscientious, uninhibited, and helpful. She is also quick witted and clever. Zaea takes her job very seriously.
    Power(if you have any): Can manipulate friction to reach speeds of 600 mph within two seconds.
    Skills: Marksmanship, baking, cooking, and being stealthy.
    Feats: Once stopped a prison break in her dimension using only her wits and speed.
    Role(guard or convict): Guard
    Extra: Dumarians are an original alien species created by me.
  36. Godamn, I missed a lot whilst I was asleep
  37. And I'm about to go to sleep, meaning I'm gonna probably miss a lot. Such is life.
  38. a new convict if that's alright. I got an idea for this guy.
    Name: James Patterson.
    age 23
    Apperance: wears a typical prison jumpsuit. He lost all of his hair do to mining strong built
    Personality: Smart respectable honest
    Power: None
    skills: accounting minimal military training. knows how to mine for minerals
    feats none
    role: Convict
    extra: After being rescued by space marines from an outbreak on his colony. A company called Weyland-Yutani secretly threw him into the prison.

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