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Ask to Join Infection PRP Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by ofSand_andSweat, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. Roleplay Thread

    This is the Discussion Thread for the Infection PRP. You may leave your characters here. But don't forget to wait for approval. If you want/need to discuss things about the RP, this is the place.

    Pokémon Roleplay Rules and Global Rules apply to the Infection PRP. If you didn't read them, do so.

    1 - NO Mary Sues/Marty Stus.

    2 - NO Godmodding/Powerplaying/Autoing/Bunnying/Etcetera.

    3 - NO Legendaries.

    4 - NO Mega Evolutions/Battle Bonds/Transformation that gives you some sort of power boost.

    5 - No One Liners.

    6 - No OOC chatter in the RP Thread. (That's what this thread is for.)

    7 - Be respectful to your fellow Players.

    8 - Keep your RP posts in Third Person, Past Tense.

    9 - FOLLOW THE RULES! (I don't want the Mods closing down this RP.)

    Because this RP has its own setting, it also has its own set of rules to keep things within reason.

    1 - No Z-Moves. (We are in Johto, after all.)

    2 - No Fakemon or Alola Forms. (Same reason as above.)

    3 - Shiny Pokémon are allowed, but be reasonable. (One can't have a full team of Shinies without cheating.)

    4 - Maximum of 2 Characters allowed, and don't forget to keep track of them. (I recommend only making 1 char, though.)

    5 - Keep violence and swearing down to a minimum. (This is not The Walking Dead, as the infected are not actually dead.)

    6 - That said, people and Pokémon can still die. (Don't think you can be sliced in half by a Psycho Cut and still survive.)

    7 - Romance and crushes are allowed but don't be too... 'descriptive', okay? (Just kissing and cuddling should be fine.)

    8 - Follow the rules.

    Character Sheet:

    Pokémon Team:
    Reasons of being here:

    # I won't actually play as a character in the RP. Instead, I will control the NPCs. (That includes the whole infected faction.)

    # You CAN catch Pokémon in the wild. Just throw a PokéBall at it and I'll decide if the catch is sucessful. Don't worry, I'll be fair. (Just don't expect to catch a evolved Pokémon on your first try using a normal PokéBall.)

    # A Pokémon will get infected in one of the following circumstances:
    -> If your Pokémon gets hit once or twice by mouth-using attacks like Bite, Crunch or the Elemental Fangs from an infected Pokémon. (The amount of hits depends on the size and sturdiness of the Pokémon who is getting hit. For example: A Rhydon can take more hits than a Pikachu.)
    -> If your Pokémon gets hit three-to-six times by an infected Pokémon's PHYSICAL attacks. (Earthquake/Magnitude, Rock Throw/Tomb/Slide/Climb and Stone Edge, albeit Physical, will NOT count.)
    -> If your character is dumb enough to keep an infected Pokémon on his/her team for too long.

    # If your Pokémon gets infected, you can [clean] it from the Pokérus by taking it to a Healing Machine. Healing Machines are located in the Safe Zones' Pokémon Centers.

    # If you take too long to [clean] your Pokémon, the Pokérus will take over his mind and you won't be able to control it anymore. (If it makes you feel better: If the BRAIN is destroyed, all the infected Pokémon will be free from the Pokérus' influence. Yay! Happy Ending!)

    # The only Safe Zones for now are Cherrygove City and New Bark Town. You can unlock more Safe Zones by destroying the NERVEs. When the NERVE from a city is destroyed, the infected will run away and the non-infected will occupy the area, turning it into a Safe Zone.

    # This RP has it's own clock. Time will keep moving, even if you're not. I will keep reminding you of the current in-game time in my posts.

    # Some NPCs have Side Quests. Completing them is recommended.

    THE ONE RULE ABOVE ALL: Have fun! (Follow this rule too.)
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  2. Alright, the concept seems very interesting, so I'll try my hand at a character.
    Name: Percy Bernard

    Gender: Male
    Age: 16

    Appearance: Percy is a moderately tall youth, with semi-long black hair and chocolate-brown eyes. His complexion, marred to an extent by a small scar on his left cheek (the result of a childhood accident involving a counter top and canola oil), is pale, a result of his reclusive nature and desire to stay indoors. Typically, he wears simple clothing, usually jeans or cargo pants, plain, short-sleeved tee shirts with a breast pocket, canvas trainers, and a blue band on his left wrist. He also wears a belt, made of black faux-leather, and on it are his PokéBalls. His eyes, almond shaped and brown, as previously mentioned, are the most outstanding of his features, and the only one which he himself likes. His hair, curly and pitch black, frames his round face nicely.

