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Inheritance: The Riders Reborn

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by DragonianKing87, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Okay so I am currently reading Inheritance, I have always been a huge fan of the series so I had thought why not see if anyone else would be interested. The story would have to take place after the end of Inheritance and have had time for the Dragon eggs to hatch and mature as well as to establish a new Rider Order. Also we would need a fair mix of Elvish and Human Riders aswell qas non-Riders. So if your interested post here and we can start working on a plot and other needed things. ^_^
  2. I could be interested as either a human rider or non human rider. I'd play Shiren. I can put up pictures and whatnot.
  3. Cool I personally would probably be a Human Rider. I'd play Ryan...and how do you think we should start this as a group of teens all chosen to attempt to become riders taken to a room with eggs where one would hatch for us, and how far after the fall of Galbatorix should we place this?
  4. Shiren would probably be in his 20s...but I can swing it lol. And you should have it sometime after the fall of Gman to the point where Eragon actually has the riders set up and maybe even one or two actually in existence so there is some way for us to be trained.

    Shiren would probably be from Nasuada's, or whoever the king/queen is now. Idk how hed be chosen but yea
  5. Hmmm well we could have it be a thing that Eragon Arya and Murtagh all agree on and send out a noticr to those selected to get to Vroengard ASAP
  6. Oh my god.

    Just as I make up a character for Eragon this shows up.

    What are the odds.

    I'm still yet to finish Inheritance (TBH I'm halfway through Aroughs or whatever it's called), however, I know about the VoS and it's contents (Thanks to a very spoiler-y friend) and I can search up anything I don't understand.

    I've already made up a human rider character and her dragon (minus the dragon's name). That should be fine. If not let me know.

    I should be able to post semi-often. Let me know about anything that you think needs changing.
  7. Well now that ive finished the book (about a month ago) i see that there are four races that can become Riders this makes for an interesting combination of Urgals, Dwarves, Humans, and Elves to become riders. If one wanted they could also be a Dwarf or Urgal. That should make things interesting dont you think

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