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Open Intense Romance: Romance RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shinx_Shades, Jun 14, 2018.

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  1. This is an RP. Mainly about love, life and other stuff relating to that. Follow RP Rules. Have fun!
    (Oh and NO strip clubs, keep it PG/M, please)

    Character bio:

    Now here is mine:
    Name: Zak
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Blue Hair, Dark Blue Eyes, Pale-ish skin, White singlet, Blue Hoodie, Grey Skinny jeans

    (Link to disccussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/intense-romance-romance-rp-discussion.19431/)
    Zak wanted to find love. That's all he knew about his life ahead. He had already gotten a good life, a good job, a good car, a good house with availability in it. Well now he wanted a family, a wife, possibly even kids. He just needed to find a soulmate. It was a tricky thing it was. His only hope was an online dating website, twitter. Or maybe he'd find someone through church? He didn't care, as long as he found them.
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  2. Adam woke up, feeling great. Today was a special day. Today was the day Adam would look for the one. The special one. He wanted to
    find the one that loved him for who he was. So he would do whatever it takes to find that girl.

    Adam ran up to his PC and searched on the words on google, "Match.com" he went to skipped through obvious fakers and men, because he didn't like fakers, and Adam was straight.

    He found a few females that he didn't know what to say about, but then after 1/2 an hour, he said, "Let's find a different website."
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  3. While he walked to his friend Adam's house, Zak looked around, and couldn't see anyone to his liking. He thought he might be better off to find a Christian, or maybe just to keep walking and see who turns up. He kept walking cause he still had a bit of a ways to go to Adam's house.
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  4. Adam thought, "Eh. We might as well see what Zak is up to." Adam turned off his PC and called Zak. "Hey Zak, how are you bro? Whatcha up to? I'm just chilling here, was looking for dating websites. I'm really bored right now. Wanna come over?" said Adam.
  5. Lumi was skateboarding around her neighborhood with headphones over her ears.
    She’s been thinking about her future lately. She finished college earlier that year and needed a job. She also wanted to meet someone.
    She was the type of person who would like to meet their special someone in person, not online.
    She looked to her left and saw a boy walking. She tried to remember his name. Zak.... wasn’t it?
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  6. "Oh Uh hey Adam!" Zak said noticing Lumi on her skateboard. Ok, so maybe he had a crush on her since grade school, but he had a little bit stronger feelings for her now, maybe cause he understood love more. "Hold on Adam" he said as he hung up. "Hey Lumi! Long time no see! Sorry you probably don't remember me... I was in your Business class at High School!" Zak was thinking this was going better than ever... "Hey you wanna catch up? Like go to the skate park or something?" Zak asked, flipping up his board.
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  7. Ari woke up at 12pm, tired. She had only moved into the town yesterday, and had barely gotten any sleep as she was busy furnishing. I'm going to try and make some friends and maybe I'll find my dream boy she thought. She then got out of her bed, showered and got dressed. Then she did her hair and makeup and went outside.

    She noticed some people in the neighbourhood holding skateboards, but decided not to intervene and look desperate for friends. I should walk around, get to know the place. She thought as she began walking around.
  8. Evie had taken note of the skateboarding girl cruising down the street, a spiral of envy making her stomach twist. Man, if only she had a talent like that!
    Evie never really was the kind to look for love, more now than ever as she was overwhelmed with online college courses. She’d always been rather plain, too normal to be considered ideal to.. anyone really.

    Not that it ever bothered her. She focused on the now of things, and right now, she just wanted to enjoy her walk on the crisp morning. Her earbuds were in, her hands were in her pockets, and she was walking with a bounce in her step that was incredibly dorky; not that she noticed it.
  9. "Ok?" said Adam. He decided that going outside and getting some fresh air would be a good idea. Adam said, "Maybe we can meet someone in person." Adam went outside, and walked a few blocks. He saw Zak and a girl he thought he had seen before. He also saw a girl with her hands in her pockets and listening to music.