    Personality: Percy is a quiet, thoughtful boy, with a tendency to overthink things to the point of being unable to make even the smallest of decisions. He tries his hardest to be a good person, something that his mother taught him from an early age. He loves to read, and loves Pokémon even more. Ever since the Pokérus outbreak, and his subsequent move from Kalos to Johto, he's been a bit different. More paranoid, and even less decisive in decision-making. He trains solely Steel-Type Pokémon.

    Pokémon Team: He has only 3 Pokémon, two brought to Johto from his home region of Kalos, and one caught when he came to Johto.

    Species: Klefki
    Gender: Female
    PokéBall: Luxury Ball
    Nickname: Klepto
    Ability: Prankster - Causes Status Moves to last longer and be faster to execute.
    Moves: Crafty Shield, Fairy Lock, Thunder Wave, Play Rough
    Personality: Klepto is the typical Klefki -- a love for keys and anything resembling them, and a very, well, crafty personality. She loves to play practical jokes on Percy and his family, sometimes so much so that it can be destructive. She loves to battle, but doesn't often get the chance to. She was Percy's first Pokémon, and is his partner. She was gifted to him for his tenth birthday, by his mother.

    Species: Pawniard
    Gender: Male
    PokéBall: Dusk Ball
    Nickname: Axxon
    Ability: Defiant - When a stat other than Attack is lowered, Axxon's Attack will be powered up.
    Moves: Leer, Feint Attack, Scary Face, Metal Claw
    Personality: Axxon is a bit of an oddball. He is blindingly loyal to Percy, since Percy was able to defeat and capture him very easily. He has been a weak Pawniard at the time, who many of his peers let win, allowing his ego to skyrocket. After being defeated by Percy and Klepto, he was humbled, and vowed to become strong under Percy's tutelage.

    Species: Forretress
    Gender: Male
    PokéBall: Net Ball
    Nickname: Coro
    Ability: Sturdy - If a move would OHKO Coro, he will hang on, barely.
    Moves: Self-Destruct, Rapid Spin, Spikes, Payback
    Personality: Coro doesn't really have much of a personality, really, he's very reserved and unaffectionate. This wasn't the case when he was a Pineco, he was high-strung and outgoing, and loved to battle. He's simmered down quite a bit since his evolution, and really doesn't care about much. It's quite frustrating to Percy, but decidedly a welcome change from the reckless Pineco he once was.

    Backstory: Percy's childhood was, originally, quite average. His single mother raised him, working at the nearby PokéBall factory. Sometimes, she'd bring home different kinds of PokéBalls from her work, which Percy would collect. On his tenth birthday, as per the law and tradition, he received a Pokémon. He nicknamed the Klefki he received "Klepto", after her tendency to steal keys and other such items. He would, at this point, go out adventuring, trying to find another Pokémon to catch. He was traversing Route 15, nearby his hometown of Laverre City, when he encountered quite the arrogant and aggressive Pawniard. He battled against it with Klepto, defeating through Status Conditions and gradual chip damage. After its defeat, Percy captured it, and nicknamed it "Axxon". Its demeanour mellowed considerably, allowing Percy to train it quite a bit. His mother eventually found a new career opportunity in the faraway Johto region, where they moved to Cherrygrove City. They spent the next year here, and Percy found a Pineco in a tree in his backyard. It blew up in his face, but Klepto, having been sent out to battle it, managed to use Thunder Wave on it and keep it at bay until Percy could capture it. And capture it, he did, and he nicknamed it "Coro". One day, while he was battling another neighbourhood kid in Cherrygrove, Pineco evolved into Forretress, and changed considerably. Previously dynamic and eager for battle, he became lethargic and less outgoing. He stopped enjoying battles they way he did before. This puzzled Percy considerably, and he had no idea what to do. When the Pokérus came, Percy became very guarded and paranoid, shutting himself inside and keeping his Pokémon in their respective Balls. His mother eventually got him to come out, but he was still extremely cautious. It was four years since he came to Johto, and almost three were spent afraid and alone in his bedroom. He's begun to recuperate, though, and is beginning to feel safe again.

