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Ask to Join Initial Dragonite: Defenders of Mt. Moon!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Captain Cardboard, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/initial-dragonite-a-pokemon-racing-rp.21027/

    @Merciless Medic @EmoKitty21 @Altari_owl

    Mt. Moon. Kanto Region. 9:00 PM

    Choom. Choom. Choom! As the sun set on Mt. Moon, the streetlights flicked on one by one. From the top of the mountain, the leader of the gang known as Initial Dragonite watched each light activate. He was a young man of 25, and stood about 6'3". His blonde hair was slicked back, and he wore a black leather jacket. On the back of his jacket was the word 'Intial', with the L being a Dragonite. The standard garb of a member of the Initial Dragonite gang. Well, they called themselves a gang. In reality, they were nothing more than a bunch of racing enthusiasts. The only requirement for joining was liking to race and living in the Mt. Moon area. And heck, Zolt let the Mt. Moon region spread far. Racers came all the way from as far as Lavender town to get a piece of the action.

    It was that day of the week again. Taking another drag from his cigarette, Zolt brought the walkie-talkie to his lips.
    "Hey, Aaron, how we looking down there?" Zolt asked.
    "Finish line has been set up, boss. Benson sent out his, uh... 'Roadblock' to lay in the road. No one's gonna be coming up out way and accidently getting into our race." A voice radioed back up.
    "Nice." Zolt said, then put his radio back on his hip. One by one, another member of the Initial Dragonite checked in and let Zolt know that their portion of the road was safe and ready to race. Great. Now all that was left were people to show up. He wondered if there would be any new racers that showed up tonight...

    By the time Trail showed up to Mt. Moon, quite a few people had already shown up and had began lining the road Initial Dragonite was using as the race track. Well, Trail still had to make it to the top. Reaching into his backpack, Trail pulled out a Pokeballs and sent out his Porygon2, Exe. It was a little larger then a normal Porygon2, and Trail had designed her that way.
    "Alright, let's go buddy." Trail said, adjusting his glasses. Slightly hovering, Exe began to make their way up a side path towards the summit. Trail could feel his heart pounding. This was it. This was the night. He was going to race down Mt. Moon and show people exactly the stuff he had. Eyes filled with determination, Trail rode Exe towards the summit.
  2. Red was at the base of Mt. Moon. It had been over 10 years since he had been to this mountain. The last time he was here he was with his grandmother and father. His father was a infamous racer for the Initial Dragonites. Red hoped to one day enjoy being a member in the group to honor the memory of his father.

    Red spent about 15 minutes walking only to come to a block in the road. "Hey I am here for the race. Where do I go from here?"
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  3. From the top of the Snorlax he had been using as a roadblock, the Initial Dragonite member known as Benson adjusted his pompadour and looked down at Red.
    "A racer, huh? Nice. Well, it depends on what you want to race. If you're doing the downhill races, ya take the road over there to the summit." Benson said, gesturing with his comb to the road where Trail had gone up moments before. "If you're doing the uphill, just head past me and talk to the Initial Dragonite guy with the Mohawk. That's Aaron. He'll probably be able to set you up with a racer. Good luck, man."
    With that, Benson laid back down on the belly of his Snorlax. That kid had looked familiar... But Benson was not able to put his finger on why.
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  4. Red walked passed the sleeping snorlax. He walked up the path to were Aaron was at. "I am here for the uphill race." Red had his hand on the pokeball of his persian. He planned on using her for the uphill race.
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  5. Quick footsteps could be heard as a quite muscular looking man in active clothing wear appeared at the base of the mountain, running like his life depended on it but it seemed like he wasn't even running as fast as he could. Looking up at the mountain, he wanted to beat it. He had trained on this mountain because he lived so close, so the home advantage would pay off. He made his way over to what looked like a man sitting on a Snorlax. With what he could muster, he sprinted past the man, finally using his full speed as he sped across to a young man talking to one of the members of Initial D. Smiling, he slowed himself down to a halt, his running didn't so much as cause him to sweat. It seemed like he already knew what to do, but seeing as how close he lived to this place, it didn't seem surprising that he would figure out how they all worked.