    A little farther from the skate park, he saw a girl walking around that he probably has never seen before. He thought, "Maybe I could try meeting these people. He walked up to the first girl that was listening to music and tried to get her attention.
  10. Zak waited. He saw many pass by, and he got out his phone. "Hey Adam! Meet me at the skate park in 10. OK?" He put down his board, thinking it best not to show off. girls never like show offs. And that wasn't the kind of person he was... "So, will you come? It'll be really fun..." He asked, tantalizingly.
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  11. Ari continued to walk around the neighbourhood, admiring the wonderful sunny weather. She noticed a blue haired boy with a skateboard and immediately wanted to try and be friends with him, she didn't know if it was too soon to be making friends with everyone, or if it was ok to be trying to fit in so soon.
    She decided to be brave and walked up to him.
    "Uhm, hey. I'm new around here and... uhh..."
    Her mind had gone blank. She gulped, awkward.
    "Uh.... sorry, nevermind." She turned around and ran off, feeling embarrassed.
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  12. "Hey wait come back! We were just about to go to the skate park! His is Lumi and my name's Zak. Nice to meet you!" Zak gave a handshake to the girl. Wow Zak thought. This one isn't a brave one is she, but you know shy people are usually really nice! Maybe she can be a friend!
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  13. "I-I'm Ari" she said. "Uh.. Sorry for that, I'm a tad shy and I'm new around here so I got anxious.." I can't believe he came straight after me... he's so nice, I guess I managed to make a friend. She smiled at him.
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  14. "So you guys wanna come? Hey Adam! get over here! We've got some new friends!" Zak shouted. "Adam, this is Ari, she's a bit shy and Lumi. Remember from grade school?" He asked.
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  15. "Hi Adam." Ari smiled, "Sure I'll come to the skate park, it'll be great!" Ari was feeling a bit less shy and happy around everyone, I made friends on my first day?! This is great!
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  16. "So do you want to come Lumi? It will be great fun since we're all coming now" Zak thought it'll be even more fun with lot's more people. "So c'mon you coming or what?"
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  17. Evie, obviously taking note of the cluster of people around the sidewalk. Her heart fluttered with anxiety at the realization that she was walking their direction.
    Okay Evie. Don’t mess up. They’re just people. Just.. keep... walking.
    And, to nobody’s surprise, as she passed them, she tripped over a bump on the curb, stumbling to catch herself.
    She regained her posture, truly a blushing mess. Way to walk normally, Evie.
    And then she was just standing right.
    In front.
    Of them.
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  18. Lumi stopped her board and flipped it up. “ Yeah, I’ll come! I haven’t been out in a while! “ She smiled at both Zak and Ari.
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  19. "Hello come to join the party have you? I'm Zak, and this is Adam, Ari and Lumi," he said to the girl. "Alright everyone! Let's go!" He said as he skated off with his newly found friends. As they got to the skate park, Zak went up the half pipe did a indie, kick-flip, and came back down. He turned up the loud speaker on his phone and blasted every teardrop is a waterfall. "I turn the music up, I got my records on! Whoo, this feels good" He shouted as the wind rushed through his hair.
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  20. Lumi followed with a bright smile on her face. She skated over the rails with hardly any problem. She looked at Zak and laughed. “ Yeah, no kidding! “
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  21. Zak accidentally spiraled out of control and hit Lumi as he was doing node grind. He hit the pavement and Lumi fell ontop of him. It didn't hurt thank goodness. "Oh hello! Sorry about that I didn't mean to run into you. I guess I need to improve a bit!" He said casually.
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  22. A look of vague confusion crossed her face. Party..?
    Reluctantly she followed, mainly because she didn’t want to admit to them that she had no intention of joining.
    She scratched the back of her neck sheepishly as they offered their skills to the group.
    The closest thing to being a “skater girl” was a longboard she had when she was 15, in a desperate attempt to impress the boy she liked- guys loved skater-girls, right?

    She shattered her elbow on that longboard.

    She could tell that the one guy- Zak- was clearly falling for the girl on the skateboard, rendering her previous observation correct. She wasn’t ever going to be anywhere that cool, and accepting that was fine.

