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Open Inky Cephalapods: Splatoon Discussion - potential rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by shipsea, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. Two years have gone by since the events of Splatoon 2. Inkopolis Square is still the freshest place in the city; it's in the heart of Cephalopod City- the proposed name brought up by Pearl and Marina only a year ago: the benchmark for when Octolings and Inklings could finally 'get along' in the same place.
    However, the bond of trust that had begun to build is quivering: Inklings are going missing. Salmonoid are becoming increasingly more violent, and wear the same shades Octolings once did. Less Octoling are welcomed; excluding Marina- who's popularity is skyrocketing, along with Pearl's- unlike the Squid Sisters, who have split up and gone completely solo.

    Not too much has changed, right? Squidkids still participate in Turf Wars and Ranked Battles; Judd and Li'l Judd still plop onto the ground after a day's work of tallying scores.

    R U L E S:
    - general rules of 'charms
    - don't be overpowered
    - common courtesy
    - no mature content
    - i guess romance is fine- but don't go past pg-13
    - 2 lines is our minimum
    - 3 ocs maximum, only one can be an octoling. (though i would prefer if everyone just had one character so it's easier to tell who's who)
    - don't roleplay as canon characters except for the shopkeepers (i'll only be off the hook to announce things to advance the plot; same for any agents.)

    - minimum age is 14; at 14 inklings can control their squid & kid forms easily. i assume same goes for octolings. (and.. 14-year-olds can get jobs. yay.)
    - we can say that our characters all know each other to make this easy.
    - customization for your inkling/octoling doesn't have to be as limited as in the game; as long as you made up the design and it's an inkling or octoling, the sky's the limit.
    - i want to close this at 8 people; so that we can have around 2 teams and 4 on each, like any splatoon mode.

    - inkling color works a bit different. in the plaza, you can change your color freely, but in battles, it'll match up with your team's.
    - the sewer.. thing..? still leads to octo canyon, it's just blocked off now.
    - uhh... pretend the ink/octolings have houses and they usually don't play at nighttime.
    - we're going to begin in the plaza, at daytime

    Freshness Level:
    Ranked Level (if under level 10, ignore):
    Main Weapon:
    Job: (optional)


    Name: Lauren
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Lauren is a short Inkling. His 'hair' is shoulder-length long, and he has it in a ponytail often. He has short bangs, too. The very tips of his hair-tentacles don't change color- they're black. In the plaza, his ink color will be a dark blue. His gear is an oversized sweater- it's color varying on his ink, a dark turquoise pair of sneakers, and a beret that changes color with his ink.
    Personality: Young, bubbly, and feisty, Lauren is not easily unmotivated, and constantly is seeking out adventure; which is why he loves Turf Wars and Ranked modes! He's talkative, but that doesn't guarantee he is charming or amiable. Sometimes, it's quite the opposite- he can be annoying.
    Species: Inkling
    Freshness Level: 34
    Ranked Level:
    Clam Blitz: A+

    Splat Zones: A-
    Tower Control: S
    Rainmaker: A-
    Main Weapon: He really has no 'main weapon', but he often uses something the N-Zap set.
    Job: Lauren found himself a part-time job as GrizzCo Industries recently.

    Hope you join me in this roleplay! (if it even gets popular, or decently noticed, that is...)


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