    Reasons of being here: He moved to Cherrygrove City after his mother found a career opportunity there, coming all the way from Kalos.
    I hope that it's acceptable!
    (No idea why the spoilers are messed up, can't seem to fix them. Sorry about that.)
  3. Wow! I can't believe someone actually noticed this prp! I'm so happy!

    I like your character. It's detailed but realistic. Accepted.

    I'm sorry if I took so long to reply. For some reason, I didn't received any notifications. I should've checked the threads more regularly...
  4. This RP sounds quite entertaining. I hope my proposed character is alright with you. I had a great deal of fun creating her.

    Name: Blair Oda
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24 yrs old

    Appearance: Blair’s physique has long been defined by her adventurous nature and further exacerbated by her choice of a military occupation. Though she stands at a short 5’3”, she poses an intimidating figure standing in her favorite crossed-arms stance with her usual scowl. Muscles break up her feminine curves, broadening her shoulders and thinning her chest (an area already constricted by her ever constant reliance on sports bras). Her dark red hair reaches just below her shoulders when kept in its usual ponytail, the natural curls somewhat ruined by lack of upkeep and frizz. Her steely gray eyes and clear complexion have never seen the application of make-up, but dirt and grime are a common blemish, not only on her face but anywhere on her for that matter.
    Blair doesn’t really have a wardrobe so much as uniforms. Her charcoal Mao cap, black fatigues, web belt, and combat boots were all issued by the military and they show the wear of their necessity with stains, scorch marks, and the occasional hole. The only personal choice of clothing she opts for is a gray tank top instead of the standard issue drab t-shirt; a choice heartily disapproved of by her command. Her gear, ranging from det. cord and charges to her med kit and survival rations, is kept in a cross-body tan equipment bag. The quantity of said gear varies depending on mission requirements. If the need exceeds the capacity of her personal bag, she opts instead for the custom-made saddle bag designed to be worn by her arcanine, Shingen. Her only constant companion besides her utility pokemon is her 9mm side arm, issued by the military and kept secure at all times in a locking thigh holster.

    Personality: Above all else in Blair’s mind there is the mission, the military has taught her well in that respect. She will do anything to accomplish it, her own life disposable if the greater good demands it. Stubborn and self-assured, Blair rarely asks for others advice and is even less likely to take it if volunteered. She would much rather feign expertise than admit ignorance. She will put her pride aside only if the completion of the mission depends on it, and then only grudgingly. Blair has an exceedingly sharp tongue, and it is often quicker than her instinct to restrain it. And she has little patience with the hurt feelings that follow. She is quick to pass judgment on the faults of others and wastes no time in pointing out failures, a practice she finds efficient and necessary. Most would rather be ruined by unworthy praise than saved by constructive criticism, but Blair sees it as needless coddling and a waste of time.
    Despite her openly abrasive nature, Blair DOES genuinely care about the companions in her charge, but because she views them as just that, her charges, her responsibility, she keeps a respectable distance between them and her true emotions. A general never shows their true face to their soldiers, after all. But her compassion can be found indirectly, through her orders and actions. She is as stern about forcing the injured to rest as she is about guards minding their watch and she would never ask anyone to take on a dangerous task when she can do it herself.
    Now pokemon…Blair’s view on Pokemon merits its own explanation. To Blair, Pokemon are tools. Not tools in the same heartless way Team Rocket and similar organizations have viewed them in the past, mind you, but a partner born of purpose. She knows they are living creature, requiring attention and connections as much as food and water to survive, but beyond that, they are with her to work, not as pets. After all, if she didn’t need fire for her fuses and sparks for her detonators, she probably wouldn’t have much need for a pokemon companion at all. So as comforting as their presence could occasionally be, Blair values her pokemon far more for their usefulness as tools rather than for an emotional attachment.
    As you may have already surmised, Blair lives for her work. She has no significant relationships to speak of, beyond her familial love for her parents and her loyalty to her military unit members. While she hasn’t completely disregarded the eventual idea of marriage, the thought of spending time pining for love seems wholly unnecessary. She has little patience for children and the thought of having kids at the moment just sounded…unpleasant. Perhaps in a couple years when the allure of military life faded, she would desire companionship, but for now she’s content, married to her work.