    He looked at Aaron, his eyes filled with steely determination as he whistled before doing anything else, the whistle being for his Zebstrika to release herself from her confines. The fine mare came out in a flash of red. The arms and shoulders and chest of the Zebstrika seemed a lot bulkier than usual and she seemed to be of a taller variety, standing at 6'00" instead of 5'03". It seemed as though he particularly bred this Zebstrika for racing purposes with the help of his family. It seemed as if she was bred for power and endurance rather than speed though, so the young determined man will see how she fares.

    He smiled at the member in front of him and loudly exclaimed, "I shall take the uphill challenge! Who do I race against? Him?" He looked over to Red before a mischievous smile arose and looked on over to the member. "I'd like to challenge him to a race! He looks ready, right bud?" He looked on over and saw the grip the guy had on his PokeBall. He must be ready, right? The large man named Stror didn't want to be wrong to his first challenger.
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  6. The Initial Dragonite member known as Aaron turned to face Red. He stood rather tall, and along with wearing the Initial Dragonite jacket had a bright red Mohawk sticking out of his head.
    "The uphill race?" Aaron repeated, looking Red up and down. He checked his notebook, then shrugged.

    Hearing footsteps, Benson looked down to see Stor sprint past his Snorlax. The young man watched Stor run a moment longer before laying back down on the Snorlax.
    "Wonder what's got him in such a rush." The young man muttered.

    Before Aaron could say that he was going to have to find someone to race Red, Stor quickly ran up and started talking excitedly. The Initial Dragonite member seemed a little overwhelmed by this huge man and his Zebstrika, but only for a moment. He held up a hand to quiet Stor.
    "Hey, whoa whoa whoa. Slow down, buddy." Aaron said. He glanced at his notebook again before looking back up at the two trainers. "As luck would have it, this guy does need an opponent. But it's up to him to accept your challenge."
    Aaron gestured at Red when he said this.
    "The races won't start for a few minutes, but if you're both really eager to prove yourselves I can bump you guys up to the first uphill of the night."
  7. "That would be cool. I plan on racing both races. My persian and I have the uphill racing in the bag." With her name being called a very large persian appeared from her pokeball. She was larger then her species would seem to be. She almost came to Red's shoulders. Red pat the large cat and she nudged up to him. She kind of purred when she felt her head being touched by her trainer.
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  8. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    A teenage girl rode on her Rapidash. His white fur went saddleless as his trainer preferred to ride bare-back. Next to them, an Absol strode with a Sandslash on her back, mimicking the trainer. She found who she was looking for, a member of Initial Dragonite. Sure, she might be the minimum age, but she knew this was what she wanted to do ever since She saw her Absol scale a mountain effortlessly. She came down just as easily. She would use her, but she was a bit small for riding, for humans at least. Her Sandslash was doing just fine.
    She had her Pokemon trot ahead of the other two and went to the Initial Dragonite member. "Is there another slot open? Either course would be fine, I have a Pokemon for both." She asked as she patted her Rapidash. Her Absol and Sandslash caught up and they both snorted at their trainer. She rolled her eyes at the two.
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  9. A Scolipede trotted along the path. It stopped at the Snorlax barricade.

    “Hello! Which way to the Downhill race?

    The voice definitely came from the direction of the Scolipede but nobody was visible. The speaker, Nathaniel, was perched underneath Scolipede in his specialty Hammock Saddle. He had made it himself, and it would be perfect for the downhill race.
  10. Aaron raised an eyebrow at Red's choice of 'mon for the uphill, but simply shrugged.
    "Alright. Sounds good then. What's your names?" Aaron said, getting ready to write in his notebook. He looked up at both Red and Stor again. "And the names of your Pokemon, preferably."
    Aaron looked up from his notebook once again when a girl on a Rapidash showed up,
    "It's your choice on the event you do, honestly. Its an open road, and usually we have plenty of time to let everyone do the races they want. So whichever event you want to do first. If you want to start with the downhill, though, you should start to head up the mountain and talk to one of our guys up there. If you're starting with the uphill, then just give me your name and Pokemon and I'll try to match you up with another racer."