    As they crashed to the ground, she scrambled up from her sitting spot on the pavement, nervousness in her eyes.
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  23. Lumi’s cheeks lightly dusted in a blush. “ O-Oh gosh, are you okay?? “ She quickly got up and helped Zak up. She got back on her skateboard and waited for Zak to do so as well.
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  24. "Yeah I'm fine. Hey I'll take some song suggestions? What do you guys want me to play?" Zak said. He couldn't help but look at Lumi. She had gotten more beautiful since he last saw her. Or maybe his hormones hadn't kicked in yet. Well, one thing he did know, she was really pretty
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  25. Lumi thought for a moment “ Hey! Could you put Thunder? You know, by Imangine Dragons? “ She requested. She remembered Zak from High School. She didn’t know him that well, but he seemed very nice to her. She was glad to finally hang out with him.
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  26. "Yeah! That's a good one!" Zak switched the music to Thunder. "Oh yeah! Wooo!" HE looked over at the others as he did a backflip and landed on his board. "Hey Lumi!" He went over to the girl. "I know we only just met but do you think possibly you could go out with me? Oops sorry way to soon. Wait no that's not what I mean I mean I uh um... No. What I want to say is: Lumi will you go out with me?"
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  27. Lumi put her hand over her mouth and tried not to laugh. She turned her board around and executed a fakie. As she passed Zak she nodded. “ Yeah sure! Sounds great. “
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  28. Evie’s awkward, pursed lip melted to a hidden grin as the song played. She tapped her feet on the cement to the beat, even doing so much as mouthing the words to herself. This action ceased, however, at Zak’s rather elementary question.
    She blinked in surprised, face going slightly pink as though he’d asked her the question herself.
    Anything relationship-based was enough to make the girl blush, even other people.
    Hadn’t they reunited after years only a few moments ago? How much time had gone by?
    Did they even know anything about each other since school?
    What if-
    Evie, stop.
    This was her mind, 24/7. Permanantly. Overthinking and worrying and being a mess. She took a breath and forced herself to be happy for the new couple.
    Maybe she was just too cautious about relationships.
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  29. Yes! Zak thought. He did a little victory skate. Up the top down the bottom, and did a freestyle kick-flip and to top it al off did a little tail grind. "So I was thinking tomorrow night at 6:00? (not literally at six in the real world, just like skip time to before it). There's this really nice place called Groove Train. And then we could go see a movie after that. How about it?"
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  30. Lumi nodded. “ That sounds great. “ She smiled. She skated over to the half pipe and gained momentum. She flew over one of the sides and grabbed the front of her skateboard, before falling back down again.
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  31. Evie went back to awkwardly studying her hands and thinking to herself as the song dimmed out and ended.
    She puffed out her cheek, silently scuffing her shoe against the concrete. She hadn’t spoken this entire scenario, she hadn’t contributed to the conversation. Nobody was speaking to her, not that she blamed them. She didn’t have any ~skills~ to present; and she certainly wasn’t as gawkingly pretty as all the others here.
    She approached the group, holding her arm close to her side out of awkwardness. She figured she should at least alert them as to not seem rude.
    “Hey, um-“ she looked down, clearing her throat. “I, uh, I’m gonna go ahead and go home. I appreciate you guys letting me tag along, though..” she mumbled softly. A part of her was secretly hoping they’d try to convince her to stay, but they really had no reason.
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  32. "Yeah, thanks for reminding me. Hey Lumi!"said Adam. He realized now because of Zak that the skateboarding girl was Lumi, from grade school."Also,nice to meet you too, Ari," Adam seemed confident about this. "You have any plans for later?" He was very happy to meet a new person, for some reason with Zak. He loved the idea of having more than just 1 or 2 friends. He wanted the good answer, the answer that was "No. I don't."
  33. "Well I've only got plans for tomorrow night Wait a minute. Ari and Adam move closer... OH MY GOSH! Your like! The perfect couple! It's gotta be like fate or something!" Zak knew it! It had to be true!
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  34. Adam widely opened his mouth with surprise, he kind of blushed a little too. He didn't think Zak would say that about him and Ari. He REALLY didn't think that. He was a little happy though, because that could mean he found the right person.

    He thought, "Is Zak right? Is that true? Could she be the one I have been looking for? I kinda like this girl anyway. Maybe she likes me too? Well, you never know unless you try.
  35. *5:00, one day after the events of the previous day*

    Zak slipped his tie on. His suit was a dark blue with silver tie and a classic dark blue top hat with silver strap. He felt good about life. He was very ready for his date. In fact he could hardly wait! He walked outside and got into his car and went to pick up Lumi. He drove all the way to her house. he rung the doorbell. And waited.
  36. Lumi was just finished drying her hair when she heard the doorbell ring. She grabbed a black purse from a coat rack and went out to greet who she knew was Zak. She was wearing a simple black dress that reached her knees and an amethyst necklace. She wore purple flats on her feet. She opened the door and smiled. “ Hello Zak! “ She greeted with optimism and enthusiasm.
  37. "My gosh you look... Wow! Just beautiful. Well you ready to go?" Zak said hoping they could go soon. They were going to be late if they didn't hurry up. "Not to be hasty or rude, but can we hurry up. Our booking is soon. By the way do you like want me to like put my arm out and you like hold onto it or like hold my hand or something? I dunno I'm kinda new to this 'love' thing."
  38. Lumi blushes a bit. “ T-thanks. You look nice too. “ She complimented. Her eyes widened slightly and the mention of possibly being late. Lumi hated being late. “ It’s alright, thanks for telling me. And um...” She was new to this whole thing too. “ We can...hold hands if ya want. “ She offered.
  39. "OK!" Zak said as he grabbed Lumi's hand, and walked down to the car, and held the door open for her. They drove off toward the restaurant and got out. "Oh no! I forgot my watch is 10 minutes early. sorry! we're 10 minutes early!" He said. Zak felt like this would be a magical night. "So we'll just wait i here till the reservation is supposed to start?" He said grabbing Lumi's hand again.
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  40. Hailey walked out of her house before entering the new car her dad had bought her. Hailey was the only child so she was constantly spoiled by her parents even though she already had a good job of her own. The blond turned the car on before backing out of her driveway, the female drove out of the culdesac where her house was located before driving to the local cafe where she always went. Once the girl walked in she was met with many admirers but like always the blond beauty turned them all down, she then sat down at a table near the window, the female ordered a large ice tea and a plate of different flavored macaroons. Hailey then took her large phone out before checking her text messages
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