    Past: Blair’s childhood was uneventful at best. Born on Cinnabar Island, her parents were both employed at the Pokemon Laboratory, with a focus on fossils and prehistoric research. With a focus on ancient pokemon life, they had no time for a Pokemon pet at home and so Blair did without. It was an arrangement she had never really minded. Any time not dedicated to school was spent with her friends, usually wasted on athletic games and competitions of nerve on the island’s volcanic terrain. Scrapes and bruised had been a common occurrence even then.
    When the trainer age approached, Blair wasn’t nearly as excited by the prospect as her friends were. She took the starter pokemon, a Squirtle, when it was offered to her, but her journey didn’t make it very far. Caught up in the adventure of her friends, she tagged along across the Kanto countryside, even then not caring much for these badges they sought. She found the untapped wildness they trekked through far more enticing. Not bothering to catch any new pokemon, Blair quickly found her limitations with her single Wartortle, failing miserably when she challenged the Vermillion city gym. While her companions sulked or celebrated their respective battle results, Blair was far more intrigued by the gym leader himself and the intense military obstacle course they had found him on. Seeing first to her pokemon’s medical treatment, she returned to the gym with purpose. Not seeking another battle, but in hopes of some insight into the military and maybe a chance to try out that obstacle course herself.
    In the end, while her companions travelled on in search of badges, Blair stayed, choosing to study military tactics and personal fitness at the gym instead. She was far from the only student at the gym, but she was the only one there without battle advancement in mind. Turning her attention back to her schooling, Blair divided her time between her academic studies and her physical training. When she reached the appropriate age and she left to join the military.
    During her time training, listening to the gym leader’s descriptions of the various military occupations, one potential captured her attention more than any of the others; demolitions. Blair quickly found the work suited her. Beyond the quiet, precise calculations needed for demolitions and the rigorous training standards of the military itself, nothing got her heart racing more than setting those charges and watching their explosive results.
    Her training and promotions were anything but easy but through the years, Blair moved steadily through the ranks, from novice to expert. By the end of her first enlistment, her habitual skill for traversing rough and dangerous terrain and furtive maneuvers earned her a slot in the infiltration division known as ‘Black Swanna’ and her job suddenly became much more clandestine in nature. Problems that arose that couldn’t be resolved by standard procedures or were beyond the scope of official channels often fell to her or a member of her unit. The Sagami accident… not so much an accident as it was a last resolve to keep innovative research out of militant hands. The unexplained sound of an explosion in Auckland…had been more than just sound, but well contained. And the Fukui chemical plant… well, we won’t mention that one. Fukui was Blair’s first real failure and was still a sore subject (and a sore head for that matter). Needless to say, most of Blair’s work nowadays remains off the record. This call to Johto for aid is the first widely publicized mission she has ever received.

    Reason for being in Johto: The strange outbreak in Johto is common knowledge by now.., with the plummet of tourism in the region and the influx of family migrating away from the catastrophe leaving Kanto cities at capacity. But even the assumed safety of the Kanto region was only a stone’s throw from the action and tensions and paranoia were ran high because of it. Military units had been sent in to Johto, mostly to quell unrest and defend the remaining population from further attacks. But without buildings to fall or a specific target to destroy, there hadn’t been much need for Blair’s area of expertise until they discovered the BRAIN. She has been in Johto for little over a week now, spending most of her time getting debriefed on what the military knew so far. Then, fully armed and loaded for beartic, she set out from the military stronghold in Cherrygrove City toward the first heart.*
    Pokémon Team: It should be noted that Blair isn’t a trainer by the commonly accepted definition. It been years since she’s had an actual pokemon battle beyond the occasional skirmish with wild pokemon. Her companions are instead trained by tactical necessity, focusing more on the precision and accuracy of flame or volt rather than power. And her move commands rarely match the officially accepted names of their respective actions, “Shield!” for example being common short-hand to have her pokemon use Protect. These pokemon are used for their military job and follow orders as such. They are not for the acquisition of those little badges the youth seems so obsessed with.