    Meanwhile, back at the Snorlax Benson looked up to see a Scoripede stand in front of his Pokemon. Benson stared at the large bug Pokemon, trying to figure out where the voice was coming from before lying back down.
    "Sorry big guy. If you want to race, make sure your bring your trainer. And if your trainer is with you, then let him know the downhill race is thataway." Still lying on the Snorlax, Benson pointed with his comb towards the trail to the summit.
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  11. "My name is Red. This sweet girl is Persian I have not given her a nickname because she prefers not to have one. Trust me I tried." Red rubbed the cat behind the ears. She loved being petted there.
  12. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    "Hmm, do I want to use Flare or Borage first? Both of them trained really hard. I think I'll go with uphill since I'm here. I'm Tayler, that is also a female name! And this is Flare, my Rapidash. Fastest thing I've ever seen! And Nightfall helped him use that speed safely on the mountain." She said as she patted the stallion. Nightfall, the Absol stood next to the firey horse and grunted in approval. The Sandslash nodded his head as he looked at Tayler.
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  13. "I'm down here!"

    An arm stuck out from underneath the Scolipede's belly with a thumbs up. The hand then moved to pat Scolipede. Pilli moved in the direction indicated, nodding to the man on the Snorlax.

    Soon they were at the top of the mountain, and Nathaniel realized he would have to 'dismount' in order to sign up. He slipped out from underneath Pilli's stomach and walked over to the most official looking person.
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  14. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Fi looked lost and eventually spotted a crowd of people. Maybe they know what to do. "Hello! I'm doing the uphill and downhill races. Where do I go first?" Her Pokeballs shook and Fi realized they were excited. She sent out her Pokemon as Reliquia, her Archeops, accidentally flew into Stagione. Thankfully the Sawsbuck was used to this and let out a deep laugh. "Oh! This is Stagione, my uphill racer," she motioned to the Normal/Grass-type, "and Reliquia, my downhill racer." She motioned to the Archeops who was now playing with Stagione. This is embarrassing....
  15. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    A girl by the name of Georgie Bernard walked along Mt. Moon, a Flareon at her side. She'd heard of these races taking place, but never bothered to check it out. At least until now. Having some down time got boring, so she decided maybe some good old competition was in order, but in a way other than battling. Her pokemon were just as excited to get back out there and show the world what they could do!

    She soon came up to a guy on top of a Snorlax, and another girl who looked like she wasn't sure what she was doing. Maybe she was there for the race as well. She grinned, stepping up to the other girl. "Yo! Name's Georgie. You here to race too?" She looked around, seeing two different paths. She assumed the uphill path lead to... well, the uphill race. Duh. She wasn't sure which she wanted to do first, though, and looked up at the guy on the Snorlax. "Hey! Snorlax dude! Which race you think I should do first? I'm gonna be awesome either way!" She grinned confidently.
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  16. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Fi turned around to an energetic young girl with a Flareon. She jumped a bit but laughed and greeted her. Naturally, Stagione stepped away from Flareon a bit. "Hi! I'm Fi, and this is my first race. I don't know which race to do either... What Pokemon are you using?"
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  17. "Yeah, sure, whatever kid." Aaron said to Taylor as he wrote down her and her Rapidash's name. Aaron also took down Red's name. While he waited for the name of the large man and his Zebstrika, he looked up to see two more people approach. Aaron recognized the older girl as the newest member of Initial Dragonite, Fi.
    "Hey, newbie!" Aaron called out to Fi.
    "If you head up to the summit, Zolt's up there. He'll give you your jacket." The mohawked young man said, referring to the jacket that every Initial Dragonite member wore.

    On the Snorlax, Benson looked down at the girl with the Flareon. Wow... A lot of new people here tonight.
    "Lol, I don't know." Benson said to Georgie, combing his pompadour. "I'm always a fan of the downhill, so that's what I train my Pokemon for. I find the speed a lot more adrenaline pumping than the suspense of the uphill climb. But whatever you want to do, kid!"

