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[insert awesome title here]

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Prof. Cinders, Apr 8, 2007.

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    Yet another attempt at a fic. Not a fanfiction, but based on a world I invented for another forum. The characters are mine, for the most part, so no stealy. ^^ Do enjoy.


    Rain splattered onto the pavements ahead, sending up great splashes as the boy raced past. Behind him, the police howled, ordering him to turn back, to submit to examination. The boy knew what that meant, and he was never going to stop. He knew a safe place.

    A few more moments, and a squad car was after him as well. It wouldn't be long now. Soon the chase would be over, and he would be cuffed and packed into the back of the car, ready to be sent back to HQ and the examination. If he hadn't turned the corner into the alley, that is, where a concealed door lay open, waiting to take him into the darkness beyond.

    The seconds ticked by, and the police soon decided that they had lost him. The car rested on the disused roads, the cops leaning on it, moaning about the abrupt disappearance of their prey. ‘This is the second this month,' growled one, the tallest in the pack, and evidently the leader. ‘I don't want to lose another one. Set two patrols in the area, and keep an eye out for the suspect. I'm not losing him again.' Grunts of agreement were given, and the group slunk away to carry out their orders.

    The boy peered out of the doorway, smiling nervously as he saw the cops' car pick itself up from the road and float up into the busy traffic routes of the bustling hive of the city above. The police wouldn't be back for an hour or so, and he had time to get to the hideout. He picked up his gear, kicking his boots back into action. They flared up, pale blue flames just visible in the dull light, and flung him back into the alley, aimed skilfully for the place the Runners called home.

    Short and simple, for now. The first chapter'll be put up in a week or so, when hopefully I'll've finished the whole thing. ^^" If I haven't finished it by then, I won't post much past chapter 5, since that's all I've written as of now. Oh, and please comment. I appreciate criticisms as much as the next person. ^^
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  2. The title is On the Run, is that a good idea ?

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