    Species: Arcanine
    Gender: Male
    PokéBall: Safari Ball (As is custom for Military issued pokemon)
    Nickname: Shingen
    Ability: Intimidate
    Common Work-Related Moves: Flamethrower, Protect, Roar, Extreme Speed, Close Combat
    Personality: Having been with Blair for so long, Shingen’s personality appears very similar on the surface; headstrong and forceful. He shows just as little concern with his appearance, his wild unkempt mane the least of his concerns when on the job. But unlike his owner, Shingen is more willing to let down his guard and offer his fluffy ear or white belly for a nice scratch. Outgoing and a bit more laid back, it’s not uncommon to hear him give a jovial, barking laugh when a sloppy hand gives his owner a new scorch mark or singed hair.
    Backstory: Shingen is Blair’s second pokemon ever, issued to her by the military upon her enlistment, and has been with her the longest at 6 years. If it has been left up to Blair, his name would have been ‘Arcanine’ and left at that. But instead her instructor stepped in and insisted on a nickname for a closer bond. When she still offered no suggestion it was her instructor who stepped in and named him Shingen, a name he said was apt for her surname.
    As her profession began to favor electrical blasting caps over pyrotechnic, Shingen’s role slowly shifted from fuse-igniter to bodyguard and with that necessity, she sought out the Fire Stone for his evolution. As an added bonus, his increased size made travel and carrying supplies far easier.

    Species: Jolteon
    Gender: Male
    PokéBall: Ultra Ball
    Nickname: Dash
    Ability: Quick Feet
    Common Work-Related Moves: HP Fire, Shock Wave, Laser Focus, Protect
    Personality: Dash is the perfect watch dog; his suspicious nature keeping him ever alert and watchful. Reserved and quite serious, he fit in almost instantly to the precise scheduling of military life. Unlike her owner and Shingen, Dash is meticulous about keeping clean whenever possible, applying the same thorough attention to keepg Blair’s gear in working order as well.
    Backstory: Dash came to Blair through trade nearly 5 years prior, shortly after the completion of her training. She had originally intended to seek out a Pikachu, which she’d been told many in her field relied upon for spark ignition, when she was approached by an eager youth during a mission on the Akala Island. Trading away the pokemon she had received at 10 years old (a Wartortle evolved from her starter Squirtle), she acquired Dash in return. Unfortunately she didn’t have much of a choice with her new companion’s nickname as it seemed to be the only thing the Jolteon would respond to. Regardless of name though, having a pokemon quick on its feet and capable of creating a spark was far more valuable to her than the water pokemon would have been. And the kid seemed ecstatic with the trade.
    Despite coming from a life of casual battles and the stress-free island sun, Dash has settled seamlessly into the military lifestyle. Already an early riser, he thoroughly enjoys their regular workout sessions, often dragging Blair to participate when her motivation is lacking. Due to his small size and nimble step (and the decline in the industrial use of pyrotechnic fuses), Dash quickly became her most relied upon ‘tool’ at work.

    Species: Porygon
    Gender: Genderless
    PokéBall: Poke Ball
    Nickname: Pory’ (Only used when haste demands précis)
    Ability: Download
    Common Work-Related Moves: Recover, Protect, Teleport
    Personality: Do programs have personalities? If Porygon has one, it’s not much of one. Granted, it is obedient to a fault, diligent in its work, and analytical, though all those traits may simply be products of its programming. There is something to be said for its strict loyal only to Blair’s commands though, as it actively ignores all other orders even when they come from her own superiors.
    Backstory: Porygon is the newest addition to Blair’s team, entrusted to her only 6 months prior. When a miscalculation in payload resulted in a severe concussion, her first mandatory ‘vacation’, and a trip to the infirmary, her commander insisted she acquire a ‘shielder.’ Shielder was a term many technicians used to refer to their pokemon companions whose sole purpose was to create a barrier or otherwise protect their owner in the event of an unplanned detonation. As Blair prided herself on the accuracy of her calculations and precision in handling her work, it has always been a requirement she had left to Jolteon and Arcanine. But it was an afterthought at best as neither of her pokemon was trained for wide coverage protection and split-second emergencies.
    Considering the vitality of their upcoming mission to the Johto region, her command insisted on the exclusivity of her shielder and deciding they couldn’t wait for her to acquire one on her own, saddled her with a reserve shielder. Developed in the late 90’s for cyberspace tracking, many of the technologically obsolete pokemon known as porygon had been relegated to military storage. But despite its modern cyber inefficiencies and its lack of real-world inexperience, it still knew Protect and Teleport and would serve its purpose until she could acquire a suitable replacement.
    To Blair’s surprise, she found Porygon had usefulness beyond its generic protection role as well. While Porygon’s cyberspace abilities are limited by technological advances, it still offered Blair the unique ability to get an inside look a lot of electronic systems, an ability that was particularly useful when she found herself behind an explosive firewall in the Akami mission. Knowing she would have a hard time finding a replacement shielder with all these capabilities, she stopped looking and Porygon has been with her ever since. The military doesn’t seem too bothered by the loss of what they deemed an obsolete program.