    Back on the summit, Zolt watched as he was approached by two people. Both boys, and one of them looked barely young enough to race. The first one was a young man in goggles with Scolipede. Zolt couldn't see a saddle or harness, and he wondered how the guy was going to ride. The second one was a kid in glasses with a Porygon2. Huh. Usually Porygon2 were pretty slow... He wondered what the kid was thinking, trying to race in that.
    "You boys here to sign up for a race?" Zolt asked, taking another puff of his cigarette. Trail nodded, then glanced over to Nathaniel. A Scolipede... Despite their size, Trail knew they were extremely fast. It might have trouble reaching it's full speed, due to all the curves and turns on the course. If Trail were to face him, Trail would have to be sure to attack those turns hard...
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  18. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Fi eagerly thanked the kind man and returned her Pokemon to her Pokeballs. She started to run up the side trail but quickly lost her breath. "How does Stagione do this so easily?" Eventually, she reached the top, panting as her heart pounded. "Hello! I'm Fi, and I'm here for my jacket and the downhill race." Is this how Initial Drag - Initial D. members talk? She sent out Reliquia and said, "This is my Pokemon. She'll be running downhill today," Fi said a bit gruffer than laughed to herself. Fi, you're finally doing it!
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  19. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Georgie was about to answer, but then she was off, running uphill. She stood there for a moment, a little annoyed she didn't get a chance to talk more, but shrugged it off and grinned. She couldn't be mad at such determination! She thought about it and decided to take Snorlax Dude's advice. "Alright, downhill it is!" With that, she took off uphill as well.
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  20. “Yep, I’m here to sign up! I’m Nathaniel, and this is Pilli.”

    He scratched the Scolipede’s neck.

    “Soooo.... this is my first race, and I was wondering if you could tell me the rules. I understand that you can’t interfere with the track or with other riders or their Pokémon, but is there anything I need to know about Downhill races?”
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  21. After seeing Aaron's reaction to him being a little too energetic, Stror chuckled sheepishly and scratched the back of his head nervously before visibly calming down quite a bit. His voice still lacked the quietness but at least he was talking much slower. "My name is Stror and this is Zebby, my Zebstrika. I'll be doing both races." The excitement in his voice sounded like it couldn't be detained as he was starting to talk fast again.

    His Zebstrika shook her head about, depositing some sparks in the air before doing some leg stretches for herself, which looked a bit comical at first as she stretched her likes like a stiff Liepard. Stror grabbed his backpack off of his shoulder and began rummaging through for something. After a good few seconds of trying to dig something large out of the backpack, he had found a specially made leather saddle for his Zebstrika. He set it on her back and hooked it up. This would give him a bit more stability on her back as they go uphill, which would be preferable as he wasn't using reigns. He grabbed a hold of her neatly cut mane and felt the electricity sparking off and tickling his fingers. Chuckling, he got up on his horse, making himself now twice as tall.

    "We're ready now. We'll wait patiently for our opponent to get ready."

    As he said this, Zebby shook her mane about again as she tried to get all the static electricity out of her man so Stror can use them as reigns.
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  22. While Zolt was waiting for the kids to respond, Fi approached. The leader recognized the young lady as the newest member of the Initial D, and gave her a small smile and nod. Grabbing a jacket from the box next to him, he handed it to Fi while listening to Nathaniel.
    "You pretty much got it, kid. Don't interfere with your opponent's Pokemon, don't mess up the course. Make sure you stay on the course. Some parts are going to have people lining the sides, so just be careful of that. You can only use the Pokemon you're racing on. Just common sense stuff like that." Zolt said, shifting the position of his cigarette. He turned to Fi. "Hey, newbie. You want to take this kid?"
    Zolt gestured to Nathaniel when he said this.

    Trail turned his attention to the new lady, a young woman who appeared to be new to the Initial Dragonite. Her Pokemon was an Archeops. Wow... Pretty cool. Trail adjusted his glasses, taking a subtle picture with the camera hidden in them.

    Aaron watched as Stor got on his Zebstrika before shaking his head. The guy was pumped for racing, Aaron had to give him that. He couldn't help but to smile a bit, as the man's excitement was contagious. Taking his walkie, he radioed up to Zolt.
    "Hey boss... Looks like we're going to have a race starting earlier than planned." Aaron said.
    "That's okay. The course is ready." Zolt radioed back. "Initial D, get your stopwatches ready."
    The crowd by the starting line noticed that Stor had mounted his Zebstrika, and started to talk excitedly. Aaron looked over at Red.
    "Whenever you're ready, kid." Aaron said to Red, gesturing both trainers to the starting line.
  23. Red decided that he was not going to use a saddle like mister big and loud over there. He got up on persian. She hated to be ridden with a saddle. He did have a kind of harness for him to hold the reigns to hold on. "Was born ready. Just tell me when to start and I will see to it that I get to the finish line first." With that he looked up to the guy with the sign up sheet. He looked determed that he would win this race. The guy could maybe see a resemblance to a racer they had in the Initial D about ten years back.

