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Ask to Join Initial Dragonite: A Pokemon Racing RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Captain Cardboard, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. I would love to continue. Though I think there will not be many rejoining.
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  2. I'll still post to get some people to come back. If not, we can always keep continuing and have people jump in at any point. XD I mean, this is an Open RP thread to begin with.
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  3. An open RP tend to be messy with all the people that come and go
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  4. Well yes, I agree with that Master Koop, but it keeps the RP alive.
  5. Hey guys! Sorry I came in at such a late time, but this RP looks amazing!
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  6. Yeah this RP is dead. Though it was fun while it was going. Sorry about getting your hopes up.
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  7. Name: Ryder Smith but people call him Rider Rick
    Age (16+ for racers): 17 years old
    Gender: Make
    Personality: Is very hyper and loves to play with his Pokemon, but when it comes to racing, he gets very serious and sets his mind to win.
    Appearance: Wears a Ultra Ball baseball hat worn backwards, has a Venesaur styled shirt, cargo shorts for poke balls, and bright green running shoes. He also has a rubber vest he wears for his electric type Pokémon.
    Racing Event: Uphill
    Racing Pokemon: Venesaur
    Backstory: Ryder’s Mom was the infamous Rugged Racer, who raced with her aggron and used her new technique: Aggron Blast. After Ryder’s mom died of cancer, he decided to take on the legacy with his technique: Venesaur blast.
    Eurobeat theme: None
    Other Pokemon: Venesaur, pacharichu, and Nidoking.
  8. Like we said, this RP is pretty much dead. I don't think we'll be accepting anymore, unless Captain Cardboard wants to try and continue this.
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