    EDITED: To removed Red 'needs approval' areas
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  5. @The Kitsune
    Character Accepted (Guns and all). And yes the only military camp as of now is in Cherrygrove City. New Bark Town is a Safe Zone too, but it's a civilian-populated area.

    I like how you guys went out of your way to give backstories and personalities to your Pokémon. It's a nice plus.

    Again, sorry for the wait. From now on I'll check the forums everyday.
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  6. Thank for the approval! And no problem on any delay. Life is bound to get busy and take priority sometimes. I will probably hold off on posting until we have at least 3 characters.

    If anyone joining would like to make themselves a friend/associate of Blair's, feel free. I can edit her history a bit to match if need be.
  7. oooh, i like this concept! i might have to make a new character for this though, since i don't think any of my existing character will fit very well.

    Name: Fionnghuala Byrne (fin-oo-a-la burn)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Fionnghuala is moderately short, standing at about 5"3. She has wavy, ginger brown hair that comes down to the small of her back. She has a pretty face, with vivid green eyes and pale lips. She also has a LOT of freckles, all over her body, but mostle on her face and arms. She wears simple clothes- pale blue jeans and a white, slightly tight t-shirt, with red sneakers.

    Personality: Fionnghuala is a water-type enthusiast who is a skilled battler. However, she is quite timid and doesn't really like battles, despite her undeniable prowess for it. She is often awkward, and has a fear of failure, and often misses opportunities because of her fear. Fionnguala can't perform very well under pressure, and has an Irish accent. She longs for the world to be the way it was before the virus existed. She likes the idea of being in love, but feels like she's too awkward to act on crushes.

    Pokémon Team: Swampert, Milotic, Lanturn

    Backstory: Fionnguala grew up living in Hoenn by the ocean, so learned to love the water and the Pokémon that came with them. She was sheltered and tended to enjoy the company of Pokémon more than humans, which is the stem of her shyness and her solitude. However, she became devastated as the virus began to spread, and fled Hoenn to protect her own Pokémon from the virus. Her Swampert was given to her by Professor Birch, and she caught her Milotic and Lanturn while spending time in the abundant waters of Hoenn.

    Reasons for being here: As said before, Fionnghuala fled Hoenn after the virus began to spread there, and the fastest Region she could get to at such short notice was Johto. She's completely lost in Johto however, and is searching for allies to help her out.
  8. @tokyomustard
    Character accepted. Just one more and we can start.
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  9. wonderful!
  10. I think I should put a bio of one of the Quest NPCs here.
    For great justice!

    Name: Carl
    Rank: Private
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20

    Appearance: Carl looks like your average 'American Marine': 5'9ft, rather muscular build. Wearing light combat gear, boots, helmet with ballistic googles and balaclava. His perma-bloodshot eyes are the only feature that distincts him from the other soldiers with the same rank, and his colleagues are pretty sure that he didn't get those by lack of sleep.

    Personality: A clown, and not one of the good kind. Always trying to crack jokes at the worst times, people around Carl are always telling him to '"shut the **** up!"'. Carl is actually pretty competent on what he does: scouting. However, this is overshadowed by his annoying antics and lack of common sense.
    Usually, in a place like Johto, one would long for the company of a non-infected being; unless that being is Carl.