    He walked up to the starting line. While there he noticed a familiar face in front of the crowd. Red jumped off his persian and ran up a guy who was about five inches taller then he was. He threw his arms around the guys neck and hugged him close. "I thought you were not going to make it. You said yoy had some work to do with grandma." He was happy that Zack was there to cheer him on.

    Zack looked to his boyfriend and held him closer. "She told me to take the night off anf be with you. She knew that you might need me tonight. So here I am. Now go out there and win." Zack kissed Red's cheek. Red mounted his persian again and got her into place.
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  24. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Butterflies fluttered in Taylor's stomach. Her turn would be so soon, she could practically feel the wind in her face. She was so excited, but yet nervous. How could she race against much more experienced people? She just wanted her race to start so then all of these prerace jitters would go away. She breathed. All she had to do was wait. She didn't have to think about her upcoming race. Besides, she could be up against someone just as inexperienced as her.
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  25. “Umm... which race starts first? I would guess the uphill, so that the people who do both races will get to the top and then be able to go back down the other side.”

    Nathaniel patted Pilli. He was exited to watch and participate in the races. He was used to his special riding style by now... it still made him slightly queasy. He had thrown up during his first practice session.
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  26. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Fi called out Reliquia and they both got excited together. The Archeops kneeled down so Fi could get on and they talked their jumping technique: shooting Ancient Power in the air and then jumping on it. As soon as the Rock/Flying-type left one rock, it would break into harmless pebbles and fall to the ground. They then reviewed their Acrobatics dash and then looked down the trail. This is it. We've been practicing hard and are ready to go. Reliquia looks more pumped than ever, and I am too. "Just say go," she called out, "and we'll start winning."
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  27. When the crowd had noticed Stor get on his Zebstrika, they started to take interest. But when Red reached the starting line to meet him, the crowd really got excited. Aaron climbed up on the fence to get above the crowd.
    "All right, you lot! You know what time it is!" Aaron yelled out to the crowd. They cheered in response. "First up on the uphill, we got Stor racing on his Zebstrika, Zebby! And facing him, we got Red on his Persian! Two newbies, going head to head! Let's see if they got what it takes!"
    Aaron grinned as he pumped up the crowd, then turned to Benson and nodded, then nodded at a blonde woman in a Initial D. Jacket. The woman nodded back, and walked between the two racers. She stood in front of the starting line, between the new racers, and smiled at both racers.
    "Well, boys... Good luck!" The woman said. She held up a bandana, and the crowd went quiet. Benson quickly radioed the summit.
    "Ready...? Set...?" The woman asked. She paused for a moment, then yelled, "Go!"
    At that moment she flung down her bandana, signaling the race to begin.

