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Indie's Field 'o' Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Indie, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    Nya-ha~! The fruit of boredom c:​
  2. Ked


    I so wish that was real xD
    I love it! The parts flow together so well. I never knew those Pokemon looked so nice together~ That eye is also completely adorable ♥
  3. Hn. Scrafty(Or whatever his name is), Drifloon and Kecleon? I think I might've missed something. I do like this sprite, for the different parts and colours are welded together beautifully. It's also a tad weird, making it even better ^^

    And then there's the Absol sprite. One of my favourite PokeMon, made into a fanservice gijinka. I love it. xD

    If anything, I'd say the part where the fingers are connected to the arm looks a tad too broad. But other then that, it's a very good sprite indeed.
  4. [​IMG]
    Once again, tedium bears a product *dramatic description*​
  5. [​IMG]
    Hope you all like it ^^​
  6. That. Looks. Amazing. I love the way you put a sort of confetti on her. ( I'm assuming it's a girl. :p )
    That + real = worth using the Master Ball. Could you make a sprite of the boy Jellicent and Tentacruel? Thanks! ;D
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  7. What.

    What is this madness.

    This beautiful, beautiful madness.

    Great job Indie. Great job.
  8. Right-ho, not that pleased with this one, but I hope it's alright ^^'
    @Glysan: [​IMG]

    @Weeds: ♥​
  9. [​IMG]

    I was stuck in my Dad's office with no accessible wi-fi, so I made this :)
  10. O:

    This- this is awesome :'D
    All the colours are bright and warm and cosy~ And I love all of your other sprites too o:

    The Jeliiwhatsamacallit-and-Medicham is so shiny and neeeeeeeeeen *// 3 //*
    It's so colourful and fun and crazy looking you'd be insane not to love it, methinks<3!

    Your Keclifloonfy is uber kawaii too . w .
    I love the combination of colours and the pose and hnnnnng-ness<3
    I love all of your things:'D!

    Please show us some more when you can^^
    Kasu-nyan xx
  11. Indieindie ♥

    okayso you already know this, but I looove the KecleonxDrifloonxScraggy! It's so cute ♥ ... also it was me who told you which PokeMon to use so you can never go wrong there!

    this ... creeps me out a little. I mean, it fits together fine, but it's ... strange xD

    Thissss! I love this ♥ So cute :'D (I liked the other one too but it seems that tinypic has killed it.)

    He looks a bit silly. I like his antennae and his shoes, but I dunno ... it sort of makes me giggle. c:

    Keep it up, Indie-chum ♥​
  12. Oh Tun, did you say chum~? As in chumHandle? As in Homestuck *shot*
    Yay~, no transparency. Anyway, this is my Homestuck character, his chumHandle being impishHipster. I'm generally pleased with this sprite, as it's 100% scratched ^^. However, I couldn't decide how to finish it exactly. The top-left sprite is with Homestuck-styled skin, the top-right is with normal skin tones, and the bottom-left one is with coloured borders~.
    Comments and critique welcome ^^​
  13. *bump*
    Anyway, two new sprites, hope you all enjoy. ^^
    First, it's another trainer, which I plan to use for a trainer card.
    And this is just silly :|​
  14. [​IMG]

    ...And quite amazing. It works just too well xD

    The new sprite is pretty cool too, well proportioned and I like the face/hair especially. My only point of critique are the soles of her shoes which look kind of odd with the light grey shading. The other sprites are nice as well, love the Electabuzz cosplay ^^

  15. Nice trainer, Its awesome. I feel like its missing some border though,on the jacket.

    And yes, that fusion is silly. C:-) All tan, turn pink! C:-)(thats a police-like voice.)

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