    Backstory: Carl was born and raised in Orre. When the region was in the middle of a violent civil war, Carl was called to fight as one of the many child-soldiers from a resistance group that was trying to overthrow Orre's corrupt government. Carl was assigned into his father's unit and fought alongside his old man for years in the unit's Scouting Party.
    Actually, those bloodstained years of war were the only time Carl ever got to spend with his father...
    When in battle, Carl's father was always cracking up jokes, from funny to horrible, to deviate his men's attention from the blood on their hands. Carl, being but a child back then, was the most affected by this, refusing to believe that anyone actually died in the conflict. In his own words: '"War is nothing but a really big paintball game!"'.

    Reasons of being here: When Carl enlisted himself in the military, it took only a week for his superiors to transfer him to the 'B-Squad': an unit composed of troublemakers and lost causes for the military, whose only purpose is to serve as cannon fodder. Carl, being a Scout, was sent into the quarantine zone in Johto, alone and with no field knowledge, to acquire information on the region's situation.
    Surprisingly, Carl not only managed to complete the mission, providing the military with all the information they needed about the BRAIN, but he came back unscatched. The private's sheer amount of dumb luck enraged his superiors to no end, and he was relegated to guard duty in Cherrygrove City.
    Now, Carl's helping any non-infected he comes across alongside other low-ranked soldiers, naively thinking that the Medal of Honor awaits him when all this is over.
    Species: Ninetales
    Gender: Female
    PokéBall: Poké Ball
    Nickname: Fox
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Moves: Fire Spin, Extrasensory, Energy Ball, Quick Attack
    Backstory: This Pokémon is the reason of why Carl is still alive today. Carl's father gave it to him when his leg was severely wounded on a operation as part of the Orre's resistance forces. Carl needed a Pokémon so he could head back to an allied base, while his father advanced forward in the flashpoint.
    It was the last time Carl ever saw his father again...
    Fox then decided to stay with Carl. She knew that he needed someone to take care of him. The Ninetales acts as Carl's mother-figure, feeling that is her duty to keep him in line.

    Species: Houndoom
    Gender: Male
    PokéBall: Safari Ball
    Nickname: Hound
    Ability: Early Bird
    Moves: Thunder Fang, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Beat Up
    Backstory: This Pokémon was issued to Carl by the military and fought alongside him since then. It respects Carl as a brother-in-arms, but cannot stand his childish and idiotic attitude. Hound spends most of its time in the PokéBall to prevent getting involved in Carl's stupid ideas and embarassing situations.
    However, the Houndoom has plenty of field experience, so it knows how to fight and is surprisingly good at resonating with Carl in battles.
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  11. Omg, Carl. :D I'm can't stop laughing. As a former marine, I 100% approve of this character name.
  12. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Name:Homer Lopping



    Appearance:Black hair,green eyes,normal weight and height,always wears jacket and pants,mostly green/brown color

    Personality:He is friendly,kind,smart and kinda funny(who gets his humor)

    Pokémon Team:Sandshrew, Elektrike, Tropius

    Backstory:He is born in Kanto in Saffron City. As 12 year old he explored whole Kanto. After that he was taking care of Pokemon with his dad.(He have no mom,she died when he had 3 years).After few years he decided to countinue his adventure so he headed to Johto. He arrived just few days before Pokerus started to spread.

    Reasons of being here:This seems like cool thing and I like unique ideas. This is unique idea indeed
    #12 MihajloJedi, Aug 9, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018
  13. @MihajloJedi
    Thank you for your interest in this prp. But before I can accept your character, I need to ask you to change some things:

    -Your character's backstory is clashing with @tokyomustard 's. His character's backstory mentions Hoenn already being an infected region when the Pokérus got to Johto.
    *I recommend changing your character's region of origin if you don't want to change the whole backstory.

    -The 'Reasons of being here' is actually meant for your character. You must describe your character's reasons for being in Johto.

    Change these, and I'll accept your character. I hope you don't mind.
  14. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    I changed it a bit hope it is good now
  15. @MihajloJedi
    That's good. Character Accepted.

    I think we can start RPing now. Who's gonna make the first post?
  16. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    I think probably you
  17. I won't be available until midday today (work @.@) but I'll post as soon as I can.
  18. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    When are we starting?
  19. OfSand, did you want us to wait for you to post or just jump right in?
  20. Sorry. I hit my toe against a door hinge, which put me into a coma for some days.

    I'm fine now and I'll start posting immediatly
  21. And I'm not getting notifications for the RP thread... Well, I'll have to remind myself to check daily then

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