    "They're starting... Now!" Benson radioed. Zolt quickly started his stopwatch, then turned his attention back to the racers-to-be. Zolt couldn't help but to smile at Fi and her Pokemon's excitement.
    "Good to hear, kid. We got a race coming up right now, so let's get out of the road." Zolt said. He jumped over the fence, then turned to Nathan. "Yeah, you're right kid. Uphill starts off the night, and the races alternate."
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  28. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Fi stepped back and practiced with Reliquia on the sidelines with Ancient Power a bit more, then switched to Stagione. Their most important moves would be Camouflage, Sunny Day, Leech Seed, and Horn Leech. Camouflage would turn the Sawsbuck into a Rock-type for easier climbing. Sunny Day would be a surprise to the other racers so she couldn't practice with it yet. Leech Seed 's seeds would grow into vines to use for a small amount of vertical height. When they were done, they would fade and recede like they weren't even there. Horn Leech would have Stagione's horns extend and branch like plants for aerial maneuvers. All she had to do was practice a bit and she would be ready to go. "Would you mind if I practiced Leech Seed and Horn Leech for my Sawsbuck? They won't leave any holes, don't worry."
  29. Stror gripped Zebby's black and white electrified mane tightly as her head bowed down and she pawed the ground with her hoof. She eyed the lady before looking up at the path she was meant to follow, while feeling her trainer's legs twitch at her sides. Zebby had a bright idea to pump the crowd up and, as the lady dropped the bandanna, Stror squeezed Zebby's side, causing her to neigh loudly and shoot lightning up at the sky, slightly tickling Stror as she started off the race. Her hooves hit the ground hard and she quickly and powerfully climbed, her muscles rippling powerfully as she traveled the path expertly. For a large Zebstrika carrying an equally tall human, she was making some great headway up the hill.
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  30. Red was not going to do anything showy like Stor just did. He waited for the flag to drop and he was off. The speed for the large persian was offset by the smaller rider. She was able to go faster then with someone who was bigger her trainer. Persian saw an opening for a quick attack to get a bit ahead. She gracefully glided over the rocks. It seems like this pokemon was trained well for this type of race. Red had a hold of the harness that persian wore. He leaned down as close to his pokemon as possible to get more speed he will not be beaten by a show off.
  31. Stror looked over to his side to see Red on his Persian, his Pokemon expertly climbing the steep path and then to see them get ahead. Is that how they wanted to play? Stror smiled and told Zebby to use Agility. As Zebstrika calmed down a bit and focused herself on being lighter and quicker, her legs began go on a full-out gallop, catching up with the Persian quickly and becoming neck and neck with them. Stror waved at Red before leaning to the right, avoiding the sharp divide of the rocks dividing up the path into two. It was then that Stror told Zebby to use Bounce. She nodded gruffly as she began to bounce higher and higher into the air, peeking over the rocky divide on the other side and getting some air. She then used the momentum from her fall to bound forwards, exiting the split path and returning to her all-out gallop.
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  32. Persian knew that something like this would happen she used minic to copie the move that Zebby used. She bounced up and down until she got the right blance and speed to jump up next to Zebby. She then was able to utilize the curve in the road to get a little more ahead. She used minic again to again bounce. She ended up bouncing over the small curve and was able to keep going along the path effortlessly. Red was proud that he had tought her well that she was anticipating the moves he wanted her to use.
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  33. Stror was smiling to himself like the big doofus he was until he saw Red and his Persian appear in his peripheral vision. He looked over to see the guy meet up with him, and then his Persian used Bounce to get ahead around the curve. Slack jawed, he quickly shook himself out of it, as he probably figured the cat saw Zebby use Bounce, as he didn't recall a Persian ever learning Bounce to begin with. Smart move, he thought. He then decided to try out Agility again, with Zebby practically meditating while running and getting even faster. These sharp turns were making it slightly difficult however, as hooves didn't grip the ground like how paws do. He probably should have had his Luxray go the uphill instead. Shrugging his shoulders, he would just have to make do.

    Of course, Zebby, despite being a big horse, wasn't at all too phased by the sharp turns. Yes, she wasn't as fast as she was going up the straight away, but all Zebby had to really do was hug the walls as she climbed the hill. It should be easy. They weren't able to catch up to Red right now, but Zebby specialized in sprinting, anyway. They just had to conserve as much energy as they could, as well as not be too far behind.
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  34. Red glanced back. He knew persian was able to climb faster with the paws she has. He also knew that Stror probably were saving their energy. He noticed that Zebby was using a move to increase their speed that could come in handy in a bit. He turned back. Persian knew to stay closer to the wall so they would not fall off. She took the turns gracefully.
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  35. Zebby had to change moves fast before Persian tried copying them again. The switchbacks were coming to an end, and so the soft turns were next before the straightaway. Stror told Zebby to use Quick Attack to avoid Persian from using Mimic on Agility. He leaned in closer to her body as she quickly sped around a slight corner. The speed she was going at almost hit the opposite wall as she sped up the soft turns. Luckily, they could see the Persian's tail as Red and his Persian took the turns quite gracefully. They weren't too far behind after all! She had to slow down a bit as she turned around the other turn, but they were almost there to the straightaway. It was then Zebby decided to use Agility again. Stror looked at her worryingly before she switched to Quick Attack and she quickly sprinted up to the next turn that she took kind of roughly. She was starting to get reckless. Stror sighed and deadpanned a little before he spoke to her.

    "Don't get rid of all of your energy before the straightaway. I don't need you overexerting yourself."

