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Inside Jokes.

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Mystic_Suicune, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Hey guys! Suicune is back...doubt anyone noticed, but, hey you have your lives to live and not worry about a random Arziona teenager. Anyway to the topic's.....topic.

    First, I searched, and didn't find any Inside Jokes threads. Second, I didn't know if this should go in Misc, or serious. Since inside jokes usually aren't serious, I put this in Misc. Mods, if I'm wrong feel fre to warn me, move it, whatever.

    Now to the epicness that is inside jokes. My girlfriend and I have one: Penguin Homicide. I was talk on the phone with her last night and playing Billy Hatcher. My Partner animal was Clippen the Penguin. I tried to kill the enemies Penguin Crows with my egg, but they destroyed it, no yolk. *gets bricked* I got flustered and screamed "Get 'em Pangy!" And the Clippen formed its bubble of doom and killed the Spinning Penguin Crows. Autumn, (my gf, for those who don't know) said "Waht the hell was that?" I told her that some penguins got killed. She said "Don't kill the Penguins!" I said "I didn't, my Penguin partner did....it was Penguin Homicide."

    Tell yours, if you have any. And don't expect any of them..not even mine.. to make sense. That's the point.
  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Currently I can only think of one inside joke off the top of my head, but it still gives me a laugh every time I think of its origin for some reason. XD

    Anyways, there's this one time in school where a boy (whom I call Rawrrzard) and I were working on a project together. One of my friends and one of Rawrrzard's friends were in a group together, along with some other mexican girl. Rawrrzard's friend came up to us and was like, "That Mexican girl never does any work." Then, Rawrrzard somehow forgot that his friend had two partners, so he just bursted out, "Kelsey's a MEXICAN!?" (Kelsey being my friend). So now, every time we see her, we just go like, "Hi, Mexican!"
  3. My family often says 'your mom' or 'your face'. Is that an inside joke?
  4. I guess, I mean if its just you and your family saying it to each other most of the time. I dunno
  5. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    Me and my friend have inside jokes. There's an annoying girl in our neighborhood, and we call her "Donald". We also speak in war cries.
  6. Me and middy have this inside joke where I named my Shiny Venomoth Dave. (In chat)

    ITSAVENOMOTH can be translated as: Itsa venomoth, or I save no moth.

    Me and middy were joking around with the second one, and she accidentally made a typo so that one of her lines said: "I DAVE NO MOTH" or something.

    Would've been more epic if Dave was female D=

    Also: Whenever me and Cody see each other in chat, we HAVE to Game each other before the other person. No idea how that got started >>
  7. Well, I have one that I can think of and really, really like.
    So one time my fried Dave and I were jumping on a trampoline. We were really hyper and stuff, so we were talking really loud. We decided to jump in a circle and well, sometimes you don't land in the place you were supposed to. The response:
    So now we yell "You cut through the circle!" when ever we see each other or feel like it.
  8. My buddy, Travis, is a big guy and not too attractive. Very hairy is he. He likes to eat, and dance. He also likes to take his clothes off. The two of us went to a party with a couple other friends, he combined his three loves and made a mess. Our friends were traumatized by his... jigglyness.
    Now when someone says something about a party or taking of clothes, we generally shout "Travis!"
  9. LOL. That's kinda funny, especially since my name is Travis
  10. Oh, boy. I have one not that er, funny, but one I find very funny.

    For my birthday on the nineteenth, I got a blue stuffed owl from my younger sister. However, throughout the entire party of my closest friends (no kidding, there was six of us total) I was waving it in the faces of various people, goofing off. Then, one guy got annoyed by it and threw it across the room. I instantly screamed, said demonically,


    Now everytime we see some sort of avian, we say, "The owl is displeased."
  11. I have two...
    There are 5 people who are in my math AND reading class. We were reviewing angles, and once my friend, JP, purposely called a reflex angle a reflUx angle. Then, next period, in english we were learning about interesting introductions. One was from the story "The Day I Met Carl", so somehow a character called "Carl Reflux" was created. About a week later or so, he got a girlfriend named "Dawn Buzbee".
    *Is tempted to make them RP charries now*
    2. THE OX
    Based on our terrible reading teacher, Ms. Oxley. She is approximately 50 years old and yells at us for everything. I do not exactly know the origin of this inside joke, but everyone who had her followed it. This joke became a pretty big thing. Once, we were talking about tall tales. Unknowingly, I talked about Babe the Blue and Paul Bunyan (sp?). Everyone started cracking up.
  12. I got another one.
    So one time I was drawing this picture http://s356.photobucket.com/albums/oo8/Rayn_Shyu/?start=20 with my friends sitting by me (they're OC's of mine). One friend saw that the non fairies were proportional to us... and that the fairy had the lightest hair, which would fit the our odd guy out. So I'm the girl with glasses, my friend Daniel is the orc dude, Amanda is the human girl, and Mat is the fairy. Daniel noticed the dragon-fly wings and commented that they were hot, much to Mat's dismay (he's a homophobe). So now Mat's a hot fairy.
    When he asked a girl to prom, we told her to put in the answer somewhere a "Hot Fairy" reference. She did, and he freaked out, knowing that we did tell her.
    The sad part about it now is that Mat likes being called a hot fairy... not as cool.
  13. We have this joke in Geography class that this kid named Jacob is Canadian. He's not... and I'm not really sure how on earth the joke started.
  14. Most inside jokes between my Pokemon playing friends and I revolve around Sabrina.

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