    Zebby just whinnied defiantly in response before she decided to take the last turn a little quick with Quick Attack. She luckily didn't slam into the corner, but her side and Stror's leg got nicked on the side as they were passing by some rocks. Grunting in pain, he saw Zebby wasn't at all phased by the pain. He guessed adrenaline was keeping her from feeling the pain. Once they get to the end, she will end up bucking him off from the stinging pain, so he would have to calm her down before the next race.
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  36. Persian felt Zebby get closer to her tail. She knew she had one opening before they switched moves. She knew that Zebby used quick attack. That was given since she seen him use it. Persian decided now was the right time to use psyche up. It allowed her to copie the stat changes that Zebby had been doing this whole time. She moved along the gentle curves well. She was slowly gaining speed with the psyche up. She wanted to get ahead and stay ahead. Red also knew that if they got to the straight away that they would have a distinct disadvantage persian was much better at taking turns then she was at running full speed on the straights.
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  37. Stror thought that they were golden before the Persian boosted on ahead. How? He had forgotten that quite a few Pokemon could learn Psych Up, so he was positively scratching his head the entire time, but he shouldn't let that distract him. Stror didn't really have any other ideas besides just gunning it.

    As the last turn passed by, he could see the finish line and onlookers, as well as the Persian and Red, who were far in front of him. Zebby whinnied loudly before she began to streamline herself, using Quick Attack to catch up. Stror leveled himself like a racer in a horse racing derby, his body parallel to his horse as he hovered over the seat. Zebby, using her attack and her buffed speed, zoomed up the hill, getting closer and closer to the finish line. A trail of lightning could be seen leaving the hooves of the Zebstrika before they dissipate harmlessly in the air as the Zebstrika's legs were all but a blur. Who would win?

    It might be a photo finish...
  38. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Fi saw the racers dashing up the mountain. It was an amazing spectacle, for sure. She returned Stagione and gazed. After they finished running up the mountain, she would be riding down it. Her Pokeballs seemed to shake excitedly, much like she was. She decided to go over her techniques: Ancient Power, Acrobatics, Quick Attack, Rock Polish, Leech seed, Horn Leech, Sunny Day, Camouflage. I just have to remember that. The racers were speeding quickly and it looked close. She now saw why there was a club based on this.
  39. Red saw the finish line it was right there. He could almost touch it. Then he heard a huge sound of something off in the distance and glaced over just to be faced with a deep cliff. It looked steep. It brought back so many memories of his father and seeing him race from the bottom of hill where Red waited for him.

    What he never knew was that day, was the day that Red would never see his father again. Howard "Red's father" was pushed off this very cliff by a racer who only wanted to win at any cost.

    Red could remember that day clearly. He saw his father fall. He could still hear him scream as fell. He could still hear the bones cracking as he landed.

    Red tensed up and pulled the reins of Persian's harness. Persian slid to a stop just before the finishline. Red slid off the side of his persian and leaned down on the pokemon's side. He cried for the first time in a very long time. It all seemed to hit him at the same time.
  40. It was then that Stror's Zebby put all of her remaining energy into the final few feet. They crossed the finish line, and it looked like they had won. But did they? Stror's Zebstrika slowed down to a trot as she made a few circles to help make sure she didn't crash into anyone or anything. That was when the pain settled. She whinnied in pain as she began to spin around uncontrollably. Stror's face had a look of shock and confusion as she began to rear up, almost causing him to fall. He hugged her neck and tried to calm her down. Looking down at her injured side, he could see it was a pretty gnarly scrape. It wasn't as bad as it could be, but it probably stung like mad.

    He softly got off of Zebby, who was twitching her tail and bucking a little as the pain reached its crescendo. Feeling a little better now that he was off, he held out his arms to the sides as Zebby looked at her trainer. Calm was settling in as she realized that the scrape didn't hurt that bad. He looked over at her side and fished in his backpack for some paste in a baggy that his sister had prepared for him just in case. After getting a dab of healing paste, he gently applied it to the scrape. Zebby's belly twitched as she felt the cold mixture touch her wound, but the effects were beginning to numb her wound and it began to heal very quickly. Happy that it was healing up quite nicely, he scraped off the remaining paste in his baggie before putting it back and wiping off the excess on his pant legs. Zebby playfully headbutted Stror in a way of saying thanks while he patted her neck.

    Looking over to the finish line, he saw that Red didn't even pass the line. Seeing him hunched over and crying, he looked to Zebby and thought that maybe he should help. He was a good sport after all, and maybe the kid was just crying because of something. He didn't think it was about their race, since he could have won if he hadn't stopped. Walking over, he crouched down with a sympathetic and worried look, his tenor voice softly letting out his concern. "You alright, sir?" He knew he should probably leave the man alone after he sees that everything was just alright, he was just having a mental breakdown (as is common in Stror's family), but he had to make sure the poor man was okay first before he did anything.
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